Does Mirio Get His Quirk Back?

Will Mirio Togata, aka Lemillion get his quirk back? Die? or how can he get his quirk to return? Hello everyone, I’m sure these questions are in everyone’s head after the conclusion of Episode 74 from My Hero Academia 4.

My Hero Academia 4 has been as amazing as ever this season, with an incredible opening and concluding theme.

The story has become slightly darker during the revamp arc, however, it’s still very well-written. We also discover more about some of the characters.

We aren’t here to discuss My Hero Academia 4 but we will discuss Mirio Togata and whether he’ll have the Quirk Permeation back and how it can happen.

We at My otaku World can help those who aren’t reading this manga.

Mirio Togata, aka Lemillion, was capable of standing his ground with the younger Yakuza boss Overhaul as well as his associates Chronostasis and Deidoro Sakaki, as well as Shin Nemoto all on his own.

In episode 74 from My Hero Academia 4 We really discover the reasons why Sir Nighteye believes that Lemillion is qualified to become the next owner of One for All.

Protecting Eri from Eri from Quirk The Destroying Bullet with the price to his quirk. his future is to become a hero. And just like that, He swoops in to the rescue of Eri.

However, after this episode the audience was left to ask three more questions: What if Lemillion was in a position to win this battle against Overhaul? 

If Lemillion would be able to regain his quirk and regain his quirk? and how can that be accomplished?

So let’s get started on answering these questions:

Will Lemillion die?


Mirio Togata, aka Lemillion will not pass away after his battle with Overhaul, the real identity Kai Chisaki.

He suffers serious injuries after the incident and loses his quirk.

However, it is able to recover and take an absence for a short time at U.A High School, he is able to recover.

So, that’s it for one question haha. Next question I’m looking forward to the next one!!

Lemillion Will Regain His Quirk?

There is no evidence of Lemillion gaining his quirk back. 

However, there has been plenty of evidence to support the idea that he’ll eventually get his quirk back.

Two reliable sources

Mirai Sasaki aka Sir Nighteye

Mirai Sasaki aka Sir Nighteye

The man who utilized his unique foresight prior to the time of his demise on Mirio to see the future of his life.

The thing he observed was good because he smiled and declared that Mirio will become a renowned hero.

So Lemillion is definitely safe. And if you’re in doubts regarding Foresight being 100% accurate after the battle with Deku, Eri, and Overhaul.

Shota Aizawa aka Eraser Head

Shota Aizawa aka Eraser Head

Aizawa has stated that it’s feasible for Mirio to recover Permeation, his quirk. 

Anyone who knows Aizawa will be aware that the man isn’t one who gives people false hopes.

Let’s now look at the ways this is feasible.

Methods Lemillion Could Get his Quirk Back?

1. Eri

Eri 1 Does Mirio Get His Quirk Back?

The Quirk-Destroying Drug was created by consuming the blood of Eri.

Even Shota Aizawa has suggested her quirk to rewind could help rewind bodies of those who’ve lost their Quirks, and then restore them.

In contrast, Aizawa said that the quirk is only effective on living things and not on non-living items so learning in order to learn her trick isn’t going to be easy.

At the current stage, she needs to master her quirk prior to helping Mirio recover his quirk, or returning him to a state of non-existence.

There is still a chance that she can master her quirk, as she’s under the tutelage of Aizawa right now.

2. Kai Chisaki was not lying or wrong.

Kai Chisaki was not lying or wrong.

It’s a mutation in all and isn’t like other quirks. Rewind is an ability that can bring an individual back to an earlier state.

Did he really know the process of making Quirk-Destroying Drugs to destroy a person’s quirk forever? 

His previous attempts at creating the drug could only result in a short time loss of quirks.

Did he really master how to make the Quirk-Destroying drug last forever or has he just discovered an approach to make the duration last for a longer time such as an entire year?

3. The Antidote Serum

The Antidote Serum

Also, it’s possible heroes could discover the antidote’s serum, as Overhaul has said he’d make one in his plan to bring back the Yakuza to glory.

If you know what kind of person who is organized Overhaul is It’s possible that he already created an antidote solution for the quirk-destroying drug and that it’s in some sort of warehouse.

Or Quirk Scientists might come up with one if they had the chance to talk with Eri or Quirk Scientists.

They might be in a position to create one, but considering Eri’s story is so tragic that through it, turning her into an experiment on a human could break her completely.

The loss of Lemillion’s quirk was definitely one of the saddest moments this season. But the future does look bright for our young hero Lemillion.

This is definitely still not the last turn on the line for Lemillion. It’s not the end we’ll ever see of his peculiarity!

Thank you for reading and we thank anyone who has shared their thoughts in the comments section. We love reading your comments.

Till next time…

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