15 Best Digimon Adventure Characters of All Time

What makes this awesome anime series this awesome is its characters that’s why today we are going to talk about the best Digimon adventure characters of all time.

The main DigiDestined cast was designed by Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru. Producer Satoru Nishizono and the staff used name analysis software to decide on the characters’ names using kanji combinations that related to “luck.”

A new group of Digi Destined and T.K. and Kari were made into the new main cast for Digimon Adventure 02, consisting of Davis, Yolei, Cody, and later Ken.

At first, Digimon Adventure was supposed to be a Short-Flim however, after the storyboard was completed an offer for the film to be made into a television show for children was put forward.

Let’s begin the list without wasting any more let see the best Digimon adventure characters of all time.

15. Sora Takenouchi

Sora Takenouchi

Sora is a lightly tanned-skinned girl with orange hair and maroon eyes. Her hair was initially chin-length but eventually reached to her shoulders, resembling a bob. At the end of tri., she cuts her hair short.

She has two soccer uniforms. One is the uniform of the soccer club she plays in with Tai, consisting of a red T-shirt with a white collar, white lines on the sleeves and a white “11” on the back and shorts with a vertical red line on each side, white socks with red borders, and black and red football cleats with white marks on them.

14. Kari Kamiya

Kari Kamiya

Kari has short brown hair and eyes. It was initially chin-length, but later becomes a bob. As she gets older, Kari starts wearing a hairclip that pulls left side of her hair.

In the epilogue, she wears two hairclips that pulls both sides of her hair and has yellow studded earrings. Her hair has also grown longer.

She also wears a silver whistle with a pink cord that she eventually gave to Gatomon and a digital camera with a yellow cord in 02.

13. Tentomon


Tentomon is an Insectoid Digimon. It is the original type of Insectoid Digimon who, although it has a hard shell, still has low aggression.

It has one hard claw on each of its fore-legs, and four on each of its middle- and hind-legs, and in particular, the middle-legs are able to skillfully grasp objects just like a human hand.

Although the other Insectoids at its Digivolution level only possess fighting spirit, it still retains its naturally friendly sentiments, and displays its carefree way of life by doing things like sniffing the scent of flowers and napping in the shade of a tree.

12. Palmon


Palmon is a Vegetation Digimon. It has a tropical flower blooming on its head.

Although it digivolved like a reptile from Tanemon, it is an unusual Type which is classified as Vegetation based on its outward appearances and special qualities, similar to its rival Floramon.

As a Vegetation Digimon, it gets along with FanBeemon. During the day, it opens up the flower and spreads its leaf-like arms to perform photosynthesis.

11. Gomamon


Gomamon is a Sea Animal Digimon. It has become able to move on land, and is covered in temperature-maintaining fur.

The short, white fur that covers its body gets longer as it grows, and furthermore, it’s said that it turns brown when it grows up. Its personality is a naughty-boy type that fiddles with everything it sees.

The red fur growing along its back from the top of its head moves according to Gomamon’s emotions, and when it gets angry, the fur bristles.

10. Agumon


Agumon is a Reptile Digimon. It has grown up and become able to walk on two legs, and has an appearance like a tiny dinosaur.

Because it is still on the way to adulthood, its power is low, but as its personality is quite ferocious, it doesn’t understand fear.

It has grown hard, sharp claws on both its hands and feet, and demonstrates its power in battle. It is also a being that foretells Digivolution to a great and powerful Digimon.

9. Gabumon


Gabumon is a Reptile Digimon. Although it is covered by a fur pelt, it is still clearly a Reptile Digimon.

Due to its extremely timid and shy personality, it always gathers up the data which Garurumon leaves behind, and shapes it into a fur pelt to wear.

Because it is wearing the fur pelt of Garurumon, who is feared by other Digimon, it fills the role of safeguarding itself as a result of protecting its body.

