9 Best Minecraft Tank Mods

Do you know what’s cool?

Minecraft using guns.

Do you know what else is cooler?

Minecraft featuring huge tanks.

If you’re feeling the same you do, here are some of the best tank mods available for Minecraft so that you can cause havoc within your virtual world.

8. Monolith Pack version 3 Ausf. C. for Flans Mod 4.8.0/4.9.0

Monolith Pack version 3

The Flan mod content package version 4.1.1 for Minecraft 1.6.4 was primarily created by me. To find out who else was the creator of this mod check out the “readme” file included in the download. 

The most notable features are new armor like the uniform worn by Erwin Rommel and paratrooper armor.

There’s the future-oriented Soviet Union-themed armor, numerous new weapons, including super-powered (but expensive) weapons that could be used as death guns in the future like the Lee Enfield MK 2 and the type-38 MK 2, as well as various assault rifles that are used for modern-day armies.

Plenty of unneeded banana-themed guns, a 460cm gun for naval use, dangerous chemical weapons that require you to make chemically-correct crafting techniques to create essential ingredients such as the Schwerer-Gustav.

The biggest gun ever made in battle, as well as obsolete firearms from the 1800s, including the poor rifle, as well as many modern vehicles like, for instance, the Sturmgeschutz 3 Ausf.

7. Mark I Tank (part of the Mcheli Series)

15250325 image l 9 Best Minecraft Tank Mods

This is the beginning of the Mcheli series (machine gun is not included). 

Many of you have asked for an add-on to the old Mcheli Mods post image, and this is one of many more posts to be posted in the future. 

This isn’t an addon I made I’m sure of it. This was done by VISTA.

6. Mcheli Type 90 tank

15184079 image l 9 Best Minecraft Tank Mods

The Type 90 tank (90Shi Zhan Che, Kyu-maru-Shiki-sensha) is the main battle tank (MBT) of the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force (JGSDF). 

The tank was designed and manufactured by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries as a replacement for the tank Type 61 and to supplement the inventory of Type 74 tanks, and was first put into service in the year 1990.

5. World War 3

05 minecraft tank mod world war3 1 9 Best Minecraft Tank Mods

Supported Versions: 1.7-1.8

Albert Einstein once said, “I do not know with which tools World War III will be being fought however World War IV will be combated with stones and sticks.”

Despite Einstein’s knowledge, he was not capable of predicting the fact that World War 3 would be battled with Minecraft tanks and guns.

The World War 3 mod adds lots of new military vehicles and weapons to the game.

Perhaps enough to last us until the end of the Fourth World War too!

If you’re wondering about what this issue is being fought over, I’ve heard an angry dog of a certain person was killed. 

Be at peace Franz Furninand…

4. UNU Military Vehicles

04 minecraft tank mod unu military vehicles 9 Best Minecraft Tank Mods

Supported Versions: 1.10-1.12

What’s better than speedy cars? Powerful cars.

Also tanks.

This mod includes a variety of military vehicles and allows you to take over that donkey’s driveway with a massive tank.

I’m sure the enemies you have will be scared of you forevermore.

If you’d prefer to be able to claim victory over your opponents with a stealth attack then making them envious to explode within this mod are available in a variety of colors and camouflage.

The blues include blackthorn along with desert, forest as well as winter camouflage.

It doesn’t matter if your arch-nemesis is Scar From The Lion King, Santa Claus, and The Smurfs, the element of surprise will be at your side.

3. Global Firestorm Pack Mod

03 minecraft tank mod global firestorm pack 9 Best Minecraft Tank Mods

Supported Versions: 1.7.10

Another World War III mod that includes a variety of military vehicles available to choose from.

They include planes, helicopters, and, of course, tanks!

While the cars are huge, however, they’re relatively simple to build.

You’ll be encroaching villages with your massive tank within a matter of minutes.

2. Halocraft 2.0

02 minecraft tank mod halocraft2 9 Best Minecraft Tank Mods

Supported Versions: 1.8-1.10

Minecraft and Halo appear to be a bizarre combination.

Mod creators have proved time and over and time, sometimes what appears like a bizarre mix ends in being quite cool.

Halocraft 2.0 is a mod that adds many items that are from Halocraft, the Halo gaming series to Minecraft.

This covers monsters, weapons as well as armor. If you’ve played Halo then you might have probably already known the famous Scorpion tank!

If the monsters from Halocraft 2.0 become too much be aware of the following: The Scorpion may not be the most terrifying creature, however, it’s certainly equally dangerous.

1. Flan’s Mod

01 minecraft tank mod flans mod 9 Best Minecraft Tank Mods

Supported Versions: 1.12

The Flan Mod is a huge mod that adds loads of new vehicles and weapons to enjoy.

The weaponry used could have been used in both world wars and even that of the Korean and Vietnam war, and possibly more.

With Flan’s Mod, Your armory will have the military-style equivalent that you would find in Kanye West’s clothing.

This mod is great for multiplayer since “killing your buddies in Minecraft is a lot more enjoyable than fighting mobs” — Sun Tzu, The Art Of War.

If you’re a fan of peace over war, you could also fly big bombers along with your buddies.

Perhaps your group of friends can collaborate with Flan’s mod to terrorize each (in-game) military force of the government with your new cool Minecraft mod.

Who would have thought of what a blast this might be?

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