Every Super Saiyan Forms And Levels Ranked!

Dragon Ball is undoubtedly one of the most beloved manga and anime series. 

A global audience still enjoys the story of Son Goku’s adventures and travels in the fantasy world created and imagined by Akira Toriyama. 

There are many concepts in Dragon Ball that are crucial to its success and understanding.

One of these concepts is the Super Sayian levels that certain characters can transform into.

Almost every Super Saiyan form gives the user more raw power and better fighting skills.

Most of the time, the real reveal of these levels of Super Saiyan is in how they look and what they do with their godlike powers, especially in stories where Goku’s most powerful enemies are involved.

It’s best for casual fans and even long-time watchers to be reminded of which level of strength a Super Saiyan belongs to.

Some of the dangerous and strong Super Saiyan forms might even have a place on the list that will surprise people.

We have identified 19 Super Sayian levels within the franchise.

19. Pseudo Super Saiyan

Pseudo Super Saiyan

During Dragon Ball Z: Lord Slug, one of the many Dragon Ball movies that have been made over the years. The name-giving bad guy comes to Earth to cause trouble.

The Z fighters quickly attack him, but they are easy to get rid of. Slug is hard for even Goku to beat until he gets this power boost.

Goku’s hair didn’t turn yellow at the weakest level of Super Saiyan, but his pupils went away and his aura got a gold tint.

He also got a big boost to his strength, but he couldn’t keep it up for very long. Technically, Goku was the only one to reach this goal, but Vegeta has shown off a similar method.

18. Super Saiyan

Super Saiyan 1 Every Super Saiyan Forms And Levels Ranked!

The most striking physical change is the Saiyan’s hair turning golden blonde. It appears as if it is standing on its own, giving it an ethereal, flame-like appearance. 

Every fan of Dragon Ball remembers the first time they saw Goku turn into a Super Saiyan. A Saiyan can reach this state by putting in a lot of hard work in training and having a very strong emotional reaction.

Goku had to watch his best friend get killed. For Vegeta, it was the fact that both Goku and Trunks had beaten him to it.

The Saiyan’s hair stands up straight and goes completely yellow in the first true Super Saiyan form.

Akira Toriyama made the Saiyan have a golden aura so that it would be easy to animate Goku. Many of the best Dragon Ball movies were built on what Super Saiyan did.

17. Ascended Super Saiyan

Ascended Super Saiyan 1 Every Super Saiyan Forms And Levels Ranked!

The Ascended Super Saiyan is a lot like the regular Super Saiyan. The main changes are that the muscles get a little bigger and the hair gets a little longer and wilder.

Once a Saiyan has become a Super Saiyan, he or she can train very hard to reach this level. Vegeta, Trunks, and Goku all spent a long time in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber to reach this form.

With this method, Vegeta was able to beat Semi-Perfect Cell.

16. Super Saiyan Second Grade

Super Saiyan Second Grade

This stage is very similar to the Super Saiyan standard form, but with some subtle differences. The golden, flowing hair becomes stiffer and paler. 

The user’s muscle mass increases but not enough to make them less mobile or to weigh them down. This allows the Saiyan maintains his coordination and agility. 

The initial transformation’s aggressive and ruthless behaviour is magnified. Any control over emotions that are evoked by the Super Saiyan transformation becomes impossible.

During training in the Hyperbolic Tim Chamber, Vegeta and Future Trunks reached Super Saiyan second grade. Vegeta took two months to complete the transformation. 

This ability was demonstrated to Gohan by him before he converted to the Super Saiyan Third Grade. He soon realized the flaws of these forms. 

The anime was the only time that the second-grade Super Saiyan form appeared to return when Vegeta, Future Trunks and the Cell Juniors battled them.

These forms were used by Vegeta as well as Future Trunks in their respective conflicts. This form briefly appears in Dragon Ball Super, when Future Trunks recalls Vegeta’s training in the hyperbolic time chamber. Future Trunks are impressed when Vegeta displays his newly transformed form.

15. Super Saiyan Third Grade

Super Saiyan Third Grade

Ultra is a bit different from the other Super Saiyan levels. The Super Saiyan Third Grade Transformation is the last one between the original form and Super Saiyan 2.

It is also called the Ultra Super Saiyan or Super Saiyan 1.5. It’s a lot like Ascended Super Saiyan, but there are a few important changes.

