18 INTJ Anime Characters of All Time

In the domain of MBTI, INTJs are known as the logisticians.

They are capable of using their intellect to solve most problems and can decipher most patterns.

The question now is, how do INTJ anime characters fare?

You are in luck if you have ever pondered the question of which anime characters are examples of INTJ personality types.

In the following article, we are going to discuss 18 INTJ anime characters that we adore.

and fun fact I am also an INTJ.

18.  Kokushibo From Demon Slayer

demon slayer kimetsu no yaiba kokushibo in front of the crescent wallpaper 2048x1536 26 INTJ 18 INTJ Anime Characters of All Time

Kokushibo is a figure who helps out. He stuck by the show’s bad guy no matter what. Some of the things about him that showed he was an INTJ were that he was shy, had an indifferent tone, and was smart.

He was pretty trustworthy and good at what he set out to do. Kokushibo would be the perfect friend if you could choose one.

So, now you know. There are INTJ anime figures all over the place. If you have some more figures, tell us about them in the comments, and we’ll add them right away.

17.  Kiriya Ubuyashiki From Demon Slayer

26aac3ea5d2776dabae55759ceeb73bc INTJ 18 INTJ Anime Characters of All Time

The portrayal of this persona is one of cool detachment and apathy.

Kiriya is shown as a commander who is able to assess the situation and maintain control over the demon slayers even while they are engaged in combat.

The combination of his level-headed and perceptive thinking and his capacity to execute strategic assaults gives him the INTJ personality type.

16.  Masquerade From Bakugan: Battle Brawlers

maxresdefault INTJ 18 INTJ Anime Characters of All Time

For most of the first part of Bakugan, Masquerade was the main bad guy. He was almost impossible to beat, and everyone on Dan’s team seemed to be losing hope.

Here’s how Dan and Masquerade fight. You already know how it turned out.

Shun was the only one who came close to beating Masquerade in a fight. When two INTJs go up against each other, this is what happens.

15.  Prince Canute From Vinland Saga

Vinland Saga Season 2 Episode 4 But Why Tho INTJ 18 INTJ Anime Characters of All Time

Prince Canute, who later became king, is a very interesting person.

During the course of the show, we see this character go from being weak and shy to being sly and bossy.

His end character is quieter and more logical. When you add his ability to plan to this, you have an INTJ.

14.  Stewie Griffin From Family Guy

Stewie Griffin.Family Guy INTJ 18 INTJ Anime Characters of All Time

Yes, this person has only been alive for a year. Stewie from Family Guy, on the other hand, is a clear INTJ.

People say that Stewie is smarter than his years. People also say that he knows a lot about engineering and physics.

He also seemed to be a clever criminal, since he killed a lot of unimportant characters over and over again. Yes, he is an INTJ for sure.

13.  Sasuke From Naruto

h97ej4vr891i4gc6 INTJ 18 INTJ Anime Characters of All Time

The big change in Sasuke is a bit like Thor’s. He was a nice kid when he was young. But when his whole clan was killed, he made it his goal to get revenge for them.

He is one of Naruto’s best figures because he never gives up and trusts his gut. There’s a lot of talk about whether or not he can really fight Naruto. Well, that’s something to tell another time.

12.  Apollo From Blood of Zeus

maxresdefaultf INTJ 18 INTJ Anime Characters of All Time

Apollo is hard to miss in Zeus’s blood because he was born outside of marriage. He is always by Zeus’s side and thinks of ways to cover for him.

He is a thinker because of how he acts and because he can stay calm under a lot of pressure or questions. Through all of Zeus’s blood, he is also very quiet and calm.

I think this sounds like INTJ.

11.  Kakashi From Naruto

HD wallpaper hatake kakashi artwork naruto characters manga sharingan samurai portrait naruto kakashi hatake INTJ 18 INTJ Anime Characters of All Time

Do you like Naruto a lot? If you are, you probably know who Kakashi is. Kakashi is an independent figure with a lot of skills.

He is also very sure of himself and what he can do. He also makes a lot of sense. Because of this, he often sounds pretty rude and uncaring.

We think Kakashi is an INTJ because he keeps to himself. When you add in his instincts and ability to think logically, you can see what kind of person he is.

10.  Lawlite “L” From Death Note

Lawliet L Cole INTJ 18 INTJ Anime Characters of All Time

Lawlite gives us a look at the best detective in the world. It’s like Sherlock Holmes in a way.

We think, though, that Lawlite is an INTJ, which is different from Sherlock. He is good at making plans and doesn’t believe much that is said without proof.

He is also quick to doubt how people feel. He thinks in a very critical and logical way, just like most INTJs.

9. Thors Karlsefni From Vinland Saga

desktop wallpaper vinland saga wiki the iconic thorfinn karlsefni INTJ 18 INTJ Anime Characters of All Time

As a child, you wouldn’t have thought he was an INTJ, but as an adult, it’s easy to see.

