Goku Vs Beerus: Is Goku Stronger than Beerus?

It has been a while since Goku vs. Beerus took place. Will the admirable Saiyan be able to defeat the most powerful God of Destruction now that he has some knowledge of Ultra Instinct?

There are plenty of power comparisons in Dragon Ball. Beerus and Goku have never fought each other since the Battle of Gods arc.

Fans are eagerly awaiting Goku vs. Beerus’ return in the future. Let’s wait to see who wins if they face off in a deathmatch.

Here’s a preface before we begin. For the most part, the argument will be based on Manga. Because the anime has a greater power scaling issue, quoting from it will be limited.

This discussion will also include Chapter 73 Dragon Ball Super Manga, in which Goku uses the Ultra Instinct principles in conjunction with Super Saiyan God and Blue.

Before we can evaluate the matchup Goku Vs Beerus, it is important to reevaluate each combatant’s skills and techniques.

Because we are constantly on the go, whether it is studying/working or surfing social media, it is easy to forget what we have done.

We now have a better idea of their abilities, so let’s dive right into the meat – Goku Vs Beerus!

Is Goku Stronger Than Beerus?

Is Goku stronger than Beerus Goku Vs Beerus: Is Goku Stronger than Beerus?

Beerus is more concise and clear than Goku.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 70: The Cerealian Dragon made Granolah, except for the Gods, the greatest warrior of the Universe.

This means Gods such as Beerus and Whis have a higher status than the Mortals. In Chapter 73, Granolah also ruined Goku’s sex. Beerus could do the same as the Cerealian.

This is the simplest way to evaluate Goku Vs Beerus. Continue reading if you want a more detailed one.

Master Roshi reminded Goku in T.O.P that brute strength doesn’t always equal power.

Other attributes such as speed, stamina and experience, knowledge, techniques, and mental stability must be taken into consideration. Let’s take a closer look at each one.


Granolah zoomed in on Goku’s MUI form and couldn’t follow his movements, so Goku was unable to track Granolah’s movements. Granolah knocked Goku out cold.

We know that Beerus is faster than Granolah. The cat-like G.O.D is faster than the vengeful Cerealian.

Goku was unable to follow the movements of any G.O.Ds at the Zeno Expo (Manga Version). Everyone moved at an incredible speed.

He claimed that he could not figure out who was fighting whom anymore. Beerus was able to see the movements and locations of the combatants when MUI Goku was facing Moro.

He was not surprised by Goku’s speed and accuracy gains.

I believe Beerus will win the speed test between Goku and Beerus. Goku still has a lot to think about.

Beerus, on the other hand, has been trained for millennia so that he can only think about destruction when it gets serious. 

The brawl against SSG Goku wasn’t a match for the Saiyan, but a training match that would make him a worthy opponent in the future.

Beerus would play around with Goku initially, just to see if he was progressing against Ultra Instinct Goku.

His movements will be just as fluid when he takes things seriously. These movements were fluid enough to be glided over with butter!


This image shows Goku’s attitude towards his stamina levels.

One of Goku’s greatest weaknesses is his inability to quickly drain stamina. This is the main reason for Goku’s defeats.

Everyone is familiar with the Dragon Ball Super episode in which he nearly knocked Jiren out of the ring, but his body collapsed at the last second.

The problem persists even now. His MUI form is not able to be used for very long, and his accuracy decreases the longer he uses the MUI.

Beerus seems to be able to ignore this problem. We haven’t seen Beerus go all-out.

We did see him use some of his power at the Zeno Expo, but more than just stamina drain, the damage that he sustained during the fight left him exhausted.

Beerus has not yet shown his full potential. We will only then be able to determine his limits. 

Some people might argue that Whis used 70% of his power against Super Saiyan God Goku in the Battle of Gods.

In the anime, however, his power was so low that he slept off the destruction of the Earth.

First, the whole 70% power usage was retconned by Dragon Ball Super the Anime. No such thing was mentioned in the Manga.

