Who Created the Grand Priest From Dragon Ball?

One of the most enigmatic and unnerving characters in Dragon Ball Super is Grand Priest. Also, he’s the papa of all the angels and the guy that takes care of Zeno Sama.

Whis claims that Grand Priest is one of the five most powerful beings in all of creation. To be more precise, he is more powerful than the Whis.

As an indication of the Grand Priest’s might, Whis warned Goku not to mess with him since even he wouldn’t have a chance.

There is currently no one who can stand up to Grand Priest, who, according to the current power level, is the second most powerful being (after Zeno Sama).

What Grand Priest’s true identity is and where he came from is still a mystery. While his position in the future of the series is uncertain at this time, the creators have not yet given up on him.

Did Zeno create the Grand Priest?

I do not believe that Zeno created the Grand Priest because I do not believe he possesses the capacity to create life.

Though he can destroy worlds and make inanimate items, I don’t think he can make something from nothing, including new forms of life.

You would think we would have seen an example by now. There has been no evidence that any Kai, Angel, or even Zeno himself can generate life over the entirety of the series. That’s weird, right?

As far as we know, the only time life was made from scratch was when Shenron (called upon by Super Dragon Balls) remade all the worlds and their lifeforms that Zeno had destroyed.

It is said that the Dragon’s power is directly proportional to that of its maker. Of course, Zeno wasn’t the inventor.

This accomplishment belongs to someone I consider even more potent than myself. Zalama, the Creator God.

The Super Dragon Balls, and by extension, Shenron, were his invention. Since nothing remained of those universes after Shenron destroyed them, it is true that they were fabricated from scratch.

Only the person who made the Super Dragon balls, in my opinion, has that kind of authority. In other words, he is the deity of dragons.

The ruler of everything in the universe. Zalama. For my part, I think he made every deity, angel, and the like.

Who created the Grand Priest?

Who created the Grand Priest From Dragon Ball Who Created the Grand Priest From Dragon Ball?

We currently have no idea.

Many individuals have speculated that Zeno is either the Grand Priest’s son or the son of the true creator.

However, we can only guess.

However, if that’s the case, angels would have to be considerably more intelligent and potent than Zeno.

At the end of the Goku Black arc, Zeno has destroyed every universe and is now aimlessly wandering in the void.

Though that would explain why the angels seem so much smarter and even more powerful than Zeno 

My belief is that everything was made by someone who we haven’t discovered yet. Beerus is the deity of destruction, while Whis is the destroyer’s angel and servant.

For starters, the Grand Priest is the guardian angel of the demigod of destruction, Zeno (who is on a whole other scale from Beerus and other destroyers). And Zeno was designed to wreck things, not build them.

But this is only a theory for now. New arks like the Moro ark and the Granola the Survivor arc are on the horizon, so we may soon find out.

Powers of Grand Priest

dragon ball super goku grand priest ultra instinct upgrade 1161460 Who Created the Grand Priest From Dragon Ball?

At this time, we have no idea how far Grand Priest’s abilities go or how powerful he is. We have no doubt that, like the other gods, he can communicate with Shenron and construct enormous items.

The whole battle arena for the tournament of power arc was designed by him, and its adaptability ensured that even the most formidable adversaries were unable to destroy it.

However, the lightning-fast reflexes that Grand Priest displayed in Dragon Ball Heroes are entirely irrelevant here. As the show is not canon, we can’t take anything we learn from it at face value.

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