12 Best Totoro Characters of all Time

In the 1950s, a university teacher Tatsuo Kusakabe and his daughters Satsuki as well as Mei relocate to an old home to be nearer to the medical facility where mother Yasuko recuperating from an illness that is long-term.

Satsuki and Mei discover that the house is inhabited by tiny dust creatures that they call Sootballs which are small dusty, dark spirits who move between dark and light areas.

Once the girls are at ease in their new home and enjoy a laugh at their parents, spirits of the soot go away to disappear on the breeze. 

The story suggests that they’ll discover a new empty house- their natural home.



Otoko is an unimportant character from My Neighbor Totoro, a minor character. He is the spouse of Ryoko.

He can be seen riding in his tractor as Satsuki seeks her missing sister Mei.

Otoko is brown-haired and wears a beige hat he has a red shirt with blue pants.



Ryouko appears as a character of minor importance from my Neighbor Totoro. 

She is the wife to Otoko who drives his truck as Satsuki seeks out her missing Little Sister Mei. 

Her voice is performed in the voice of Yuko Mizutani, Lara Cody (Streamline), and Bridget Hoffman (Disney).

Miss Hara

miss hara thumps kanta 12 Best Totoro Characters of all Time

Miss Hara as well is known as Satsuki’s teacher, an important character in My Neighbor Totoro. 

She works at school and instructs all students in class. 

In the course, she is seated Mei creating Totoro with Satsuki and Michiko.

The voice of the actress was Machiko Washio, Edie Mirman in the Streamline dub, and Tress MacNeille as part of The Disney dub.

Kanta Ogaki

Kanta Ogaki 1 12 Best Totoro Characters of all Time

He is short with brown hair that forms an arch to his forehead.

It’s akin to the fringe. His skin is pale and white and is quite thin. 

He has gray eyes and has a neutral face throughout the entire film.

The clothes he wears are simple and include a white short-sleeved polo shirt with brown shorts, a unisex white shirt with sleeves, and also wears a captain’s cape with a sailor cap.

(which looks similar to the sailor’s hat worn by Seita that she wears in the Grave of the Fireflies).


Granny 12 Best Totoro Characters of all Time

Granny is a sweet old woman, who is devoted to all of her neighbors. 

Mei is difficult to live with due to her being determined. 

But, Granny tries to please her and even takes Mei into Satsuki’s School House.



The Catbus is seen on the road through the forest at the time of it is accompanied by Mei, Satsuki and Totoro are waiting in anticipation of Tatsuo Kusakabe’s bus to make its way to their destination.

The bus travels at a high rate and then reverses and meows shining car light eyes and smiles as if it were Cheshire Cat. Cheshire Cat (when he spots the girls) The girls make random noises in awe.

Tatsuo Kusakabe

Tatsuo Kusakabe

Tatsuo is a wonderful father who strives to make sure that Mei Kusakabe and Satsuki Kusakabe are content whenever Yasuko Kusakabe is in hospital.

He is a believer in the imagination of his daughters and appreciates their faith in Totoro. 

He is kind and patient.

Yasuko Kusakabe

Yasuko Kusakabe

Yasuko will be first seen at the moment Satsuki, Mei, and their father are visiting her at the hospital. 

They are thrilled to be together, and she questions the kids about their experiences getting settled in.

Satsuki is then whispering to her mother that they might have ghosts at their house, and Mei hesitates to ask her if she is a fan of haunted houses.

She is afraid that her mother will not be able to return home in the event of such a scenario.

Enthusiastic, Yasuko joyfully states that she’ll be returning home shortly to “meet some ghosts.” 

Yasuko then begins to comb Satsuki’s locks out of love she claims she has hair that is difficult to manage because of her hair when she was the age of her daughter and says the fact that she and Satsuki are quite similar.

Mini Totoro

Mini Totoro

If Mei pursues the Mini Totoros she’d seen in the house She finds herself in the Totoro’s nest and then sees them once more when the girls help to build the tree to the size of a giant.

Blue Totoro has is a burglar-like bag stuffed with Acorns. He is named Chu Totoro.

The white Totoro can be described as a mouse-like Little brother to Blue Totoro. He is named Chibi Totoro.

Satsuki Kusakabe

Satsuki Kusakabe

Satsuki is the elder sibling of Mei in My Neighbor Totoro. Satsuki is sometimes angry with her sister Mei in certain situations, like towards the end of the film, when they discover that their mother will not be returning home from the hospital over weekends, and she criticizes Mei for getting angry.

Satsuki is fond of thinking of herself as a mature woman and taking care of her sister. She’s extremely lively however, she is not as energetic as Mei.

Satsuki is a great sister in general and cares for Mei with the utmost abilities despite their mother’s illness. She is also extremely kind and responsible in general.

Mei Kusakabe

Mei Kusakabe

Mei is the youngest sister to Satsuki Satsuki in My Neighbor Totoro. 

Based on the director Miyazaki’s 1987 memo to the director, contrary to Satsuki who is reliable and quick-witted Mei is a quiet determined child.

She is a stout, yet happy child is similar to her elder sister in that she’s determined and not shy. 

With her first shyness and the tendency to speak in a whisper, she is more alert than Satsuki.



A creature referred to as the “lord of the forest” (King Totoro in the North American Dub), Totoro has lived for thousands of years and lives in the massive camphor tree. 

In the words of Miyazaki, Totoro is an animal and not an entity or spirit.

His coat is gray and he typically rests in his Ochs trees in Tsukamori. He’s only visible to children. He is able to quickly sprout seeds that have been sown and fly on spin top.

He can blow on an Ocarina at night when the moon is shining. He also borrows his father’s umbrella when he waits with her on a rainy day at the bus stop.

“Totoro” is a common name “Totoro” is not derived from folklore. Rather, when Mei is asked for the name of his character, he answers with a deep voice “Duo, Duo, Volo” (douo douo vuoro). 

Mei takes this to mean “Totoro”. Totoro’s actual name his real name is “Miminzuku” and he is 1,302 in age. He is two meters in height.

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