Second, Beerus’s sleeping act was purely a joke. His stamina did not decrease.

Beerus can exploit their weakness of Goku to win this fight easily. You can do the same as Granolah did in his fight, but stall for time.

Goku can only do what Whis advised him to do – train to use UI as his base form. To save stamina, he could switch to MUI or Super Saiyan God during critical moments in battle.

Similar to how Vegeta switched between SSB and SSG against Goku Black. He will find it difficult at first, but once he is comfortable with the process, he will not be able to go down as easily.


This question has an obvious answer and does not require much explanation. Goku has been through many battles, but it’s not like comparing a grain of sand to a beach.

Beerus has lived for millions of years. He trained with Whis for much longer than Goku and would have faced many foes.

This is all in the context of Beerus’ decades-long habit of snoozing.

His tactical skills are evident in the way he fought off the other Destroyer Gods. 

Ingenious tactics include using Ultra Instinct to dodge any incoming attacks quickly and using Champa to attack all of the other Destroyer Gods at once.

Although he may not be as battle-crazed as Goku, his combat experience speaks volumes regarding the distance between them.

Knowledge of martial arts

Is Goku stronger than Beerus

This doesn’t need much explanation. Beerus has been through more battles than Goku. End of the story.

Chuckles Okay, I’ll elaborate a little more.

The Battle of the Gods features a scene in which Beerus displays his mastery of martial arts. Piccolo, Tien, and Android 18 all charge in at once, and Beerus casually grabs a pair of chopsticks to defeat them.

Piccolo was unconscious after two pressure point attacks with those sticks.

He seamlessly moves between points, a sign that he isn’t making unnecessary movements. This important lesson Korin teaches Goku that he still doesn’t fully understand to this day.

Goku studied with Roshi, a veteran martial arts master who has been alive for more than 300 years. However, that is not enough to match Whis’ knowledge on the subject.

Goku is prone to ignore his teachers and not pay much attention to them. Roshi’s teachings do not have anything to do with “more power, greater chances to win”, but Goku believes that, particularly in the T.O.P.

The perverted demonstrated his skills against Jiren, clearly demonstrating the knowledge gap between him and his former student.

Beerus has been a better teacher for millennia, and he also has more experience than Goku. He is the best in this department.


Goku can use a variety of techniques. Each has its merits. The three techniques Beerus has available to him are sufficient to defeat Goku’s attacks.

When I talk about MUI Goku vs Beerus, I will be more specific.


Goku can be very focused in battle but he often leaves his guard open.

To make him drop to 5 power or less and be shot by a Ray Gun, it takes only a few repetitions of “I’m sorry”/”I beg to forgive you”.

This is the problem as stated by Whis:

It can be very dangerous to empty your Ki. This is how Sorbet’s Ray Gun was able to do damage and revert Goku to his base form.

I don’t know what Goku was thinking. Although he may be a great fighter, he is a complete klutz in Talk-no-Jutsu ( Naruto – please teach him).

Beerus is the exact opposite. Beerus is not as weak-minded and willing to try dirty tricks as Goku.

Beerus is weak and defenseless during the battle until he taps Goku with pressure points to prove his point.

The Destroyer Gods can’t spare the wicked. Beerus would prefer to Hakai their misery and go to bed rather than hear their ramblings.

Even in MUI, where losing your guard is not important, Goku must consciously make an effort to reduce thought generation and focus on his opponent to transform.

Beerus’ body, however, can dodge even when he is in his base form (as he demonstrated at the Zeno Expo). Because he is thinking only of Destruction.

Beerus’ UI expertise is not superior to Goku’s. Beerus just has to be more efficient in reducing thought generation than Goku.

Although the Universe 7’s G.O.D may be arrogant, lazy, and a glutton but his combat skills and mental stamina during battle are unmatched,

Ki control

Goku’s control greatly improved after his training with the Yardrats.

This is how he can perform techniques like Instant Transmission, Cloning/Creating duplicates, and others. 

