Who is Izuku Midoriya’s Dad?

Who is Deku’s dad?

Hisashi Midoriya.

Plain and simple, right?

Left for work overseas when Deku was a kid and hasn’t shown up again for at least 8 years.

Well, there are some interesting things to look into.

Like the Potential.

Deku’s father is such a mystery that he has so much potential to be anything as of now.

He is a regular working salaryman who just didn’t feel the need to or want to see his family in the past 8 years at least.

Inko still refers to him as her husband meaning that they haven’t divorced yet.

It is also unclear how much Hisashi connects and communicates with his family.

This would carry in perfectly into the regular of negligent absent anime fathers.

Notable examples of these are Ging Freecs from Hunter x Hunter, Glidarts Clive from Fairy Tail, and Monkey D. Dragon from One Piece.

Parents like these are absent for some comical or serious reasons and are completely absent or disconnected from their child’s life.

He is either dead or missing due to circumstances by which he is unable to return or communicate or is doing so on purpose to protect his family.

According to Inko, her husband has a potent fire-breathing quirk, which makes it likely that he is being targeted for the quirk.

But the most talked-about possibility is the potential of Deku’s father to be a villain, particularly being All Might’s arch-enemy, All for One. There’s a strong theory here that we need to address.

Firstly, quirks are transferred to the next generation by something called the Mendelian Inheritance. There are 5 possibilities.

The child inherits the father’s quirk

The child inherits the mother’s quirk

The child inherits both the quirks and this fuse to form a completely new quirk

The child inherits both the quirks that manifest individually and finally

The child is quirkless.

It seems highly unlikely to see that a quirk potent enough for him to be in the ‘hero-villain business’, just disappeared in the next generation.

What Does Hisashi Midoriya Look Like 1 Who is Izuku Midoriya's Dad?

This majorly open 2 possibilities for us:

One being that Deku inherited the quirk, but it was taken away from him without his knowledge

Deku’s father was born quirkless since we know his mother has the simple gravity manipulation quirk.

Both these possibilities are quite interesting storylines to divulge into.

Let’s take the first one: Deku inherited the quirk but it was taken away from him without his knowledge.

This would mean a lot of interesting things for the fans.

  1. Dr.Tsubasa, the doctor who told the Midoriyas that Izuku isn’t going to develop a quirk since his quirk hasn’t manifested yet. This doctor has shown an eerie similarity to the man named Shiga Maruta, or more notably known as All for One’s doctor.
  2. If this is the same man, it would make sense for the doctor to have taken Izuku’s quirk for All for One, especially if it was a powerful one.
  3. It is strange as to why Deku would be targeted specifically when there already are so many other and significantly better, at the time, quirks like Shoto Todoroki’s Half-hot half-cold quirk. Endeavour is quite the known hero and it would be more likely that any villain would target him and his son rather than Midoriya who has no notable presence as a hero at all. In this scenario, it makes more sense that All for One was already aware of the child and the kind of quirk he would possess, in order to get this quirk first. A definitive starting point that he knew of and wanted.
  4. It makes sense for one missing person to have all of this knowledge and easy access to Deku. His father.

What makes this theory credible is the total absence of Deku’s father, the striking similarity between All for One’s doctor and Deku’s doctor, and the knowledge of Deku and his quirk before anyone else.

Let’s take a look at possibility no. 2: Deku’s father was born quirkless.

  1. Inko mentions Hisahi’s firebreathing quirk canonically. This should be enough to throw this one out the window, until you think about ‘Nomu’s.
  2. Nomu are enhanced dead body mindless killing machines that only obey commands.
  3. Hisashi could’ve been given a powerful fire-breathing quirk after he was killed and became a Nomu.
  4. This theory suits and fits the excerpt better if Hisashi was an ordinary salaryman who took work abroad but has great qualities and willpower.
  5. It also explains his almost complete absence and lack of communication from there on since he wouldn’t have a will of his own at all.
  6. Nomu are sometimes also able to communicate at a level much higher than that of regular ones like Kurogiri. Kurogiri was able to retain some of Oboro’s caring traits and extend them to Tomura who he was programmed to protect. If Hisashi is also able to retain some of his personality in his Nomu form, he might’ve told Inko about his quirk and told All for One about the existence of Deku due to his absolute loyalty.
  7. It would also make sense, since it requires a lot of willpower in one’s conscience to be able to retain traits of one’s personality after becoming a Nomu. Deku might have inherited his sense of heroism, will to save people, helping nature and his strong willpower from his father that today allows him to use the One for All without getting overwhelmed by the conscious of all the previous holders of the quirks.

