Gas’ Powers & Abilities In Dragon Ball Super Explained

WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers from the Granolah arc of the Dragon Ball Super manga. Read ahead at your own discretion!

Gas’s mind goes back and forth between jealousy, hatred, primal instincts, pride, an inferiority complex, and so on, which makes him an interesting case study in psychology.

But not all fans are happy that Gas has been added to the list of bad guys in Dragon Ball Super.

Some people think he is the worst villain yet, but others like how he is connected to Granolah, Bardock, and Goku and how he uniquely does things.

Gas is a good bad guy in my opinion, but he’s not the main one, and he’s built up to be that way on purpose.

We don’t know much about the guy, but let me give you a brief overview of what we do know.

Who is Gas in Dragon Ball Super?

Gas is likely the youngest child in the Heeter family, who are the real bad guys in the Granolah arc.

They are a wealthy and powerful intelligence group in Universe 7. They work for the Frieza Force as middlemen for worlds that Frieza has taken over.

The leader and oldest sibling, Elec, thinks that military force is no longer needed. So, their main goal is to rule the Universe in the end, not with brute force but with money and information.

Toriyama came up with the idea for the Heeters while looking at the plot proposal from Toyotarou and Victory Uchida. He then helped his apprentice design them. Only Gas had changed a lot in the 40 years since the last time they met.

Gas is Elec’s right-hand man when it comes to strength, and he brags about having a lot of power and skills.

But what’s interesting is that Gas still feels bad about himself 40 years after that humiliating loss to Bardock.

Monaito said that Gas was very strong, so strong that he couldn’t control his primal instincts once he let them out. The Heeter couldn’t handle Bardock’s determination, though.

Elec’s confidence in Gas’s ability to do the job went down, and some of that “confidence” was given to Granolah.

Since he was a child, the Cerealian worked hard to make a name for himself as a bounty hunter. He did all of Elec’s jobs exactly as he told him to.

As soon as Granolah said he was the strongest warrior in the Universe, Gas’s jealousy began to grow. So, he felt like he wasn’t as good as the person he hated.

Elec, on the other hand, never thought Gas could do anything. Gas was sure that he could beat Granolah and Frieza with just his strength, but Elec wanted to be sure.

Elec asked Toronbo to make Gas the strongest warrior in the Universe, even though his younger brother wasn’t happy about it.

Gas didn’t want to use the skills he’d been given. His pride told him to use the moves he had worked on for years to beat Granolah.

Elec, on the other hand, insisted that they kill him quickly so they could move on to more important things. So, Gas reluctantly started to use other strategies, such as teleportation, to fight back.

This made him trust him again in part because Elec saw that Gas was stronger than Granolah. He even gave him another mission in which he will be the main character. The younger Heeter no longer had any doubts after hearing these things, and he now has full faith in Elec’s plans.

The true meaning behind the title “Strongest warrior in the Universe”

Dragon Ball Super Gas’ Powers & Abilities In Dragon Ball Super Explained

Elec’s wish gave Gas the title of “strongest warrior in the universe,” whether he wanted to use Gas for his real plan or just wanted to help his “dear little brother.”

Now, some people didn’t understand what the wish meant. Does it mean just raw power, or does it also include techniques, skills, and other things that makeup strength? Ian from Kanzenshuu helps us understand this.

The real power of Gas was hidden deep inside. But then Elec stepped in and took the restriction off Gas’s forehead.

Gas lost all sense of himself when his true power and instincts came out. He went on a wild rampage.

Again, fans had different opinions about the “battle between the two strongest beings in the universe.”

Some fans think it doesn’t have enough “oomph” for a book with such a grand title, but many others think the authors are doing a great job tying together the different characters and building a story with life and stakes.

From what I can tell, this fight between Gas and Granolah or Goku and Gas isn’t supposed to involve big explosions or storms on other planets. Instead, the focus is on hand-to-hand combat and techniques.

Goku vs. Beerus and Gogeta vs. Broly had a lot of Ki blasts and fireworks because Beerus wanted to destroy the Earth and Broly is a bulldozer who can’t control his explosive power.

Gas wanted to use the skill he had been working on for years. This kind of technique has been used before, but never in such a creative way.

Also, fans don’t understand one important thing about the main themes of the arc. The authors have made hints about this many times, but most of us don’t notice or don’t think about it when we read new chapters.

