How Does Tanjiro Die in Demon Slayer?

Demon Slayer is a manga/anime series that is full of emotions, due to the morals displayed by some of the most significant characters ever created.

In the end, when some of them pass away which happens often in the course of the series there are a lot of fans who are sad.

However, among the deaths of certain characters from the show, Tanjiro Kamado’s death was one that shocked the majority of fans.

Tanjiro actually passed away in the series, when they were fighting Muzan Kitbutsuji.

Prior to the time that Tanjiro passed away, Muzan was also able to kill the majority of Hashira members.

However, the death of Tanjiro was the trigger for his eventual return in following the Final Battle.

What happened when Tanjiro end up dying?

To further explain we will go back and explain more regarding the final battle which was fought within the Sunrise Countdown Arc only because it’s the most relevant portion of the series that is linked to Tanjiro’s demise.

Additionally, I will also discuss the consequences like what happened after the Final Battle and what was the fate of Tanjiro after his death.

Did Tanjiro Die in Demon Slayer?

Note: There are several spoilers in this article. If you’re in the middle of the season 1 of the series you should take a look at the show first.

Since the Mange has been canceled at the end of 2020, would you like to catch up and know more about what I’m discussing in this post, begin reading the chapters now!

The mange chapter in which Tanjiro’s demise will be revealed when you continue reading.

Tanjiro actually passed away in Demon Slayer.

tanjiro How Does Tanjiro Die in Demon Slayer?

The death of Tanjiro was confirmed during the post-timeskip events in this series.

The death of Tanjiro was also confirmed in the aftermath of the final battle, when his pulse was examined by a few survivors from the group known as Hashira.

It was also observed at the time that he could not breathe at all.

In the end, they were into a war against one of the most formidable villains in the history of anime.

Then, I’ll not just talk about his demise, but the incredible abilities of Muzan to help you know how he managed to beat Tanjiro and Hashira in their Final Battle.

How Did Tanjiro Die in Demon Slayer?

In the end, Tanjiro died due to suffering a severe injury while fighting Muzan and then he further injured himself while performing Sun Breathing techniques in quicker sequence.

However, despite the strength in the sun breathing techniques Muzan was only “irritating” and that’s the reason Muzan was able to defeat him until dawn came around.

The events that led to Tanjiro’s death began in the first part of the Final Battle Arc: The Infinity Castle Arc.

This is the part where they took on Ubuyashiki Estate to kill Muzan and put an end to the rule of the demons, at last and for good.

The Hashira might be formidable Demon Slayer, however, they must join forces to stop Muzan.

In this fight they were able to fight Muzan multiple times.

This proved Hashira was incredible collaborative and powerful.

Tanjiro as well as the other Hashira tried to join Muzan from every angle however, they were all taken into the Infinity Castle, where most of them were separated.

After the main battles of Hashira to defeat Muzan’s demons inside the Infinity Castle, the castle was destroyed and the Hashira must have waited until the dawn to eliminate Muzan one and for all.

Muzan Kibutsuji’s Ability

It’s pretty clear that Muzan is the primary reason Tanjiro was killed.

To understand more about the reason Tanjiro lost his life despite defeating Muzan in the final fight I’ll talk some details about who Muzan is and how incredibly strong the man was.

Muzan Kibutsuji, the demon king is the progenior for all the demons.

muzan How Does Tanjiro Die in Demon Slayer?

This means that he is the strongest of all demons because he is the very first demon and has killed a number of people over his 1000 years.

Additionally, he has a wide array of talents, including the use of blood to make demons and making black spiked wires which can be used as whips or an effective method to dislodge his adversaries.

Muzan is well-known for his unimaginable power, which is higher than all the other demons.

Despite Tamayo’s attempt to weaken him by using an Anti-Kibutsuji Drug during the Infinity Castle Arc the demon was strong enough to destroy structures without difficulty and could even perform devastating attacks that cause massive holes.

And even Gyomei who was the Hashira had the most raw strength, was having a difficult time to fight him.

He also has Godlike speed and agility and an unstoppable stamina that ensures his unstoppable fighting performance.

His strenghth is also reflected in remarkable endurance, is apparent of the fact that all of the Hashira was utilized to band together to take him down, but they still killed many of them in the process.

In contrast to other demons, the Hashira is also protected from the decapitation.

In addition, he can change into an Infant which acts as a barrier made of flesh and has been proved to be powerful enough to protect himself against all Hashira without any difficulty.

He can also change his mouth into a huge mouth, which can trigger an internal scream that could cause harm to anyone who is struck by the shockwave.

In addition, he has a combat-style appearance, which causes his hair to become long and white and makes him appear more sinister.

This form defeated the majority of Hashira to death and causing Tanjiro to pass away after their fight.

All of these feats and in the light of the strength of the Hashira the battle against Muzan was a challenge that seemed to be impossible, even without the sun.

Thus, you can claim that the reason for Tanjiro’s demise was the injuries Muzan suffered from.

The Final Battle that caused Tanjiro’s death

In the Sunrise Countdown arc, all the Hashira were alive.

They have over an hour to go before dawn and Muzan was fully charged.

