How old is Bulma in Dragon Ball Series?

We finally see what Bulma would do with a Dragon Ball Super Broly wish. She wanted to be five years younger than she was, wishing for peace in the world or the end of the famine. 

Bulma is proud of her youthful appearance, which has led many to ask Bulma how old she is.

Bulma was 16 years old when she met Goku in Age 749. Bulma is 28 when she meets Goku on Namek and 45 at the start of Dragon Ball Super.

Bulma is a lot older than Goku

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Bulma arose in the age of 733, while Goku arose in the age of 736. 

This would mean that Bulma is three years older than Goku, depending on when they were born and what year it was. 

Bulma may seem younger than Goku in adulthood, as Saiyans don’t age. They start to show signs of aging only when they get older. 

People might think Bulma is older than Goku, but in reality, they are only three years apart.

What is the age of Bulma in Dragon Ball?

The original Dragon Ball series takes place between Ages 749 (when Goku meets Bulma) and 756 (“When Goku defeats Piccolo Jr for the first time”). 

Bulma is only 16 years old when Dragon Ball begins, but she is 23 by the end.

What is the age of Bulma in Dragon Ball Z?

Raditz was 28 years old when she first stepped on Earth at the age of 761. 

Trunks were born at age 766. This makes her a 33-year-old first-time mummy. 

Bulma turns 41 after the series ends.

What is the age of Bulma in Dragon Ball Super?

Bulma 1 How old is Bulma in Dragon Ball Series?

It should be easy to calculate a character’s age, but Bulma is not so simple. Bulma should have been 45 years old when Super began.

This is based on simple maths. She claims that she is 37 years of age at her birthday party. 

Bulma may be lying about her age. She also expressed a desire to use Dragon Balls to become younger. Bulma could have used Dragon Balls to make herself eight years older.

What is the age of Future Trunks Bulma?

While we’ve already covered the main timeline Bulma, it’s hard to forget about the Future Trunk’s Bulma, who created the first time machine. 

Future Trunk finally defeats the Androids during the Age of 785.

Future Trunks Mum Bulma would be 52 years old. Bulma is now 63 years old when Goku Black begins terrorizing the universe once more during Age 796. 

Bulma deserves a lot of credit for making it to 63 in such an awful universe with terrible things happening constantly to Earthlings.

Bulma has been a key part of the Dragon Ball franchise for many years. Her brilliant inventions and bulldog-like determination helped save the world and the universe countless times.

These are the facts about the relationship between Vegeta and Bulma.

Bulma’s Disturbing Dreams About Vegeta

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Bulma knew Vegeta was capable of killing, so it is understandable that Bulma would be suspicious of him immediately. 

Bulma sees Vegeta following her for Dragon Balls. It ends just before he attacks her on Namek. 

These nightmares faded quickly as Bulma focused on Frieza. However, it was not the last time Bulma dreamed about Vegeta.

Bulma is the first person on Earth to embrace Vegeta upon his return. She falls in love with him so much that she tells Yamcha she has a dream about her kissing the Saiyan. 

The fact that Bulma was with Yamcha at the time made this even more awkward. It seems that the dream was a prelude to things to come.

Chi-Chi Offers to Exchange Husbands with Bulma

It’s easy to forget that this brief appearance is in Dragon Ball. The scene between Bulma, Chi-Chi, and Goku is always a good laugh when you rewatch the Buu saga. 

Chi-Chi observes that Bulma seems very worried about Goku while waiting for Goku. This isn’t surprising since they have known each other since childhood, but Chi-Chi interprets this as an attraction.

Chi-Chi suggests that Bulma switch husbands, but this is mostly a joke. Although Vegeta may not be friendly, she admits that he is reliable. 

Vegeta is there for the bid and cannot help but laugh. It may not seem so bizarre, considering that the women have similar relationships with the Saiyans. 

Additionally, Goku had a natural ability to have sexual relations with Bulma when he was younger.

Vegeta Accuses Bulma of His Pushy Personality

Vegeta admits it in Super. However, given the shortness of his statement, it’s easy for people to forget that he confirmed something we already knew about Saiyans, namely their attraction to strong-willed, independent partners. 

Many people have made fun of the fact that Chi-Chi and Bulma are both hot-headed and domineering. 

It’s interesting to hear Vegeta openly admit that Bulma was appealing to him because of her resistance.