Even though Gas and Granolah are the strongest right now, that doesn’t mean they will always be the strongest.

In the long run, it doesn’t matter how you rank. It’s just a number on the mental platform, and it has nothing to do with whether or not XYZ will be beaten. I wrote more about this in a different article.

Gas’ key powers and abilities

Dragon Ball Super. Gas’ Powers & Abilities In Dragon Ball Super Explained

Gas’s skills can be divided into those he had before he made the wish and those he got because of the wish. Here are the special powers and skills that Gas has that make him stand out.

Materialization Sorcery

Object manifestation is a technique Gas has been around for a long time. It’s not a skill he got because of the wish.

The Daizenshuu call it Butsushitsu Shutsugen Majutsu (), but it’s also known as Butsushitsu Shutsugen Majutsu. It’s a supernatural art in which the person visualizes an object and makes it real by thinking hard or making physical matter out of thin air.

Gas can make a pitchfork-like weapon, a sword staff, a jousting lance, a huge battle-ax, a size-changing morning star, a wrecking ball, a scimitar, many kunai, as well as wrist-mounted swords, claws, spinning blades, and shields. As well as huge walls with spikes to crush his prey.

There are now two different ideas about how it works. One says that the objects are made by Ki, and the other says that the objects are brought from another dimension by magic. Let’s talk about the first.

According to Daizenshuu 4, there are many different ways to use Ki, and the “alteration type” is one of them.

It has techniques where the basic way of manipulating Ki is used in a way that fits the person doing it. They are fired in a way that is different from the usual Ki manipulation attacks that use energy bullets.

In other words, the person uses pure energy to make weapons. Vegito’s Spirit Blade, Goku Black’s Scythe, and Krillin’s Destructo Disc or Kienzan are all examples of this.

Caway from Universe 4 makes weapons that look a lot like the ones Gas makes.

Caway is good at making weapons out of energy, which is one of his specialties. The hammer and spear she made in the T.O.P. (Anime) were similar to the one’s Gas used against Goku and Granolah.

But if you pay close attention. The energy glow stays on Caway’s weapons, but Gas’s tools become solid as soon as they appear. Vegito’s spirit sword has the same Ki-based effects as Gas’s move that destroys Granolah’s ship. This is again different from the Heeter’s weapons.

This brings us to the second idea: the objects appear through magic.

Dabura has magical powers because he is the king of demons. It’s a fairly common plot device.

When Dabura fights Gohan and then Fat Buu, he calls up a sword and a spear that look almost exactly like Gas’.

In the anime version, Dabura’s weapons appear in a different way than Caway’s, and they don’t have that energy glow. The first glow is just to show that the sword is coming into being.

On the official Dragon Ball website, this ability is described as the ability to make weapons appear out of thin air. This is exactly how Monaito described Gas’ ability.

From the manga’s point of view, the same is true.

Also, the way Gas makes the huge platform of spikes appear is similar to how Fused Zamasu makes the cubes of Katchin or Klangite, the hardest known material in the Universe, appear.

By watching how Gas moves his hands, it is clear that he is using some kind of magic spell to make those weapons appear. Also, the SFX for each attack is the same.

In terms of SFX, onomatopoeia is a type of figurative language that uses words in a way that isn’t the same as what they mean literally. It tries to show sound effects on the pages so we can hear them by looking at them.

When you look at the Japanese raws, you can see that the way SFX Gas works is the same as how teleportation works. This suggests that our second theory might be true: gas weapons could appear and disappear like people do when they teleport.

It’s also like when Gowasu called forth the Time Ring box and Shin brought the Kachin cube to life to train Future Trunks. We know that the Time Ring box does exist in another dimension and can’t just disappear when Gowasu stops calling it. The box is also not made of Ki.

Also, when Gas dodges Granolah’s punch and Dabura pulls out his sword, the sound effect is the same as when the box is summoned. This means that the weapons come from somewhere else.

Look at how Gas weapons look different. All of them look like weapons from the Middle Ages, not like machine guns or something.

So, I think Gas has some of these weapons stored somewhere at the Heeters’ base and calls them there.

But I could be wrong about this and he could have magical powers and make things appear out of thin air. It looks a lot like Dabura’s move, but Gas took it to a whole new level.

