All One Piece Straw Hat Pirates

All the Nakama with a bonus? If this isn’t a great deal then I don’t know what is.

Let’s take a short trip down the memory lane, rediscovering all our nakama to see how far exactly we have come on this 23-year and still running journey!

1. Straw Hat Monkey D Luffy

Straw Hat Monkey D Luffy

Goal: Pirate King

Current Bounty: 1.5 Billion Beli

The protagonist of our story, the sunshine sweet cinnamon roll who could kill you, Monkey. D. Luffy.

Luffy loves freedom, adventure, his nakama and his meat.

Luffy started out on his pirate journey when he was 17.

Luffy is stupid and bad at most of the things that a pirate requires to do like navigation, swordsmanship, cooking and even deceiving others.

He knows this fact and acknowledges it. He treasures his, um… Shanks’s beloved Straw Hat which earned him his epithet, Straw Hat Luffy.

Luffy being a pirate is hardened to the realities of life like the violence the pirate world brings, death, war and hardships that exist.

This, however, does not stop him from fighting for what he believes in inspiring, protecting and befriending others along the way.

2. Pirate Hunter Roronoa Zoro

Pirate Hunter Roronoa Zoro

Goal: World’s Greatest Swordsman

Current Bounty: 320 Million Beli

The definition of badass-ery and loyalty, the Pirate Hunter started off as a bounty hunter.

Zoro is stoic and a calm character, except when he gets angry. Zoro treasures his nakama even though he doesn’t show it outwardly.

He carries his deceased friend, Kuina’s katana with his making his own sword style of Santoryuu or Three Sword Style.

He shares an intense rivalry with Sanji getting annoyed with his weakness to women and flirting. He often resorts to calling him names turning every little conversation into an argument.

Zoro is often excited at the thought of battle and is always prepared to fight any swordsman, but refuses to kill or hurt to women swordsman too much.

He has a terrible sense of direction and often gets lost turning into the opposite direction even if directions were given clearly.

3. Cat Burglar Nami

Cat Burglar Nami

Goal: Draw a World Map

Current Bounty: 66 Million Beli

Nami manipulates everything, from the weather to her nakama to her enemies.

Nami is one of the most important members of the crew being the navigator and uses her knowledge of weather in combat.

She is one of the actual deceitful members of the crew giving her crew an edge while fighting enemies like Foxy.

Due to her tragic past, Nami is reluctant to spend any money if it’s not necessary, but if it for her friends, she doesn’t even hesitate a bit.

She is in-charge of all negotiations and finances of the crew. She is a very kind-hearted woman who forgives innocent people like Hatchan or Jimbei even though they caused her a lot of pain.

Nami perfectly knows and understands her assets and is able to use them accurately like Big Mom’s vivre card and Sanji’s giant crush on her.

4. God Usopp

God Usopp

Goal: Brave Warrior of the Sea

Current Bounty: 200 Million Beli

Usopp is a coward and a liar. Usopp is a hero and honest. Both of these statements are surprisingly true about him at the same time.

Usopp is a coward who often glorifies himself as a hero and tells exaggerated anecdotes of his heroism.

However, when the time comes, Usopp proves himself to be the hero that he said he was, to be everyone’s savior and to make all the lies into truths.

He excels at almost all kinds of ‘tinker arts’ from making Nami’s Clima Tact to make-shift repairs for the Merry, Usopp can do it all.

He often relies on deception and his superior sniping skills to defeat his enemies.

5. Black Leg Vinsmoke Sanji

Black Leg Vinsmoke Sanji

Goal: To find the All Blue

Current Bounty: 330 Million Beli

Who would’ve thought that ‘Mr. Prince’ was an actual prince. The Cook of the Straw Hats, Sanji is kindness reincarnate…a little too much maybe.

Sanji lives a very honor bound life and will do nothing to bring himself or his father, Zeff, shame.

Sanji doesn’t use his hands in battle unless the battle is against food, thus using the Black Leg Style which only uses a range of powerful kicks in battle.

Sanji excels at cooking and spends most of his time in the kitchen making various kinds of dishes and drinks for everyone.

He shares an intense rivalry with Zoro and they often end up arguing, however, Sanji does trust Zoro when it comes to it and rushes in to support him when he’s down.