His stamina problems mean that the body will not be able to contain the power of MUI long-term.

This is where the time limit problem enters the picture. To prevent Ki from leaking, he must again make conscious efforts to contain it.

Even in Super Saiyan Blue, sometimes we can still see his aura.

Beerus’s case is different. Beerus doesn’t have to charge or power up to artificially increase Ki (we’ve never seen him do it, but it could change in the future).

God Ki is already within him and requires little to no effort. He can create Hakai spheres of any size and with ease.

By the time Goku charged up his Kamehameha, Beerus had already launched his massive Hakai energy ball, which could have devastating effects on Earth, the Galaxy, and even the entire Universe.

Beerus can also nullify regular Ki attacks, while Goku cannot.

Raw power

Goku might have the advantage in brute force. Beerus is known for being a sly character. Beerus is not a natural at raw power.

The game isn’t just about pure power, even if Goku is stronger than Beerus. At that time, Super Saiyan Grade 3 Trunks were more physically powerful than Perfect Cell. 

Cell later revealed that he could perform the same power-up, but the Saiyan was overpowered due to his slow pace and draining of stamina.

For more examples, see Damon and Gamisaras of Universe 4.

They are both not very strong, but a simple Ki blast could knock them all out. Their intriguing abilities enabled them to knock out 6-7 combatants in the T.O.P ring.

Gamisaras can turn invisible, and he smashed 6 fighters out of the ring, including Android 18. Damon is small and cannot be detected easily.

He was able to knock Piccolo out and push Android 17 backward.

Beerus can still rip apart the Saiyan even though he is physically weaker than Goku.

We’ve now looked at the forms and analyzed Goku Vs Beerus’ attributes.

We will match up two of Goku’s strongest forms against Beerus, and we’ll see if Beerus can beat Goku.

Who wins?

Goku combined the Ultra Instinct principles with his Perfected Super Saiyan Blue form to create Dragon Ball Super Chapter.

Granolah claims that the Saiyan is stronger and more agile than ever before. Vegeta said that Ultra Instinct increases the accuracy of Super Saiyan forms.

You’ll be amazed at how fluid Goku’s movements are during that fight. Granolah may be able to predict where Goku will be, but Goku dodges his attacks.

Once charged with Kamehameha, Goku was able to slow down. Granola’s tap on Goku’s neck caused him to cough blood and return to his base form.

How would Beerus do with PSSB+UI Goku now?

Do you remember the fight Vegeta had against Beerus? The first was right after the Zamasu arc, where Vegeta used the PSSB form.

The second was just before Granolah’s encounter. Vegeta used the Super Saiyan Blue Evolved (SSBE) form.

Beerus crushed Beerus both times. The God of Destruction was not intimidated by the Saiyan Prince.

The first battle took place in Chapter 36 when the Oracle fish reminded Beerus of Goku’s arch-rivals Vegeta and Goku.

Beerus was so upset by this statement that he asked Vegeta to spar. It was a long time ago, so let’s skip this one and jump to the next.

Chapter 69 was the place where the second encounter occurred, right after Moro’s arc. Vegeta was furious when Beerus told him the truth about Saiyan’s destruction.

Vegeta transforms into SSBE, and charges at him with all his anger. Beerus, however, was only playing with him because this was part of his training.

He simply wanted to feel the power of the Saiyan and test it. Vegeta could not overcome the Destroyer God’s power, even with a huge power boost.

Although his movements seemed casual, they made an impact.

Vegeta launches a series Ki blast attacks, before zooming in and striking him with his fists. Beerus, however, was not to be found.

Vegeta, perplexed, suddenly feels a hit on his back and falls to the ground. It is easy to see how Beerus suppresses his Ki. This makes it invisible even from close range. You also can see his quick reactions.

Vegeta can’t catch Beerus, no matter what. He is just too fast to be caught by the Prince.

Vegeta flew, even with just a little spark of Beerus’ Hakai. He then reverted to his base form. He was outmatched.

What does this have to do with Goku vs. Beerus? Well, let me explain.

