55 Stunning Anime Girls with Black Hair

Anime girls with black hair are the most beautiful and attractive. They look simple and sweet with black hair, which is unusual for anime girls.

Some people might say that black hair is the most natural, at least in Japan, Asia, and anime.

But you can still decide how you want your waifus with black hair to look. So many anime girls have dark hair, and they’re all so cute.

So, in this article, we’re going to show you a list of anime girls with black hair who don’t need colored hair to look beautiful. We’re sure their looks and beauty will melt your heart.

Here are the anime girls with black hair that I think are the best.

Why not make a long list?

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55. Mercury Rory From GATE

gru39 55 Stunning Anime Girls with Black Hair

She is from the anime show Gate, which we all know. In the story of Gate, Mercury is a creature that is like a god and has incredible strength.

If we talk about how she looks, it reminds us of Kurumi Tokisaki, a character we love. And that’s why it’s fun to watch her on TV.

Also, her whole look is pretty interesting, since she wears red ribbons and has black all over her body.

It makes people feel happy and dangerous at the same time. Because of this, Mercury Roy deserves to be on this list no matter what.

Her black hair goes so well with her look that we can’t stop thinking about her.

This is why even people who like the band Gate like Rory so much. So, she is also on our list and standing here.

54. Kasuga Ayumu From Azumanga Daioh

gru40 55 Stunning Anime Girls with Black Hair

In her series, Kasuga Ayumu is also known as Osaka. She is one of the main characters in the show Azumanga Daioh.

And boy, is she interesting. Both Azumanga Daioh and Nichijoe belong to the same type of show.

In other words, it’s about funny things that happen to one character out of a small group of simple, basic people who are in the show.

And when things work that way, they are bound to go crazy. Her style isn’t too complicated.

She just dresses like any other cute and normal schoolgirl. And, in contrast to how she acts, she is a girl with a lot of good things about her looks.

53. Mayer Re-L From Ergo Proxy

gru41 55 Stunning Anime Girls with Black Hair

Mayer Re-I is one of the anime characters who is the most scary to look at. And if you looked at her, you’d know why that’s the case.

She comes from an anime called Ergo Proxy. And the thing about Ergo Proxy is that the show is like psychological warfare for everyone who is in it.

So, Mayer has a mean face and sharp eyes, which give her the look of a dangerous girl. And on top of that, her use of colour is pretty simple.

She has mostly just one colour, black. Blue and a little bit of maroon are the secondary colours. All of these things make her look like a beautiful woman who knows what she wants and has high standards.

52. Kasumigaoka Utaha From SaeKano

gru42 55 Stunning Anime Girls with Black Hair

She is from an anime show called SaeKano, which is pretty well-known. But her style and personality are much more different than you might think.

In her anime, she is one of the main characters. And we see on the show that she is a real beauty.

Her hair, facial expressions, and clothes are what make her stand out so much. Things went very well for her, especially when looked at as a whole.

From the way she looks, she has turned into a woman who can talk to anyone without even trying.

And Utaha, a cute girl with red eyes and black hair, is a good choice for this spot on our list. After all, we won’t get beauties like her in recent times.

51. Oshino Ougi From Monogatari Series

gru43 55 Stunning Anime Girls with Black Hair

We have Ougi, who is part of the Oshino family. Now, Ougi’s story is a mystery all on its own.

She looks like a normal first-year student at Naoetsu Private High School. She says that she is Meme’s niece.

Yes, Meme said that he didn’t have any family. But it looks like he did. And this is where the mystery of Ougi starts.

But it’s nothing compared to everything else she has to offer. Just look at how she is made.

She is beautiful in the way that she gives off a sense of mystery whenever she stands in a picture.

When things work out like that, you know she’s a pretty cool person. And her black hair makes her even more interesting.

50. Enma Ai From Hell Girl

gru44 55 Stunning Anime Girls with Black Hair

She is from an anime series that isn’t very common. But that doesn’t make her less attractive than the other people on this list.

The main character of the anime series Hell Girl is a girl named Emma Ai. And, boy, does she look like her name.

And the plot of her anime isn’t too complicated. She is supposed to serve Hell as long as possible.

The idea is that if she doesn’t do it, her parents will be sent to hell. She decides to say yes to the offer because she knows her situation.

She is now on her way to Hell to make sure things go well there. And as she does this, she tells us some of the most interesting stories ever told through a medium.

49. Kuroyukihime From Accel World

gru45 55 Stunning Anime Girls with Black Hair

One of the most important characters is Kuroyukihime. She is also the main woman in the story. But what makes her so special is that she was the one who started everything that happened in Accel World.

