11 Best Diabolik Lovers Characters

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Although the story of Yui, the undead Sakamaki brother, maybe over, their blood-lusting charm remains as strong as ever.

Diabolik Lovers’ first season aired in September 2013.

The genre mix of Harem and Vampire quickly attracted a dedicated fanbase.

They were rewarded with a second season of Diabolik Lovers in Fall 2015.

This introduced s*distic vampires to the show.

Do you want to watch Diabolik Lovers, but don’t know much about the characters? 

You have come to the right place! This article will help you to understand the Diabolik lovers’ not-always-friendly sides.

11. Shu Sakamaki

Shu Sakamaki

Shu is the oldest son and the head of the Sakamaki household.

His brothers love Yui and make her life miserable, but Shu seems to not care about her existence. 

He is unable to move and it is difficult to understand his true motives and desires. 

He is often found doing nothing and feeling extremely bored. 

He pushes the responsibility of his brothers onto others, even though he should.

Shu may be too lazy to torture Yui, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t a true s*dist. 

He doesn’t see Yui as a human being and doesn’t mind her getting hurt. 

Shu pushes Yui away or uses her to feed his selfish bloodlust.

He doesn’t care about the damage he causes. Our first choice for this list is Shu, who is always cold and indifferent.

10. Yui Komori

Yui Komori

Yui is the main character in the series. 

Yui used to live with her dad, a priest before he moved to another place for work. 

Yui had to move into a mansion, which at first glance seemed empty. 

She was shocked to discover that she would be sharing a home with six vampire brothers. 

She was initially a little confused by the fact that they were vampires, but she eventually learned to live with them. 

She was often mistreated by them, but she managed to be kind and understanding. 

In the anime’s first episode, it is revealed that she was adopted.

She then begins to research her past to find out what her father had been keeping from her. 

She experienced unbearable chest pains while staying at the mansion.

Later, she discovers that her heart belonged to Cordelia, who was the mother of the triplets Ayato and Kanato. 

Yui is a young, kind-hearted woman who wants peace and not war.

9. Subaru Sakamaki

Subaru Sakamaki

Next is Subaru, the youngest Sakamaki brother. He’s the delinquent in his family.

Subaru, like his older brother, is rarely seen smiling. 

He prefers to be quiet and to keep his thoughts to himself. 

He is also the only one who seems not to like his brothers and would prefer to have nothing to do with them. 

Subaru is a strong, violent individual, despite his distance. 

Subaru enjoys taking things apart and letting his emotions take control when things aren’t going his way.

Subaru can usually control Yui. 

Yui is not a burden on his life and Subaru doesn’t like to bother himself with people around him. 

He can not control his temper and he can become as s*distic as his brothers when he loses it. 

Yui is a fierce guardian of Subaru, and that is why he should be on this list.

8. Kou Mukami

Kou Mukami

It is now time to introduce Kou, a character from season two: the Sakamaki brothers.

Kou’s most striking characteristic is his beautiful smile. His blond hair and blue eyes make him the most charming Mukami brother.

He is a warm and friendly person who can wrap everyone around his finger. 

He is a sidekick idol and has many loyal fans. Kou would not be here if he didn’t have a charming personality.

Kou is a man with two faces. He acts only friendly to gain the trust of those around him. 

He is a s*dist extreme who exploits his good looks for his own gain. 

His world is based on his own interests and does not consider the feelings of others. 

Yui was not able to see past his mask, and it took her time to see Kou as the selfish s*dist he really was. 

7. Kanato Sakamaki

Kanato Sakamaki

He is the second-oldest of the triplets and the fourth son of his Sakamaki brothers. 

His mother was not very attentive to him as a child.

He preferred to play alone and talk to his dolls. His stuffed toy Teddy is his most treasured toy. He carries it everywhere with him. 

His mother would often come to him and ask him to sing for her. He had such a wonderful singing voice. 

Kanato can either cry or get violently mad when he doesn’t get his way. 

Although he acts polite, Kanato is quite s*distic and can display violent outbursts, primarily towards Yui.

6. Reiji Sakamaki

Reiji Sakamaki

Reiji, the brain and leader of the six Sakamaki brothers, is now the time to return to the Sakamaki family.

Reiji, a quiet and collected brother, is the last to show any interest in Yui. 

He is strict and doesn’t enjoy being involved in useless tasks.

