Sims 4: How To Have Triplets?

If you’re looking for information on how to have triplets in Sims 4, you’ve come to the correct spot.

It is difficult to increase the likelihood of getting triplets in TS4.

It’s true that using a cheat is the only surefire way to do this.

Twins and triplets can be conceived naturally, but there is never a guarantee.

In any event, I’ll discuss both artificial and natural methods for having triplets here.

Your preferred strategy can be chosen from a variety of options.

If you’re already cheating, this should be simple.

But if you’d rather not use tricks, I’ve outlined the conventional method of reproducing triplets in The Sims 4.

How To Have Triplets In Sims 4 Without Cheats?

In order to conceive triplets, you might use a variety of methods; there is no “right” technique.

Actually, there are a variety of methods available for boosting Sim fertility.

If your Sims are really fertile, they could even have multiple children.

To that end, how can you boost Sims 4 fertility?

Here are some options:

1. Purchase the Fertile Trait from the Rewards Store

The Rewards Store sells a wide variety of unique items.

The “Fertile” characteristic, for example, boosts your Sim’s fertility significantly.

You’ll need to pay 3,000 satifaction points for this quality.

Although not cheap, the price is justified if a family of three is your goal.

As a matter of course, you need to buy this attribute for both of your Sims before they start trying to have a kid.

Although this may not ensure the birth of identical twins or triplets, it does greatly boost the likelihood of such an occurrence.

2. Use the “On Ley Lines” lot trait from City Living.

Unfortunately, one of the most reliable methods to get triplets in The Sims 4 comes from a downloadable content pack called City Living.

You should definitely make advantage of this expansion pack if you have it.

The “On Ley Lines” characteristic may be easily added to your property.

There will be a dramatic rise in the likelihood of having multiple children.

If you already own the expansion pack, then you may use this way without spending any more money.

3. Get a Fertility massage from Spa Day.

The “Fertility Massage” option is available for your Sim if you have the Spa Day expansion pack.

The Fertility Boost Happy Moodlet that you receive from this massage will last for a whole day.

If your Sim attempts to conceive during those 12 hours, she or he is more likely to give birth to multiples.

The best aspect is that the Fertility Massage may be used in conjunction with any other treatment to maximize success.

4. Brew Elixir of Fertility from Outdoor Retreat

The Sims 4’s ability to have triplets is available in the add-on pack Outdoor Retreat.

Simply make a “Elixir of Fertility” and give it to your Sim to drink.

The “Elixir of Fertility” requires the following ingredients:

  1. 1 Blackberry
  2. 1 Dust Spirit
  3. 2 False Morel
  4. 3 Morel Mushroom

How To Have Triplets In Sims 4 With Cheats?

A hack is required if you want triplets in The Sims 4 right now.

Here are the detailed procedures for achieving your goal.

  1. To cheat in your game, simply activate them.
  2. Utilize the Sims.
  3. get sim id by name Use the “First Name Last Name” trick to find out your Sim’s unique ID.
  4. Take use of the pregnancy.force offspring count ID number is a Sim card here Maximize your childbearing potential by using the “number of babies” trick. Here, “number of infants” should be replaced with “3.”
  5. It’s over with.

It is also possible to get twins using this method.

If you’re interested in having twins in The Sims 4, here’s a comprehensive tutorial!


To have triplets in The Sims 4, I hope this was helpful.

I’ve done this previously, and it’s not hard at all.

I’ve tried every artificial insemination and fertility enhancement technique I’ve read about.

While using hacks will get you where you need to go faster and easier, these other techniques are still worth exploring, especially if you don’t want to risk permanently damaging your games.

To that end, best wishes for the upcoming birth!

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