Will Vegeta Become A God Of Destruction In Dragon Ball Super?

Warning: This article contains spoilers for major events in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 76. You can read it at your own risk!

Vegeta is among Dragon Ball’s most loved characters. The introduction of the prince of pride of the princely family in Dragon Ball Z resulted in some of the most memorable scenes (not “those” kinds of scenes).

His character development is nothing short of amazing. He has been brutally killing numerous Namekians and cries on his deathbed on Namek being a Super Saiyan for the first time, giving himself up for his family and friends, then making amends by saving Namekians. 

Vegeta may not be the most famous character from Dragon Ball but he is equally beloved as Goku. The entire Goku and Vegeta issue is the culmination of this fact.

Toriyama may initially have been averse to him However, as the series progressed the character grew to be a favorite evermore. He was made the main character, along with Goku.

Vegeta was a sly character initially in the serialization. I was contemplating putting the story to an end by making him a villain, but while I wrote I realized that his savage simple, twisted style was surprisingly intriguing. 

I was unable to imagine how such a person with this kind of hairstyle would gain a lot of attention however he did receive higher nominations than Goku in polls of favorite characters as well as I began to make Vegeta appear. 

He’s got a distinct character, and the character is resentful, with an intense determination and desire to grow stronger. I was able to draw him easily The character would kind of be able to move on its own, so to speak.

After watching Goku achieve Super Instinct the power that even G.O.Ds have to learn Vegeta was a bit annoyed. He was unable to take the number of instances Goku beat his abilities.

(Funnily to say, Goku acknowledged that Kakarrot is superior to Goku when it comes to his Kid Buu saga). Despite however many achievements the Prince of All Saiyans can make, Goku is still one step ahead of him. 

Although he was able to surpass Goku for a short time in the Moro arc MUI Goku bested him once again. This is becoming a regular occurrence time and time. Is this going to change? …?

A Different Route

dragon ball super 68 spoilers beerus vegeta training scene 1253457 Will Vegeta Become A God Of Destruction In Dragon Ball Super?

The recent developments of the most recent chapter are a hopeful indication. The beginning of the chapter shows that Vegeta remains behind Goku and is growing more powerful in that same direction. Things may change when Vegeta chooses a different route entirely.

The story began with Vegeta choosing not to follow in the same direction that Goku did with Ultra Instinct and find a way that is his own.

In The Moro arch, Moro unexpectedly decides to move on to Yardrat. That’s when he makes this bold move and sets off looking for a method to go beyond practicing within the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. 

The Saiyan Prince realizes the importance of tactics and the power of spirit over just relying on physical power. The Saiyan Prince later returns to the battlefield, armed with new skills and a new attitude. 

Yes, he beat UI Goku’s sign Goku for a short time before Moro was absorbed by seven-three and forced Goku to reveal his Ultimate Instinct (the silver-haired version).

At the beginning of the Granolah storyline, Vegeta reaffirms that Ultra Instinct will not be appropriate for him and he’ll be better than Kakarrot in a different way. 

Then things begin to shift gears as the Prince is enthralled by the signature method for the G.O.Ds which is Hakai. For more details on Hakai and its variations, click here!

Honoring His Heritage

Dragon Ball Super

The way the Saiyans made they’re earning a living was straightforward – conquer planets and then sell them to the most expensive possible bidder. 

In Vegeta’s words, was their method of accruing sin after the crime. In contrast to Granolah who blamed the devastation of his people on Frieza. He believed that the Saiyans are destined to disappear. 

The term “destiny” or “fate” is a reference to events that are out of one’s control, or more precisely, predetermined by an aesthetic entity. 

Beerus is the God of Destruction and is a “Supernatural entity” so Vegeta is not in error when he says this. The problem is that Vegeta is convinced that he has shared the sins of his forefathers. He is consumed by guilt.

The Saiyans and G.O.Ds share one trait in common: destruction without regret. Destruction to make a point. Beerus has threatened to demolish Earth because Buu was not willing to share a dessert cup. 

Buu destroyed an entire collection of planets with decorative designs near his home as well as suggested Frieza take out Saiyans. The whole thing without a hint of anger. Beerus simply accepts it as his duty and does nothing else. 

The Saiyans too are warriors. Combat was their sole method of living. They CHOSE to pursue an occupation of destroying civilizations while being employed (as slaves) as slaves for Frieza. Frieza force.

King Vegeta was a brutal King. He would not hesitate to murder his people for not doing their part in their obligations. As his father did, Vegeta the IV couldn’t be bothered by Nappa and killed Nappa in cold blood

He didn’t even give an ounce about the murder of his family after hearing about the devastation of Planet Vegeta. “Aaargh, I never got to be King Vegeta” were his words upon receiving the news. 

