12 Awesome LGBT Anime Characters

Every year June is LGBT pride month and that why i wanted to celebrate this month with some of the awesome LGBT anime characters with these special anime fans in their own special way.

So I decided to create a compiling list of some of the awesome lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender anime and manga characters today to show my support.

So lets just dive into the list with 12 awesome LGBT Anime Characters.

12. Tetsuo Sawamura From Yuureitou

Tetsuo Sawamura (Yuureitou)

A mysterious man with a high interest in the Ghost Tower and its secrets. He ends up involving Amano in his investigation after he saves his life. Tetsuo is one of the main protagonists of the story.

11. Kaori From Azumanga Daioh

Kaori (Azumanga Daioh)

She is a classmate of the main cast. Kaori is in love with Sakaki, whose unrequited feelings are a frequent source of anxiety. Her friends seem mostly unaware of her crush on Sakaki.

(the only one to actually show that she notices it is Osaka, in Supplementary Lessons when the gang are at Chiyo’s summer house and Kaori’s fangirling of Sakaki leads Osaka to ask her whether she is “gay”.)

10. Leeron Littner From Gurren Lagann

Leeron Littner (Gurren Lagann)

Leeron is fairly flamboyant and openly, stereotypically gay. 

This often played as comic relief in the series, with Leeron often taking their campness to ridiculous levels just for the sake of freaking people out.

Despite this, Leeron is a very rational person and more than capable of being serious when they need to be.

9. Tomoyo Daidouji From Cardcaptor Sakura

Tomoyo Daidouji (Cardcaptor Sakura)

Tomoyo is very mature for her age. One of her major character traits is her selflessness towards Sakura.

Tomoyo is cute, kind, caring, sweet, highly intelligent, beautiful, meticulous, annoyingly perfectionist and very melodic (she has a lovely singing voice and often has solos in choir recitals).

8. Dee Laytner and Randy “Ryo” Maclean From Fake

Dee Laytner and Randy “Ryo” Maclean

Dee Laytner is a dark-haired young American cop who dislikes trouble-makers, which is ironic, since he seems to be one himself. His personality can switch from boisterous and inappropriate to serious and calm instantly.

Though moody at times, he cares very much for the people around him. He is in love with Ryo, but has dated women in the past; in Dee’s own words, he has several types of women he likes, but Ryo is the only and perfect man for him to love.

Randy Maclean is a sweet, shy detective that moved to the 27th precinct of New York. He becomes Dee’s partner and immediately develops a crush on the guy. When they first meet, Dee teases him about being gay, which Ryo denies; Dee also notices Randy’s eyes are black and finds out that he is part Japanese.

7. Shuichi Nitori From Wandering Son

Shuichi Nitori (Wandering Son)

Shuuichi, otherwise known by the nicknames Shuu and Nitorin is described as a young, quiet, docile, and effeminate child, who, at the beginning of the series, is in the fifth grade of elementary school. Shuuichi wants to be a girl, often dressing in feminine attire.

6.  Isabella Yamamoto From Paradise Kiss

Isabella Yamamoto (Paradise Kiss)

Isabella is a beautiful transgender person with long purple hair, grey eyes, red lipstick and a purple flower painted on her left eye. She is seen dressed in elegant aristocrat-like clothes.

5. Hana From Tokyo Godfathers

Hana (Tokyo Godfathers)

Hana has a caring and motherly personality, especially towards abandoned children. She dreams of being a mother and she believed that Kiyoko the baby was a gift from God.

She can also be a bit of a drama-queen, often breaking down in tears when a sad subject is brought up but she also knows when to be serious and she is a very genuine and loving person.

4. Kanji Tatsumi From Persona 4: The Animation

Kanji Tatsumi

From the start, he was known as a delinquent. When he was in middle school, he destroyed a biker gang, earning him a town-wide reputation of wildness and toughness.

Though people often mistakenly believe him to be a member of a biker gang or a person who enjoys violence, he actually does not have any inclination to be violent.

When his denial of enjoying “feminine” hobbies like sewing or knitting was pushed to the extreme, it unexpectedly established his position as a juvenile delinquent. 

3. Utena Tenjou and Anthy Himemiya From Revolutionary Girl Utena

Utena Tenjou and Anthy Himemiya LGBT Anime

Anthy Himemiya is the second protagonist of the yuri series Shoujo Kakumei Utena. She is a mysterious, shy girl whose vapid expression and superficial politeness mask a complex, darker personality. she was the Rose Bride before she has been revolutionized by Utena.

Utena Tenjou is the protagonist of the series in every version. She is a student in her second year of middle school at Ohtori Academy who wears a boy’s uniform in order to be more like her “prince”

2. Haruka Tenou (Sailor Uranus) and Michiru Kaioh (Sailor Neptune) From Sailor Moon

Haruka Tenou and Michiru Kaioh

Haruka is an older teenage girl with short, pale blond hair and dark blue eyes. She is the tallest Sailor Guardian, as she stands at about 180 cm or 5 feet 11 inches.

Haruka is shown wearing both feminine and masculine clothing. When she wears masculine clothes, her appearance is rendered sharper to help make the distinction. However, she is often mistaken to be a male.

Michiru is an extremely beautiful and delicate-looking girl of slim stature and average height, with deep blue eyes and wavy teal hair that falls just past her shoulders.

The epitome of elegance and femininity, she has an excellent sense of fashion, is always dressed smartly, and applying makeup or perfectly made up already.

1. Nathan Seymour (AKA Fire Emblem) From Tiger and Bunny

Nathan Seymour

Nathan is an African-American with a pink shaved hair, pink eyes and lips. He wears a pink furred, pink & white mantle coat over a black top, red pants and pink high-heeled boots.

Fire Emblem’s costume is of the typical hero style. Despite the fact that they do not fly, they possess a burning cape, which they can turn on and off. 

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