Thors stays to himself and wants to reach certain goals. If we had to give this INTJ anime character an Enneagram type, we would bet that he is a clear 8w7.

Throughout the show, he also shows how much he wants to reach his goals.

8. Teru Mikami From Death Note

Mikami27s Shinigami Eyes INTJ 18 INTJ Anime Characters of All Time

“I don’t have any reason to question God. God is one and only. It’s my job to do what God wants.”

Teru is an INTJ for sure. First, he gives a lot of scenes of the INTJ death stare. His ideas are often clear and well-thought-out. Most of the time, they don’t feel anything.

He is shown to be a person with strong values and a strong desire to reach his goals. You’d be crazy to try to stop him.

7. Elsa From Frozen

fc59dfd2 e745 4ccd b4de f95c1a6d51c2 Elsa Frozen INTJ 18 INTJ Anime Characters of All Time

Elsa is in a similar position as Long Feng in that she presents some placement challenges. Despite this, we are not going to change the fact that she is an INTJ.

She never reveals her feelings and maintains total self-control at all times.

In point of fact, you have a very limited understanding of what lies behind her surface. It is only when she is among the people who truly matter to her that it becomes obvious.

She is one of the characters in anime who fits within our group of INTJs.

6. Long Feng From Avatar: The Last Air Bender

intro 1595868635 INTJ 18 INTJ Anime Characters of All Time

It’s not quite clear to us whether Long Feng was an INTJ or an ENTJ personality type. Nevertheless, what we do know about him is that he is an exceptionally brilliant thinker.

The desire for power that Long Feng possesses reveals that he is an Enneagram 8 type.

Because of the way he thinks and approaches problems analytically, he is a strong candidate for the INTJ personality type. He is also very well organized and has extensive plans, which is characteristic of INTPs.

5. Kanata kamado From Demon Slayer

9d9ffe3d34129247897c5a87c53a84a7 INTJ 18 INTJ Anime Characters of All Time

Kanata is noted for keeping a calm demeanor and communicating in a straightforward manner. He, like most other INTJs, is extremely analytical and always considers the consequences of his actions.

In point of fact, we never see him grin in any other context except when he is with Toko Agatsuma.

He, like most other INTJs, keeps his feelings to himself the majority of the time. Regarding the MBTI personality type that he belongs to, I don’t think there’s even room for debate.

4. Shun Kazami From Bakugan: Battle Brawlers

hqdefault INTJ 18 INTJ Anime Characters of All Time

If you are a great fan of Bakugan Battle Brawlers, then it is likely that you are already familiar with the character Shun Kazami.

He is an important member of the show’s main cast of characters. He is one of the members of the squad that truly puts a lot of thought into how he would play his cards.

Because of this, beating Shun requires a lot of intelligence on your part. The INTJ personality type enjoys engaging in rational debates.

In this series, everything revolves around making the most of the cards and people you are dealt with. Quite frequently, Shun executes that to near perfection.

3. Yako From Toilet-Bound Hanako-Kun

Jibaku Shounen Hanako kun 04 06 INTJ 18 INTJ Anime Characters of All Time

“Don’t put your hands on me. There is no way that I will ever consider you a buddy of mine! And…My name is Yako! If you call me Fox San one more time, I will rip both of your hands off.”

You have most likely already surmised that Yako is a character with a lot of intensity. Yako is portrayed as a supernatural creature that can assume the appearance of a person.

She is extremely self-respecting, and as a result, she frequently looks down on humanity.

Yako, on the other hand, is highly reasonable and thinks things through before acting. We have a strong suspicion that she is an INTJ.

2. Silverfang From One Punch Man

c0257cdb2197891ddeeea46aa33763f0 INTJ 18 INTJ Anime Characters of All Time

One Punch Man has a number of supplementary characters, including Silverfang. Even in high-pressure situations, he maintains an air of composure, as would be expected of an INTJ.

In addition to this, Silverfang is shown as being extremely sage and direct. He is also the type of person who is drawn to others who exude confidence and dependability.

This describes an INTJ to a great extent. They are capable of working through challenges even under high-pressure situations.

There is no question in our minds that Silverfang is an INTJ.

1. Levi Ackerman From Attack on Titan

attack on titan ending levi ackerman 1263774 INTJ 18 INTJ Anime Characters of All Time

If you are an avid follower of Attack on Titan, then it is quite probable that you are familiar with Levi Ackerman. It is often believed that he is the strongest soldier still in existence.

In virtually every aspect of his life, Levi applies the strategic thinking and tactical acumen he gained on the battlefield. It’s possible that he doesn’t interact with others very often.

On the other hand, all of his underclassmen adore him. He exemplifies what it means to be an INTJ. He uses his strength and his logical thinking to do whatever he can to come out on top.

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