In the same way, a Saiyan’s strength goes up a lot, their muscles get bigger, and their already spikey hair gets even bigger and shoots out in all directions.

Unlike the last transformation, the mass gain makes the speed much slower. Goku, Vegeta, and Cell all saw the problem with this strategy right away. It took a little longer for Trunks.

14. Super Saiyan Full Power

Super Saiyan Full Power Every Super Saiyan Forms And Levels Ranked!

After Goku became Ultra Super Saiyan, he realized that the original Super Saiyan form is the most useful.

This led to the creation of Super Saiyan Full Power. It uses less energy than either of the two better forms and requires less rage, so the person who uses it stays more calm.

Goku decided that he and Gohan would always stay in their Super Saiyan forms until they fought Cell.

So, their bodies would get used to the power, and it wouldn’t wear them out. They could also keep their anger in check.

13. Super Saiyan 2

Super Saiyan 2

During the Cell story, there were many new Super Saiyan levels. None of them, though, had the kind of effect that this one did.

Gohan never wanted to fight, but his father pushed him to his limits and then made him watch as his friends were abused so that Cell could see him at his strongest.

In this form, Gohan’s hair, which used to be short, spiked up and got a lot longer. His aura kept a small amount of lightning around it, and both his strength and speed grew a lot.

He got too sure of himself, which let Cell briefly get the upper hand. Goku, Vegeta, and Trunks, as well as Kale and Caulifla, have all hit this level.

12. Legendary Super Saiyan

Legendary Super Saiyan

The Legendary Super Saiyan’s appearance is quite different from regular Super Saiyan forms. Dragon Ball Z: Broly, The Legendary Super Saiyan’s hair colour is yellowish-green. 

The Saiyan’s muscles get bigger, just like the Ascended Super Saiyan and its update. But in this form, their speed isn’t slowed down at all.

This might be the first Super Saiyan stage that is truly scary. Their hair turns green instead of yellow, and their eyes go from being yellow to being white with no pupils.

At first, Broly, one of Goku’s strongest enemies, was the only Saiyan to reach this level.

The change became official when Universe 6’s shy Saiyan Kale reached the Legendary Super Saiyan form. It is hard to control, but its raw power is stronger than that of Super Saiyan II.

11. Berserker Super Saiyan

Berserker Super Saiyan 1 Every Super Saiyan Forms And Levels Ranked!

The Berserker Super Saiyan or Super Saiyan Berserk brought out Kale’s full ability, just like Broly’s Super Saiyan state did.

After getting the Legendary form’s signature rise in muscle mass and white eyes, Kale’s aura and hair take on a golden green glow, but he loses control out of pure rage.

Berserker Super Saiyan is Kale’s most dangerous form. It almost beat Goku’s Super Saiyan Blue and showed off its power in the Tournament of Power.

However, it is also dangerous to Kale and her friends. The Super Saiyan level called “Berserk” is one of the most dangerous ones.

10. Super Saiyan 3

Super Saiyan 3

The Super Saiyan III form has only been reached by two Saiyans so far. Goku was the first, of course. He used it against Buu in a way that seemed like a lesson on how Super Saiyans change.

Gotenks was the second, and he kind of figured it out on the spot. This form is very different from the ones that came before.

For one thing, the Saiyans’ blonde hair gets very long and falls behind them. They also lose all of their hair, which makes them look more dangerous.

The problem is that it takes a lot of energy to keep going, so it can’t be done for very long.

9. Golden Great Ape

Golden Great Ape Every Super Saiyan Forms And Levels Ranked!

All Saiyans are born with tails that look like monkeys’. When they look at the moon with their tails still connected, they change into an Oozaru, which is a big ape.

When a Super Saiyan turns into Oozaru, they reach the Golden Great Ape form. The shape is exactly the same as Oozaru, except that the fur is gold instead of brown.

It is also much stronger than a Super Saiyan III, even more powerful than that. Dragon Ball GT and all of its episodes have been erased from the canon, so the most powerful Super Saiyan level no longer exists.

8. Super Saiyan 4

Super Saiyan 4

Before Dragon Ball GT was canceled and Dragon Ball Super started, Super Saiyan IV was the last Super Saiyan change.

It is reached when a Saiyan is in the Golden Great Ape form and is able to fully control his or her mind.

In keeping with the simian idea, the Saiyan also grows red fur all over their bodies except for their chests.