And soon, we get to see a lot more than we might have thought we would in the series.

She is meant to be a very beautiful woman with a lot of good things going for her.

She was also the one who made our main character want to join Accel World. This is why she makes the show worse.

48. Sarashina Ruka From Rent-A-Girlfriend

gru48 55 Stunning Anime Girls with Black Hair

Who’s here? It’s Ruka from the movie “Rent a Girlfriend.” And yes, she really is the way she seems.

She is a young character in the show who is in love with the main character. Because of that, she gets to be in the spotlight quite often.

The anime Rent a Girlfriend has 4 main female characters. Because of this, it’s hard to stand out in a pitch with so much competition.

But because she loves so much, she can get a lot of fans pretty quickly. And when she does that, fans have more and more fun.

Her rather childish behavior is enough to make everyone happy about her. Because of this, she is put here.

47. Iki Hiyori From Noragami

gru49 55 Stunning Anime Girls with Black Hair

Iki Hiyori is one of the books in the popular Noragami series. She is one of the main characters on the show, and fans all over the world pay a lot of attention to her.

And there’s no doubt that she’s one of the most normal anime characters we’ve seen. Her personality isn’t very complex, which might seem like a weakness at first, but it’s actually her best quality as a character.

She doesn’t have anything crazy or out of the ordinary about her. Even though her body does act very strangely, she is a lot more human than you might think.

Because of this, she becomes a great character who can do anything she wants, and it will feel like we are doing the same thing.

46. Urabe Mikoto From Mysterious Girlfriend X

gru50 55 Stunning Anime Girls with Black Hair

Even though she might need more attention from fans, Urabe is a well-known woman with black hair on top of her head.

In the Mysterious Girlfriend X books, she is the main character. And, as the name suggests, she is a girl with some pretty interesting skills.

Her skills and strengths on their own are a mystery. But the show does a good job of making her personality look interesting as well.

After all, she looks at us with her eyes sticking through her hair, which is a pretty cool design.

Because of this, Mikoto Urabe deserves to be on our list. Certainly, she is a good woman.

45. Sango From InuYasha

13 sango inuyasha girl anime screenshot 55 Stunning Anime Girls with Black Hair

Sango and her brother have been trained to kill youkai since they were young. They come from a village and a family line of youkai killers.

When she’s not fighting, she wears a commoner’s kimono and her beautiful black hair to look like a village girl.

When she fights, her beautiful hair is pulled back into a ponytail, giving her that look that has become a trademark of the series.

It’s interesting that her future children will also have her black hair and other noticeable features.

44. Hishiro Chizuru From ReLIFE

14 hishiro chizuru anime screenshot 55 Stunning Anime Girls with Black Hair

Even though she isn’t very well known in the media yet, Hishiro Chizuru is a good and valuable woman.

However, these values are not what you might think they are. She is one of the main characters in the anime ReLife, and the main character took a class with her.

The most important thing about her is that she is very shy and doesn’t have any social skills.

In school, she is without a doubt the best there is. Chizuru might not be the best when it comes to being around people, though.

And because of that, she should be on our list. She needs to be loved and cared for more.

43. Maki Oze From Fire Force

15 maki oze anime girl black hair 55 Stunning Anime Girls with Black Hair

Sorry, fans of Tamaki, but thicc wins. She’s on this list for more than just the fact that her body is both athletic and curvy.

She also wins because she is much nicer and more reasonable than the other person.

In terms of skills, she is also quite ahead, with theoretical abilities that can easily beat her opponents.

As for her other strange habits… huh? Black locks?

Oh, and her hair is black, so everything is fine.

42. Otonashi Saya From Blood+

17 otonashi saya blood plus anime girl 55 Stunning Anime Girls with Black Hair

Saya was never meant to live a quiet life on a faraway island in the south of Japan.

Unlike most people who live in Okinawa, she looks like she was born on the Japanese mainland.

It starts with her light skin and goes all the way to her dark hair.

She would leave the island in the end, but it would be because of things she couldn’t change.

Also, if you look at her character in the present day, you can see a faint trace of Mikasa Ackerman in her…

41. Kiryuuin Satsuki From Kill la Kill

19 kiruuin satsuki anime girl screenshot 55 Stunning Anime Girls with Black Hair

She is in charge of the anime show Kill La Kill. And let’s just say there’s a reason why she was chosen to be the show’s president in the first place.

The character is not very interesting. Or at least that’s what you might think before you see her on screen. From the point of view of a viewer, she is an attempt to make a “perfect character.”

She is not only smart and aggressive, but she is also focused and has a lot of networks going for herself.

