Libra Anime Characters

15 Best Libra Anime Characters of All Time

The libra season is around the corner and no-one can escape it!

Even our anime characters! Libra season is often told to provide a calm work life and a hot love life, a much-needed relief after the work-hard Virgo season.

So, let’s celebrate the sign of the scales by listing down the top 15 Libra Anime Characters!

For our convenience, we will classify these characters into the three major Libra types that we are familiar with, namely, the ‘Socialite’, the ‘Diplomat’ and the ‘Judge’.

15. Libra From Fairy Tail

Libra From Fairy Tail

Let’s start the list off with the most “Libra” a character can get, Libra, the Zodiac celestial spirit from Fairy Tail.

Libra is the Zodiac sign that was introduced much later in the series in the Grand Magic Games arc.

Libra has abilities to manipulate gravity as she pleases.

Libra has a quiet personality and usually keeps quiet.

She keeps her relationship with her contracted magicians limited to business only doing what they ask to the best of her abilities.

Although she looks very calm and balanced all the time, does enjoy having her opponents submit and obey her.  

She firmly believes in balance and that those without it shall die.

14. Yuuki Asuna From Sword Art Online

Yuuki Asuna From Sword Art Online

This girl is no arguments a ‘judge’ libra. She didn’t care about her own life before she met Kirito.

She takes almost everything that he says seriously, living and fighting solely for him.

She can’t handle people dying in front of her.

She often goes out of her way to protect the ones that she cares about, doing reckless things without a care in the process.

Despite this, Asuna does possess a strong set of beliefs that she wouldn’t compromise for anyone, including Kirito.

She has a resolve to continue moving forward no matter what.

13. Maximillion Pegasus From Yu-Gi-Oh!

Maximillion Pegasus From Yu-Gi-Oh!

Well-mannered and yet overly dramatic.

A gambler but a man of his word.

This man is a paradox of walking contradictions, but there’s no doubt about his abilities, both as a businessman and a showman.

All he wants to do is bring back the love of his life by collecting souls and what’s so wrong with that?

He channelled his abilities to collect souls to achieve his goal.

Coming across as a tactical and cunning man, Maximillion is actually quite the nice person.

Not only did he return the souls that he promised, he also helped Joey financially for his sister’s eye surgery.

As much as he shows that he is a heartless showman gambler who only cares about souls, he is a caring man who deep down just wants his lover back.

A perfectly balanced flashy character with a sweet moving motivation, like all libras should be.

12. Misaki Ayuzawa From Kaichou wa Maid-sama

Misaki Ayuzawa From Kaichou wa Maid-sama

Entering the Shoujo romance territory here!

Misaki is fierce.

Misaki is scary.

Misaki is independent


Misaki doesn’t need any more men to ruin her life!

As a ‘Judge’ type libra, Misaki doesn’t stay quiet when her morals are crossed.

She has already hardened herself to men because of her father.

She can’t stand not helping someone when they are in trouble, often crossing the line of being too selfless for others.

She isn’t scared to put in the work required to do.

She is passionate and does everything with full force.

She dives deep into whatever she is doing and doesn’t cut slack.

She also doesn’t tolerate someone discouraging others from working hard regardless of their gender.

11. Kirigaya Kazuto or Kirito From Sword Art Online

11. Kirigaya Kazuto or Kirito From Sword Art Online

Kirito had closed himself off, continuously being nose-deep into the world of computers.

Not surprisingly, Kirito has a socially awkward side to him.

He is calm, collected, overconfident and can come off as rude to others.

This cocky personality, however, is only a shell to his real more kind, emotional and driven personality.

He has incredible will and resolve to do whatever it takes to achieve goals that are important to him.

He is also willing to sacrifice himself for the sake of others.

He gets emotionally worked up over a lot of incidents in the game.

A ‘judge’ libra at heart, Kirito knows his own heavenly scales very well.

10. Yuichiro Hyakuya Form Owari no Seraph

Yuichiro Hyakuya Form Owari no Seraph

A hot blooded youth with a kind heart, Yuichiro is fearless and reckless.

His goals have become narrow-minded and because of the tragedies that befell him.

All he now wants to do is, protect his new ‘family’ no matter what happens and he is ready to go to any lengths for that.

Like any other ‘socialite’ libra, he knows how to make a scene and want to case tremors every time things get quiet.

Although he does have a soft spot for anyone who cares about their family and makes an effort to help them whether they are human or vampire, he continues to slaughter vampires without mercy or hesitation.

Friendships and bonds continue to become more and more important to him which he often shows by now remembering the squads names, which he didn’t care about before.

With the progress of his character, Yuichiro gains more and more balance to his scales.

9. Masayoshi Hazama From Samurai Flamenco

Masayoshi Hazama From Samurai Flamenco

Look, we all watched our favorite action series growing up.

Iron Man gave hope that you didn’t need to be a mutant or born with superpowers and that technology could compensate for it, but trying to be this superhero without proper fighting skills or technology?!

This guy is crazy! But isn’t all of anime?

Well, Hazama takes naivety to a whole new level.

He, however, is literally punched down easily.

He doesn’t give up his dream and goes on to train combat, showing his impressive will to do something.

As a model, he is quite literally as showstopper and makes the scene revolve around himself.

This ‘socialite’ libra opens up into a whole new realm and is a treat to watch him develop.

8. Madoka Kaname From Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Madoka Kaname Form Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Madoka is soft-spoken, timid and kind.