The eyes of a Saiyan also get a red tint. In Dragon Ball GT, both Goku and Vegeta reached it, and their combined form, Gogeta, was also able to reach it.

7. Super Saiyan Rage

Super Saiyan Rage

When you thought Dragon Ball couldn’t get any stranger, Dragon Ball Super added Super Saiyan Rage. It takes the power of Super Saiyan II and makes it stronger.

The Saiyans’ hair gets a little longer, and their golden auras get a blue tint. Trunks was able to fight Goku Black in his Super Saiyan Rose form when he was in this form.

Like Goku’s spirit bomb, Trunks was able to defeat Future Zamasu by gathering energy from the leftover humans in his time.

6. Super Saiyan God

Super Saiyan God

Goku was able to reach God by doing a procedure with five other good-hearted Saiyans. This was the Super Saiyan level that was most like its name.

In this shape, his hair is back to how it was before. His hair and eyes no longer look completely black. Instead, they have a reddish tint.

In this form, a Saiyan can use God Ki, and their body is changed in a way that can’t be changed back. Even though it was never shown on screen, Vegeta also trained hard with Beerus and Whis to get to this level.

Even though he couldn’t beat Beerus, Goku was able to fight the God of Destruction head-to-head when he was in his Super Saiyan God form.

5. Super Saiyan Blue

Super Saiyan Blue

When a Super Saiyan God turns into a Super Saiyan, what happens? It turns him into a Super Saiyan God, also known as Super Saiyan Blue.

So that there isn’t more misunderstanding between the Super Saiyan levels, this form looks exactly like Super Saiyan, except that all the gold has been changed to blue.

Goku and Vegeta can both reach this form, and even though its power is very hard on a Saiyan’s body, they have both trained enough to beat Frieza in his newly achieved Golden Frieza form.

The move can also be used by Vegito in his fusion form.

4. Super Saiyan Rose

Super Saiyan Rose 1 Every Super Saiyan Forms And Levels Ranked!

When Goku meets Zamasu, the first thing he does is, of course, challenge the crazy being. Zamasu aims for Goku’s body and power after he loses.

In order to do this, he steals Goku’s body from another universe and joins forces with his future self to do all kinds of bad things.

This form is the same as Super Saiyan Blue, except that Zamasu is a real God and not just a Saiyan who learned how to use God Ki. Because of this, Goku Black’s hair and energy now turn pink instead of blue.

3. Super Saiyan White

Super Saiyan White Every Super Saiyan Forms And Levels Ranked!

When a future evil God who hasn’t reached Super Saiyan Rose joins with a past evil God who has, the result is the most pure Super Saiyan God who wants to destroy the world.

Zamasu is the only person who can change into this form, at least in theory. Zamasu kept his own skin color and face features in his Super Saiyan White form, but he took on Goku’s body shape and, most importantly, his hair.

But because he gained more power and because Zamasu’s hair is white, the hair in this form is also white, which is a big change from other Super Saiyan forms.

2. Ultra Instinct

Ultra Instinct 1 Every Super Saiyan Forms And Levels Ranked!

Even though this form isn’t just for Saiyans, it’s worth noting because Goku’s version is different. Even though it has some problems, Ultra Instinct is the best method.

Once a warrior gets it, it’s not easy to get it back. Goku doesn’t even have to think when he’s in this form. He is relaxed and his mind and muscles are in perfect sync.

Goku has been trying to get better at this skill ever since he was training with Mr. Popo and Kami to beat Piccolo.

He first used the move against Jiren in Dragon Ball Super’s Tournament of Power, but he could only keep it up for a short time.

It also showed up with Kefla. Compared to other Super Saiyan levels, Goku’s hair is a little bit higher, and his aura looks like a bubbly grey tint around him.

1. Perfected Ultra Instinct

Perfected Ultra Instinct 1 Every Super Saiyan Forms And Levels Ranked!

This is the newest and most powerful form a Saiyan has ever been shown to reach, and it’s a good way to end the Dragon Ball Super series.

Goku’s hair and eyes are both gray in this form. His power level goes up a lot, but it does a lot of damage to his body. If he stays in that shape for too long, his body might explode.

The power level of the Autonomous Ultra Instinct is even higher than that of the Gods of Destruction from Dragon Ball Super.

Whis, his sister, and Jiren can all reach this form, but Beerus is still working on it. But this form still doesn’t make Goku stronger than Jiren.

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