Midnight Death in My Hero Academia Explained!

Midnight is an R-rated Pro Hero and a faculty participant at U.A. High School

Her death was tragic, as she was the most important character in the entire series to die up to this point.

My Hero Academia is one of the most-watched manga and anime series of the past decade. 

The manga just concluded its Paranormal Liberation War Arc and is now moving towards The Final Act Saga. 

But, even though the story is in its final stage, there are many more action-oriented stories that fans can anticipate from the series.

In the case of what was once called the Paranormal Liberation War Arc, it was by far the most brutal and heartbreaking arc the series has ever had. 

The tragedy of war is not unusual in an action-oriented series like My Hero Academia. However, the repercussions of the conflict were terrible.

The world of heroes is rapidly changing with the demise and loss of several heroes. 

There are a lot of deaths to consider that have occurred.

One of them is Midnight, who was an R-rated professional hero and a superb instructor at U.A High School. We will go over the way Midnight was killed in the series. 

This post contains spoilers from the Paranormal Liberation War Arc.

Who is Midnight?

MHA midnight Midnight Death in My Hero Academia Explained!

Nemuri Kayama, also known as Midnight, is among the many characters that have been on the air since the very first season. 

She was a renowned pro-athlete and professor at U.A. 

She had fun and a sadistic side, but she was an effective teacher and an excellent hero.

The woman dressed sexually while justifying her behavior by saying that this assisted her in using her quirk to the fullest extent. 

The quirk she had as a somnambulist enabled her to put people to sleep through the release of the scent of her body.

Her quirk had more effect on the males than on the females. 

In addition to making use of her quirk in combat as well, she also had a handful of powerful weapons available to her that gave her an advantage when fighting numerous adversaries.

How Did Midnight Die?

Midnight passed away in a dignified manner at the end of his time in the Paranormal Liberation War alongside many heroes. 

Before the time that the league’s most powerful adversary, Gigantomachia, entered the warzone, the heroes tried to prevent that from occurring. 

But they were unable to stop it, as Gigantomachia has proven to be very strong.

The heroes were not giving up in their efforts to defeat the monster and came up with strategies to beat him. 

Midnight took off with the assistance of Kamui Woods in an attempt to knock him out, as Best Jeanist wasn’t there to stop the villain with his threads. 

However, before her being able to get to Gigantomachia, she was able to spot a few characters traveling on the latter’s back.

The strategy quickly went awry and left the heroes in the vicinity vulnerable. 

Mir. Compress employed his quirk and hurled large pieces of debris onto Midnight, severely injuring her. 

While it was not able to complete her defeat, she was in a position of not being able to fight at even half the strength she had.

Midnight quickly came up with a strategy together with Create (Momo Yaoyorozu) and instructed the latter to utilize her powers to develop a sleeping pill for Gigantomachia. 

Gigantomachia Midnight Death in My Hero Academia Explained!

She was elated at Momo for her ability to think rationally and her leadership abilities. But the plan fell through in the end, as Momo was attacked and surrounded by the criminals.

In the following chapters, Midnight was not featured in the subsequent chapters, even as the war raged on. 

In chapter 296, which is titled “Extremely Hell”, we witnessed the consequences of the war when Midnight’s face was crushed to the ground, and her hand was held by somebody. 

Then, we saw an image of the heroes who perished in the war, and Midnight was right there on top of it.

This was the last blow to the people who loved her. In the last twenty chapters, her fate was not known, and there was a possibility of her still being alive. 

However, the hopes of fans were soon shattered when Chapter 296 revealed her death. 

The cause of her death was the trauma she suffered due to the debris and also the ambush by the villains.

What was the reaction of Midnight’s students after her death?

Students who were by her side when she passed away included Mina Ashido, Momo Yaoyorozu, Eijiro Kirishima, and Rikido Sato. 

They were all saddened to witness her passing and held her hand while crying hysterical tears.

The entire chapter was painful.

There was no mention of her afterward when the show began to be more focused on Deku’s injuries as well as the reaction of the public to Dabi’s being the son of Endeavor. 

Whatever the reactions, Midnight is currently the most important character to die in the show.

Is she really dead?

My Hero Academia Midnight 2 Midnight Death in My Hero Academia Explained!

Her death is confirmed by Chapter 296. Her death was portrayed through her face mask, which was crushed.

The students of Class A can be seen as Mina, Kirishima, and Yaoyorozu, along with Sato, crying over the body at the end of Chapter 296. 

Midnight’s death wasn’t shown on screen, and her body was not shown, except for a tiny scene that shows her lying on the ground during Chapter 294.

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