21 Best Libra Anime Characters of All Time

Libras make up a lot of our favorite anime characters.

Libra Anime Characters often have a balanced life, which is a pretty good way to describe Libra theory.

They are always lovely and polite, no matter how much they talk or how quiet they are.

They can sometimes be manipulative and want to please everyone, even if it means hurting others.

So, let’s stick around and look at how hard-core anime fans rank best of the best Libra characters.

When Are Libra Born?

People born between September 23 and October 22 are Libras. Libra is an air sign, and the scales are its symbol.

This shows how much Libra cares about balance and unity. Libra is crazy about order and always tries to find balance in everything..

21. Rimuru From That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

Rimuru From That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime 21 Best Libra Anime Characters of All Time

Balance is, of course, what the scale is all about. Libra is a sign that tries to get along with others.

People who were born under this sign are peacemakers who care about fairness and unity. This part is perfect for Rimuru.

Rimuru, even though he was the most powerful guy in the world. He cared about bringing peace and wealth to many different races and peoples.

When Rimuru goes to war, he doesn’t want to win, but instead wants peace and unity.

20. Iruma Suzuki From Mairimashita! Iruma-kun

Iruma Suzuki From Mairimashita Iruma kun 1 21 Best Libra Anime Characters of All Time

Iruma is kind, which doesn’t help him in the demon world, and he tries to avoid strife. When he’s in a tight spot, he uses one of his Libra strengths: creativity!

This makes it possible for Iruma to get out of even the worst situations. But not without the help of the people he has brought together to help him with his charming Libra charm.

Iruma was completely alone until he went to demon school. Now that he is surrounded by people who make him feel less alone, encouraged, and like they need him, he can have the social life that every Libra wants.

Unfortunately, this Libra guy also tends to put other people ahead of himself, which is a good trait but can leave him feeling unfulfilled.

19. Silica From Sword Art Online

20 Best Anime Libra Characters Ranked By Likability 16 21 Best Libra Anime Characters of All Time

One of the people in Sword Art Online is named Silica. Even though she is young, she is a good fighter.

She was the first player to get a Feathered Little Dragon, which made her one of the best-known Beast Tamers in the game.

Like most Libras, her social life is very important to her, and she puts a lot of value on her game friends.

Libras like the best things in life, which is not a secret. So, this sign’s attraction to fame and the vanity that comes with it is one of its biggest problems.

Silica’s achievements made her well-known, and she started to get a big head about herself. Libras tend to be more grounded, though, so she was finally forced to realize this and change her ways.

18. Garfiel From Re:ZERO

Garfiel From Re ZERO 1 21 Best Libra Anime Characters of All Time

When a person’s life events aren’t perfect, their weaknesses tend to show. Because of this, Garfiel can’t find a good balance, so he stays in the forest and protects it with his whole life.

This is partly because he needs company and partly because Libras like to feel sorry for themselves when they have the chance. Garfiel is also a creative Libra.

He comes up with plans and attacks that his enemies don’t expect, and, come on, have you seen what he wears and how he looks?

Lucky for Garfiel, he makes a lot of great friends who finally teach him a good Libra trait: how to settle.

17. Suzuha Amane From Steins Gate

Suzuha Amane – Steins Gate 21 Best Libra Anime Characters of All Time

Suzuha Amane is an 18-year-old Libra girl who is happy and has pigtails. Brown’s Pipe Workshop, where Rintaro works part-time, is owned by Rintaro’s owner, Yugo Tennoji.

Amane takes time off from work to ride her bike, which she loves. She gets along well with everyone at the Future Gadgets Lab, except for Kurisu Makise. She joins the Okabe Team at a later time.

Because from the lab window above the Brown Pipe workshops, you can hear everything that is being said. Suzuha figured out what the guys were doing, so Rintaro forced her to join them.

Even without knowing what happens next, what happens shows the best example of a Libra.

16. Naruto Uzumaki From Naruto

Naruto Uzumaki 21 Best Libra Anime Characters of All Time

Naruto Uzumaki is a young shinobi who has sworn loyalty to Konohagakure. Naruto is one of the most well-known anime figures, so there’s no need to say anything about him.

He is a Libra. Even though he may not be the most typical Libra, he is still a Libra.

He acts in a way that is so over the top and shameless that only someone with Libra charm could pull it off. Throughout the series, this same quality draws people to him like moths to a light.

This is because he cares a lot about things like friendship and people, which is another Libra trait. His need for love and attention is too strong for a Libra, which is a common problem with this sign.

15. Libra From Fairy Tail

Libra From Fairy Tail

Let’s start the list off with the most “Libra” a character can get, Libra, the Zodiac celestial spirit from Fairy Tail.

Libra is the Zodiac sign that was introduced much later in the series in the Grand Magic Games arc.

