25 Amazing Bartender Anime Characters

Are you looking for the coolest Bartender Anime Characters of Anime world ? well you are at right page. Today, we have created a list of All time best bartender anime characters.

With these bartender anime characters you can share your wild tales with a drink, or maybe two. These awesome bartenders anime characters are very difficult to spot in any anime.

But Today we are dug through the anime world to create this list of best bartenders in anime world always ready to lend an ear.

25. Bacchus From Cobra the Animation

Bacchus (Cobra the Animation) bartender anime

Bacchus is a bartender anime character from the anime Cobra the Animation. They have been indexed as männlich erwachsen with schwarz eyes and not visible hair.

But sadly no more information is available about Bacchus on the internet.

24. Utako From Hinamatsuri

Utako (Hinamatsuri)

Her full name is Utako Sakura: Utako is her family name, Sakura is her given name. Utako is Japanese for “Song“, and her bar is called the Little Song because of that. Sakura, Utako’s given name, is Japanese for “Cherry Blossoms”

This bartender anime girl can be extremely manipulative as is willing to work Hitomi to the bone for her own benefit. She can be quite ruthless at times, forcing the homeless Anzu to reimburse her for the food she had stolen leaving her with next to nothing.

Utako always strives to have the upper hand, thus allowing her to control most situations, like how she had an iron grip on Hitomi’s life

23. Shouichirou Toudou From Omerta ~ Code of Silence ~

Shouichirou Toudou

Friendly Epilogue Bartender anime character, he can make people feel at ease with his presence. Toudou was one of the rehab guys to help out JJ when he was brought to Japan and became something of a parental figure to him. But despite his peaceful outlook.

He is a skilled shooter and was even in King Caesar at one point, but quit after his wife and daughter got caught up in a fight. He's also an information broker and weapons dealer as well as a middleman for the crime syndicates.

Toudou has a lot of connections, so he’s not one to mess with. If he doesn’t like you, you won’t be able to survive in the society. If you get on his good side, he can recommend you good jobs. There are numerous hitmen who sleep with him for jobs. Called Master by JJ.

22. Takuto Sakita From Double Score

Takuto Sakita (Double Score)

Takuto Sakita is a bartender anime character from the Anime Double Score.
They have been indexed as male adult with brown eyes and brown hair that is to neck length.

But sadly no more information is available about Takuto Sakita on the internet.

21. Joutarou KAWASUMI From Inu x Boku Secret Service


This bartender anime character likes to act suave and pretends to be a “lone wolf that works on the outskirts of town”During the Ayakashi Kan Walk Rally, he bade Ririchiyo goodbye with an offer to make her a cocktail when she’s grown up.

His son calmly reminded him that he couldn’t make cocktails even if his life depended on it. His youkai form is a Kappa—a mythical water-dwelling creature that lures people into the water and pulls them in.

20. Saki KAWASAKI From My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU


Saki is very calm and serious bartender anime girl, like when Hachiman saw her underwear (Episode 5, Volume 2). She is initially introduced alone and holding a lighter, indicating she may smoke sometimes.

She is only seen playing with the lighter in the anime. This is never addressed or alluded to in either the Light Novel or Anime, it would be safe to assume she does not smoke.

19. Itori From Tokyo Ghoul

Itori (Tokyo Ghoul)

Itori is very friendly and talkative bartender anime girl. She likes having fun and even pulling pranks but she uses people like toys to get the information she wants.

Once she is revealed as a member of the Clowns, she shows a more cruel and sadistic side when she gleefully mentions CCG’s new goal of eradicating all ghouls.

Like all members of the Clowns, she thrives on creating chaos and destruction. She is fond of drinking blood, possibly hinting at her being a connoisseur like Shuu Tsukiyama.

18. Agil From Sword Art Online

Agil (Sword Art Online)

Agil is a friendly and very helpful bartender anime character who is always looking out for others. He is also someone to rely on such as when he defended the beta testers against Kibaou, giving Kirito a place to stay, and helping players on lower floors.

He also can be a leader on the battlefield and will help his comrades and friends no matter what the cost may be.

