Every Goku’s Gi Symbols Explained

Goku is well-known for his bright orange outfit.

This is also known as a Gi in Japan. 

For those Dragon Ball watchers who are keen, you will notice that he wears different symbols on both the front and the backside of his orange Dragon Ball Gis. 

What do all the DBZ Gi Symbols signify?

Goku wears four symbols during Dragon Ball: Turtle Hermite Symbol, King Kai’s symbol, Goku’s Kanji, Whis’ Signature, and King Kai’s.

Turtle Hermit Symbol Meaning

turtle hermit symbol Every Goku’s Gi Symbols Explained

Goku’s first symbol is the one he got as a child from Master Roshi. 

The Turtle Hermit symbol, also known as Master Roshi’s Sign, is the symbol.

It literally means “turtle” in Japanese. 

This is logical, as Master Roshi, also known as Turtle Hermit and the Turtle Martial Arts School’s founder, uses the Turtle Hermit Symbol. 

Goku wore this symbol for many years until he was killed during the Saiyan Saga.

Meaning of the King Kai Symbol

king kai Every Goku’s Gi Symbols Explained

Goku’s second symbol is the one King Kai gave him after he trained in the other world in anticipation of Vegeta’s invasion and Naappa’s invasion. 

King Kai presents Goku with a new Gi with his symbol after he has worn out his Gi training. 

King Kai’s Symbol is a symbol that means ‘World King’.

This is also where King Kai got his name, King Kai. 

It is a combination of the 2 Japanese characters Jie and Wang. 

The symbol was worn by Goku only during the Nappa-Vegeta fight, and then it was sadly forgotten.

Goku Kanji Meaning

goku kanji Every Goku’s Gi Symbols Explained

Goku’s 3rd symbol, also known as Goku’s Kanji or his emblem, is actually his symbol. 

The Japanese symbol comes from Goku’s part and is called “wisdom” or the “enlightenment Wu”

Whis’ Signature Meaning

whis signature Every Goku’s Gi Symbols Explained

The 4th and final symbol Goku wore on his Gi was one Whis gifted him. 

This symbol is unique in Dragon Ball as it is not a Japanese character but a Whis signature in some type of God language. 

This symbol was worn by Goku during the Resurrection F movie/saga before he returned to Kanji.

Why is Goku wearing symbols?

goku dbz Every Goku’s Gi Symbols Explained

Martial arts students are expected to display the symbols of their masters as a mark of respect and to show others where they have been trained. 

Goku is simply expressing his gratitude to his martial arts trainers for helping him reach his incredible feats.

Why is Goku wearing a different symbol on his front and back?

Dragon Ball’s largest symbol is the symbol of its most recent instructor.

It is located at the back. 

King Kai gave Goku the new insignia.

His symbol was at the back. 

The small symbol at the front of the insignia is the symbol for the previous trainer. 

Master Roshi’s symbol is at the front of the Gi King Kai gave Goku. 

This rule was abandoned later.

Whis placed his symbol on Goku’s Gi front when it should be on the back.

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