Vegeta and Goku are almost equal when it comes to SSB. Vegeta’s SSBE is stronger than Goku’s PSSB. However, Goku was able to close the gap using PSSB + UI. He might be a bit faster than Vegeta.

Beerus was able to wipe the floor with Vegeta at his best. Even with Goku’s new PSSB addition, he would still be wrecked.

Goku may be able to avoid some moves by Beerus, but how about against Hakai? No chance.

Beerus can still use his pressure point attack (granola’s move that knocked Goku back) even without the Hakai. Simple, casual movement combined with Ki suppression.

You could also try a neck shave!

PSSB + UI Goku would be just like SSJ3 Goku.

Let’s now see what MUI Goku would do to Beerus.

Who wins?

MUI Goku may be stronger than Beerus in physical strength, but the God of Destruction will still win the trophy. 

How is that possible? Beerus’ three most powerful techniques are more than enough for Goku to defeat.


  • Beerus’ Hakai is at a very high level. Hakai is a devastating move. He believed that G.O.D’s signature move was stronger than Angel’s techniques. Although he may be a little too optimistic, he is not far from the truth. He can devastate the universe with little effort. This was demonstrated when Champa and Beerus were fighting. However, MUI Goku might not be a universe buster, either.
  • The power of Hakai is far greater than we thought. Vegeta was left flat on the ground, and he returned to his base form. Vegeta, in his new form, is a formidable opponent to MUI Goku. Imagine how strong Beerus’ Hakai would be if that form could make him stronger and more capable of defeating Goku in battle.
  • Yes, Goku can also use Hakai. But it’s not as good as Vegeta and it certainly isn’t as effective as Beerus’ Instant Transmission + Hakai. Beerus could see it coming from miles away.
  • Beerus’ energy of destruction acts like a shield and can nullify all regular Ki-based attacks. Goku’s spirit bomb against Kid Buu was too big to use on Beerus. Beerus will not be waiting for him, even if he has the energy to do so, since this is a deathmatch.

Ultra Instinct

  • I recall earlier how Beerus was able to dodge Vegeta’s punches and that he was simply playing with Vegeta. Remember Vegeta’s SSBE + Forcible Spirit Fission > Ultra Instinct sign Goku? MUI Goku may be stronger than Vegeta, but I doubt the former could take down Vegeta as easily as Beerus did.
  • Beerus has been studying under Whis for many millions of years. He has slept for many years, but that shouldn’t be a reason to doubt his strength. Whis stated that Beerus still hasn’t mastered Ultra Instinct. However, his command of Ultra Instinct in its base form is far better than Goku’s.
  • Beerus has a lot more experience in Godly abilities than Goku. He doesn’t have stamina issues like Goku. Beerus would not lose much stamina, while Goku would be struggling for breath if they went all out. Beerus can then Hakai like a madman.

Other scenarios

  • Goku cannot use the Mafuba or the Zenkai boost to change the course of events. To seal the container, he needs a talisman. He’ll be doomed if he doesn’t bring the talisman with him, as in the Zamasu arch. Beerus may be sealed up if he does it correctly. Goku must plan it carefully so Beerus doesn’t notice the container. Beerus, unlike Future Zamasu, knows exactly what the container is for, so he can be vigilant.
  • Zenkai boosts only work if Goku can heal himself. Beerus won’t wait to get his healing done. Beerus, unlike Goku, is quick to complete the job. Beerus, on the other hand, is more of a “Finish the job ASAP so I can eat/sleep.” type of guy. Beerus would have Hakai’d Goku by the time he calls for assistance.
Therefore, Beerus can beat MUI Goku one-on-one.

Analyzing statements made by authors and characters

is goku stronger than beerus 1 Goku Vs Beerus: Is Goku Stronger than Beerus?

When statements such as “X is stronger than” or any other related to power levels made by characters in the series or the authors, it’s important to consider two things: Who said it? When was it said?

Any character who makes power-level comparisons should have a good knowledge of the subject matter.

