27 My Hero Academia Pro Heroes Ranked!

Today, we present to you an article about the top 27 (MHA) My Hero Academia Strongest Heroes Rated

SPOILER WARNING: In this article, characters from the entire manga series will be included. So be on the lookout for spoilers.

Kohei Horikoshi has been savoring the success of the show. The popular series is a delight not just due to its characters, but also because of its plot.

From the most famous hero All Might as well as the trainers such as Eraser Head, professional heroes are available in a variety of designs and personalities.

If they are real heroes who wish to assist others with smiles or just heroes due to their own selfish desire to be admired and praised There are pro-heroes in abundance.

This list will highlight the top My Hero Academia pro heroes.

The show’s display of the quirks has attracted an abundance of attention for their wit. Without further ado, we’ll get to the top (MHA) of My Hero Academia Strongest Heroes List.

27. Shoto & Dynamight

Shoto & Dynamight

Shoto, as well as Dynamight, have both been Pro Heroes during training as well as Students at UA. Shoto’s peculiarity is Half-Cold Half-Hot which lets him utilize Ice from his right side as well as flames on his left.

But, the flaw can make his right side susceptible to frostbite, and his left to heatstroke. However, it is possible to overcome through using the two sides at the same time, creating balance.

Dynamite’s quirk is known as Explosion allows for the production and the ignition of his nitroglycerin sweat. The result is that he can create powerful, offensive power that can differ in strength and strength.

Both offer a lot of potentials. This is especially true because Shoto is adept at long-range attacks, and Dynamight is adept at close-range combat. 

Therefore, they have excellent maneuverability and have a lot of potentials. They have the same power, so picking one or the other could be a problem for many fans.

26. Big 3

Big 3

The Big 3 comprises comprising Lemillion, Suneater, and Nejire Chan, all of whom are all students of UA in class 3A. They are considered to be”the Big 3 as they excel in every aspect of their lives, which is not the case with the other heroes of UA.

Lemillion is a physicist with the ability known as Permeation which permits Lemillion to morph through the universe and return to his original state. This ability was initially seen as impossible to control, however, due to his intense training and determination, it was quickly defeated.

A hero, the man is reliable, skilled, and could be a successor to One For All.

Suneater is blessed with a characteristic known as Manifest that lets him manifest the physical attributes of everything that he consumes. The manifestations he manifests are mostly more powerful animal traits.

However, they require a refill with the item following digestion to make the same appearance.

Nejire Chan can create a Wave Motion that releases her energy or stamina in an energy spiral that creates a shockwave. This ability is most effective for long-range combat because it grants mobility and an ability to glide.

The three main players who are working together have lots of potentials, especially considering their ability and versatility. 

Lemillion can handle close-range combat extremely well. Nejire Chan is a master of long-range combat, while Suneater can handle both.

This allows for the possibility of different timings for consecutive attacks from 3 different places.

25. Kamui Woods

Kamui Woods

Kamui Woods has been described as a cryptic hero who has never shown his face to the world however, he has achieved many things. 

Kamui is awarded the number. 7 position at the top of the Hero Billboard Chart, plus his Arbor ability allows him to manage the wood that adheres to his body.

This skill has offensive capabilities but it also allows for restraint of opponents. Kamui refers to the technique of restraint as”the Lacquered Chains Prison.

24. Midnight


Also known as an 18+ only Hero, Midnight is one of the flashier professionals. 

Her Somnambulist characteristic can put people to sleep. It is more effective on male targets than females however it’s beneficial in all fight scenarios.

In addition to kicking her butts in the hero department, Midnight is also working a full-time position as an art historian for UA High School.

23. Endeavor


The second-best hero of the in-universe ranking system, Endeavor is obviously powerful. The quirk he has, Hellflame, grants him the ability to make and alter fire. 

Additionally, he is invulnerable to the flames of his own and is constantly bathed with fire. The quirk is not only amazing, but his years of training make Endeavor powerful enough to take on to the League of Villains.

Although Endeavor is an amazing hero, he’s also a horrible father and husband who openly assaults his children and wife. The difference between his public life and private life is tense.

22. Rock Lock

Rock Lock

In The Shie Hassaikai Arc, Rock Lock is an infamous Pro Hero with a blunt and critical character. 

In the end, he’s got an incredibly good heart and trusts the task to U.A. High school students, despite their lack of experience. 

Additionally, his bond with his son and wife is incredibly heartwarming. The characteristic, Lock Down, allows him to lock down any living object that is fixed in place.

21. Bubble Girl

Bubble Girl

Bubble Girl is employed at Sir Nighteye’s company as his partner. 

Her unique ability, Bubbles, allows her to make bubbles that are infused with any scent she’s smelled at least once previously. 