Gas also shows up. Gravity cubes around his opponents’ limbs to force them to the ground. This is similar to Hearts from Super Dragon Ball Heroes.


Telekinesis is a skill that the Daizenshuu use to move things with their minds instead of touching them. Some characters, like General Blue, move things with their eyes, while others, like Gurudo/Guldo and Frieza, use their arms.

Gas seems to be able to lift much heavier things, like many buildings and trains. I’m not sure if he had this move before the wish was made. Even so, Frieza was able to pick up a huge rock and move it toward Goku, so this isn’t that amazing either.

But making a bunch of trains flies all over the sky looks like a badass thing to do. And the force seems strong, as Super Saiyan Goku is being pushed on his back by it. Everything about the scene made me think of Spider-Man 2.

He can also do it for longer than he could before because he doesn’t have to move his hands to move the objects and because his fight with Goku doesn’t distract him at all.

Gas can also control how people move. He was able to lift Goku into the air by choking him from far away.

Instant Transmission/Teleportation

One of the main ways the Yardrats use to control the Spirit. Goku learned this skill from the aliens who live on Planet Yardrat, which he happened to visit on his way away from Planet Namek.

This teleportation moves to where a person’s Ki is and finds them. Because of this, you can’t go off-planet without running into people or Ki you already know.

Gas got this move after Elec wished for it. Before that moment, he didn’t have it.

If you are far away from your opponent, you can use instant teleportation to move closer and sneak attack. In Dragon Ball Super chapter 72, Granolah could use a move that was even faster than Instant Transmission.

Yes, it sounds strange when someone says, “I’m faster than an instant,” because nothing is faster than an instant. But if you dig deep, you can figure this out.

The Japanese word (Shunkan id) is used to talk about the method. It means “Teleportation,” not “Immediate Teleportation” (try Google translate if you want).

People get confused because, in the Anime, it’s called “Instant Movement,” but in the Manga, it’s called “Instant Teleportation.” Shunkan, which is written as means “second” or “moment,” and id, which is written as, means “movement.”

Warriors like Goku, Vegeta, Gas, and Granolah move pretty quickly. They can reach their targets and respond to moves in less than a second or two. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that they could teleport to nearby places in a fraction of a second.

Think of it as the Yardrat’s way of teleporting, with the speed changing from person to person. In short, Granolah’s way of teleporting is faster than Goku’s way of teleporting. I guess this is one way to look at things.

Gas didn’t want to use it against Granolah, but he had to because of other things.

His awakening gave him the power to match and beat the Cerealian, but he was still a couple of rugs behind Goku, who has been using Shunkan id for years and years. In fact, in Chapter 81, the Saiyan said that Gas would never be able to use his version of the technique to get to another planet.

Now, the phrase “his version” seems to mean that Gas uses a different version than Goku. There are many ways to teleport, like Supreme Kai’s “Kai-Kai,” which Kid Buu imitated in the manga.

In the same way, Gas could be using a different type of move that doesn’t have to involve sensing the Ki signature of the target. No one showed him how to do it right. When he wants to go somewhere, he is automatically moved there, even though he doesn’t know how it works.

Also, he can teleport his target from one place to another by pointing first at the person he wants to move to and then at the place he wants them to go.


Hakai is the technique that the Gods of Destruction are known for. Beerus says that it wipes the target out of existence, even if it is not alive.

But it can’t kill people who have been made immortal by the Dragon Balls, like the Angels, the Omni-King, and those who have become gods (eg: Garlic Jr., Future Zamasu).

Again, this is another skill that Toronbo gave to Gas. How he used it was almost the same as how Beerus blew off a piece of Vegeta’s armor in Chapter 69, so fans knew right away that Gas has Hakai.

From my point of view, he is following the rules of the technique. Hakai can only be used in the right way by the Gods of Destruction or their students, like Vegeta and Toppo, who know how to use the Energy of Destruction.

Divine techniques like Hakai and Ultra Instinct are things that Tom, Dick, and Harry can’t do. It requires being aware of the right things and getting training from an expert.

After he used it against Granolah, Gas looks at his hands and says, “I see now.” This shows me that he has no idea how the G.O.Ds use Hakai.

Whis said that it’s kind of like Roshi using the ideas of Ultra Instinct against Jiren because he knows Martial Arts, but it’s not the real thing. Even though Roshi doesn’t have God Ki, the rules still apply.