The girl is just a distraction from his planned daily life. 

Shu does not want to be responsible for the household and it is up to Reiji, the second son, to manage his brothers.

Reiji is not emotionless, but he certainly displays a s*distic side. 

His treatment of Yui is different from his brothers. He loves to insult her and make her feel that her life isn’t worth it. 

Reiji exudes a sense of superiority and dominance and doesn’t want anyone telling him what to do. 

It is better to let him do his job. Otherwise, he will use violence to get you back in your place.

5. Laito Sakamaki

Laito Sakamaki

He is the oldest of the Sakamaki triplets and the third son of the Sakamaki brothers. 

He was sexually abused as a child by his mother.

As a teenager, he began to see her more as a friend than a parent. 

Laito was locked up in the basement after their bizarre relationship was discovered. 

His mother didn’t come down until much later and informed him that her son was having sexual relations and that she had been using him. 

This was the reason Laito didn’t know what love was. Laito is cheerful, jokes a lot and has a perverted side.

4. Yuma Mukami

Yuma Mukami

Yuma is the second Mukami brother. Yuma is a self-deprecating rebel and a true s*dist.

The Mukami third son has a strong personality.

He is loud, outgoing and loves to be noticed. 

As a child, he was known for being a rebel.

This trait only became more apparent when he became a vampire. 

He is now a powerful and dominant member of the Mukami clan.

Yuma has a combination of s*distic tendencies and a hot temper.

It is a dangerous combination. Yuma enjoys his work and doesn’t harass Yui except for his own pleasure. 

Yuma is protective of his brothers, but he doesn’t hurt Yui.

3. Azusa Mukami

Azusa Mukami 11 Best Diabolik Lovers Characters

The second season of Diabolik Lovers features new characters, including Yuma and Kou. 

Their brother Kanato, who is also scary and – naturally – s*distic, is just as frightening.

Azusa, although a powerful vampire, looks timid and reserved at first. 

He looks dead with his half-closed eyes, slow speech and half-closed eyes. 

He only comes to life when he is in pain. Azusa is both a s*dist and a m@sochist.

He doesn’t mind hurting himself and those around him.

This personality trait makes Azusa dangerous. 

Most characters would retreat if their well-being was threatened, but Azusa is different. He is more than willing to inflict harm on himself and others. 

He can’t distinguish between his emotions and those of others.

He harms Yui, believing that she will also enjoy the pain. Azusa is a manipulative person who needs to feel alive again.

2. Ayato Sakamaki

Ayato Sakamaki

In our search for the Diabolik Lovers’ most s*distic character, only three men remain. Next is Ayato, who is the fifth child in the Sakamaki family.

Ayato isn’t like the other characters on the list. He doesn’t act emotionless and dead inside. 

Ayato is the first to suck Yui’s blood, and he seems to enjoy having her as his new pet. He is a vulgar trouble-maker and loves nothing more than tormenting Yui. His face is characterized by a mischievous smile.

Ayato’s nature is based on his tendency to be a narcissist, and he strives to be a constant winner. 

He doesn’t like failing or feeling powerless, so he ensures that everyone is happy. 

His competitive nature and energy make him even more dangerous than the other characters. 

He’ll go to any lengths to show Yui his s*distic side, even if it means he gets a little too much.

1. Ruki Mukami

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It’s time to name the fourth and last Mukami brother, and Ruki is it.

Ruki radiates confidence and seems to always know what he is doing. 

Ruki is a leader and trusts only his own decisions. 

He was the son of a wealthy family and didn’t worry about his servants’ well-being in his human life. 

Innocent Yui now has to suffer because of his zealous attitude.

Ruki is similar to Reiji from the Sakamaki family.

His superior knowledge and position in the family make him superior. 

He is naturally inclined to judge others and not treat them with respect. 

Yui is just a tool for him.

He tortures Yui and uses her when he feels like it. Ruki is focused only on his goals and won’t mind if others are hurt to achieve them. This concludes our list of the best Diabolik Lovers characters. 

The charming part of the series is the main cast of men. There are plenty of them to choose from, as we mentioned in the beginning. 

The story of the vampire family continued in the second season, and fans were able to fall for more characters. Your opinions are important and we would love to hear your thoughts about this selection. 

What do you think is Diabolik Lovers’ most s*distic character?

And why? 

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