Both of these theories have a very interesting take on who Deku’s father might be and what he doing now.

Kohei Horikoshi has confirmed that Hisashi will make an appearance in the series.

We do not know when or how, but it is clear that the mangaka has something planned for him.

Kohei Horikoshi’s love for Star Wars is well known.

He illustrated The Last Jedi poster in his style. Boku No Hero Academia also captures a bunch of Star Wars references like the Tatooine Station and even the primary antagonist of the movie has similarities with Darth Vader.

All for One is a quirk that allows him to steal any quirk that he likes. A big black suit with a mask and a serious medical condition because of his destroyed body is major in both characters.

So, it is safe to expect that there might be an “I’m your father, Izuku” moment here in the series.

It is also worth noting that we do not know anything about Hisashi’s power level either. A little more information about how we could scale him would go a long way into confirming either of the theories.

So, at this moment, the theory about Deku’s father being All-for-One is quite strong.

However, if we look a little more closely, despite this theory having a lot of canonical material support, at the end of the day, it’s just speculation. But isn’t that what all theories are?

The ‘Missing Father’ Shonen Complex

The Missing Father Shonen Complex 1 Who is Izuku Midoriya's Dad?

This isn’t the only time that a shonen character’s father is absent from the story. It’s also fair because it grants freedom to the protagonist that could not have been achieved without a father close by.

Let’s look at a basic example of Naruto’s dad – Minato Namikaze. If he had been present, Naruto would never be the man he’s today.

The majority of shonen stories focus on empowerment. Parents who hinder and scold you for hours do not help.

In addition, the mangaka is confronted with the additional developments of two older characters and still able to tell the story through the viewpoint of the protagonist.

As a bonus, the missing parent could serve as a great plot device when used properly. Consider the example that of Hohenheim and Ging They were quite great in their respective TV show.

It’s not possible for a person to even think of an adventure if he lives an enjoyable and secure life in the hands of his family. There’s no reason to be and there’s nothing left to pursue.

This means that removing the concept of parent(s) from the narrative lets it unravel in a more logical way.

What happened to Deku’s dad?

Hisashi Midoriya is hiding in mode, and that’s the only reasonable answer currently. 

He’s working in another country and can secure financial security for his family.

Anything more than that is simply speculation. 

Let’s say that I have some theories that may help to find out more questions about Deku’s father who has been missing for a long time.

It may sound like excessive music, but everyone is entitled to their own, right?

The Normal Guy

Hisashi Midoriya is an ordinary salaryman. He’s nothing more than that. For it to sound more credible Do you remember Bakugo’s father?

His wife and he had distinct personalities, and their son was influenced by the characteristics of his mother. That sounds like a similar situation, doesn’t it?

Yes, it is. Deku is also a model of his mother, who is loving and helpful.

Additionally, the show has been adamant about Deku and Bakugo’s tense parallelism many times. Therefore, if Deku’s dad turns out unstable and reckless but is an ordinary person, I wouldn’t be shocked.

The Not-so-Normal Guy

Hisashi has been working as a secret spy for The Hero Public Safety Commission, as do Hawks. The HPSC examines the most dangerous criminal cases, and it’s possible they could be involved in AFO as well.

He’s also helping the independent organization achieve its goals. However, there’s a caveat. we’ve observed that HPSC isn’t all peace, sunshine, or roses.

In reality, it’s an untrustworthy group that is willing to do anything to preserve the status that is heroes and peace in society. Therefore, perhaps Hisashi is in the midst of a mission but isn’t aware of the sins of the group.

What is Hisashi Midoriya’s Quirk?