Fun information: her character’s style was designed by one of her fans, Abara Chiita, who took home the contest for hero designs. Perhaps one day, your character will become one of the Pro Hero in the series too!

20. Vlad King

Vlad King mha

As the homeroom instructor of U.A. High’s Class 1-B Blood Hero Vlad King is also fierce when it comes to competing against Class 1-A. 

Though he sees Aizawa along with Class 1-A as adversaries, he’s a compassionate teacher who is determined to assist students in growing. 

His peculiarity, Blood Control, allows him to alter his blood once it’s gone from his body.

19. Tiger


As one of the Wild, Wild Pussycats, Tiger is a remarkably strong hero.

He also wears a stunning and cute cat costume. 

The quirk he has, Pliabody, allows him to stretch, flatten and stretch his body in bizarre ways. 

While his attire doesn’t quite fit his intimidating, macho appearance, he’s a compassionate hero who assists in thwarting The League of Villains when they take over their camp premises.

18. Mt. Lady

Mt. Lady

Midnight’s not the only character with an attractive appeal. Mt. Lady appears to be the most popular among male fans and is fast climbing in the Pro Hero ranks. 

Her unique skill, Gigantification, allows her to reach the size of a monster as tall as the height of buildings. 

Although she seems to be awed by the attention of others, however, she does take her hero obligations seriously and assists Bakugo escape from her escape from the Hideout Raid Arc.

17. Mandalay

Mandalay mha

Mandalay is a part of the Wild Wild Pussycats the four-person superhero team that has feline-themed themes. 

Mandalay has a pragmatic and relaxed approach to heroism and develops great strategies quickly.

Her Telepath characteristic allows her to relay information to multiple individuals simultaneously It’s a perfect fit to work in teams.

16. The Best Jeanist

The Best Jeanist

Best Jeanist ranks No. 3 on the hero ranking system. is deserving of the spot. Through his Fiber Master ability, Jeanist can manipulate fiber and gain control over anyone wearing clothing.

He makes use of his innate talent to help others and make clothes, which makes him an expert at the top of the fashion world.

15. Cementoss


U.A. High’s modern literature professor and professional Hero Cementoss, a person that’s always available to assist students in Class 1-A grow into the greatest heroes they could be. 

The peculiarity, Cement, gives him the ability to manipulate and form cement-based materials. 

In the final Exams, the Recovery Girl notes that Cementoss”s quirk” is the hardest to compete against among teachers in the school.

14. Ingenium


Tenya Iida’s younger sister, Tensei, is also a professional hero, who is known as Ingenium. 

The quirk, Engine, creates bursts of force, pushing his character forwards at incredibly fast speed. 

Not only is Tensei make use of his abilities to defend and offensively, but Tensei also assists people and is a great team player.

13. Crimson Riot

Crimson Riot

Crimson Riot is a Pro Hero with the toughening peculiarity. The Crimson Riot is the source of inspiration for Kirishima’s Red Riot hero name.

He is most well-known for his selfless heroics and is sometimes referred to as daredevil. While his actions are reckless, they are centered around the idea of being masculine by one’s choice.

This manliness is not based on gender but rather on defending those who are at risk of harm with selflessness.

12. Current Mic

Current Mic

The Present Mic is the person who describes the abilities of everyone and is also a fantastic hero. 

His peculiarity, Voice, lets him become loud enough that people’s ears go to swathes. Anyone who attempts to go to the Mic without proper protection for their ears suffers a lot.

Alongside his role as a hero Mic also manages Mic also runs the English Department at UA High School. Mic teaches a variety of English classes and hosts the radio show. Does this man sleep?

11. Nana Shimura

Nana Shimura

Nana has been named the seventh person to use One For All and the leader for All Might. In addition to possessing One for All, she had her quirk, which she called Float.

This ability enabled her to fly through the air with the superhuman capabilities developed through One for All. As a hero, she’s done a lot of good through her positive actions and self-sacrificing.

The positive aspect of Nana is the famous All Might smile of reassurance which was later discovered to be the hallmark for the Symbol of Peace.

10. Mirko


Within the My Hero Academia universe, Mirko is listed as the number. 5 Pro Hero and it’s clear the reason. Her characteristic, Rabbit, gives her incredible leg strength. 

One stomp on the ground will create enough pressure on the wind to disperse the fire. Her incredible fighting skills and unwavering attitude are what people love most about her. 

It’s refreshing to see the sexiest female professional hero like Mirko who allows the rest of us to compete.

9. Ryukyu


She will be appearing at her appearance at the Shie Hassaikai Arc, the Dragon Hero Ryukyu is currently listed as the number. 10 Pro Hero. 