6. Cotton-candy loving Tony Tony Chopper

Cotton-candy loving Tony Tony Chopper

Goal: To cure all diseases.

Current Bounty: 100 Beli

Poor Chopper can’t get a proper bounty. He is always mistaken as the pet for the Straw Hats but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Chopper is the doctor of the Straw Hat crew and in all honesty, it is probably the best decision the Straw Hats ever made.

The amount of wounds these people get is just through the roof! Chopper was trained by Dr. Kureha who took him in after the death of Hiluluk.

He invented a drug that could mess with the wavelengths of his devil fruit and create 7 zoan-type transformations instead of the usual three.

Chopper has a very high intellect as he able to memorize and cure almost any condition upon encountering it once.

8. Devil Child Nico Robin

Devil Child Nico Robin

Goal: To discover the truth of the world.

Current Bounty: 130 Million Beli

Robin is the last survivor and genius archaeologist from Ohara, which was removed from history via a Buster Call. She is called the devil child and has had a bounty since the age of 8.

Robin has been running from the government and using people until she found a home in the Straw Hats. Robin is a femme fatale who uses her Hana Hana No Mi devil fruit to carry out her missions with precision.

She has seen the darkness of the world that shows up in his morbid sense of humor. Robin is actually quite cruel snapping people’s necks and backs as her method of assassination.

Despite everything that she has faced, Robin continues to do her best for her nakama.

9. Cyborg Franky

Cyborg Franky

Goal: To make the ship of dreams

Current Bounty: 94 Million Beli

Franky is the most SUPER member of the crew. He literally built up his body with scraps after being run over by a train.

Franky is a cyborg with loads of features including spitting fire, laser beams, a tank, a motorbike, shoulder canons and, oh especially, nipple lights.

Franky is such a sweetheart packed with coolness and a bunch of crazy hairstyles. Franky can’t stop his tears when he hears something about someone’s suffering or resolve and does everything in his power to help them.

He can perfectly switch from a sweet child to a mature adult as the situation demands. He has lost people dear to him and treasures everyone he has now to make the best memories.

10. Soul King Brook

Soul King Brook

Goal: To fulfil his promise to Laboon

Current Bounty: 83 Million Bounty

Brook is a gentleman skeleton who is alive due to his devil fruit Yomi Yomi No Mi which grants the user a second life.

He has used his devil fruit to use powers to use winds from the underworld to freeze things and manipulate souls.

Being obsessed with underwear and being the lightest and the fastest Straw Hat, Brook is a man of his word.

He values a promise more than life itself and believes that death is not an excuse to not fulfil a word which has been given once.

Brook is a musician at heart and loves playing music and became a superstar during the tie skip.

11. First Son of the Sea Jinbei

First Son of the Sea Jinbei

Goal: To create a world of equality for fishmen and humans

Current Bounty:  400 Million + Beli

Jinbei is one of the senior members of the Straw Hats. Getting introduced to Luffy in the Great Prison Impel Down, Jinbei asked for nothing but a place and purpose to die for.

Upon the death of Ace, Jinbei helped Luffy stand back up and train with Rayleigh.

He donated blood to Luffy on Fishman Island and also helped the Straw Hats big time on Whole Cake Island.

Jinbei promised to be the helmsman of the Straw Hat but has only joined the crew, recently, in Wano.

He is a valuable asset in terms of both power and influence.

Now, all that remains is to look forward to his adventures with Luffy.


  • Princess Vivi: The Princess of Alabasta may be in a different place right now but we know hat she will always be a nakama.
  • Carue or Karoo: The trusted steed of Princess Vivi with a indomitable will, Carue has carved a place for himself in everyone’s hearts.
  • The Going Merry: Made by Merry on Syrup Village, the Going Merry supported our Straw Hats on their adventures from the East Blue to the Enies Lobby. Swimming, falling, flying, the Merry has done it all.
  • The Thousand Sunny: Carrying forward the legacy of the Going Merry, is the Thousand Sunny. If the Merry took the Straw Hats to the Sky, the Sunny took them underwater and will continue to take the Straw Hats everywhere they wish to go.

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