Hisashi Midoriya's Quirk

It was already disclosed that his quirk is to breathe fire. Yes, it is true and it’s the only aspect Horikoshi ever revealed about his peculiarity.

One could make some guesses regarding the meta abilities that Deku’s father is able to possess. However, it’s difficult to think of what his quirk might appear like given the mystery that surrounds the subject.

A portion of the fandom already has a connection with Hisashi’s peculiarity in the past with Endeavor or Dabi. It’s a bit ridiculous, but it’s actually absurd.

Why Endeavor or Dabi can’t be Deku’s Dad?

Endeavor or Dabi

I’m not even sure what people think of such absurd concepts. Since Hisashi is a fire-related character does not mean that it’s connected in any way with Endeavor and Dabi.

Let’s talk about Dabi first. Long story short, he’s way too young to be this.

The Rogue Todoroki is only 24 years old for goodness sake. He had planned to take revenge on his father all the time. But in the midst of it why would he want to become a family man?

It’s absurd. And, let’s be aware that this guy’s young.

As for Endeavor, It’s not possible. He was busy honing his children to beat his competitor All Might. I doubt he’d spend a moment to think of a trivial issue such as the reason why he should not create a second child to enhance the level of competition.

Furthermore, the reason for his redemption lies with his family and the family only. There are no other revelations that point to Midoriya. This isn’t going to happen.

Therefore, the notion that Endeavor as well as Dabi being Deku’s father was in the past and continues to never be true.

What does Hisashi Midoriya look like?

Hisashi Midoriya look

There’s not a lot of information available to get a good grasp on how Deku’s dad appears like. Therefore, I’m able to guess about his appearance and personality.

It could be fun but I’m guessing everything at this point. Don’t take this too seriously.


The first thing that enters me when I imagine Hisashi as a person is a thought that he should possess black hair. In light of the fact that Deku has hair that is green with black hues, it is logical; genetics is a factor.

The dad of Inko might have freckles as well with a wide face. We can say that he’s not as slim as Inko but he did gain a leaner appearance due to his over-working.

At this point, I’m not able to comment on the color of his eyes because Deku has eyes of green (like the eyes of his mom’s).


Reckless and Impulsive. These were the first words that came up to my mind.

We are aware that Deku has acquired a number of his traits from his mother, but she’s not the reckless kind of person. In retrospect, Deku’s dad can be. Additionally, the young hero was born into the most humble start with an incredible dream.

One can conclude (for the more favorable) that Hisashi may be a decent spouse and parent. Even though he was not involved in the education of his son, there are some oddities to be observed.

These traits can be traced back to Deku’s father.

A side note: If Hisashi appears to be a larger-than-life character, it could cause a rift for me. The reason for this is that Deku did not start out as a bigger-than-life character.

In reality, he was the opposite: a shy child with astonishing goals.

Is AFO Deku’s Dad?

My Hero Academia All For One Deku 1 Who is Izuku Midoriya's Dad?

The biggest question throughout MHA fandom is MHA fans is this: whether AFO is the father of Deku or not. The group All for One is taking the quirks for long enough, therefore the likelihood that this will happen isn’t a zero.

But one thing does not fit into the equation. AFO always wanted to have the best of the finest peculiarities for himself, so why would he give it to an individual as talented and likable Inko Midoriya?

I’m not bringing any disrespect to the beautiful and lovely lady, but all she could do is to pull small objects toward her. Because of that type of an irk her offspring will not be someone AFO could call his successor.

There is the possibility that AFO was hidden from the world and tried everything to remain without being noticed. That’s why he attempted to appear like an ordinary person for a short time in order to remain secluded.

Then comes the legendary line that astonishes us all – Horikoshi is a massive lover of Star Wars. Sure, he is, and we have watched the incredible announcement of Dabi Todoroki..

In addition, we all have seen the scene that is Shigaraki is the grandchild of Nana Shimura too. However, AFO wears a Vader-like mask therefore it must mean something, isn’t it?

It’s likely to be so and in a sense, it’s pretty obvious, and also a little poetic. One For All is Luke Skywalker and All For One is Darth Vader.

