How to Make a Door in Minecraft

Doors are an essential requirement for all Minecraft buildings. Every building should have a door, even the first one. 

An angry mob will attack your building to steal it. While you may eventually want to explore more custom piston-powered doors, it is better to stick with the basic doors for the time being.

Wooden doors are the most basic of all doors. Although they may not be as strong as iron doors, they are still adequate. 

Iron doors are more durable than wooden doors and won’t crack as easily. It must be activated in some way to unlock, including keys, levers, or pressure plates.

Materials Required for Doors

You will need the following to make a Minecraft door:

—6 blocks of iron or wood


You’ll need blocks of wood to make your own. Logs are needed for any type of wood, including oak, birch and spruce, spruce or dark oak, acacia, and junga. It is easy to acquire any type of log. 

You first need to locate a tree. You can use your axe to do this, but you will need to slow down your speed. 

Click left on a block from the trunk of the tree and hold it. The log block will fall. Grab it.


How to Make a Door in Minecraft How to Make a Door in Minecraft

One iron ore is made when it is combined with a fuel source, as shown below.

How to Make a Minecraft Door

The Nutshell

Open the 3×3 grid to create a door. You can fill the entire area between the 2nd and 1st columns with 6 wooden planks. 

This will give you three doors. Simply click on the doors to drag them into your inventory.

Step-by-Step Guide:

This is the pictorial step-by-step guide that you will need to follow in order to make a door in Minecraft.

Step 1: Open the Crafting Table

How to Make a Door in Minecraft1 How to Make a Door in Minecraft

To begin crafting the ender chest, open your crafting table with the ingredients from your inventory. You will see the 3×3 grid in the image below once you have opened your crafting table.

Step 2: Place the Iron or Woodblocks

How to Make a Door in Minecraft 2 How to Make a Door in Minecraft
How to Make a Door in Minecraft 1 How to Make a Door in Minecraft

Add the objects to the grid on the crafting table. As shown in the image below, the elements must be connected to each other. 

In this example, we will create an oak door. You will place 2 blocks made of oak wood in each row.

The last box should be empty. Next, add 2 more oak woodblocks to the second row. Leave the last box empty.

Finally, add 2 more oak woodblocks to the second row. After attaching the pieces to your crafting grid, you will find three doors in the box to the right.

You can place the door in your inventory

How to Make a Door in Minecraft 3 How to Make a Door in Minecraft

Explainer Video


Q. How to make Iron Door?

Iron ingots can also be used to create an iron door. This is what the crafting recipe looks like:

Place the door in your inventory.

Q. Can Zombies open doors with pressure plates?

They can. You can have pressure plates on the inside but not on the outside if you don’t want mobs. You can also put a button on the outside. 

You will be able to go quickly outside, but not inside if you do. Mobs won’t be able to get in unless they are allowed to.

Final Words

Congratulations! A door will stop mobs from coming into your home, or even from entering at all. 

A door can be built for your hidden base or home and is an inexpensive investment that will protect you and your belongings. 

If you are playing on a server, you may be able to rig a Redstone device that covers the entrance to your treasure room or secret base.

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