People like Kill La Kill so much for a reason. With her black, blue, and white outfit, Satsuki gave viewers of the show the impression that she was very powerful and sure of herself. And that’s why she’s so great.

40. Tsukamoto Yakumo From School Rumble

20 tsukamoto yakumo anime girl black hair 55 Stunning Anime Girls with Black Hair

Even though she doesn’t talk much, she’s more assertive than her older sister when something needs to be done.

Aside from her name, the only thing that makes her look like Tenma’s younger sister is the fact that she has black hair and dark eyes.

Harima Kenji would probably agree that she has a lot of skills, which is unusual for a person.

39. Hanekawa Tsubasa From Monogatari

21 hanekawa tsubasa anime girl screenshot 55 Stunning Anime Girls with Black Hair

The great characters and stories in the Monogatari series don’t mean the end of the series. Hanekawa Tsubasa is just one of the many characters in the script.

She is one of the main characters in the show and a close friend of Araragi. But as the show goes on, they get closer and closer together, and soon they care about each other enough to give up their lives for each other.

Hanekawa Tsubasa gets more and more love and attention from fans all over the world as the story goes on.

And this is why people think she is so valuable. She is a woman who has a big impact on the story and how it goes. Hanekawa Tsubasa is standing here because of this.

38. Hino Rei From Sailor Moon

22 hino rei anime girl screenshot 55 Stunning Anime Girls with Black Hair

Rei is a tsundere character that is known all over the world. During her time, she was the typical traditional yet modern Japanese girl.

She is a miko, which means she is a shrine maiden for her family.

So, just by virtue of what she does for a living, her long, black hair fits her personality.

As Sailor Mars, however, the rich darker colours of her suit and hair make her fiery personality stand out even more, making her an anime icon that is easy to recognise even today.

37. Dororo From Dororo

23 dororo little girl character anime screenshot 55 Stunning Anime Girls with Black Hair

The harsh conditions of Dororo’s ancient home made her the person she is today.

Since she is very young and has short hair, people often thought she was a boy.

Even the fact that she was raised like a boy and often acted like one didn’t help.

At least, her modern role is a little less serious, so she isn’t as mean as she was in the past.

Later, her androgynous hair will grow into beautiful locks that will finally make her look like the beautiful waifu we all know and love.

36. Reizei Mako From Girls und Panzer

24 reizei mako anime girl screenshot 55 Stunning Anime Girls with Black Hair

Reizei Mako is the most laid-back student in the whole franchise. He is the main tank driver for the Anglerfish team.

She is also a strange favourite among “Girls und Panzer” fans.

Maybe it’s because she’s so friendly?

In a funny way, there isn’t much special about her black hair. But again, it’s quite nice!

35. Shiba Miyuki From Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei

25 shiba miyuki anime girl screenshot 55 Stunning Anime Girls with Black Hair

Well-known as the Snow Queen. Miyuki is another character on this list whose grace and elegance make her black hair, which is cut in a hime style, look even better.

When she has all of these things, she is better able to use her normal skills, which fall under the category of extreme heat removal.

To make things cold, in short.

But no matter how cool she is on campus, she is not at all cold to her dear brother.

34. Sunohara Mei From Clannad

26 sunohara mei clannad anime girl 55 Stunning Anime Girls with Black Hair

The cute little sister of Sunohara Youhei, who is used as a punching bag throughout the series.

Her black hair is one of the best ways to remember how Sunohara used to look before he dyed it.

She is a worrier and a busybody, so she often looks for things that her friends or brother might be doing and tries to help them.

She acts in a way that is so stereotypically cute that it’s hard not to like her. The kind of person who can quickly call Tomoya a “lolicon.”

33. Tsuyuri Kanao From Kimetsu no Yaiba

27 tsuyuri kanao anime black hair girl 55 Stunning Anime Girls with Black Hair

Everyone who looked at this girl noticed her. And her black hair is a big part of the reason why.

One of the main characters in Demon Slayer is Tsuyuri Kanao. Even though we haven’t seen her do much, she deserves more love and attention than anyone else.

In the show, she is known for having no feelings. And because she has a dark past, it’s easy to see why.

But if you look at her now, you can see that she has changed a lot. As the show goes on, she says more and more about herself. Because of this, Tsuyuri Kanao should be on our list. She is great.

32. Hibiya Chitose From Chobits

28 hibiya chitose anime girl screenshot 55 Stunning Anime Girls with Black Hair

Why do cute landlords in anime always have to be so MILF-worthy?

Chitose is the most traditional of the group. She has long, well-kept black hair that stands out against the modern clothes she usually wears.