It’s true there is a certain aspect that comes with being a dad persists in this regard too. If this isn’t the case, at a minimum it’s debatable.

Long Story Short, No

The notion about AFO as the father OFA isn’t a stretch since OFA could be the one force that has the power to stop his crimes. Also, the huge parallelism and Horikoshi fans of Star Wars remain the same.

However, there’s a distinct difference between taking an idea and just copy-pasting an entire story. Additionally, there’s a factual detail that aids in disproving the entire notion about AFO being Deku’s father.

It was already discovered in the year 2018, however, people decided to not pay attention for various reasons. While it’s a double-edged weapon it could be interpreted as a positive way to prove the popular theory is not true.

Inko and Hisashi – A Broken Relationship?

Being a single parent is hard. Even more challenging is to be gentle and kind to a child-like Deku. 

A child who has no flaws, Inko Midoriya has been always a great supporter from the start.

Even though she messed up in a few instances but it wasn’t deliberate and was only because she was unable to think straight. 

In the end, at all times, she is devoted to her son and is aware of his desire to be a hero like All Might.

But what happens to her husband?

Through the manga, one thing that has become very apparent is the lack of participation of Hisashi and all who are unaware of Hisashi’s present

Does Deku even know anything about his father? 

Do you think there is something Inko is trying to hide?

A Delusional Marriage? (Theory):

Horikoshi has yet to reveal Deku’s father in the show and Inko’s silence hasn’t helped greatly. Inko has never been seen speaking about her husband.

It seems like their marriage isn’t going well and they may not have the best relationship. In addition, there haven’t been any instances that she has called Hisashi to inform him about her son.

She doesn’t talk about him with anyone. Deku is also not believed to have any information regarding his dad. Based on the way things are going the entire situation appears quite grim.

However, there could be an explanation for this. It’s just speculation at the moment, but maybe Hisashi is in complete secrecy and isn’t interested in anyone contacting the man.

If so, the wife’s decision to not inform about their son’s birth makes perfect sense. Additionally, there’s this ongoing flow of financial security that the Midoriya family receives from the man. This means he’s sending money regularly to them.

With all this drama that brings us to the end of our discussion – Are Inko and Hisashi still in love?

I would like to believe they’re not, however, due to the nature of his work, it’s difficult to know the exact location of their relationship right at the moment. We can only be hopeful and let’s find out what Horikoshi can do for us.

Do we get to see Deku’s father?

The day before San Diego Comic-Con 2018, Horikoshi confirmed that Deku’s dad will be revealed in the near future. It’s been three years since then.

However, I would believe that it’s about time to finally see Deku’s father. In the end, it’s the area where Deku’s personality is rising above the black skies and his pals may have not been enough to keep off the cloud.

Deku is in need of something or, more precisely an individual who can change his life immediately. At this moment, Deku needs his missing father the most.

This is the perfect moment to debut as an illuminating illumination in perpetual darkness.

It could become an event that will shake Deku. Hisashi Midoriya might be an AFO’s ally AFO or even a secondary antagonist.

It is not difficult to see that he’s been hidden, far from the family he loves. This alone is enough to open the door for speculations of this kind.

But, if this is super fanfiction-like thinking, Horikoshi might surprise us with an unexpected twist of his own. Perhaps Deku’s father has been trying to break his cycle of the Quirk Singularity theory or perhaps he’s been doing a sleight of hand all the time. What do you think?


It’s a complete disservice to not speak about All Might prior to the end of this post. Although not his biological father, he was an excellent mentor and fantastic father figure throughout Deku’s world.

The impact he’s had on the young hero is immense. It’s due to Deku’s abilities to master AFO as well as strives to become an improved person. In the most recent chapter, Deku’s only goal was to have a smile on his companions after the battle with AFO has been resolved.

Horikoshi is taking his time to reveal his father. Deku. However, whatever happens, it’s going to increase the intrigue of the story. Therefore, all we can do is sit back and let the character perform his work.

Let’s go back and read or watch My Hero Academia again.

Have you got any ideas about Deku’s father? 

Tell me about it by leaving a comment below.

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