Why is Muzan looking for Blue Spider Lily?

Muzan Kibutsuji appeared in his debut appearance in Season 1 Episode 7, of the animated series Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba.

He’s the principal antagonist of the series – known as the Demon King. He is thought to be the very first demon to ever be created.

Muzan is a fascinating person. It’s not just because of his striking resemblance with The King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Muzan is an extremely formidable foe to demon killers.

He is an icy murderer, killing humans or even transforming them into demons.

There is a greater motive behind him creating an army of demons to protect his own benefit? Could it be some connection with the hunt to find Blue Spider Lily?

What’s the Reason Muzan Searching for the Blue Spider Lily?

Muzan is in search of an elusive blue spider-lily that will help him get immunity from the sun so that he can achieve immortality.

In a chapter of the manga, Muzan’s background story reveals that he requires a lily of the blue to overcome his weaknesses or a demon that can withstand the sun so it can absorb their power.

In the Heian Period, Muzan was an ordinary mortal before it was transformed into the form of a demon. Muzan was told that his death was due to 20 due to an unidentified illness.

A compassionate doctor visits him and gives him an experimental medicine made by the mysterious blue spider Lily.

blue spider lily Why is Muzan looking for Blue Spider Lily?

The drug, however, since it is the prototype, is slow to demonstrate its effects. In anger over his declining health, he takes the life of the doctor who helped save the life of his patient.

It’s only when the doctor’s death that Muzan discovers that the medication worked. Since he wasn’t able to finish the entire dose, Muzan’s treatment remains ineffective.

He is aware that he’s weak and vulnerable in the sunlight even walking out during the afternoon can degrade your body.

The doctor was the only one to know the location of that blue spider-lily. Muzan makes it his goal to search for it in order to achieve absolute immortality and immunity from the sun.

Does Muzan Find The Blue Spider Lily?

muzan demon slayer Why is Muzan looking for Blue Spider Lily?

Muzan does not find his blue spider-lily. He’s left frightened of the sun and dreading death, and the blue spider lily is forever beyond his reach.

The flower blooms only in daytime hours, and for a couple of days in the calendar year. With Muzan only capable of roaming the earth in the darkness of night, he’s in no position to locate the flower.

This is a clear indication of how tragic Muzan’s personality is. If he hadn’t given in to desperation and rage and rage, he could have fought with the medical treatment that the doctor gave to him and become the ultimate monster.

Therefore should Muzan be more patient and less impulsive then he could have devised an approach for humans to obtain this blue spider lily the demon, as they cannot take the heat of a large sun.

What is a Blue Spider Lily Do? Which Are Its Properties?

The blue spider lily, one of the rare types of flowers within the Demon Slayer universe, has the ability to regenerate itself. It is believed to have the ability to create demons.

It is the source of Muzan, the Original Demon – Muzan – and, if administered to the fullest dose, could assist in the creation of demons with an immortal body that is immune to the sun.

100 years on from the day Muzan died, Aoba Hashibira, a botanist-researcher, finds these blue spiders lilies, but because of a mistake made in an experiment, all of them wither and eventually die.

This means that the demon race is eliminated. The actual nature associated with the blue spider Lily will forever remain an unanswered question.

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