She tries to soothe and comfort everyone around her.

She strongly believes in hope and is not afraid to continue doing so despite all the hardships or problems that come with it.

She is naïve and can be manipulated with her desire to help others.

She always gives other priority, characteristic to a ‘diplomat’ libra.

Often scared and anxious in conflict, Madoka tries her best to do what is right every single time.

Her wish to do good and completely set herself aside for that is something that makes Madoka a perfect embodiment of an unbalanced ‘diplomat’ libra.

7. Xerxes Break From Jun Mochizuki

Xerxes Break From Jun Mochizuki

“Please… no matter how much despair awaits them… Let what remains at the end of their stories… Be like that sunny day… Full of gentle light.”

Xerxes Break

Better known by his Pandora alias, the Mad Hatter, Xerxes looks all fun and games on the surface.

He has a weak spot for cakes, is always smiling and looks utterly carefree in what he does.

Xerxes is completely loyal to Sharon and goes to all lengths, even defying death, to fulfil his duties.

He doesn’t want to worry Sharon.

He often keeps things that he thinks will worry her or will make her cry a secret.

He often gets in trouble for others and is okay with being hurt in their place.

He has a disdain for conflict and does understand the cruelty but his loyalty always takes more precedence.

As a ‘diplomat’ libra, he prefers to not think things, but just do his duty.

That’s all.

He can be ominous and dangerous when he wants to and carefree and happy when he wants.

It’s all about the balance with this libra.

6. Aino Minako or Sailor Venus From Sailor Moon

Aino Minako or Sailor Venus From Sailor Moon

No matter what you say about Sailor Moon, it is going to remain one of classics forever.

Minako is a clumsy character with only the best interests at heart.

She is a funny character but she does become serious when the time demands.

She is a strong woman who is almost a little too obsessed to proving that she is worthy or pure.

It makes perfect sense for her Libra tendencies to be out in the open since Libra is a sign ruled by Venus.

She tried to take care when the other Sailor Senshi got sick, she couldn’t do it properly.

She loves attention and making an entrance that leaves an impression, as long as it’s a good one.

She enjoys taking the stage and looking good.

All she needs now is a little balance to sometimes take the backseat.

5. Erwin Smith From Attack on Titan

Erwin Smith From Attack on Titan

Erwin is the stoic serious character.

He maintains his neutral demeanour throughout while receiving good or bad news, being praised or insulted and on any other occasions.

Erwin does hold his men dear but is also one of the mature characters painfully aware of how fragile life is.

He is calculating and strategic.

He is sceptical, determined and eloquent.

No wonder he is widely respected among his peers.

Although Erwin seems to be a great leader on the surface, he does have his moments of weakness and selfishness.

His obsession with discovering the truth of the world and Eren’s basement are proofs of his priorities.

He has a past grabbing and pulling his feet back.

He is one of the best examples of a “Judge” type Libra, who do want to keep peace but know when and where to put their foot down.

4. Rangiku Matsumoto From Bleach

Rangiku Matsumoto From Bleach

Rangiku knows how to party.

She knows how to liven up things and she is loves to drink.

The only thing that can put a damper on her is… well… paperwork.

She is a ‘Socialite’ type Libra.

She knows how to use her feminine charms to get anything she wants, from gaining a tactical advantage in a fight to free drinks, she doesn’t shy away.

Keeping her love for shopping aside, Rangiku is often a serious and sensitive person when the situation demands it.

She is calculating, social, attractive and she knows it and owns it.

He carries herself with confidence and does her duties well… except the paperwork.

3. Sakata Gintoki From Gintama

 Sakata Gintoki From Gintama

Gintama is well-known for its comedy.

The protagonist Gintoki portrays a very “diplomatic” Libra.

He is lazy, unwilling to do things, but in his own way, he is completely dedicated to his job.

One moment he is afraid of spiders and the other, he will lay down his life for his friends.

Gintoki is a people-pleaser when it comes to the people he loves.

He has very little regard for his own life and is extremely caring of his friends.

Despite being a sadistic lazy sarcastic coward and an idiot who has no idea what he talks about a lot of times, Gintoki has immense charisma that does attract a lot of friends for him.

2. Uzumaki Naruto From Naruto

Uzumaki Naruto From Naruto

The protagonist of one of the biggest beginner anime of all time, Uzumaki Naruto.

Naruto is bright,

Naruto is stubborn,

Naruto is funny,

Naruto is a leader,

Naruto is a fighter

And Naruto is a Libra!

Naruto has a clear vision of what he wants to do and where he wants his life to go.

He doesn’t shy away from expressing his opinion and often tries to do draw attention to himself by doing everything in his power to protect his loved ones.

He doesn’t care about empty authority and can be impulsive some times.

Naruto knows how to make an entrance and an impression.

This is his “Socialite” type Libra-side shining bright

1. Yu Nishinoya From Haikyuu!

Yu Nishinoya From Haikyuu!

The guardian of Karasuno High School is a ‘Socialite’ Libra?

The signs are all there!

Nishinoya is bold and loud.

He knows how to make his presence felt.

He is great at what he does and he doesn’t cut slack in his work at all.

Nishinoya was and is always firm on what he believes is right.

He is cheerful and knows how to create and atmosphere.

He is talented, a dreamer and isn’t afraid to do what needs to be done to achieve them.

He is warm and confident which only makes him that much more likeable!

Noya-san has definitely made his mark, in his show, in his audiences’ hearts and on this list as well.