Anime Warrior Girls are the very definition of action and violence in the anime. Girls in series are the cutest things to watch but when things take a turn with these cute and deadly warrior anime girls.

So, Today we will be looking at they most badass, kick-ass and most powerful anime warrior girls. Although moe anime is always great to see, our anime warrior girls also need a turn in the spotlight.

30 Best Anime Warrior Girls That Are Tough As Nails

Lets begin the list of best anime warrior girls of all times.

30. Irina Jelavić From Assassination Classroom

At first, Irina was shown to be a cruel, calculating, arrogant Anime Warrior Girl with little regard for the students of Class E (earning her the nickname “Bitch-sensei”).

Because of her high hit count and model-like appearance she is a confident woman, experienced, and has been described as giving off a mature, black widow vibe by her students because of such.

Although these are all traits she carries, in actuality once her cover has been completely shattered she is shown to be childish, immature, and has a lack of social understanding.

Irina Jelavić From Assassination Classroom Anime Warrior Girls

Underneath her confidence is insecurities she has carried with her since childhood and a surprisingly humble person who can be earnest.

29. Shura Kirigakure From Ao no Exorcist

When she first appears as Yamada, Shura appears to be very quiet and socially-withdrawn, Anime Warrior Girl and preferring to spend time playing on her PSP instead of paying attention to the lesson.

She does not get along with the others, refusing to help them during the Ghoul incident. In truth, this personality is just a facade- being an Exorcist already, there is no need for her to pay attention to lessons.

Shura has a rather laid-back personality and uses slang; such as using yer instead of youryou’re, or you. She is also noted to be rather blunt, speaking freely about sensitive topics, as well as not being hesitant in pointing out others’ flaws.

Shura Kirigakure From Ao no Exorcist

Even with her superiors, she is not afraid to challenge them, which on a few occasions resulted in a physical conflict. Like Rin, she often slacks off, and would rather drink and let others do work.

28. Karen Araragi From Bakemonogatari

Karen is a recurring Anime Warrior Girl from the Monogatari light novel series.

One of her hometown’s famous “Fire Sisters” that fight for justice along with her own sister Tsukihi, Karen is the younger sister of protagonist Koyomi Araragi and the middle child of the family.

Karen Araragi From Bakemonogatari

She gets entangled into dealings of the supernatural when she comes into contact with a conman, antagonist Deishuu Kaiki, and has to rely on her older brother.

27. Kyouka Izumi From Bungo Stray Dogs

Kyouka, during her Port Mafia months, has an extraordinarily detached Anime Warrior Girl. She shows no emotion as she kidnaps Dazai or attacks Atsushi. Her detached figure is reminiscent of a doll or a mannequin. After being saved by Atsushi, she has shown her more normal, childlike personality.

She takes a liking to Atsushi and enjoys the various arcade games and amusement park rides in the city. However, she still has a stoic mindset as shown when she willingly turns herself in to the police, knowing she would most likely be put on death’s row. 

Kyouka Izumi From Bungo Stray Dogs

Even after being saved, she is still rather homicidal and is likely to resort to violence. While being threatened by an innocent cop, she wounds the cop, potentially lethally, in defense when nonlethal incapacitation was possible.

26. Shuka Karino From Darwin’s Game

Shuka is typically friendly with people but can become deadly as Anime Warrior Girl if needed. Originally, she became interested in Sudou Kaname because he was a rookie and because he managed to defeat Banda-kun, though she later falls in love with him after he beats her.

Because of this, she obeys anything that Kaname tells her, and doesn’t appreciate it if other men touch her, as shown when she used her sigil to sever the hand of a student that tried to flirt with her.

Shuka Karino From Darwin’s Game

Also, in order to impress Kaname, she is sometimes shown to get a little out of control such as when she staked her own clan in a bet with Themis.

25. Kohaku From Dr. Stone

Kohaku is a kind young Anime Warrior Girl, caring deeply for her sickly older sister, willing to participate in the tournament for her hand in marriage just to protect her. This care extends to her comrades, and anyone she’s loyal to.

She was willing to lie and take scolding in order not to reveal she was attacked by Tsukasa as not to distress her sister and the villagers.

Kohaku From Dr. Stone

She’s repeatedly impressed by Senku’s scientific creations, although at first, it took her a while to accept that it’s not simply magic.

24. Android 18 From Dragon Ball Z

Android 18 usually displays a cool and confident Anime Warrior Girl, especially in battle, although her sarcastic humor is the most prominent trait of her personality. This is demonstrated when Goku takes notice of her assembly with the Dragon Team at the 25th World Martial Arts Tournament, leading to the retort “Look, he noticed.

How cute.” (in Japanese she says “Took you a while idiot!”), as well as saying “Spare me” when Krillin reveals to Goku that not only have they married, but also had a child. Shortly after this, she is asked by the World Tournament Announcer if her real name is legitimately “No. 18”, to which she responds “My father was pretty dull”.

Android 18 From Dragon Ball Z

Although she isn’t characterized for this, 18 can be very curious if she is really interested in something, to the point of activating her comrade Android 16, and wondering what present she will give to her husband Krillin during a dispute of a wish with the others using the Dragon Balls.

23. Neferpitou From Hunter x Hunter

Neferpitou was very loyal Anime Warrior Girl to the King and would sacrifice themself for him. Of the three Royal Guards, Pitou was the most curious and would get distracted easily and loved to play, and according to Shaiapouf, would get carried away when having fun.

Pitou was a cat Chimera Ant, and like a cat, loved to play with their opponents like a cat would with their prey. Despite their cheerful and playful manner though, Pitou had a cruel and terrifying personality as well.

Neferpitou From Hunter x Hunter

Pitou also took their duty to protect the King seriously and was willing to sacrifice their chance to fight strong opponents to fulfill their duty.

22. Ryuuko Matoi From Kill la Kill

Ryūko has a relatively simple personality: fierce and stubborn Anime Warrior Girl. She fears little, which is demonstrated when she directly and disrespectfully addresses Satsuki Kiryūin, demanding that her questions be answered, and when she fights Takaharu Fukuroda even though she is clearly overpowered.

Later on, she is shown to be quite embarrassed when she is forced to fight in Senketsu’s very revealing alternate form, though she overcomes her embarrassment in Episode 3 showing that while she is not afraid of fighting to her death, she is somewhat self-conscious. Sometimes she can be shown calm, polite, content and warmly flattered.

Ryuuko Matoi From Kill la Kill

This is mostly seen when eating with the Mankanshoku family and Episode 7. She admires the way Mako’s mother makes food and has kind manners. She later is seen telling Senketsu how fun dinner was with them because of how her mother died when she was young and her dad sent her to a boarding school, never knowing how a family dinner was like.

21. Morgiana From Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

Morgiana is a quiet Anime Warrior Girl who rarely talks. She likes strange things. Instead of choosing jewelry for her Household Vessel, she considered two devilish looking manifers (though possibly only because Alibaba recommended them).

When mad, she usually puffs up her cheeks or stomps her feet, breaking the ground. Even though she is physically and emotionally tough, she does have moments when she acts vulnerable. This usually happens when anything regarding Alibaba takes place.

Morgiana From Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

It is hinted that she has feelings for him and this is proven when she rejects Hakuryuu’s proposal. Eventually, he realizes that she refused to marry him and go to the Kou Empire because she is too attached to Alibaba and very concerned for Aladdin.

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