It’s not clear if Vegeta is simply expressing his personal preferences to all Saiyans. Based on what we have seen, Goku’s parents, Bardock, Gine, and Gine, don’t seem very similar to Vegeta. 

Gine is described as more of a housewife than a warrior. However, Chi-Chi and Bulma take care of their homes, so Gine might have a more ruthless side than we’ve yet seen.

Bulma Attacks Never Destroyed Vegeta

Unlike Goku, Vegeta isn’t interested in getting a job. He prefers to train. Vegeta believes his contribution to the household balances because he is a defense specialist, although his track record isn’t very good in this area. 

Vegeta’s actions have shown his love for Bulma as well as his relationship status with Bulma.

This is evident as far back as Dragon Ball Z, when Bulma, baby Trunks, and their friends are almost blown out of this world by Android 20.

Vegeta does very little to save them. While Vegeta has become more humane with time, his desire for revenge on Bulma is still abysmal. He was unable to exact vengeance against Bulma after Buu assassinated Bulma.

Everyone will remember Vegeta getting angry at Beerus for slapping Bulma. However, Vegeta quickly lost the fight. 

Vegeta was able to escape the blast but was unable to defeat Frieza when he returned in Super. 

Bulma tried to subdue Zamasu, pretending to be drawn toward him, but Zamasu made her unconscious. 

Vegeta failed to defeat Zamasu, and he has a poor record of protecting his wife.

Bulma’s daughter’s name

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Akira Toriyama is a well-known author who names his characters after themes. For example, all the races of Frieza have cold-related names.

However, if you don’t like vegetables, you might have skipped this episode. 

Vegeta is initially upset when Bulma announced that Vegeta and her daughter would be named Bulla in an episode. 

He claims he would like to name her Eschalot, after a Saiyan character. It is a simple onion, even though most people have never heard of it.

This is in keeping with the fact that all of Dragon Ball’s pure-blooded Saiyans are vegetable-related. It’s easy to understand that Bulla isn’t a pure Saiyan, so this will be closed. 

Even if you don’t know what an Eschalot is, many people found Bulla’s head looked almost like an onion. So the joke is shared. 

Although Bulla means “bra,” Eschalot would be a better name since everyone in Bulma’s family is named after their underwear.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Bulma could be any age beyond her chronological age of 47. It is not clear how many times Bulma has wished she was younger, or if she ever wanted to be younger. 

She is unlikely to have done it more than once, as the dragon balls are still available for use when needed (which is quite often).

1. What is the age of Bulma and Vegeta?

Vegeta was 29 years old when he turned 30. Vegeta’s obsession with training has led to an additional five-year age gap. 

Super Bulma now stands at 47 years, while Vegeta is 53 in the Universal Tournament saga.

2. What is the age of Bulma or Goku?

According to legend, the tale was written ten years before the opening chapter of Dragon Ball. Bulma is five years old, while Goku is just three years old. 

Bulma and Goku are sixteen years old at the time of the manga’s beginning.

3. What is the age of future Bulma?

Future Bulma was approximately 45–47 years of age at the beginning of the history of Trunks. She has been 37 since then.

4. What is the age of Goku at present?

It is important to remember that Goku has not physically aged in seven years because, technically, he has never been alive. 

According to Goku’s death, he is 37 years of age, but he hasn’t been alive for eight years in the Dragon Ball Universe.

5. Does Vegeta Love Bulma?

Vegeta adores Bulma. Vegeta also stated that Bulma is attractive to him, not only for her domineering nature but also because she is beautiful physically. 

They get married and have Bulla together.

Final Words

We have found some very interesting facts about Bulma’s age and relationship history. Bulma was born at 16 years old, then she was 19 in the Tienshinhan Saga and 22 in the Piccolo Jr Saga. 

She is now 27, five years after Dragon Ball Z’s debut. She is now almost certainly 28 years old after spending 11 months in Vegeta Saga. 

She’s now 29/30 after a year and a half in the Trunks Saga and another year and a half in the Namek or Frieza sagas. She is now 32/33 after three more years in the Android Saga.

The Buu Saga has gone on for 7 more years, making her 39/40. Bulma then turns 45, four years after Majin Buu is wiped from Earthlings’ minds.

Bulma’s memory of Kid Buu is also erased half a year later. She is 46 years old between the War of Gods sagas and Resurrection F. 

She is now 47 years of age due to Pan’s death and Resurrection F. By the end of Mega, she was 47 years old.

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