It’s also this design that makes it easy to think of her as “a woman with a complicated past,” which is ironically backed up by the fact that she seems so calm.

Yes, it may be a bit obvious and on purpose. But her character did a good job of making it work.

31. Sonohara Anri From Durarara!

29 sonohara anri anime girl 55 Stunning Anime Girls with Black Hair

Here’s another character who looks like the typical shy bookworm.

Well, she does act like a shy person, and her fellow soldier and classmate Masaomi is usually amused by how shy she seems to be.

She also seems to get upset easily, even in calm situations, which doesn’t help.

But she keeps a big secret, just like everyone else in this group of close friends.

One that has something to do with her black hair (and eyes).

30. Yaoyorozu Momo From  Boku no Hero Academia

30 yaoyorozu momo anime girl academia 55 Stunning Anime Girls with Black Hair

She is, after all, one of the most beautiful people in her show. And there’s no doubt that her beautiful black hair has a lot to do with that.

In the anime show My Hero Academia, Momo Yaoyorozu is one of the main female characters.

And, man, isn’t she beautiful? Aside from how she looks, she is a character with skills that don’t make sense. She is one of the students who got into the U. A. with the help of recommendations.

Her intelligence is also very good. With her quirk, she can use her own body fat to make anything.

And that is what makes her such an interesting character. Imagine a strong, smart, and well-known woman. That would be amazing, no doubt.

29. Tendou Akane From Ranma ½

31 tendou akane anime screenshot girl 55 Stunning Anime Girls with Black Hair

She wasn’t the first tsundere, but she was one of the most famous ones in anime history.

Her mom gave her the nice, puffy, black hair that she has now.

Even though she inherited her dad’s general interest in martial arts, she didn’t get to be as refined and polite as her mom.

In fact, her Tomboy is a big part of what makes her stand out. Almost the same thing as her own name.

28. Kurenai Yuhi From Naruto

32 kurenai yuhi anime naruto screenshot girl character 55 Stunning Anime Girls with Black Hair

Naruto takes place in a made-up mix of ancient and modern Japan, but there aren’t very many black-haired women in the show.

Okay Hanabi, Tenten, don’t hate me I didn’t mean to say “none”… But this series really doesn’t have enough.

Kurenai is probably the only one who looks and acts in a way that makes an instant impression.

She doesn’t look as put together as most of the other women on this list.

This is also worn with a set of clothes that are even stranger than what Ino usually wears.

27.  Mikazuki Yozora From Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai

33 mikazuki yozora anime girl 55 Stunning Anime Girls with Black Hair

I don’t know why, but just looking at Yozora’s character design makes it clear that she likes to hurt people.

No, it’s not the strict, black-haired beauty who likes school and is good at it.

Maybe it has something to do with her pouty face? It’s very strange.

Even back then, she was supposed to look a lot more like a boy. Which, by the way, is the look she had again when she finally decided to cut her long, flowing hair as the story went on.

26. Chi-Chi From Dragon Ball series

35 dragon ball chi chi anime 55 Stunning Anime Girls with Black Hair

At the beginning of the series, young Chi-Chi wore something that was “a bit more foreign” than the heavy Eastern martial arts inspirations of the series.

Or maybe it was Goku and his friends who didn’t look like they were in a futuristic world.

In any case, when she became Goku’s wife and started wearing clothes that looked Chinese, her black hair and Asian look stood out a lot more.

By the way, this will be her main theme for the rest of the series.

25. Akemi Homura From Puella Magi Madoka Magica

36 akemi homura anime screenshot 55 Stunning Anime Girls with Black Hair

One of the most liked characters in all of anime is Akemi Homura. Why? Because she shows how complicated life is in a way that fits well with the story of the show.

In Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Akemi Homura is one of the main characters. She was with Kyuube when Madoka was given the chance to become a magical girl.

The deal was easy to understand. She will be able to get what she wants, but she will have to become a magical girl first.

Akemi tells Madoka and her friend not to fall for this, even though it sounds like the best deal ever.

And that’s when we realized how important Akemi is to the show’s story and message as a whole.

24. Kuchiki Rukia From Bleach

37 kuchiki rukia anime screenshot 55 Stunning Anime Girls with Black Hair

The legendary leader of the 13th division of Soul Society. The whole series would start with her meeting a certain boy, which was bound to happen.

The way her black hair is styled makes her look like she could be either a man or a woman.

If not for the way she dresses, it would have been hard to tell what she is. And maybe it’s even harder when you think about how all Shinigami wear the same outfit.

Well, since most of the other female Shinigami also look like ikemen, this is probably a trend for the whole series.

