How Fast Is Goku In Dragon Ball Series?

Goku is more than just one of the most powerful characters in the DB Universe. He is also one the fastest. 

Goku is fast! He can travel halfway around the universe in one blink, from dancing across battlefields to dodging laser beams to moving across them all.

Goku can fight at several times the speed of Light Speed and, when moving with the instant transmission, is many million times faster than the Speed of light.

The Dragon Ball franchise’s concept of speed is often overshadowed sometimes by the incredible power of many of its characters. 

The speed at which a character is able to move is as important as their ability to generate energy and use hand-to-hand combat skills.

The constant stream of energy blasts that we see throughout the franchise makes it difficult for anyone to excel. This leaves us wondering what Saiyan can do.

Goku is the most prominent Saiyan in the series. Goku does some impressive feats of speed, but how fast is he going?

Is Goku more agile than light?

Goku has shown that he can move several times faster than light since Dragon Ball Z. We see him dodge Ki attacks similar to laser beams. Laser beams move at light speed.

Frieza attempted to hit Goku with hundreds upon Namek with death beams, but Goku was able to deflect all the beams, which means that he must have been much faster than light speed to avoid being hit by any laser beams.

If lightspeed is 186,000 mph then Goku can travel at most 1,000,000 mph to avoid multiple light beams.

Instant Transmission: How fast?

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Because Instant Transmission has an almost limitless range and speed, it is impossible to determine how fast it is. 

The Milky Way is 105,700 lightyears across. It’s likely Goku can hop between one end and the other easily.

He can travel so many lightyears per second that he can travel unimaginable distances. 

For that journey from one end of the galaxy to another, he’d be traveling around 10000000000000000000000000000 miles/sec.

Is Goku MUI fast?

Goku’s Super Saiyan speed was several times greater than that of light and Mastered Ultimate Instinct gave him a significant boost, so it’s not hard to guess how fast Goku MUI is.

He could be going at least 4 to 5 times the speed light, or maybe 20 or 30x the speed light. 

Although he is moving fast in short bursts of speed, it still pales in comparison to his Instant Transmission speed. 

This is just guesswork as there are no real-world indicators of how fast anyone is moving in Tournament of Power.

Flash is faster than Goku?

We have now established that Goku can travel faster than the speed light. Now the question is: Can the Flash do it? 

The comics show Barry Allen running so fast that he can go back in time. This is theoretically possible only if you travel faster than light speed.

Flash can also travel faster than the speed light. Flash might be able to match Goku’s speed in normal conditions, but it is unlikely Flash could travel millions of times faster than Goku using Instant Transmission.

What is Goku’s speed compared to Naruto’s?

Naruto is a fast guy but has never been able to reach the speed of light. This is a huge victory for Goku, who would then be able to race rings around Naruto.

Are Whis and Sonic faster than Goku?

First, Sonic is faster than the speed light? This is the answer. Chaos Sonic was capable of reversing time so he must have been traveling faster than light.

This was for less than one minute. Goku can travel at speeds many times faster than light and with ease. We can safely say that Goku is faster in normal mode as well as when traveling with Instant Transmission.

What is Ultra Instinct’s Speed? Discover the speed of Ultra Instinct!

Whis’ Ultra Instinct is the easiest to comprehend. The same Beerus also knows. It doesn’t transform nor does it give you a power boost. It is a technique.

This is despite the actions of Goku (Something that could change in the near future). The question we must ask is: What is Ultra Instinct’s speed? How fast is Ultra Instinct? 

This is the question I will try to answer.

We can first calculate the base speed using distance and travel time. We can do a few calculations. 

According to some estimates, Whis will need 26 minutes to reach King Kai’s Planet. It takes 35 minutes to get from Beerus’ planet to Earth. 

It takes 2 hours and 10 minutes to reach the unknown planet from Earth. 

It took 48 hours to reach Zeno’s palace. The problem is how far it is. We don’t know the distance between these universes and planets. 

It is easy to find out the distance between Zeno’s Palace and any universe if we assume it is the same distance. 

Whis Trains Saiyans 1 How Fast Is Goku In Dragon Ball Series?

Whis can travel between universes in four hours if the distance between them and Zeno’s Palace equals the distance between them. He can travel through a whole universe in four hours.

It is a question of how many galaxies are there. It is clear that Dragon Ball Z depicts it as only 4 galaxies.

This was confirmed by the Anoyo’ichi Budokai Arc, which introduces the Four Kaio. Olibu specifically states it to be only 4 Galaxies. 

Although this arc is filler and is generally not considered canon, it is true that Toriyama was involved in the creation of this arc and designed the Grand Kai, who was involved in arcs for Canon.

Despite never appearing in this film. We see more galaxies in Dragon Ball Super when we finally see Dragon Ball Super.

We will scale our universe to make it easier. Jaco stated that there are many Galaxies. We can then simply apply our statistics to it. Science estimates that there are about 125 billion galaxies within our universe.

Each one measures approximately 100,000 light-years in size. Between galaxies, there are approximately 10,000,000 light-years. 5,879,000,000,000 miles is a light-year. 

To calculate Whis’ base speed, we can use the angel technique. It is 5,879,000,000,000,000,000 multiplied with 125 billion multiplied multiplied 100,000 multiplied times 10,000,000.

