Does Power Die in Chainsaw Man Explained!

Chainsaw Man episode 3 was mostly about the fight between Denji and the Bat Devil, but Power’s death caught the attention of anime fans.

Even though she abandoned Denji and led him to the Bat Devil, she is now a fan-favorite character, so fans wonder if Power really died in Chainsaw Man.

In episode 3, Power talks to Denji about her problem with the Bat Devil as she leads him into the Devil’s lair. She had made a deal with the Bat Devil that she would give him a human in exchange for Meowy.

However, since Denji was part devil, the Bat Devil didn’t like how his blood tasted, so he ate both Meowy and Power as a punishment.

WARNING: The next piece gives away a lot about the manga Chainsaw Man.
You can decide whether to read on!

If you’ve read the comics, you know what’s going to happen next, so the question has a whole different meaning for you.

Makima used her finger bang to do what she needed to do. But does that really mean the character is done?

Before we get to the details, let’s talk about some general things:

Did Power Die in Chainsaw Man Episode 3? Did the Bat Devil kill her?

No, Power did not die in Chainsaw Man episode 3. Even though it looks like the Bat Devil ate Power, all he did was swallow her whole.

Even though eating her gave him more energy, he didn’t chew her because her blood made him feel sick. Power was the Blood Fiend, which meant that her blood tasted like the blood of other devils or even Denji.

At the end of episode 3, we see Denji kill the Bat Devil by cutting him open. In the next episode, when Power learns how much she values life, Denji will save Power and Meowy from inside the Bat Devil.

Denji will tell her about the deal they made if she asks why he would risk his life for someone who tried to kill him. Lucky for him, Power will decide to go through with it.

But the battle isn’t over yet, because Denji is about to face a new enemy.

Does Power Die in Chainsaw Man at any time?

Does Power Die in Chainsaw Man Explained!

In the manga Chainsaw Man, Power does die. In the last part of the story, when Denji decided to give himself to Makima so he wouldn’t have to deal with the results of his actions, Makima, also known as the Control Devil, made her move.

She started by calling Power home for Denji’s birthday and asking Denji to open the door for her. As soon as Denji opens the door, Makima uses her power to kill her.

But we didn’t see the last of Power because Pochita brought her back to life to help save Denji from Makima.

Power was able to save her friend from the Control Devil, but she didn’t have much time because she gave Denji her blood to save him.

Power tells Denji that all devils are born again in hell after they die. So, even though the Blood Devil will come back, Power won’t because she was a Blood Fiend.

So, Power told Denji to make friends with the Blood Devil if he ever meets her again and turn her into Power.

Even though there is still a chance that the Blood Devil will show up again in the series, it won’t be Power. Thus, Power does die in Chainsaw Man.

How did Power die in Chainsaw Man?

After making a deal with Pochita, the Blood Devil comes out of nowhere from the Chainsaw Man’s body and starts making weapons out of her blood to attack Makima and her manipulated followers.

But Makima’s horde of zombies quickly beat her and ripped the Blood Devil’s arm off with a “BANG.”

Fearing Makima’s ability to manipulate, the Blood Devil at first agreed to give up the weak Chainsaw Man. However, Power’s memories of Denji made her decide to run away with him.

Here, a weaker Power (or the blood devil) makes a deal with Denji, telling him to find her reborn self, make friends with her, and turn her into the Power he loves.

She told him that when she was reborn, she would hate him because almost all devils hate the Chainsaw Man, also known as the Hero of Hell. So, now that he has her, it’s up to Denji to win her love.

Power gives Denji her blood in exchange for making the deal, and then she disappears, which means she died.

Just to remind you, when a Devil (and, by extension, a fiend) “dies” on Earth, it is reborn in Hell and then comes back to Earth again. Its power depends on how scared people are of what it’s about.

If someone is reborn, it means they won’t remember their past lives. This is already clear from the fact that the Control Devil came back to life as Nayuta.

So, did Makima kill power?

It depends. She gave up her life freely to save Denji, but the Control Devil was also a big part of the events that led to her death.

So where is the Blood Devil now?

Will Power show up in other chapters?

Will Power come back in Chainsaw Man Part 2?

So far, nothing has been found out about who Power’s reborn self might be. But if you look at how serious the deal is, Denji would do anything to get her back.

The Blood Devil’s blood is still flowing through Denji, which makes it easy for him to recognize or feel the reincarnated version of the Blood Devil.

He misses her a lot, which is pretty clear. The fact that the terrible Cockroach Devil was stopped by saving a cat instead of a person shows that.

I wouldn’t be surprised if his main goal right now, besides taking care of Nayuta, is to find the Blood Devil. And getting famous helps the process along…

Or is it…?

This is just one idea.

What if he loses control of himself little by little because he keeps killing? What if he grows a heart of stone?

Don’t forget that Denji has a Devil’s heart now. In Chapter 29, the young man thought about how he would feel if Insert Name> died.

When Pochita died, it made him sad. Himeno? Not really. (“Am I a mean person?” Denji questions himself)

What if Power died?

“Naah… Don’t believe it.”

But that changed over time.

Suppose Makima died.

Denji thinks he’ll be sad for three days but will quickly get over it.

It’s possible that Denji’s Devil side will get the best of him. Devils only care about themselves and not about other people.

And being at the top of the food chain is important to them. Everyone worships the Chainsaw Man right now.

There’s a chance that would get into his head and make him lose his sense of right and wrong. Time will tell…

So, what do you think about Power possibly coming back to life?

Will it happen sooner or later?

What do you think?

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