Are you looking for the coolest Bartender Anime Characters of Anime world ? well you are at right page. Today, we have created a list of All time best bartender anime characters.

With these bartender anime characters you can share your wild tales with a drink, or maybe two. These awesome bartenders anime characters are very difficult to spot in any anime.

But Today we are dug through the anime world to create this list of best bartenders in anime world always ready to lend an ear.

25 Amazing Bartender Anime Characters

25. Bacchus (Cobra the Animation)

Bacchus is a bartender anime character from the anime Cobra the Animation. They have been indexed as männlich erwachsen with schwarz eyes and not visible hair.

Bacchus (Cobra the Animation) bartender anime

But sadly no more information is available about Bacchus on the internet.

24. Utako (Hinamatsuri)

Her full name is Utako Sakura: Utako is her family name, Sakura is her given name. Utako is Japanese for “Song“, and her bar is called the Little Song because of that. Sakura, Utako’s given name, is Japanese for “Cherry Blossoms”

This bartender anime girl can be extremely manipulative as is willing to work Hitomi to the bone for her own benefit. She can be quite ruthless at times, forcing the homeless Anzu to reimburse her for the food she had stolen leaving her with next to nothing.

Utako (Hinamatsuri)

Utako always strives to have the upper hand, thus allowing her to control most situations, like how she had an iron grip on Hitomi’s life

23. Shouichirou Toudou (Omerta ~ Code of Silence ~)

Friendly Epilogue Bartender anime character, he can make people feel at ease with his presence. Toudou was one of the rehab guys to help out JJ when he was brought to Japan and became something of a parental figure to him. But despite his peaceful outlook.

He is a skilled shooter and was even in King Caesar at one point, but quit after his wife and daughter got caught up in a fight. He's also an information broker and weapons dealer as well as a middleman for the crime syndicates.

Shouichirou Toudou

Toudou has a lot of connections, so he’s not one to mess with. If he doesn’t like you, you won’t be able to survive in the society. If you get on his good side, he can recommend you good jobs. There are numerous hitmen who sleep with him for jobs. Called Master by JJ.

22. Takuto Sakita (Double Score)

Takuto Sakita is a bartender anime character from the Anime Double Score.
They have been indexed as male adult with brown eyes and brown hair that is to neck length.

Takuto Sakita (Double Score)

But sadly no more information is available about Takuto Sakita on the internet.

21. Joutarou KAWASUMI (Inu x Boku Secret Service)

This bartender anime character likes to act suave and pretends to be a “lone wolf that works on the outskirts of town”During the Ayakashi Kan Walk Rally, he bade Ririchiyo goodbye with an offer to make her a cocktail when she’s grown up.


His son calmly reminded him that he couldn’t make cocktails even if his life depended on it. His youkai form is a Kappa—a mythical water-dwelling creature that lures people into the water and pulls them in.

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