Although he acted as if he only cared about the money, Kirito commented that Agil had spent all of his money helping mid-level players level up.

17. Kenneth & Rita Krueger From If It’s for My Daughter, I’d Even Defeat a Demon Lord

Kenneth & Rita Krueger

Kenneth is a kind hearted man who‘s kindness is shown when he allows Dale to bring home and let Latina live in there attic.

Kenneth is a large blonde bartender anime character with a blonde beard. Kenneth wears a white shirt with a brown satchel. He also wears brown pants with some light brown shoes.

Rita was the daugher of the owner of Dancing Ocelot, which at that time she planned to take over.

Before the story starts, When Dale and Kenneth was traveling in the same party, they happened to cross the Dancing Ocelot. Kenneth fall into first sight love with Rita and instantly confessed, but Rita just bluntly rejects him. 

16. Clamp From Mobile Suit Gundam

Clamp (Mobile Suit Gundam)

Before Begin a Bartender anime character Clamp was Ramba Ral’s right hand man, accompanying him during their campaign against the White Base.

Clamp primarily filled a tactician’s role, being the one who found the White Base for them in the first place, and often plotted along with Ral and Hamon about what to do next.

When Ramba’s squadron eventually completely ran out of supplies, Clamp went into battle and was shot to death while trying to infiltrate White Base.

15. Bao From Black Lagoon

Bao (Black Lagoon)

He was a former ARVN soldier who fought in the Vietnam War. He often feels harassed by Lagoon Company, especially Revy, for messing up his bar whenever they get into a fight with another party and reminds Revy to pay for the damage she causes, which she always avoids doing. 

Balalaika seemed to cover the repairs after Roberta destroyed it, which implies that the bar may be owned by Hotel Moscow.

14. Raoul From One Piece

Raoul (One Piece)

Raoul is a generous and caring bartender anime character. This is shown when he warns Roger about the dangers of the Grand Line. He is also talkative, telling Luffy about Roger’s exploits.

He appears to dislike Smoker, who was driving away all of his customers. Raoul had knowledge of the Grand Line, having warned Roger about it when he visited his bar.

13. Grizzly From Polar Bear Cafe

Grizzly (Polar Bear Cafe)

Grizzly has a gruff demeanor and thrives on being seen as a wild and cool bartender anime character. He talks with a slight accent (such as saying “ya” instead of “you”). He is shown as having a short temper but when he shouts it’s usually in jest.

As a cub, he had trouble making friends due to him looking scary. In his teens, he often skipped classes and could be found sleeping on the school rooftop (especially in the winter since his biological clock wanted to hibernate).

12. Miki From City Hunter

Miki (City Hunter)

Miki is very open to new friendships and distinguished by her helpfulness as a bartender anime character.

She is the only woman she does not succumb to Ryo’s charm because the man with whom she wants to spend her life is Umibozu even if she sometimes can not understand his stubborn behavior. 

After her time as a mercenary, she has learned how to handle weapons and to endure in difficult circumstances.

11. Izumo Kusanagi From Project “K”

Izumo Kusanagi (Project “K”)

Kusanagi is a very composed bartender anime character, reacting calmly even in dangerous or extreme situations. He retains this trait even when in the midst of a battle.

However, because of his nature, others often tend to be intimidated by him. Additionally, he is quite intelligent and knowledgeable of the people or things around him.

Kusanagi tends to have a high amount of information on specific people’s backgrounds and has been remarked for doing “shady” business with various associates, which is a primary attribute to his extensive knowledge of the matter.

10. Jiro Tanaka From Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens

Jiro Tanaka (Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens)

Jiro is an okama and behaves and speaks in a stereotypically feminine manner. He holds an interest in fashion and style and is noted by Misaki to enjoy shopping.

Jiro has short brown hair, blue eyes, and a small goatee. When dressed as bartender anime character he wears a white, striped shirt with a blue collar buttoned low over his chest.

He hooks suspenders to his dress pants, with the right suspender over his shoulder and the left suspender hanging down around his waist.

9. Toshiro Sakaki From Devil’s Line

Toshiro Sakaki (Devil’s Line)

Sakaki is a very light-hearted and friendly bartender anime character. He doesn’t care who the people are, he wants to please everyone with his meals and help people out.