Libra has abilities to manipulate gravity as she pleases.

Libra has a quiet personality and usually keeps quiet.

She keeps her relationship with her contracted magicians limited to business only doing what they ask to the best of her abilities.

Although she looks very calm and balanced all the time, does enjoy having her opponents submit and obey her.  

She firmly believes in balance and that those without it shall die.

14. Yuuki Asuna From Sword Art Online

Yuuki Asuna From Sword Art Online

This girl is no arguments a ‘judge’ libra. She didn’t care about her own life before she met Kirito.

She takes almost everything that he says seriously, living and fighting solely for him.

She can’t handle people dying in front of her.

She often goes out of her way to protect the ones that she cares about, doing reckless things without a care in the process.

Despite this, Asuna does possess a strong set of beliefs that she wouldn’t compromise for anyone, including Kirito.

She has a resolve to continue moving forward no matter what.

13. Maximillion Pegasus From Yu-Gi-Oh!

20 Best Anime Libra Characters Ranked By Likability 03 1 21 Best Libra Anime Characters of All Time

Millions of Pegasus is the one who made the Duel Monsters Card Game. He is very smart, and his movements are almost as carefully planned as how he looks.

He is one of the most well-known enemies in the series, and he is a crazy person who likes cartoons.

Pegasus is the symbol of the bad side of this sign. Libras are good at using their social skills to get what they want, and he does this by lying.

Pegasus is also very egotistical, which is another trap Libras may fall into if they aren’t careful.

Pegasus is a normal person who was born under this sign, except for one thing.

12. Misaki Ayuzawa From Kaichou wa Maid-sama

Misaki Ayuzawa From Kaichou wa Maid-sama

Misaki Ayuzawa was the head of the student government at Seika High School. She was a tough and cruel boss, which is why people called her “Demon President.”

She is more than just a normal good student, though. She works secretly at a Maid Cafe after school so she can pay her bills.

Libras, like Misaki, often take on the role of boss without even trying. She is also a high school student who cares what her friends think of her.

Spoiler alert: At the end of the series, she ends up working in a field where only Libras really do well.

11. Kirigaya Kazuto or Kirito From Sword Art Online

20 Best Anime Libra Characters Ranked By Likability 02 1 21 Best Libra Anime Characters of All Time

Kirito is another brave Libra knight. Like other Libras, he is a good speaker and has the creativity and quick wit to deal with any situation.

Libra people are also cute! And who doesn’t love Kirito among his girls and friends?

We can’t ignore the fact that Kirito is diplomatic and hates unfairness.

These are both typical Libra traits. He’s never said he wants to be alone, but the fact that he’s surrounded himself with kind friends and chosen Asuna, who is also smart and kind, as his life partner says a lot.

10. Yuichiro Hyakuya Form Owari no Seraph

Yuichiro Hyakuya Form Owari no Seraph

One of the main characters in Seraph of the End, Yichir Hyakuya, is also known by his real name, Yichir Amane.

He is the only one who got away from Ferid Bathory’s Trap, which killed the rest of his foster family.

At the start of the show, Yichir was shown to be very sad and not friendly because of the bad things that happened to him as a child.

He was alone a lot when he was young. But when he was young, he was kind and fiery. Because of his terrible past, he isn’t afraid of anything, which is why he doesn’t listen to signs of danger.

Even when he’s mad, he never forgets to help other people because he lives for payback.

At the end of the series, his goal and experiences have made him much more grown-up than he used to be.

9. Masayoshi Hazama From Samurai Flamenco

Masayoshi Hazama From Samurai Flamenco

Masayoshi Hazama is a famous male model who has always loved superheroes and has a bit of a justice complex.

This never-ending love makes him give up his comfortable life of wealth and become a Samurai Flamenco.

Masayoshi is used to being in the spotlight, since he is a model. In fact, his Libra charm may be his best asset, especially early on in the game.

Masayoshi can be a bit naive, which sometimes works against him, but he always comes out on top, even if it’s just by a hair’s breadth.

He puts people before everything else and, as a vigilante, shows the Libran power for which he is known.

8. Madoka Kaname From Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Madoka Kaname Form Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Madoka’s speech shows that she is always happy and hopeful: “If someone tells me it’s wrong to hope, I’ll tell them they’re wrong every time.”

She is one of the Magical Girls, and she is also the main character of the story.

She is kind and shy, and she cares a lot about the people around her.

At first, she didn’t seem very sure of herself, but after she joined the Magical Girls, her acts showed that she was more sure of herself.

Madoka thinks that helping each other is the only way to make the world a better place, and it’s also the only thing she can give.

But her desire makes it easy for people to take advantage of her and make her angry.

7. Xerxes Break From Jun Mochizuki

Xerxes Break From Jun Mochizuki

“Please… no matter how much despair awaits them… Let what remains at the end of their stories… Be like that sunny day… Full of gentle light.”

