Can Goku Survive In Space?

One of the things we’ve observed throughout the entire Dragon Ball anime is that Goku and his adversaries frequently engage in combat at locations that are elevated high above ground level since they must avoid inhabited regions.

Naturally, when the Dragon Ball Super anime first began, we saw him fighting Beerus high above the Earth’s atmosphere.

Does that imply Goku can endure in space?

Goku can live in space, but to last for a long period, he still requires oxygen. As a result, he might be able to remain in space for some time before dying from a lack of oxygen.

As a result, he is unable to spend a lot of time in space because Saiyans, despite their strength, still need air.

In terms of power, Goku is undoubtedly a godlike person, yet he is also very much mortal and a biological being who must satisfy the requirements of his body.

That indicates that while Saiyans have basic biological demands similar to those of humans, they require oxygen to thrive in space. Let’s discuss Goku further now and whether or not he could endure space travel.

Is Goku able to endure in space?

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It has always been obvious that Goku has attained powers that transcend the divine, meaning that he is essentially a god in terms of strength.

Despite being mortal, he is already equal to the God of Destruction who is the weakest, and after mastering Ultra Instinct, he may someday reach the level of an Angel.

Goku has shown that he cares about people’s lives by asking that his fights take place far from populated areas so that there are fewer chances of casualties or damage to other things.

And this is where things become intriguing since in Dragon Ball Super we saw him battle Beerus from a height above Earth. Does this imply that Goku could endure in space?

Due to his knowledge that Goku could not survive in space but his race could, Frieza once threatened to wipe off the whole planet of Namek in the original Dragon Ball Z.

He knew he couldn’t overcome Goku at that point, so he resorted to letting the vacuum of space kill him. He utilized his power to start the planet’s gradual demise as a last-ditch effort.

Goku knew this, so he tried to get on any spaceship he could find to leave the planet.

In that regard, he was aware that he would not be able to endure the vacuum of space. But why was he and other Saiyans visible in space at particular points in the anime?

Well, to begin with, it’s plausible that Goku can endure space travel for a little length of time before his physiology demands that he breathe oxygen once more.

Of course, when we see Goku and other Saiyans in space, they aren’t actually in space; rather, they are well above the atmosphere of their planet.

They are robust enough to be able to survive as long as there is still a modest concentration of oxygen, thus there is a probability that they were still breathing air while they were above their planet’s atmosphere.

But once Goku and the other Saiyans are far enough from any atmosphere to be in the vacuum of space, it is already impossible for them to exist.

This also explains why Broly and Paragus were imprisoned in Vampa for a long time until one of Frieza’s goons discovered them there.

Goku can therefore technically survive in space, albeit possibly for a very limited time. As a result, he would be unable to fight in space or travel between planets without a ship because doing so would require him to spend an extended amount of time in the vacuum of space without oxygen.

How Does Goku Manage To Live In Space?

Can Goku Survive In Space Can Goku Survive In Space?

As previously stated, Goku still requires oxygen to survive because a Saiyan’s biological demands don’t appear to be all that different from those of humans in that they still need air to breathe.

Even though the air is already thin well above the globe, Goku could be able to survive in space if he were to fight close to it, where he can still breathe in air from the atmosphere.

However, if he tries to fight off the planet, he probably won’t be able to live.

Goku would need a space suit to give him the oxygen he needs to stay in space for long periods of time.

This may only be necessary if he is using his flight talents to get from one planet to another without using a ship.

However, he might not be able to stay in space during combat while wearing a space suit because it would eventually be destroyed.

In any other circumstances, if Goku wishes to survive in space, he would need to reach the level of a god, both in terms of power and physiology.

Given that Beerus and Whis are divine immortal beings, he would have to lose his human form to be able to breathe in the vacuum of space, much as they can.

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