A few of them were wounded as of this moment as well and Muzan is now in combat already.

The second phase of the Final Battle was actually a fight of desperate need, in which everyone, Hashira, Tanjiro and his friends fought with their strengths to the fullest extent.

tanjiro 1 How Does Tanjiro Die in Demon Slayer?

However, they’ve been proved unbeatable against Muzan.

In this episode he was able to eliminate the majority of Hashira members due to his incredible power, speed, reaction time and how strong his Blood ability could become.

These are Hashira members that were killed in the battle:

  1. L Kokushibo
  2. l Akaza
  3. L Kaigaku
  4. l Gyokko
  5. l Gyutaro
  6. L Daki
  7. l Hantengu
  8. Doma
  9. Nakime is the name of Nakime

In addition to the Hashira the slayer was successful in killing other Demon Slayers.

In addition, some of them sacrificed themselves in a portion in the Final Battle, to distract Muzan.

Yet, despite the difficult deaths, a handful members (including Tanjiro) was able to stop him until dawn came, effectively destroying the Demon King to make him a good one.

It was a happy and satisfying moment for them, as well as for the fans however, it was shocking to discover that Tanjiro ultimately succumbed to his injuries after defeating Muzan.

The harm Tanjiro suffered during the fight was a significant amount.

The soldier lost his arm during the process, fractured many of his bones in the course of sun breathing repeatedly and in quick sequence, he even suffered serious head injuries.

Another cause of damage to his body is likely to be the most important factor in contributing to his demise was the poison he took from Muzan.

The poison made him blind and weak even after Muzan was defeated.

Tanjiro’s demise was confirmed even by Kakushi who informed Giyu with tears that Tanjiro is no longer breathing and has no pulse.

Tanjiro seems to be lying on the ground, but isn’t moving at all and is holding his blade with only one arm.

But there’s more in the scene than just that!

Tanjiro’s Death’s Aftermath and…

The aftereffects of Tanjiro’s death was the moment that brought Tanjiro back.

You got it!

The main character actually came back to life following his official being dead.

However, this time Muzan became a demon himself and went through the same process that was happening to sister Nezuko.

The reason for this is that after Muzan was defeated and proved that he could not be defeated, the last time making use of all his consciousness left to restore Tanjiro.

The result was that he became Tanjiro, the current Demon King.

The results of his transformation to a demon was that he came back to life and transformed him into a powerful demon.

demon slayer corps How Does Tanjiro Die in Demon Slayer?

What’s more concerning about the demon version is that it was immune to sunlight.

But, Tanjiro’s determination can stop him in committing murder of his beloved sister as well as ward off becoming enticed by Muzan in his unconscious.

Because of his sister, whom he tries to protect throughout the series, Tanjiro eventually went back to normal.

The problem is that Tanjiro has lost the skills he used to have previously and was diminished with a blind eye because of the poison was administered by Muzan.

But, Tanjiro appears to be happy with the situation because there’s no need to use the power of a Demon Slayer anymore as all the demons have been eliminated.

So, Tanjiro was able to return to his former life but he was killed in the final battle.

If not for Muzan’s attempts to demonize Tanjiro and his family, he could have died already due to extreme exhaustion as well as poison and injuries.

In the end of the narrative, a skipping occurred and revealed to be the grandchildren of Tanjiro.

In terms of the technical aspect of the story Tanjiro passed away peacefully as he got older and had the family he created.

Thus, it can be said that Tanjiro was a victim of two stories about his death.

One resulted from his fight against Muzan while the other was peaceful due to his age.

In which episode does Tanjiro Die?

At the moment this anime series of Demon Slayer is not yet completed.

Season 2 is in development stage and the final release date is not yet debated.

The anime has just released their highly successful movie Mugen Train back in 2020.

It is not yet clear that season 2 will be the last episode of the anime or if they’ll release the Final Battle Arc as a film similar to Mugen Train.

Since the manga has already ended I’ll go over the chapters in which Tanjiro’s death was depicted.

Tanjiro’s death occurred following the fight against Muzan at the end of Chapter 200.

The death was due to his age, the details of which were never made public specifically.

What happened was that at the conclusion of Chapter 204 a time-switch was observed where a present-day Japan was showed.

In Chapter 205, it showed children from the Kamado family attending the modern school while one of them bears an eerie resemblance of Tanjiro.

This means that Tanjiro could rear an entire family until his death perhaps due to his age.

In the case of anime counterpart I suppose we must keep our fingers crossed for when it will be released.

Tanjiro’s Death Scene

This heartbreaking scene from Tanjiro is not available in an animation version as of yet.

If you do a search on the internet, you’ll find Chapter 200 being discussed and also the video of pages of the chapter.

Fan-created animated scenes based on this emotionally charged death scene from Tanjiro.

We may need to wait to see if the animated scene is seen in Season 2 or in a new episode or the film which the director are planning to soon release.

If you want to see the episode in which Tanjiro was killed all you have to do is go to this page to view the scene.

It is Chapter 200 of the series and you can also look up to other chapters in the manga, particularly in case you’d like to go through The Final Battle in full.

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