All of this proves how “Destruction” was written into the DNA of the Saiyans. Naturally, this is only true for Universe 7 Saiyans.

In the Moro episode, his guilt for his actions as well as those of his ancestors also grew and grew into the current episode. 

If he doesn’t eliminate any of his stray thought (removes from the burden of guilt) and re-creates the self (embraces their destructive tendencies) by starting from scratch starting over, he’ll be unable to overcome his past and master the art of Hakai as said by Beerus. 

In chapters 73 and 74 the character begins to do this. Goku attempts to accept the mentality of an Angel to improve his UI and Vegeta is gradually embracing an attitude of destructor. There are two Saiyans… with two completely different routes… being the best.

At the moment, he’s not concerned about his past, the Saiyans slaughtering the Cerealia. The prince is a badass, just like he is, advises Granolah to join them in falling to his death. 

He doesn’t care about saving the earth or just a handful of people. He is finally able to unleash his destructive power and unleash his full force!

After reading Chapter 74, some are beginning to wonder whether he’s heading to becoming the God or God of Destruction.

Could Vegeta be Transformed into the God to Destruction?

Dragon Ball Super

In theory, Vegeta can become a God or God of Destruction. There’s no reason to prevent Vegeta to ask Beerus to train him as Toppo. The question is, would Vegeta desire to become the God or a God of Destruction? It’s a bit of a challenge to answer.

The two Goku and Vegeta have been asked if they’d like to become G.O.D several times. When Vegeta requested Whis to teach him, Whis said yes but only if Vegeta agreed to the following conditions:

You see Vegeta isn’t happy with the conditions that were presented to him. He didn’t expressly deny the offer, but his expression is clear.

Vegeta has changed drastically from when he was in Saiyan Saga. In the past, Vegeta was a self-centered individualist, who fought for his cause and believed in the tenet in the form of “The strongest will survive and the weak shall perish”. 

He got married and now has two beautiful children. He is a loving father but his tsundere personality will not let him speak about it publicly. 

In general, a prince has pride not just in his person, but also in those who are at his with him. Since the Buu Saga, his aim in his life has changed To strive to become the best and fight for his family and friends.

After battling Goku as part of The Babidi Saga, he knew how powerful Majin Buu was and decided to make the ultimate price. The world will never forget that moment, and the final words he spoke before self-harming.

As he was participating in the Tournament of Power, he was being beaten by Jiren. He fought to the edge with all he had. While he was perched at the edges of the rock, He recalls the various moments that were mentioned in the picture above. 

As hard as he tried to be, he could not beat the powerhouse that is Jiren. After he slid off into the arena, Jiren begins crying, apologizing to Bulma and Cabba for not keeping their respective commitments.

If he is a God of destruction, he could have left his family members for the good of humanity. And, even more importantly, he could outlive them all. 

Of course, even being a Saiyan, he would live and see his wife die but at the very least Trunks and Bulla/Bra would be there. G.O.Ds will be around for many millions of years, and that’s the reason they don’t have any ties to anyone. I’m not convinced that Vegeta is willing to let go of this.

Episode 126 features Toppo as able to put aside any unnecessary feelings and calls Vegeta’s decision insignificant. Vegeta said “Screw that! My fight is for Bulma, Trunks, and Bulla. 

I stand up for the oath I took with my fellow Saiyan (Cabba). They shape who you are, which is my identity, my pride. In contrast to you (Toppo) I will not give up all of that for the sake of playing God” In the condition, he’s found himself in reading in Chapter 74, I doubt that he would ever let go of his deepest emotions.

However, he may assume the role in an emergency. In comparison, I believe it’s safe to say there is a greater chance for Vegeta to be the God of Destruction as opposed to Goku being an Angel. 

Many fanfictions tell the story of “What if Vegeta became a God of Destruction?” One story involves Vegeta accepting the position as the Destroyer God to protect his spouse Bulma. That was an absolute tear-jerker. It’s worth checking out!

If he’s looking to be a G.O.D, Universe 7 may not be the best choice for him.

Are Vegeta an ideal Candidate for the Title of God of Destruction?

Dragon Ball Super

The Oracle fish is adamant about the prophecy of Goku and Vegeta could one day be Beerus the rivals of Beerus. Furious with Vegeta, the cat-like Destroyer God takes on the Prince to the duel. 

Beerus is pleased with Vegeta’s improvement, however, Vegeta is a long way to overcome his. However, he makes an interesting observation worth mentioning:

It could refer to two things:

  • The authors are foreshadowing Vegeta’s ascendance to the throne of the Destroyer God. This could happen in Universe 7 following Beerus retires , or even in a different Universe
  • In the near future we could be able to see Beerus and Vegeta switch places in the image above. Beerus beat the Prince twice and it’s just an issue of time before Vegeta can slap his a**. I can see Beerus looking proud of his pupil one day.