But Granolah lost its power after having such a strong after-effect, so it’s still very strong.

Ki Astral Projection

Gas’s control over Ki and Ki Control got so much better because of the wish that he can now use Ki to make huge spectral arms and legs to hit his opponent. This is clear from the fact that he said, “My power has been set free from my body.”

Gas didn’t do any of this until he changed into his “ancient/old man-like” final form. We haven’t seen him do anything like this before.

It’s like Goku’s Giant Ki Avatar, but it’s not as good. He can’t make his whole body out of Ki. Only parts of it.

This is because, like Instant Transmission, Gas can only copy or use a small number of the moves Toronbo taught him. Also, you need God Ki and better Ki Control training to do what Goku did with Ultra Instinct. So it’s a part of what Goku’s Avatar technique looks like.

Energy Shield

From what I can see, Gas had to have known how to do this before he made the wish.

The Daizenshuu says that it is a technique in which they use Ki to make a barrier around themselves to protect themselves from attacks. It can protect against attacks that use nukes, Ki, or force.

But to get rid of them, they must always send out at least twice as much Ki as their opponents. In other words, it can’t protect against attacks from people with much more Ki than oneself.

In the story, Gas made a shield quickly to stop Bardock’s Kiai attack, which shows that his Ki is stronger than the Saiyan’s. The shield should be stronger now that he can control his instincts and his power has gone up.

Energy Blast re-direction

A different kind of Ki-deflection technique in which the user takes an opponent’s attack changes it and sends it back as their own.

Gas was able to turn Goku’s Ki blast into an energy ball and throw it back at the Saiyan by using his power. This suggests that the Heeter is very good at controlling Ki.


The more his cells burn, the faster they grow back and his life span gets shorter. This ability of Gas isn’t said outright, but it can be inferred from what is displayed.

So it’s not surprising that he keeps coming back after being beaten up.

Other Techniques

Gravity Manipulation

This move is similar to Telekinesis in some ways, which is used to move things or control the target. Goku and Vegeta felt heavy and stopped moving when a light from Gas’s eyes cast a spell on them.

I think Gas learned this trick after the wish was made because it has to do with magic. Moro knows more about it than anyone else.

From a story point of view, I think Toronbo used Moro’s magical powers to push Vegeta down, making him feel heavy, and then gave Gas a different version of that feeling.

Goku got out of its grip in the same way that he and Vegeta grew stronger while keeping control of their Ki in that weird dimension where Whis took them in the anime.

Flames and Fire

The metaphysical ability to control life energy and change the life energy of the planet to attack or defend. It is one of Moro’s unique moves.

Granolah got it as part of his wish, and then he used a version of it to hurt Goku. The Cerealian wanted to blow up the ground where Goku was standing by sending out a blast like a volcano from the planet’s life force.

Since Gas says he can use all of Granolah’s moves, he should also be able to use this one.

Electric Shock

With this technique, which is also called Dengeki (), the user holds the target and sends a wave of electricity through their body. The after-effects will make the people hit feel numb or shocked.


It’s the art of dividing your body into multiple copies so you can fight as a group. Granolah’s ability to make copies is similar to Tenshinhan’s “Multi-form” or “Fist of Four Bodies” technique.

But Tien split himself into four copies, and each copy has only 1/4th of the user’s full strength and speed. Granolah’s clone, on the other hand, doesn’t know how much of the user’s power it took.

Granolah was able to split into 10 copies of himself against Gas. However, the more he splits his power, the more damage he takes every time his copies take the same amount of damage.

His ability to make copies is also very similar to what MUI Goku does to Whis with his cloning ability.

It was part of the Cerealian’s wish, and he used it on Goku and Gas. Since Gas says he can use all of Granolah’s moves, he should also be able to use this one.

Vital Point attack

Granolah’s best and most unique move. He uses his skill at sniping to find the vital points of the target and hit them with great accuracy. He was able to knock out Goku three times without much trouble.

Since Elec wanted Gas to be the strongest warrior in the Universe after Granolah, Gas would also have the Cerealian’s pressure point attack.

Can breathe in a vacuum

Goku left Gas behind on a planet where Whis was, so an angry Gas shoot into space and flies as fast as he can toward Planet Cereal. This means that he didn’t have a hard time breathing in space.