8. Monzaemon


Monzaemon is a Puppet Digimon. It is completely shrouded in mystery, though it’s rumored that Etemon, who carries a Monzaemon plush toy on its waist, pulls its strings.

From its looks, it’s an unmodified plush toy of a bear, so it’s rumored that there is someone within, who got in through where the chuck is attached on its back section.

It wraps the opponent up in the love overflowing from this cute body (with scary eyes), and makes them feel happy.

7. Mimi Tachikawa

Mimi Tachikawa

Mimi has long, wavy light brown hair and eyes. During the events of 02, she would dye her hair in many different colors such as pink and strawberry blonde.

As of tri., her hair is back in it’s natural color. In the epilogue, Mimi’s hair is now short and her ears are pierced.

After taking a bath in Devimon‘s illusory mansion, she wears a pink bath robe over her underwear, which is later revealed to be an illusion.

6. T. K. Takaishi

 T. K. Takaishi

T.K. is a very cheerful and amiable person. He doesn’t like when others are fighting or sad, and will do anything in his power to make others happy.

He is very protective of his loved ones, especially after Patamon’s sacrifice, and takes his duty as a protector of the Digital World very seriously.

He is rather optimistic, and always tries to keep a smile on his face.

5. Izzy Izumi

Izzy Izumi

Izzy is a computer expert and spends a large fraction of his time trying to figure stuff out on his “PiBook” laptop. He is very intelligent and knowledgeable, and often gets lost in thought while trying to figure out something new.

He is extremely curious about the nature of the Digital World, and works ceaselessly to learn whatever there is to know about it. He is resourceful and dutiful, and quick to help his friends.

He is somewhat socially awkward, even as a teenager when he is more confident in his ability. In the Japanese version, he is extremely polite.

4. Gennai


He would advise the Digidestined during their battles against Etemon and give Izzy’s laptop a Digimon Analyzer. Later, he would reveal the existence of the ‘Eighth Child’, and that Myotismon was trying to gain access to the Real World in order to locate and kill them.

When the DigiDestined fail to stop Myotismon from entering the Real World and are unable to follow him, Gennai guides them to his home under a lake, meeting the DigiDestined in person for the first time.

He would go on to tell them how they could return to the Real World to fight Myotismon and find the Eighth Child. He also modifies Izzy’s computer further, allowing Izzy to send and receive e-mail from the Digital World.

3. Matt Ishida

Matt Ishida

Matt starts as a secretive loner with a cool demeanor. He is mature, thoughtful and level-headed, and more likely to think things through than charge head-on.

He is a deeply caring person who will do anything for a friend and is very protective of his loved ones. He is prone to second-guessing and self-deprecation when he cannot protect others—his self-worth hinges on his ability to be a good friend.

Unlike Tai, who is more willing to look at the “big picture”, sometimes to the detriment of his friends, Matt always tries to focus on the good of his small circle of friends.

2. Joe Kido

Joe Kido

Joe has short blue hair and black eyes. He stands out from the other Digidestined with large glasses and tall height.

His hair was initially spiky with his bangs swept to the right but is chin-length and parts in the middle as a 15 year old. In tri. and as an adult, Joe’s hair is back to being short.

Joe now wears black rectangular eyeglasses with silver frame. Because he studies in a senior private school and focusing on his studies because of his lackluster grades from his college exams.

1. Taichi Kamiya

Taichi Kamiya

Tai is energetic and adventurous. He is also acts impulsively and rushes without thinking the consequences, especially when his friends are in danger but is quick to realize and admit he has been wrong, and does whatever it takes to fix his mistakes.

Despite his flaws, Tai is very caring and considerate of others, even if his actions may cause some people to think otherwise. It takes time for him to learn how to be a leader, but eventually he grows into the unifying force that leads all the other DigiDestined and keeps them together.

As a teenager, Tai acts like the mellow and experienced mentor to the new Digidestined. He is less brash but still easygoing.

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