In the end, Vegeta is suited to be the position of God of Destruction. However, whether he wants to be a God of Destruction is anyone’s speculation.

But, the events in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74 (for an overview of the chapter, click here!) edge him closer to the strength of Hakaishin. Hakaishin.

Let’s talk about Vegeta’s Newest Shape And Alter Ego

Alter Ego 1 Will Vegeta Become A God Of Destruction In Dragon Ball Super?

If you’re a fan of Vegeta’s new style whether you like it or not, the new look has certainly has caused some controversy across social networks. 

Many have mixed opinions about the new style and especially the eyebrows issue. This isn’t the focus of this post. In this blog, I’ll talk about the consequences of this new form.

The first thing we’ve seen is one name to describe the character – ” Ultra Ego”. Dragon Ball Super Chapter 75 provides a bit of information concerning the type of form (for an analysis of the chapter!). 

The form could refer to Vegeta talking about Ultra Instinct, and then the new abilities or it could be the real name of the character. 

We’ll need to find out how Beerus and Whis consider it. Below are some observations I’ve made on the particulars of the form:

  • Goku remarks the Vegeta’s God Ki is not the typical God Ki. It’s a kind of God Ki that no one has before. This means that the power for destruction has become a separate subcategory of God Ki.
  • The Granolah’s Ki blasts were destroyed by the rumbling waves of destructive energy that consumed Vegeta. A sound that sounds like “fshhh” denotes something that has gone through vaporization. It’s the same sound was heard in Chapter 28, when Belmod turned a clown to a heap of dust. Vegeta’s aura can function as a shield, preventing or erasing objects. Regular Ki blasts.
  • It’s identical to Ultra Instinct in that it reduces the production of thoughts. There is only one difference that UI users seek to eliminate all thoughts and let their bodies function in their own way, whereas Hakaishins as well as Hakai users eliminate all thoughts that are not destructive and start channel destructive energy. Vegeta states that the power generated solely through instinct is limitless. He’s talking about Beerus speaking about his power.
    • The expression “Always on Destruction and nothing else” is similar to Whis staying within an Ultra Instinct state all times. They are however two sides of the same coin.
    • However, this does not mean that Ultra Instinct is Hakai. It’s all in who controls the power.

As I was first introduced to Vegeta’s brand new model, I noticed that it’s quite bulky. It’s like Super Saiyan Grade 2, however, it’s not as large. However, a closer inspection of it has me thinking “it’s not bulky”. It’s got the same amount of muscle as a Super Saiyan Blue I would guess. A few notes based on Chapter 74 show:

  • This type of form may be at the phase in the stage of UI Omen. This means that Vegeta has a long distance to go to master this type of form. Even in his basic appearance, Vegeta, like Goku might require work to maintain the state of mind.
  • Beerus was observant of his opponent Toppo’s Hakai within the T.O.P. and said his observation that it can take time him to ramp up and unleash his attacks. This is also true for Vegeta too, which could slow the speed of his attacks.
  • Many fans are worried about this, however the issue of time limits could be a factor. The new Vegeta form is in development. It could consume lots of energy, which is why he’s only in this shape for a brief time. The authors relied upon this limitation frequently. Yet, one needs to be aware of its potential because it is logical.
  • If the opponent’s attack is more powerful than Vegeta’s, then his Hakai will not negate the attack. This was the case in Chapter 75, when SSBE Vegeta canceled out Toppo’s Hakai by using his Ki engulfed punch. In Chapter 75 the Granolah’s Ki attack (with the addition of a red eye) did the trick to stop the devastation (pun intended) in mid-air.

After having read the most recent chapter, some readers thought of the Freudian logic behind Vegeta’s Ultra Ego.

They say that this power-up could be built on Freud’s theories of personality (1923) The Id, Ego, and Super Ego. The psychiatrist discusses each of them in-depth in his theory, but I’ll focus on these to give an idea of what each is.

The id is also referred to as identity. It is the basic and instinctual portion of the brain that houses powerful drives and hidden memories. 

The Super-Ego serves as a morally conscious, and the Ego acts as an intermediary between the desires of the id as well as the desires from the Superego. Super Ego. Take a look at the following link for some examples!

The Ego is a preconscious attempt to make the wants of the Id appear more appealing within society. The id is primarily controlled by the subconscious mind, based on intuition and the Super-Ego flies between the preconscious and conscious states.

In the past, Vegeta’s mind was controlled by the Super-Ego and the Ego supporting it (hence the guilt). Beerus advised him to erase his previous persona and create himself completely. 

That is, to erase the Super-Ego or at the very least eliminate it and let the person who is the Super-Ego take over the situation. 