The approximate distance of a universe like ours according to science is 734,875,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 miles in diameter. 

We can then calculate how fast Whis can travel by simply dividing this number by the distance he can travel across a Universe.

This is approximately 4 hours. It takes about 2 hours to reach the Nameless Planet. It is located in Neutral Space between Universe 6 & 7.

If we divide the time it takes to reach Zeno’s Palace by the number of universes that exist, this gives us 4 hours. 

This means that the max speed that Whis can possibly move is 183,718,750,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 MPH. 

This is now divided by the speed light to find out how fast Whis can move. (It’s obvious that he’s much faster than light, just looking at the number). 

The Speed of Light in MPH equals 670,616,629. So the amount of times that Whis surpasses the speed of light is 273,954,960,000,000,000,000,000,000. 

Whis can see everything even at maximum speed.

You would have to match or exceed this number in order to even attempt to attack him. Let me now explain.

Whis lives in an unaffected state of Ultra Instinct. Ultra Instinct eliminates reaction time. The average reaction time for humans is 0.25 seconds for things that we see, 0.17 seconds for things that we hear, and 0.15 seconds for things that we touch. 

You can’t see anything at speeds greater than light speed. Ki sense is the way you detect your opponent.

This is similar to using your whole body to see. As such, I will place it in the middle of the table and assume that it takes 0.17 seconds (with an error range of 2-8 100ths).

Considering everything (I may have this wrong), but dividing that time by his max speed, Whis can react to anything in 0.00000000000000000000000000062053996ths of a second. 

Six-septilienths of a second. This is before Ultra Instinct. Ultra Instinct eliminates the need to convert information into motor movement and makes reaction time instantaneous. 

With Ultra Instinct, Whis can dodge anything at a speed of 986,237,860,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 Miles Per Second. This tells you how fast it can go. 

There is something more. We all know that power is what can make time go around. Goku used his Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken X10 (According To King Kai) to propel himself into the future. 

Jiren was able to travel through time. Jiren only used a small portion of his power but it was the same as Omen’s first appearance.

Jiren was walking about 1 mile per hour. Ultra Instinct Omen first appeared in Ultra Saiyan Blue Kaioken X20, which is equal in power.

SSBE is equal to that SSB Kaioken. It is likely that Omen is 20X more powerful than KaiokenX20, which makes Omen 20,000X more powerful than Super Saiyan God (Don’t argue with me, it’s just an indicator). 

It is also 40X more powerful than the Goku’s hit-fighting weapon. This allows us to calculate something. 

All things being equal, Jiren was 20,000X more powerful than Super Saiyan God. It would be fair to state that Goku is as strong as Universe 6 Tournament SB KKX10 in Super Saiyan God, according to the Moro Arc.

Mastered Ultra Instinct is 2X stronger than Omen. This would make it roughly 40,000X. This was enough for Jiren to surpass the limit. 

UIO Goku could likely have performed the same feat that Jiren, walking through time, during the Kefla Battle. 

Goku was able to do 20X more in the third attempt, which means that he could probably move 20 MPH in stop time and 40 MPH in MUI. 

To be fair, we will put SSB at MUI T.O.P to approximate it. This means Goku could move 800X faster in MUI than he could in T.O.P at 40 MPH. 

Goku can move 32,000 MPH when he is stopped. Here’s a quick estimate of power. As most people remember, Goku’s attack power was roughly equal to Whis’s finger. 

Whis was able to stop a Moro punch with just one finger.

A skilled fighter can release 400 joules in a punch. However, a finger can only release 0.015thsof a joule. This is 1.5 percent of one joule. 

To produce a joule, a finger must have a strength of 66X. To produce the same effect as a punch, a finger must be 26400 times stronger. 

Whis is 26400X more powerful than MUI Goku, which can move at 32,000 MPH. Whist in MUI can move 844 800 000 MPH in stop time. 

In seconds, Whis can travel 3,041,280,000,000 miles per second in stopped time. Whis would be able to travel 3,041,280,000,000,000,000 seconds if time was moving at normal speed. 

He would theoretically be able to react to events that far in the future. His reaction time should be around 844,800,000.00 seconds.

Whis can see into the future, and respond to attacks that have yet to occur. Although it may seem absurd, Whis can theoretically react to an attack from 27 years in the future. 

This may seem absurd. It’s impossible! Whist cannot do that! We do know that Whis is able to change the time. 

Whis can rewind time up to three minutes and travel in any direction he wishes. He is not going back in time… he is literally rewinding his existence by 3 minutes.

He can travel freely through time. The difference lies in the simple fact of it. Time travel creates timelines. Temporal rewind doesn’t. 

This set up a new timeline by going back to the past. Whis was the one who moved through time. The Temporal rewind didn’t send Goku and his friends through time. 

It just rolled time and space back. Because the future has never occurred, no timeline was ever created. It’s less like time travel, and more like Gold Experience Requiem’s Return to Zero.

This theoretically also means that Whis could defeat Gold Experience Requiem. 

His Return to Zero, which ensures that nothing that has happened in the past will ever happen, is what keeps Gold Experience Requiem alive. 

Which, in other words, is the Dragon Ball Universe’s Gold Experience Requiem. This is an approximate mathematical scale. 

You could be wrong. However, I ask anyone who has read this to let me know if they spot any errors.

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