Xerxes Break

Better known by his Pandora alias, the Mad Hatter, Xerxes looks all fun and games on the surface.

He has a weak spot for cakes, is always smiling and looks utterly carefree in what he does.

Xerxes is completely loyal to Sharon and goes to all lengths, even defying death, to fulfil his duties.

He doesn’t want to worry Sharon.

He often keeps things that he thinks will worry her or will make her cry a secret.

He often gets in trouble for others and is okay with being hurt in their place.

He has a disdain for conflict and does understand the cruelty but his loyalty always takes more precedence.

As a ‘diplomat’ libra, he prefers to not think things, but just do his duty.

That’s all.

He can be ominous and dangerous when he wants to and carefree and happy when he wants.

It’s all about the balance with this libra.

6. Aino Minako or Sailor Venus From Sailor Moon

Sailor Venus 21 Best Libra Anime Characters of All Time

Minako Aino, who is well-known from both Sailor Moon and Codename: Sailor V, is the real name of Sailor Venus.

As a magical female fighter, it is her job to keep the Solar System safe. Usagi Tsukino found her and put her in a group called “Sailor Soldiers.”

She was chosen as the fourth, but her power as a Sailor Soldier came out first. Sailor Venus has the power of love, light, beauty, and a golden material metal, among other things.

She is already a famous person, but she still wants to be a famous Idol one day. She is a very serious person because she has always been in charge of her team.

5. Erwin Smith From Attack on Titan

Erwin Smith 21 Best Libra Anime Characters of All Time

Erwin is the quiet, thoughtful guy.

He doesn’t change his attitude when he hears good or bad news, is complimented or insulted, or in any other situation.

Erwin does care about his men, but he is also one of the more adult characters who knows how fragile life is.

He plans and thinks things through.

He is doubtful, driven, and a good speaker.

So it’s no surprise that he has a lot of respect among his peers.

Even though Erwin seems like a great boss at first glance, he can be weak and self-centered at times.

His top concerns are finding out the truth about the world and getting into Eren’s basement.

He used to grab his feet and pull them back.

He is one of the best examples of a “Judge” type Libra, who wants peace but knows when and where to put their foot down.

4. Rangiku Matsumoto From Bleach

Rangiku Matsumoto From Bleach

Rangiku is a very intelligent and charming woman who uses her feminine traits to get what she needs or wants.

She has a relaxed attitude, which is typical of Libras, even though she has a big part in Bleach.

Rangiku loves to drink, but she avoids it the most when she has to work. She seems very self-centered, but when it comes down to it, she cares about other people when the case calls for it.

Most of the time in the series, her uncontrollable behavior, which isn’t very libra-like, makes it clear that she’s getting serious.

3. Sakata Gintoki From Gintama

Sakata Gintoki 21 Best Libra Anime Characters of All Time

Sakata Gintoki is the main character in Gintama. He is a dangerous warrior and a good leader.

Gintoki is smart when it comes to strategy, but he also cares deeply about the people closest to him and puts them ahead of the organizations and groups he works with.

He makes a lot of funny moments for the audience throughout the series, and he’s such a charming bad guy that you can’t help but like him.

Libras tend to overindulge, and Gintoki often does this with things like wine and sweets. He also seems to be less organized than most Libras.

He is smart and clever, so he usually always finds a way to make ends meet. His energy seems to have no limits, and he uses it to his advantage to charm and persuade others.

2. Uzumaki Naruto From Naruto

Uzumaki Naruto From Naruto

The protagonist of one of the biggest beginner anime of all time, Uzumaki Naruto.

Naruto is bright,

Naruto is stubborn,

Naruto is funny,

Naruto is a leader,

Naruto is a fighter

And Naruto is a Libra!

Naruto has a clear vision of what he wants to do and where he wants his life to go.

He doesn’t shy away from expressing his opinion and often tries to do draw attention to himself by doing everything in his power to protect his loved ones.

He doesn’t care about empty authority and can be impulsive some times.

Naruto knows how to make an entrance and an impression.

This is his “Socialite” type Libra-side shining bright

1. Yu Nishinoya From Haikyuu!

Yu Nishinoya From Haikyuu!

The guardian of Karasuno High School is a ‘Socialite’ Libra?

The signs are all there!

Nishinoya is bold and loud.

He knows how to make his presence felt.

He is great at what he does and he doesn’t cut slack in his work at all.

Nishinoya was and is always firm on what he believes is right.

He is cheerful and knows how to create and atmosphere.

He is talented, a dreamer and isn’t afraid to do what needs to be done to achieve them.

He is warm and confident which only makes him that much more likeable!

Noya-san has definitely made his mark, in his show, in his audiences’ hearts and on this list as well.

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