Her Dragon characteristic lets her transform into a huge dragon, which is beneficial in all situations. 

She also acts as a teacher to U.A. Students Ochaco Uraraka, Tsuyu Asui, as well as Nejire Hado.

8. Thirteen


Although Thirteen isn’t a combat-oriented group They still possess valuable abilities. 

Thirteen is blessed with an ability known as the Black Hole quirk and can create tiny black holes that destroy anything that is in its path. 

Because this ability is extremely dangerous, Thirteen doesn’t like using it against enemies unless needed.

In addition, the hero has the power of cleaning up the debris left behind after fighting.

7. Ectoplasm


UA Math teacher at High School, instructor, Ectoplasm, is also an amazing hero. Ectoplasm has the Clone characteristic and can spit out globs ectoplasm to make Clones of himself. 

The hero can create at least 36 normal-sized, normal-sized clones each time or a huge one. Only extreme power can kill Ectoplasm’s replicas.

Even if Ectoplasm has to lose his legs in an encounter with a villain and is unable to walk, he adjusts the prosthetics to resume his hero’s career.

6. Eraser Head

Eraser Head

Eraser Head is a Homeroom teacher in Class 1-A of the UA and Pro Hero. He is among the most powerful teachers and is extremely skilled in combat.

He has a quirk known as Erasure that lets him temporarily erase the quirks of people within his range of view. 

Additionally, he uses the Binding Cloth made of tough material that can be used to restrain and trap his adversaries.

Additionally, he has a crucial role in highly classified Hero missions, specifically in the case of restraining extremely dangerous users of quirks.

5. Gran Torino

Gran Torino

Gran Torino has retired as a Pro Hero and a mentor to All Might and Deku. Even after his retirement the veteran continues to assist heroes with their duties and is an integral component of the investigation team.

The characteristic, Jet, allows him to shoot air jets through the holes in the soles of his shoes. Because of this ability, Jet has incredible agility and speed that could be used during his peak.

Additionally, he has maintained his incredible feats by defeating low-tier Nomus at least three times. 

He has also been a part of dealing with the investigation into The League of Villains and aided with all raids and even fighting in the fight against All For One.

4. Lady Nagant (with the brand new Quirk)

Lady Nagant (with the brand new Quirk)

Lady Nagant was once a Pro Hero before she was taken to Tartarus due to corrupted hero society. Her flaw is a Rifle, which turns her right arm into a gun.

The bullets she shoots are made of hair that she has and are able to travel and bend over 3 kilometers. As a Pro Hero, she received an assassin’s level of training, has superb eyesight, and is extremely precise in her shots.

Then, much later in the manga she is captured from All For One and gains the ability to Air Walk. This allows her to rise and expand its range with her rifle. Additionally, she has self-destructing abilities that are tied to her loyalty toward All For One.

3. Hawks


Hawks is currently the Number 2 Pro Hero and also the youngest pro Hero at age 18. 

He was a trained government to replace Lady Nagant and consequently developed stealth, rationalism, and quick decision-making abilities.

The quirk of his can be described as his Fierce Wings that appear as vibrant blue wings. The feathers on his wings can be removed and can be controlled by telekinetics.

The quirk is mostly utilized to protect mass evacuations as well as the security of the citizens. In addition, he can fly and manipulate the strength of his feathers, which could later be used to make blades.

2. Deku


Deku was the ninth person to access One For All and has gained the power and the effort reduced to eight lives. The hero who was once unquestionably quirkless has seven quirks. However, he has only accessed six.

He’s probably the most impressive player from Boku no Hero Academia especially given his age. His attacks are a combination with Fa Jin Danger Sense, Black Whip, Smokescreen, & Float, all of which are woven together.

Additionally, he’s clever and can analyze and put the information to use in a very short time. While he is an extremely impressive character, the only thing he isn’t is a hero who is accepted by people.

While he can demonstrate the capacity to make this happen he doesn’t have the ideal situation or confidence to act as a substitute for his fellow Symbol of Peace. Symbol of Peace. This is the reason he is in the second position instead of being first.

1. All Might

All Might

All Might is the former No.1 Pro Hero who is well-known for being The Symbol of Peace. All Might is also the eighth member for One For All.

He made his debut as a cheerful hero who encouraged people in moments of stress with his words, “I am here.” Because he was able to use the entirety of One For All instantly, He cultivated it in the best way possible way to serve and protect society.

Additionally, he’s been a part of All For One twice and did well, even with serious injuries. 

Similar to Deku, he adheres to the character to be a true hero via self-sacrificing and selfless acts. He is, without a doubt, one of the most powerful heroes of My Hero Academia.

This concludes our list of the top (MHA) My Hero Academia Strongest Heroes!

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