Who Is Goku Black in Dragon Ball Super?

If you’re looking for one of the strongest warriors in Dragon Ball Anime, there is no doubt that Goku is among the most powerful. 

In one episode, there was several Goku on screen, who looked exactly like Goku in our Goku and also referred to themselves as Goku Black. The issue is: who are you? Goku Black?

Goku Black Zamasu is an ex-North Kai pupil of Universe 10. He changes bodies with Goku through Super Dragon Balls. 

In the end, Goku is killed, he becomes Goku as well as his family and then transforms into Goku Black.

Who is Goku Black?

Be prepared because there’s an incredibly complicated backstory for this character. He’s the main antagonist in Future Trunks Saga.

He was within the Timeline of Future Trunks, at an undetermined moment in time.

At 796 He is brought to Earth and battles with the Future Trunks for a whole year.

The man kills as many human beings as he can until a level where humans disappear from Earth.

The Supreme Kai’s duty to the universe they are assigned is to initiate life, then watch the progress of life. 

Zamasu is from Universe 10 and has trained to become the next Supreme Kai. But, he begins to hate the people whom he has to watch over and sees them as selfish, violent ugly marks to the beautiful world. 

This hatred also morphs into a hatred of the gods that allow mortals to flourish as they are unable to intervene. 

Then, he comes up with a plan, “Project Zero Mortals,” where he plans to eliminate all gods and mortals from the multiverse.

Despite having a compelling background story to the villain, Zamasu’s path from an angry Kai to an evil copy of Goku required a lot of jumping from the hoop. 

The main timeline is due to the information acquired through Future Trunks’ arrival, Beerus travels to Universe 10 and defeats Zamasu, and saves the main timeline of his schemes. 

In an alternate timeline in which Beerus doesn’t destroy Zamasu, the wicked Kai apprentice murders his master and takes the Time Ring before traveling to Universe Six where they find the Super Dragon Balls.

In this alternate world, Zamasu makes use of a powerful Super Shenron to wish to swap bodies with the timeline’s Goku. 

As a Supreme Kai, he is severely restricted in fighting strength, which is the reason the Goku’s Saiyan capabilities ensure to completes his plan by himself. 

When Zamasu has obtained Goku’s body, power and body He immediately kills Gohan, Goten, and Chi-Chi and then uses his taken Time Ring to travel to Future Trunks’ timeline. 

He then joins with the Zamasu from that time in order to execute Project Zero Mortals. This is where Goku Black is referred to for his alias Goku Black since the Future Trunks as well as Bulma do not know his true identity.

It does not fully explain the reason Goku Black’s skin turns pink. Zamasu’s desire transformed his soul into Goku’s body, which means Goku is now technically Kai in addition to a Saiyan who has access to all Goku’s Saiyan powers. 

If mortals like Goku as well as Vegeta make use of god-power to transform into Super Saiyan, their hair is changed to blue. 

But, Zamasu can be described as a god, and when he invokes god-power to transform into the Super Saiyan, his hair is pink or Rose according to his description of it. 

In simple terms, Super Saiyan Blue and Super Saiyan Rose are identical versions, and the different color simply reflects the fact that the user is mortal or godlike.

Dragon Ball has always been a fan of the evil Gokus such as the non-canon Turles and the time Captain Ginyu also got Goku’s body. 

Super displayed a remarkable resolve to create another villainous Goku by incorporating the expanded mythology of the series and Return of The Future Trunks to add some spice. 

However, the majority of Goku Black’s appearance in the show was dedicated to explaining how he came to be where he is today in the first place. 

Zamasu’s strategy could be successful in the absence of having to explain the story to everyone.


goku black 2 1 Who Is Goku Black in Dragon Ball Super?

Zamasu was originally a pure heart. However, after Future Trunks broke laws by manipulating the time and Zamasu begins to develop negative feelings toward the rest of us.

The emotions accumulated over several years, to the point that he begins to question whether mortals ought to be assessed by Gods however, an encounter with Goku transformed his views regarding mortals.

A mortal possessing greater power than him led him to think that mortals could pose an issue if they are not controlled.


In the original timeline, Zamasu is killed by his master Gowasu in order to start the “Zero Mortal Plan” “Zero Mortal Plan”.

He decides to make use of Super Dragon Galls to swap bodies with Goku and destroy his previous body (in which Goku’s actual Goku is locked in).

He is known as Goku Black and uses his Time Ring to jump to another timeline, in which Future Trunks is.

In this way, you trigger the sequence of time-alerting incidents known as”the Future Trunks Saga in Dragon Ball Super.


Goku Black is the same as Goku however there are some differences.

For example, he’s somewhat slimmer in comparison to Goku as well as sporting a darker complexion.

His clothing is different and his clothes are also different. Goku Black is dressed in a dark grey sleeves-less Uwagi and a black turtleneck undershirt with black pants, and white boots.

In reality, the character differs from Goku as well, since it’s Zamasu. Also, he is sadistic. you can see him taunting his adversaries.

His Powers and Accessories

The frightening thing is that Black has the ability to tap into the majority of Goku’s power.

Through his previous encounters, Goku Zamasu was able to learn about the power of Goku.

Did you remember when he revealed to Goku the things he had done to his family members, causing Goku to erupt with outrage and intensify his powers? This is how he learned to transform his anger into power!

The most well-known feature of Black is his accessory collection. He is adorned with his Potara earrings and a time ring, which he snatched from the master.

Every Supreme Kai wears Protaras. They give power and allow them to connect together with the other Kais wearing the Potara.

A time ring lets Kai travel through time, without any effect on any aspect of his life.

This is exactly the way Black does. Black uses the ring to carry out his plan of vengeance and eliminate all human beings. Potara and time make powerful gadgets.

Although Goku Black was a total evil, we believe Goku Black had a great look and design. He also looked cool! 

When he first appeared on the scene, it was completely unclear about who he was, but it turned out that the Dragon Balls were in his way ….big unexpected!

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