28 Best Dragon Ball FighterZ Mods Free Download

Dragon Ball FighterZ

Dragon Ball FighterZ doesn’t feature any true game modifications that’s why we have Dragon Ball FighterZ mods that are free to download.

After decades of hit and miss Bandai Namco and Arc system Works finally gave Dragon Ball Fans the game of their dreams Dragon Ball FighterZ.

FighterZ is considered not just one of the best Dragon ball anime game ever but also a great fighting game as well fir dragon ball fans.

28 Best Dragon Ball FighterZ Mods Free Download

Lets begin the list of best dragon ball fighterZ mods you should try to make this awesome game more fun.

28. Spooky Destroyed City

Just a simple spooky recolor to help get in the spirit of the season.

This dragon ball fighterZ mods adds a spooky level to the game i must recommend to try this mod once.

Spooky Destroyed City dragon ball fighterZ mods

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Replaces Intro by E3 trailer with “Infinity” by Megumi Hayashibara (Lost Universe Opening)


Just replace the mv_opening_ww_pakchunk1.mp4 file in DRAGON BALL FighterZ/RED/Content/Movies I recommand to make a backup of that file just in case.

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26. Goku Black Skin Recolor

Inspired by UltlMa647’s “Goku black but he’s actually black” mod and by a goku black drawing by maddyxo on deviantart.

The mod recolors Goku blacks skin as well as his lobby character. All colors are recolored for the character and lobby character.

Goku Black Skin Recolor

Compatible with base goku black mod. Also comes with a SSJ version in the file.

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25. Baby Vegeta

This was done only for testing porpouse. It wasnt intended to make a high quality mod.

Still for the first FighterZ import its not to bad. Issues for example are that the model doesnt have a outline.

If you encounter any other bugs tell me so i can take a look and make perfect import possible.

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24. Planet Tuffle

Planet Tuffle mod adds a brand new stage to the game A stage that’s inspired by the little we have seen in the series of Planet Vegeta.

The home planet of saiyan as we as the tuffles and plants races all of which have been annihilated bu the saiyans.

Planet Tuffle

Very nice, background does need polishing. But very impressive Dragon Ball FighterZ mods.

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23. Ultimate Teen Gohan

My first texture mod i’ve wanted to do this for awhile enjoy, ill do the recolors too if people like it.

Just drag the files into your ~mods folder just default color for now.

 Ultimate Teen Gohan

Ultimate Teen Gohan is a mod that gives you a great looking costume for teen Gohan which makes him look his ultimate adult form.

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22. Beerus Planet Stage

This mod adds a new stage in Dragon Ball Fighterz which is called Beerus Planet.

Beerus Planet Stage

unzip in ~mods directoy

  • Replace Kaioshin stage
  • no UI

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21. Super Saiyan 4 Goku (GT)

Neat little switch-aroo, Tiny Goku becomes a furry and Big Goku becomes a… skinny?

Super Saiyan 4 Goku (GT)

The Adult SSJ4 & Shenron changes are optional, just delete the patch folder if you don’t want them.

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