He is always there to provide something to the F Squad and cares for them all deeply. He is always calm and kind towards others and appears to be quite soft-spoken.

He is also highly respectable and admired as he is referred to as “Master” by others.

8. Hitomi Mishima From Hinamatsuri

Hitomi Mishima

Hitomi is an incredibly mature girl for her age and a dedicated bartender anime worker who always strives to do her best and help out in any way she can.

Unfortunately, this part of her personality also makes her a pushover who’s incapable of turning down the requests of others.

This leads to her working as a bartender and, reluctantly, becoming an office worker as a middle schooler.

7. Masaki Kobayashi From Domestic Girlfriend

Masaki Kobayashi (Domestic Girlfriend)

Kobayashi is a strong and athletic bartender anime character, keeping himself in shape with various exercise, including yoga. He has long, curly black hair that is often tied in a ponytail, and sports a light trimmed mustache.

He is very high maintenance, keeping his body hairless and well moisturized, and wears expensive cologne.

6. Shuichi Wagatsuma From Monochrome Factor

Shuichi Wagatsuma (Monochrome Factor)

Shuichi is a calm and friendly bartender anime character who is rarely seen angry. Always helpful in giving advice and suggestions or listening to people problems.

He is very tolerant, even when his bar is damaged or Mayu Asamura takes flirting a bit too far. As the King of Light: Shisui, he lacks confidence and resolve in doing his duties as King.

When Homurabi questions Shisui, the Rei snapped; showing a rare bout of true anger, but only due to misunderstanding Homurabi and realizes his mistake. After revealing his motives to Shisui, Homurabi is forgiven by his Children and Shisui

5. Ryuu Sasakura From Bartender

Ryuu Sasakura (Bartender)

This bartender anime character is tall, youthful, and formal. As part of his job, Ryū is to wear an elegant atire such as a black vest with white a dressy shirt underneath it.

He wears his black tie underneath his collar. Along with his vest, is his black dressy pants. His black hair is combed back, and is somewhat spiky, while his eyes are hazel, and always have a calm look to them.

4. Ginti From Death Parade

Ginti (Death Parade)

Ginti is a bartender anime character and he is very rough in nature and very rude, often getting irritated easily. He is also prone to violence and likes to clash with Decim, whose face alone pisses him off.

Ginti has no true desire to be an arbiter and simply views it as a job he has to do. Compared to Decim, he is far more direct and aggressive with his customers, giving them less information and starting the game faster so that he can finish it as quickly as possible.

3. Kurogiri From Boku no Hero Academia

Kurogiri (Boku no Hero Academia)

Kurogiri has a level-headed personality, which often serves to ground Tomura Shigaraki’s immaturity. He is intensely loyal Bartender anime character to both All For One and Tomura, having been created to watch over the latter.

As a Nomu, Kurogiri is programmed to only obey commands from a select few and will remain silent towards any attempt to extract compromising information about the League from him.

2. Mirajane Strauss From Fairy Tail

Mirajane Strauss (Fairy Tail)

Mirajane was known as “The Demon” (魔人 Majin), and before Lisanna’s pseudo-death, she used to be a very feared person, infamous amongst guilds and criminals alike.

She dressed in a punk-gothic style, and was rather temperamental and bad-mouthed everyone, especially Erza, whom she had quite a rivalry with from when they were kids.

Despite this, she had initially been very withdrawn and held reservations about who she was due to her Demon-like powers. Even though Makarov assured her that it was just a type of Magic, Mirajane questioned whether she was even human.

Before she could throw herself away, though, her brother and sister were able to connect with her once again by learning their own Take Over Magic and yes she is a bartender anime character.

1. Decim From Death Parade

Decim (Death Parade)

Decim appears to be emotionless and serious during his job as bartender anime character, unless something out of the ordinary or shocking happens.

He is very detached in his manner of speech, and would rather not bring personal feelings to the table.

He takes pride in his role as an arbiter, and is always respectful towards guests, especially to those who lived their lives to the fullest.

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