Is Tanjiro a Demon Now in Demon Slayer?

We were all hoping that the defeat of Muzan was the end of the story, did we not? 

However, we were proved wrong in chapter 201 that showed us Tanjiro transformed into the form of a demon!

You read it right.

Tanjiro turns into the demon!

This was something that no one might have seen coming as well, and considering Tanjiro being the strongest demon, the possibility of him turning back human, was not looking good!

We are glad that our protagonists had the ending they wanted (but at what price?). The final chapter of the series Demon Slayer again proved to its viewers that it takes great pride in its theme of being able to understand human emotions the most.

What is the reason Muzan transformed Tanjiro into a demon in the very first in first place? 

Did this create a chance to make a more sinister sequel? Check out the article to find out more!

Why did Muzan turn Tanjiro into a demon?

Is Tanjiro A Demon In Kimetsu No Yaiba 01 Is Tanjiro a Demon Now in Demon Slayer?

The notion of thoughts being a potent weapon of their own is a constant theme across Demon Slayer

Muzan himself, in his final moments, realizes this is true for himself too. As he nears the end of his life, Muzan admits that emotions are never-ending and will never die. He acknowledged that the emotions of those they killed have finally got to Muzan. This further emphasized the concept of how powerful feelings can be.

Then, Muzan thought that it is the best idea to do this at home! In the belief that his own emotions for his ambitions are enough to surpass those of a nearly deceased Tanjiro, Muzan starts to transfer his blood. In symbolic terms, he puts his desires onto the young man.

Muzan desired Tanjiro to pursue his self-centered goal of eliminating his own Demon Slayer Corps. (If the boy could survive this unique blood donation).

Tanjiro is the perfect choice for the position of the next demon’s leader or”the “King of Demons.

First, he shared blood with Nezuko, which would enable him to stand in the sunlight. Additionally, he was a practitioner of sun-breathing like Yoriichi that could make him more powerful.

Thus, Tanjiro as a demon is probably the greatest demon that could ever exist.

But, does Tanjiro remain a demon forever?

Does Tanjiro remain a demon?

Is Tanjiro A Demon In Kimetsu No Yaiba 02 Is Tanjiro a Demon Now in Demon Slayer?

The scene that follows Tanjiro trying to get to humans again serves as a reminder of the power of human connections. 

After being transformed into a demon, Tanjiro lost his control. He even fought Nezuko after the taste of her blood spurred his bloodlust. Inosuke remembers the promises he made to Tanjiro and Zenitsu, telling them that they will always have one another’s back. 

The majority of attempts to knock his body failed in the end, with Tanjiro becoming the most powerful demon. Even the red crimson nichirin blades were unable to defeat Tanjiro.

Kanao finally gets the chance to stab the demon Tanjiro with the final drop of wisteria poison remaining. From this point, Tanjiro seems to be hovering at the edge of death and life as Muzan tries to convince Tanjiro to accept his status as an undead.

In this scene, we can see how shallow Muzan’s knowledge of emotions was. He is admonished by Tanjiro in an attempt to inform him that people who have died aren’t happy about his return after they’re gone. 

He also keeps claiming that he’s the inheritor of his will. It’s a desperate attempt to use “feelings” to help still keep his authority.

We find out that the feelings that hold people are powerful, and the result of many sacrifices.

The pleasure of being human was in sharing your joys and downs with the people you enjoyed.

Slowly, Tanjiro returns to consciousness and thinks about the sadness and happiness that he felt and admits that even his memories of joy from the past could be enough to make him go back.

At the end of the day, Tanjiro is unconscious. Tanjiro is able to see again and this time they were human!

Thus, Tanjiro managed to beat Muzan and regain his human form.

Was this chance wasted?

Is Tanjiro A Demon In Kimetsu No Yaiba 03 Is Tanjiro a Demon Now in Demon Slayer?

The reason Tanjiro was transformed into a demon was intended to continue building on a theme for the final time and provide more excitement following the conclusion, his time as a demon Tanjiro was very brief. 

Maybe due to the many occasions where the protagonist was transformed into the non-human antagonists in the manga, Tanjiro’s three-chapter demon hood was uncomfortable.

However, it was an amazing performance of love and bravery that showed how much characters cherish one another for the more occasion.

It also serves as a lesson for readers to cherish your good memories and those you cherish will help you beat the most formidable of foes. It illuminates the selfish and dark ways of demons that were in stark contrast to humans and was the most fatal weakness of the latter.

I think it would’ve been fantastic to see a sequel Demon Slayer with Tanjiro battling his demons (please laugh) and perhaps turning into an antagonist.

Even though Demon Slayer finished with a very successful conclusion but I think that the demon Tanjiro could have served as the basis for further Demon Slayer content that will further investigate human interactions and not the individualistic behavior of many demons.

Are you hoping for more from the demon Tanjiro? 

Do you think the tale was over at the right point? 

Tell us by leaving a comment below!

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