Are Choso and Itadori Brothers in Jujutsu Kaisen?

No one within the Jujutsu Kaisen fandom thought that Choso could be a character that had huge potential as a narrative. 

Choso was viewed as a small-fry looking to take revenge for the deaths of his brothers.

But, Choso quickly became a fan-favorite onii-chan. His scenes with Yuji bring joy.

The recurring joke of the romance of Yuji and Choso originated from a well-known fan theory.

This theory suggests Yuji can use Memory Manipulation based on his interaction with Todo Choso.

However, much to the dismay of the entire fan base who were in support, Gege Akutami himself slammed it during an interview.

If there is no Memory Manipulation, why does Choso think Yuji has a brother? 

Are they connected?

What was unique with Choso’s situation?

Todo and Choso both experienced false memories of Yuji being close to their respective families. Their condition varies slightly.

In contrast to Todo, Choso was not immediately convinced by the memories he witnessed. He was confused. However, he didn’t immediately recognize Yuji as his brother.

He was experiencing an internal crisis during chapter 133. The false memory created an incredibly vivid image for Choso.

Choso Are Choso and Itadori Brothers in Jujutsu Kaisen?

A person who has killed a family member, shares his blood? A stranger who appears from nowhere, reminiscing about their family picnic, calls him his brother.

His question about who and what Yuji could be might have been an expression of frustration. However, the next sentence could alter our perception of these phrases.

In the next chapter 135, a result of Choso’s appeared. He can sense the change in his younger brothers, no matter the distance.

In Yuji’s instance, he sensed Yuji’s death was nearing, whereas it was only the brothers.

This is very similar to the way he felt the presence of Noritoshi Kamo within the Geto Chapter of chapter 134.

The experience confirmed his belief that Yuji is his brother. In the case of Todo, it was apparent that his memories were only altered.

However, for Choso, it appears that his cursed style and soul were also altered to make room for Itadori.

What made Choso feel a strong connection to Yuji?

Surprise, surprise! Choso felt a strong connection to Yuji with the right motives.

In chapter 139, Choso Yuji keeps in mind that his father was also a victim of stapling on the forehead, similar to Noritoshi Kamo.

It was a ruse to us because Choso has been pestering Yuji to refer to him as onii-chan and isn’t leaving his side. Chapter 143, however, gave us a great surprise.

Choso’s father/third father is Yuji’s mom! In the most recent chapter, we can see Yuji’s mom with stitches that look very like Geto Noritoshi Kamo.

Certainly, it was the brain that was possessed by Yuji’s mother as well.

Yuji mother Are Choso and Itadori Brothers in Jujutsu Kaisen?

The stitches appear to be healing as they heal. The brain can use reversed cursed energy to do this.

The woman who was possessed through The Brain got married to Itadori Jin. It is also possible that the woman was a replacement for an individual named Kaori, who was the first wife.

We know it is true that the brain (Kenjaku) takes only carefully planned actions. Therefore, this possession has a lot of questions.

We are aware that as Kamo is known, the Brain was an avid experimenter and was unable to create the perfect combination of human and curse.

So, did it attempt another time within the Itadori family? Do you think Yuji is a successful experiment? This could be the reason Yuji is so strong. Who exactly was the woman who the Brain was possessed by?

The short version is that because Choso and Yuji have a common parent and a sibling, they are technically brothers. It is possible to even go as far as calling them, step-brothers.

However, it’s still not known if Yuji is an actual cursed Womb death painting or not.

There are nine Death Paintings, each of which is identified. Yuji is just their 10th brother, but he may be a success instead.

Perhaps Choso’s memory was the trigger for the bond he shares with his siblings.

What do you think of this revelation? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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