How old is Goku in every Dragon Ball Series?

The Dragon Ball franchise has encompassed more than 30 years of stories in the world of Goku as well as the Z-Warriors. Here’s how old Goku is in each saga.

Three Dragon Ball shows combine to place Goku through the wringer as his character expands exponentially, and Goku gets new Saiyan models throughout the series. 

The kid who was defeated by Yamcha along with Tien is then depicted as being powerful enough to take on gods. 

Goku is the one who defies odds by becoming Super Saiyan and beating Frieza in Dragon Ball Z breaks through his preconceived boundaries and is now able to access many variants in the Super Saiyan form.

Over the years, fans have witnessed Goku as a kid a teenager, a youthful man, and the role of a grandfather. 

The majority of sagas are preceded by a time jump in various types, with some larger than others. 

For instance, Dragon Ball Z includes time skips that can be as long in the past as 7 years. 

For Dragon Ball Z, the Super Saiyan Goku is of course aging due to these time jumps which would make Goku older in later series (that are part of the Dragon: The Ball). 

It’s not as common as, for instance, when you watch Dragon Ball Super, with the series having a much more linear story. 

Through the course of the series and its sequels, Dragon Ball Z and Super Goku develop into one of the top combatants in the world and makes use of their Saiyan power to take on various opponents.

Here’s the age of Goku is in every Dragon Ball Saga to the present.

How old is Goku in Dragon Ball?

In the first episode, we see Goku during Dragon Ball, he is just 11 years old. Throughout the entire series, we watch Goku turning 12 years old and participate in the 21st World Martial Art Tournament before a gap of three years between the 21st and 22nd tournament. 

If we consider the metrics of these tournaments occurring three years from each other, it’s reasonable to suppose that after a training session together with Kami or Mister Popo, when Goku participates in the 23rd tournament, beating Piccolo and marries Chi-Chi he is 18 years old.

How old is Goku in Dragon Ball Z?

Goku 1 How old is Goku in every Dragon Ball Series?

The story picks up a few years after what happened in Dragon Ball, in Dragon Ball Z Goku’s son Gohan is just five years old. 

In The Saiyan Saga, Goku puts his life on the line so that Picollo can kill his brother Raditz. He dies aged 23. 

This is when the timeline can be confusing. After his resurrection, a year later, he’s returned and is chronologically 24, however, his body is the same as it was when he passed away at the age of 23.

After the conclusion of the next major arc, which was that of the Frieza Saga Goku can spend three years studying alongside Vegeta, Gohan, and the other Z fighters before the introduction to the Androids. 

To prepare to play in their participation in the Cell Games, Gohan and Goku enter the Hyperbolic Time Chamber in which time works differently. They are being trained for a whole year.

Their bodies appear to be one year older. However, it is a chronological year that isn’t yet over, which means that Goku’s age syncs back to 27 years older.

When Goku sacrifices himself to fight Cell and dies, he is buried for seven years, until he is brought back to life through Elder Kai to take on the latest threat to Earth, Majin Buu. 

In terms of chronology, this puts Goku at the age of 34 but his body remains the same as when he first passed away.

After beating Buu, Dragon Ball Z includes a 10-year time jump to its conclusion. Goku’s chronological age at the conclusion of Dragon Ball Z is 44 but his body is 37.

How old is Goku in Dragon Ball Super?

Dragon Ball Super is set in the 10-year gap between the demise of Majin Buu and the conclusion finale in the anime. 

When the show begins, the timeframe is thought to be about four years in the timeline making Goku being around 38 years young chronologically, yet in his 31-year-old body.

The sequel film and series Dragon Ball Super: Broly is only taking place over about a year so far.

This means that at the present, Goku’s age in chronological terms is 38, but the physical age Goku is.

How old is Goku in Dragon Ball GT?

How old is Goku 1 How old is Goku in every Dragon Ball Series?

Although it’s not technically an actual canon story, Dragon Ball GT was released before Super and has its timeline, which takes place five years following the final episode of Dragon Ball Z. The protagonist of the series, Goku is 49 years old inside that body.

He’s 42 years old. However, he quickly transforms into his 11-year-old self because of the accidental use of the Dragon Balls of Emperor Pilaf.

In the remaining episodes of the series Goku continues to be in this body, ending the show as a man, who is aged 51 in a 13-year-old form. 

It is good to know that he will get his former form in the epilogue of the series after joining his counterpart, the Eternal Dragon. The story takes place one century in the future.

So, even though Goku might appear to be returning to his former physical form but technically, he’s an old man of 151 years.

How old is Goku in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero?

The film is due out shortly. Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is yet another step in the timeline of Goku. 

Although it is yet to be determined how long it has been in the film, the age that is shown by Gohan Pan and on the posters show that DBS: Super Hero is getting closer to the End Of Z Saga, the last arc of Dragon Ball Z. 

This means Goku is likely to be slightly older than he is likely around his mid-to-late 40s psychologically, yet some years behind physically because of his numerous deaths. 

Unfortunately, viewers are likely to have to wait longer than anticipated to learn about some of these mysteries.

In Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, a major setback occurred on the 11th of March 2022 on the 11th of March, 2022. Toei Animation announced that it was the victim of a major hack. 

It was a major hack that has delayed a number of the studio’s projects for an indefinite time as well as DBS: Super Hero film was originally scheduled to release in April 2022 in Japan.

Why Goku Doesn’t Age?

Naturally, Goku Does aging through the course of Dragon Ball There are many stories to be told, both mentally and physically. 

But, it’s also apparent that when you reach the age of adulthood the aging process Goku seems to slow to a crawl as his body strength, endurance speed, and other capabilities remain the same as ever, even though the age of his appearance is approaching. 

There are several causes to explain this phenomenon. One of the reasons, that has already been discussed, is the reality that a powerful hero, Goku, has been through multiple phases of death, during the absence of his body in the world of living for a long period of a period of. 

So, when he returns to the world the next day, he isn’t physically old. Another thing to take into consideration is the reality that Goku has become the god of his time in time. 

Dragon Ball The franchise is huge, and it’s only natural that his enormous power shields Goku from the negative effects of aging that human beings face. 

Additionally, the fact that Goku is an animated character helps to keep his appearance youthful. 

As long as the Dragon Ball show continues to attract a large public, Goku will have to remain front and center in a manner that viewers can be able to recognize.

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