15 Best Clannad Characters of All Time

Hii! This is my first time sharing with you guys about Clannad. This series really got some interesting facts and character descriptions.

I love to share my experience with the characters that why I feel it’s going to be fun to make the list of the Impressive characters from Clannad.

So, let’s get into it right now. But before moving forward I must tell you that you guys must cross some spoilers in between the content but this content worth it. 

Let’s begin the list without wasting any more time here are best clannad characters.

15. Botan

Botan Clannad Characters

Botan is a cute pet boar of Kyou’s. He loves her owner but also had a fear of her twin sister Ryou.

Since she once attempted to get her into the shower with her, which she confused with an attempt of cooking her alive.

She sometimes tends to be a motormouth. She used to view Yusuke as an interesting subject to study until she develops a bond with him, and becomes a valuable ally and close friend.

14. Yukine Miyazawa

Yukine Miyazawa

One of the beautiful Young girls from Clannad with a fair complexion, sleepy blue eyes.

With her polite nature, she is also helpful to others. She is motherly and has an interest in magic spells.

She is also great at cooking. Even though she prepares ready-made food most of the time, and has a small gas stove in the reference room in order to prepare meals for her guests.

13. Mei Sunohara

Mei Sunohara

Amber eyes character with a ponytail tied with yellow ribbon. Mei is a keen young lady who preferences learning new things, and she deeply cares for her brother and often worries about him.

She can be very nosy about things, like trying to further Tomoya’s relationship with Nagisa Furukawa by becoming their cupid angel or learning about Youhei’s current situation.

Mei is a smart girl who likes learning new things, and she deeply cares for her brother and often worries about him.

12. Ryou Fujibayashi

Ryou Fujibayashi

Twin sister of Kyou, Ryou has short hair with the hairpiece on the right with blue eyes.

She is exceptionally sharp about fortune telling, however her expectations, while incredibly specific, typically figure out how to be either somewhat skewed or extremely wrong.

Just a single time, in Kyou’s course, her fortune ended upright.

11. Sanae Furukawa

Sanae Furukawa

Sanae is a beautiful woman in the Clannad series wife of Akio her brown hip-length hair usually ties with a butterfly bow and her three ‘hair antenna’ on her head makes her noticeable all the time.

Her childish behavior shows her personality as a cry baby in the series. 

She also tutors children in the Furukawa Cram School and she’s quite proud of the way people often mistake her for Nagisa’s older sister because of her youthful appearance.

10. Misae Sagara

Misae Sagara

Misae is a beautiful lady with dim blue hair that is tied with a bun, brilliant eyes, a thin form, and a very enormous chest.

She regularly wears a yellow apron. Misae is a friendly woman with the residence understudies yet strict when it comes to the dorm rules.

She utilizes her savage power to persuade the dorm student to perform their cleaning responsibility or eat the entirety of their food.

9. Ushio Okazaki

Ushio Okazaki

Ushio is the daughter of Nagisa with short hair Ushio’s hair is mostly left untied, with the exception of a small section of hair at the back of her head which is tied using a large, white bow/ribbon.

But her features are more like her father Tomoyo, except that she isn’t antisocial and is a positive person to be around.

Ushio is similar in appearance to her mother, Nagisa, although she lacks the two prominent ahoge that her mother has and her hair is slightly shorter.

8. Akio Furukawa

Akio Furukawa

He is a kind man but often talks and plays rough and his childish aide makes it easy for people to befriend him. He plays baseball with childish in the small park next to the bakery.

Akio is revealed to have been an actor in a theatrical company but had to quit his job due to Nagisa’s health.

He tells the story about how Nagisa almost died due to his and Sanae’s unintended negligence, because they were both busy with their respective careers, and how her life is connected to the city after getting saved from her fever.

7. Fuko Ibuki

Fuko Ibuki

Fuko is a short young lady who has a fairly honest height and comes in the category of one of the shortest characters of Clannad.

She has dark, greenish, gray-brown hair, and droopy golden-yellow eyes. With a low ponytail tied with a butterfly-like ribbon.

Fuko is a hyperactive and immature young girl who is completely obsessed with starfish

6. Tomoyo Sakagami

Tomoyo Sakagami

One of the main characters of Clannad with her teenager beautiful look and her cool behaviors in Infront of others make her look cuter.

She has long, straight, silver hair that reaches her upper thighs. With her athletic ability and her intelligence, she looks tough.

Tomoyo is a classic tomboy, always behaving cool in every situation. Her only real friends seem to be Tomoya and Sunohara.  

5. Youhei Sunohara

Youhei Sunohara

The Clannad series most comic characters. His ability to write with his right hand and when it comes to sports and fighting, he uses his left hand.

His hair is naturally black but he bleached it blond. He has a younger sister named Mei Sunohara.

His relationship is not that close with her sister but when anybody bullies her, he always becomes defensive toward her sister and changes his personality from light-hearted to serious.

4. Kotomi Ichinose

Kotomi Ichinose

She is one of the most sensible and genius girls who is always seen in the library reading books.

She also has straight indigo hair that has an odd length of short and long, with strands of hair that completely cover her ears, and bangs parted in the middle.

Kotomi is a silent girl who has trouble speaking with others

3. Kyou Fujibayashi

Kyou Fujibayashi

Like others, she also comes under the good books in the character list of the Clannad.

She is intelligent, kind-hearted, and hilarious. She knows how to handle thing and how to get the thing done, and also do it well.

Her striking purple eyes make her more noticeable in the series, with her bold and aggressive nature make her stand out from others.

2. Tomoya Okazaki

Tomoya Okazaki

The main character of Clannad. He’s imperfect and yet he’s an extremely profound and kindhearted individual.

A hurting soul who generally thinks about others. He’s simply incredible but very antisocial.

Tomoya is disobedient, he doesn’t go around searching for battles. He is generally to calm and quiet, being more agreeable.

Be that as it may, when he gets into a fight, he appeared as an intense contender.

1. Nagisa Furukawa

Nagisa Furukawa

One of the cutest characters of the Clannad with short wavy red hair and an amber eye. She likes to wear light and girly casual attire.

She blushes a lot and she is noted to be extremely adorable despite the fact that she denies it wholeheartedly.

She is a shy girl with her kind and sweet nature toward others, Nagisa is naive and idealistic, as she generally observes the positive qualities in everybody.

She considers lowly of herself and most important she values other people’s happiness more than her own.

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