How tall is Broly in Dragon Ball?

It’s easy to ask how tall the characters are. Certain characters in Dragon Ball can transform into taller versions of themselves. 

Broly becomes noticeably taller when he enters the Legendary Super Saiyan Wutful state. His muscles also become incredibly bulky. Broly is tall in all forms.

Although it is obvious that Saiyans are larger than life, there are some large. Broly is one of the most famous Saiyans.

Multiple versions of the Legendary Super Sayian have been introduced in Dragon Ball Z films, the first being Broly: The Legendary Super Saiyan. This character was introduced to the canon by Dragon Ball Super: Broly.

Although the Broly in Dragon Ball Z is slightly different from the Broly in Dragon Ball Super, there’s one thing that remains constant: the Legendary Super Saiyan’s enormous stature.

Normal Broly stands at 6’1″ / 185cm, but he grows to 9’10” / 300cm when he enters the Wrathful state.

What is the height of a regular-sized Broly?

Broly, even when he’s not suffering from roid-rage, is still noticeably taller than Vegeta and Goku.

We know that Goku is 5’9″ tall and, based on the Dragon Ball Super: Broly screenshot, we believe Broly to be 6’1″ compared to Lord Frieza’s mere 5″.

No one related to Dragon Ball has published an official height for normal Broly.

We were able to get a picture of Broly standing at the same level as Frieza so we have a pretty good idea.

How tall is Wrathful Broly?

We have not seen a Frieza-like transformation in such an enormous size. He grew to a huge 9’10″/300cm.

It was an actual transformation with Frieza so it made sense. But Broly seems to go Super Sized because of his unholy amount ki.

We loved Broly’s ability to witness such a dramatic transformation until we meet with Kefla, who was in her Wrathful state.

Below is a screenshot taken from the most recent movie that shows Broly getting up close to Gogeta.

Although Dragon Ball Super is currently on hiatus, we expect to see more from Broly when it returns. 

We may get more information on the Legendary Super Saiyan Super Broly, but for now, we have screenshots and headcanons of his normal height.


Broly was born around the same age as Prince Vegeta IV in 732. He has a power level of 10,000. 

Broly lived on Planet Vegeta until he was sent to a frontier planet at the command of King Vegeta III, a jealous/paranoid ruler who disregarded the fact that Broly had more potential than his son Prince Vegeta. 

Broly was said to have become a Great Ape after he saw the moon of the planet upon his arrival. 

He met a huge creature he called Ba while on the planet. Broly would often fight with Ba, avoiding its attacks until he eventually became friends with it. 

Paragus saw this as a hindrance and damage to Broly’s growth, and shot the beast, cutting its ear. 

Ba was forced to leave the area and would never trust Broly again. To remember his time with Ba, he would wear the severed ears as a green-colored pelt (similarly to a sash).

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