Does Shanks have a Daughter in One Piece? (Who is Uta?)

Red-Haired Shanks is one of the most popular characters in One Piece. This is not a secret. Fans have been going crazy ever since he came back into the main plot in the last few manga chapters.

The guy said in a relaxed way that it was time to go after the One Piece. He then used his Conqueror’s Haki to scare Admiral Ryokugyu right off of Wano.

We don’t know much about Shanks, so it’s a big deal when Oda tells us something about him or his past. And nothing is more important than family. We now know that Shanks is a dad because of the new One Piece movie.

Oda made Uta Shanks’s daughter in the One Piece Film: Red. She is the biggest diva in the world, and her love of singing is “out of this world.”

Shanks had to leave her as a child, but in the movie he says, “Uta, even though we’re apart, you’ll always be my daughter.”

Is Uta Shanks’s Daughter in Canon?

In fiction, Uta is Shanks’s daughter.

Oda has put out three parts of “Uta’s Special 1-Page Manga” starting with chapter 1055. These are part of the standard manga installments in the Weekly Shonen Jump issues.

The story of how Uta gets ideas for her songs is told in these extra scenes.

The first one came out in Shonen Jump 2022 Issue 35 on August 1, 2022. It was called “New Genesis,” and it came out before Chapter 1055.

It shows pirates taking over a town no one knows the name of. Everything has been set on fire, and people are being taken away as their homes burn.

Uta is trying to find a pen in the middle of all this chaos. She uses makeup and other things from her bag to write on the walls what she calls her “magnum opus” as the city around her burns. This new song is called “New Genesis” by her.

The second special comic about Uta gives us more evidence that she is a canon character. The World’s Continuation and Chapter 1056 came out in Issue 36-37 on August 8, 2022.

The story starts with Uta waking up from a bad dream. People are running through fire as the town burns.

She gets out of bed and walks to the window, where the sun is rising, to think about her youth. We see the outline of Shanks, with Uta following close behind.

She starts pulling torn pieces of paper out of her trash can until she finds one with some song lyrics on it. She finishes the song we know as The World’s Continuation by writing the rest of the words on a new piece of paper.

The last lines are:

Till again we meet…
Outside a dream.

In fiction, Luffy says in One Piece Film: Red that he knows who Uta is because he grew up with her. This is more proof that Uta is Shanks’s daughter.

In a flashback, we see that Luffy and Uta grew up in Foosha Village, which was first shown to be Luffy’s home in chapter 1 of One Piece. This is where he met Shanks ten years before he became a pirate himself.

It turns out that Uta was with Shanks the whole time the Red Hair Pirates were traveling to East Blue. At Foosha Village, Uta and Luffy became friends. It seems like Shanks was taking care of the kids.

The fact that episodes 1029–1031 of the One Piece anime will be about the friendship between Luffy and Uta is another big sign that the events and characters of One Piece Film: Red are canon.

Shanks is back in the game in chapter 1054, so it’s possible that Uta will join her father in the main story.

Why did Shanks Leave Uta?

shanks daughter Who is Uta

Shanks had to leave Uta at some point after Uta and Luffy became friends.

In One Piece Film: Red, Uta sings a banned song, which accidentally calls up an ancient monster that destroys the island they are on. The town starts to burn, and this is the manga special’s burning town.

Shanks takes the blame for the disaster on himself after seeing how much power his daughter has. He leaves Uta in the care of Gordon, who used to be the king of Elegia Kingdom.

In One Piece Film: Red, Uta puts on a singing show on the island of Elegia.

Shanks left her and went back to being a pirate, so Uta started to hate pirates. In this way, she’s like Usopp, whose father Yasopp also left him behind to become a pirate.

It’s likely that Uta doesn’t remember what she did as a child and that Shanks put himself in the wrong and had to leave her behind. This would show why Uta doesn’t like pirates.

What does Uta do? Does Uta have a Devil Fruit?

Uta is the daughter of a Pirate Emperor who was famous for his singing. She is not just a pop star; she is also a brilliant musician whose singing can “change the world.”

Uta has been streaming her songs and videos on Den Den Mushi, which has helped her become very famous all over the world. The success of her songs and her standing as a pop star helped her put together her first live music show in Elegia.

Uta has a Devil Fruit called Uta Uta no Mi that is of the Paramecia type. When she sings, she can send people’s minds into a virtual place where she can change reality and control them.

This online world is called the Uta World, and in it, Uta can act a lot like God. There is no way for people to leave Uta World on their own. She can also take control of the real-world bodies of people who are stuck in Uta World.

A Devil Fruit fit for a daughter of Yonko, indeed.

Who is Uta’s mother? Who did Shanks have Uta with?

Shanks stops the Marineford War One Piece Does Shanks have a Daughter in One Piece? (Who is Uta?)

Since the beginning, fans have loved the idea of Shanks and Makino together. Makino owns and works as a bartender at Partys Bar in Foosha Village. In the first part, we met her.

Since Makino is the mother of a baby whose father is unknown, people liked to think that the baby was Shanks’ and that’s why he came to Foosha Village in the first place.

In an interview with SBS, Oda said that Makino’s child’s father is “probably that person,” but he didn’t explain what he meant.

But when it comes to Uta, people think that the fact that Uta exists disproves that Shanks and Makino had an unknown child together. But could Uta’s mom be Makino?

It is not likely that Makino is Uta’s mother. Half of Uta’s hair is red and half of it is white. Since the red part of Uta’s hair is the same color as her father Shanks’s hair, it’s likely that her mother also has white hair.

This also shows that Shanks is the real father of Uta.

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