This logic shows that statements made by Whis are more trustworthy than statements made by Shin or Goku. Let’s look at a few statements that are related to this topic.

Interview Statements by Toriyama

Toriyama once stated that this is the strongest form. If Super Saiyan God Goku were a 6, Beerus and Whis would be a 10, and 15. Fans argue that MUIGoku would now be 11–12.

This interview was conducted in 2013 when Battle of the Gods was released. Dragon Ball Super retconned it. Beerus and Whis no longer count as 10 or 15 respectively.

Beerus could be a 17-18-year-old and Whis a 25-26.

Jiren is stronger than the G.O.Ds

Whis/Toppo said that Jiren > Belmod is based solely on combat skills. And Belmod > Beerus. So, Jiren > Beerus.

Beerus mentions that Belmod was his only loss in an arm-wrestling match.

Whis is Whistling about Belmod being more powerful than Beerus. Maybe. However, Jiren could be extinguished by Beerus’ Hakai due to its intensity.

Goku’s Words To Broly

Broly was said by Goku in the Broly movie to be stronger than Beerus. Goku hasn’t yet seen Beerus’ Hakai at its full strength.

You could argue that Beerus was all out in the Battle of the Destroyers. However, I believe Beerus and the other participants had the mindset of “Do what you can but don’t get into a killing mode.”.

This can be interpreted as “They went all out in a competitive/rivalry spirit”, but not on a murderous rampage.

Shin’s Statement on Vegito

Shin made the following statement while Vegito was thrashing Fused Zamasu:

Shin doesn’t know so many things about the Universe. Shin doesn’t know Beerus is his life. His statements may not always be reliable.

Beerus has not yet shown him his full power. Beerus is a sleeper and doesn’t need to exert any effort to destroy other planets.

was also mentioned in the V-Jump scan.

I argue for this argument by saying that Beerus has not yet used all of his signature techniques.

The true nature of Beerus’ Hakai was and remains a mystery. We can’t leap to conclusions yet.

Beerus After Goku Achieves Ultra Instinct

Beerus says the following after seeing Goku activate Ultra Instinct in the T.O.P:

Beerus was stunned when Goku used Ultra Instinct to defeat Jiren. He started sweating. Seeing this, some people concluded that Beerus could not use Ultra Instinct.

Take a look at the context. Beerus is only surprised that Goku can pull off such an impressive move so quickly. 

Perhaps he thought it was something like, “Goku pulled off Ultra Instinct earlier than me when I was his age?” If that were the case, it would have hurt his pride.

Toyotaro confirms Beerus’ superiority over Goku.

My most powerful proof, as well as the best evidence of my explanations so far, was revealed on August 9, 2021, in an interview with Toyotaro, the DBS Manga author.

He shared his inner workings with Victory Uchida and some juicy secrets.

Uchida speaks about Goku’s growth, and Toyotaro names 3 characters that Goku hasn’t yet surpassed.

There you go, folks! It’s finally answered that million-dollar question!

Uchida mentions Broly as well, but Toyotaro does not. In the interview, Uchida mentions that Vegeta, Granolah, and Goku are the strongest mortals in Universe 7.

Final Words

In short, if Goku vs. Beerus were to occur as of Chapter 73, it would be a fight to the death. Goku’s Hakai is so powerful that it will lose all his Ki-based attacks and even kill him.

Beerus can also be sealed off.

Toriyama also once stated that “Right now I have no plans for Goku or Vegeta to surpass Beerus, Whis”. 

This was his 2016 statement, so it may still be relevant. He also merged Beerus and Whis in this statement, so he could still be sticking to it.

Toyotaro’s comments in that interview sealed the deal.

Goku could defeat the Supreme Kai if he wants to get dirty. Shin is connected to Beerus, so this tactic could be viable.

Goku Black would be his name, which he considered so cool if he did it. Bwahahaha. However, I doubt that Goku will choose this route.

Let us know your thoughts. What do you think? Comment below to let us know!

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