This is the reason why the Prince was not of compassion towards Granolah as well as the fear the Prince was feeling earlier. It is possible to say that he invented an alter ego. A person that is akin to Majin Vegeta, but simultaneously it is not.

The most primitive of desires coming out, i.e., to take part in a fight and be in the “happy place”. Because this type of character is motivated through Ego, Vegeta taking damage by tackling it head-on rather than avoiding increases the self-esteem of his character and that’s the essence of what Ego is all about. 

However, he isn’t likely to become completely insane because the Super-Ego in him stops that from occurring.

This is why I believe that was trying to destroy the planet Cereal with the Hakai Ball was just a strategy to get his adversaries excited and not mean it to be serious. Let’s face it I don’t think he’s that dumb to murder himself and Kakarrot and the entire planet.

In chapter 76, following his acceptance of the destiny of his race as well as his death, Vegeta apologizes to Lord Beerus and says that he can’t go back to the brutal man that he was.

I think he was misinformed about what Beerus meant when he reconstructed the whole thing from scratch. When he linked Hakai with the history of the Saiyans Beerus stressed the destructive aspects of the Saiyans, but not much more.

What Vegeta should do, if I am to be believed is to transcend the duality that exists between evil and good justice and injustice morality, and the right to take the burden of guilt completely and forever. In addition, the mention of Bardock can help in that process.

For more information, read my piece on the growth of Vegeta’s character in the war between Saiyans as well as the Cerealian.

The last thing to mention is that Vegeta’s new appearance does not suggest that he is now a God that is Destruction as well as a Hakaishin. The status of being a Destroyer God as well as the capacity to use the energy of destruction are two different things. 

Toppo has that energy however he’s not yet an official G.O.D in Universe 11. until Belmod grants his permission, Toppo won’t become a fully-fledged G.O.D. The same is true for Vegeta too.

We’ll update this post when we learn more regarding this new form, so keep an eye on us!

Final Words

Vegeta is the most talked about character in the present. Everyone is curious to learn what the new Vegeta will unfold and whether the prince will in the future be transformed into the God in Destruction.

I was thrilled at the moment Beerus handed the earring over to Vegeta. It’s a symbol to people who are capable of using destruction, therefore whoever wears it doesn’t have to be a G.O.D. I think Beerus used this symbol to inspire Vegeta. He is proud of his pupil. 

The little game with Beerus Whis and Beerus. Whis can be hilarious. Like their students have something in common that makes them competitors which is the best teacher, and what method is better? 

Vegeta is confident that he won’t be disappointed by Beerus and Goku is sure that he won’t be disappointed by Whis.

Keep in mind that MUI Goku might still be superior to the current Vegeta for power. In the end, Granolah > current Vegeta as the Prince has admitted. But the way he reacted to Granolah’s attacks head-on I’m not convinced that MUI Goku will be able to achieve the same.

Regarding Beerus I’m not convinced that Vegeta will be able to surpass Beerus anytime soon. The Manga demonstrates the difference that exists between Beerus as well as Goku/Vegeta. 

The Prince has made a step forward in closing the gap we’ll be able to see. In terms of Beerus, his strength Did you know that Beerus is the strongest God to Destruction in the universe? 

The authors have stated it in complete detail. Intrigued? Take a look at the article for more information!

In the end, Vegeta Vs. Granolah (I assure you that I’m going to not continue here) Yes it’s possible that he lost the battle, but it was a victory for him. 

He destroyed the psyche of Granolah and drove him to commit the crime of Kamikaze. The Cerealian race would have been extinct, which was an objective Vegeta was seen before the fight. And his character development earned him an A and I’m happy with this.

Naturally, I would like to see him win, but, more importantly, I would like him to be the focus of attention. For instance, Beerus easily took out Super Saiyan God Goku. 

However, his new power was noticeable and earned him respect from everyone. It would be nice to have something like tfors to Vegeta.

He’s deserved to win the win Here (but don’t forget that defeating Granolah won’t be an end in itself. They is the principal threat) But I would like his abilities and actions to be noticed and noticed by everyone, even Beerus, Whis and the characters in the arc’s antagonists.

Like all of us, I’d love to see him deliver the ultimate punch to Frieza. After all his history with the ty, rant Goku must personally take Frieza in the most gruesome manner. 

Goku won the last time around, he’s now in need of this win. I don’t generally like the habit of telling “Mangakas should do this and that”. 

However, this could create a feeling of growth for the prince of Saiyans. Therefore, I’m looking forward to seeing Toriyama & Toyotarou shower mercy on him and let him shine in this story…

What do you think about Vegeta’s new appearance? Does he have the edge of Granolahloseoose his grip? Tell us by commenting below!

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