Plus, it doesn’t look like anything in space bothers him. To get from where he was to Planet Cereal in 20 minutes shows that his strength and speed are among the best in the Universe.


Dragon Ball Super.. Gas’ Powers & Abilities In Dragon Ball Super Explained

Primal Instincts unleashed

It looks like this form isn’t just for Gas, but for all the Heeters. Gas used this form against Bardock for the first time 40 years ago, but he lost. What might have happened when Bardock fought Gas?

Elec stepped in when he saw his little brother Gas getting washed up. He took off the limiter that was around Gas’s forehead.

Gas lost all sense of who he was when his locked-up power and instincts came out, and he went on a wild rampage. Elec thought that Gas would be able to control himself because he was the strongest person in the Universe.

It made his muscles grow like crazy, made his eyes go blank, turned his front teeth into fangs, and made horns grow from his temples. In this state, he changes into a wild animal that doesn’t know the difference between friend and foe.

Granolah and Vegeta took the brunt of the universe’s strongest fighter’s uncontrolled power, and Gas’s siblings were attacked when they tried to calm him down. At this rate, it looked like no one could stop him. Elec had to remind him of what he had promised.

Fans know that when Gas’s primal instincts come out, he looks a lot like Broly in his Ikari form. But you should know that both are based on the instincts of animals to fight to the death and attack anyone who gets in their way.

Gas wants to do the same things: Boost his ego to get back the respect he lost when he lost to Bardock in a humiliating way;
-> To make Elec like him and show him he can be trusted

On the other hand, Broly was hurting a lot because of the huge amount of power and S-Cells rushing through his body.

Also, many fans wondered why Gas went after Vegeta instead of Goku or Monaito after he left Granolah in the dust. Check out our Tweet to find out!


Gas’s primal instinct form made him completely unaware of the real world and unable to tell the difference between friends and enemies. But when Goku flew at him to attack, everything changed.

When Gas saw Goku’s face, he thought about Bardock’s last attack, which caused Gas to lose in a humiliating way. Because of his PTSD, he moved back home and found it hard to figure out who he was.

The final push came when Elec showed up again and reminded Gas of what had happened 40 years earlier:

“You promised you wouldn’t lose again, right?”

Hearing his “master’s words,” Gas regained control of himself and could finally use the real power of the strongest being in the universe.

He still looks like his base form, but his evolved horns are still there.

Now that he’s awake, he can use both his moves and Granolah’s moves much better than he could before, even better than Granolah himself.

Gas quickly got rid of the Cerealian by breaking his arms and shooting laser Ki blasts into his eyes, which stopped him from moving. In the last battle of the Granolah the Survivor arc, the Heeter fought against our hero from Earth, but even with his new version of Ultra Instinct, he still couldn’t beat him.

Then Elec grabbed his head and hit him hard, saying, “I don’t care if you die, just let out the extra power we need to finish off our immediate problem!”

Oil and Macki didn’t like it when Elec was so mean to his brother, but Gas was so loyal to Elec that he decided to keep burning until he looked old and wrinkled.

Final Form (Ancient-like)

Gas’s body changes in this form. He gets thinner and gauntier, and his strength goes up a lot, making him stronger than Goku at that time.

In this state, Gas’s body cells burn like fuel, which gives him a big boost in strength but hurts his health. Goku says that it throws off his strength and body shape in a big way.

Gas, on the other hand, stays in a state of ecstasy instead of pain because of this. It could be because of the huge amount of adrenaline that is released when cells are burned.

But this makes him live much less long because of it. Even more, Elec says that Gas can’t fight again, even if he wants to. At that point, his soul would have left his body.

Last Form Gas was beating Goku up, but the Saiyans and Granolah worked together to beat the youngest Heeter again, which was humiliating for him.

Final Thoughts

Gas is the strongest mortal in the Universe at the end of the Granolah arc, but will that change in the future?

Whis told Goku and Vegeta that if they want to get stronger and stronger, they need to be better than they were the day before. This shows that the Saiyans will eventually be stronger than the Heeters.

Don’t forget, though, that Elec is the main bad guy in the story. After things are done on Planet Cereal, I think Elec will take Gas to meet Frieza and beat his army. But now that Gas is broken, Elec needs to find a replacement.

Do you think that Elec will summon another warrior to replace Gas? Will he betray his little brother in the end, which would make Gas go after Elec? Just wait and see.

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