23. Kousaka Reina From Hibike! Euphonium

38 kousaka reina anime screenshot 55 Stunning Anime Girls with Black Hair

To be honest, there’s not much to say about the black hair of our calm trumpet player… Besides the fact that she has it, she fits on this list.

Her KyoAni version has become the most recognisable look for her character because it looks so much like her cute and beautiful traits.

Even so, it still makes you think of how cold and quiet she has always been. Especially when she has that perfectly calm look on her face.

22. Shinomiya Kaguya From Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai (Kaguya-sama: Love Is War)

39 shinomiya kaguya anime 55 Stunning Anime Girls with Black Hair

Kaguya is a well-known member of the student council, so the other students expect her to be a good example.

But we all know that she’s not a good example of anything.

She does have one thing that stands out right away, though: her red eyes and black hair.

Oh, and the way she and Shirogane always hit or miss each other’s thoughts and actions.

Just set sail already, you jerks!

21. Yui From Sword Art Online

40 yui sao sword art screenshot 55 Stunning Anime Girls with Black Hair

The admin AI that Kirito and Asuna unofficially adopted as their child. She usually acts like a child her age, but she has the intelligence of a normal adult.

She is also in charge of anything that happens to Kirito and his friends in the virtual worlds of the SAO engine.

When she is in ALO, she changes into a helper sprite or fairy.

She looks even more like Kirito’s real daughter because her hair is black, which is fitting.

Well, at least in general.

20. Akame From Akame Ga Kill!

Akame anime girls with black hair

At first glance, Akame from Akame Ga Kill doesn’t seem to have any feelings. She doesn’t have a lot going on with her face.

And she doesn’t seem the least bit surprised when she does something out of the ordinary.

Akame is a girl who proves her worth over and over again as she fights everyone who tries to beat her.

She was also one of the two people who had one of the best fights in the whole series.

When that fight happens, everyone in the fandom sees how mean Akame can be to her enemies.

Her design is also quite nice. She has a red and black colour scheme going on for her, which is quite attractive. This is why Akame deserves to be on this list.

19. Satsuki Kiryuin From Kill la Kill

Satsuki Kiryuin

Satsuki is a tall slim woman with an angular face similar to her mother’s. She is an anime girls with black hair that goes past her thighs and blue eyes.

She has rather thick eyebrows and a rather large bust (although Mako stated in her first head-to-head encounter with Ryūko that the latter had “bigger b00bs”).

She has the habit of perpetually frowning, though she does smile, albeit on rare occasions. Satsuki had long hair as a child, and while it was cut slightly shorter during her teen years, she grew it out later on.

18. Mayuri Shiina From Steins;Gate

Mayuri Shiina

Tuturu! In the anime Steins; Gate, Shiina Mayuri is the main girl character. And her behaviour is just like that of a child.

This is true not only of how she looks, but also of how she always seems to be having fun, even on a serious show like Steins; Gate.

But anyone who has seen Steins; Gate knows how important she is to the overall plot and how it moves forward.

Things happen the way they do, and soon we reach a point in the show where no one is as important as Mayuri.

And that’s when we see how important our favourite female character really is. And let’s just say that some bad things happen to this character in the show.

17. Nico Robin From One Piece

Nico Robin

One of the best female characters in all of anime is Nico Robin. And that’s because she is smart and has a lot of experience.

She’s one of the main characters in One Piece, and she has a lot going on.

The most important thing about her, though, is how she looks. She is one of the most beautiful people in her whole show.

And there’s no doubt that when she’s on screen, everything looks beautiful. Also, the show shows how beautiful she is by giving her a black-and-blue colour scheme that stands out.

Nico Robin shows how impressive she is as a character by giving herself these dangerous colours.

16. Mei Misaki From Another

Mei Misaki

Oh boy, when it comes to her background and personality, she is quite something. She is Misaki Mei. In the anime show we call Another, Misaki is the main female character.

In the story Another, her character is one of the most evil ones. After all, nothing is worse than the fact that an umbrella went through her left eye and made her wear an eye patch.

And if you thought that was painful, the franchise as a whole has a lot more to offer.

After all, this was one of the most popular anime horror shows at the time. And as someone who likes scary parts of anime and manga, having a character like this is nothing but a blessing.

15. Yukino Yukinoshita From Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru

Yukino Yukinoshita

Yukino is a beautiful anime girls with black hair which is tied with two red ribbons by each shoulder and angular blue eyes.

She changed her hairstyle into twin tails when she went out with Hachiman Hikigaya and Komachi Hikigaya to buy a birthday present for Yui Yuigahama.

Yukino is mostly seen wearing her school uniform, which consists of a black blazer with a white shirt underneath it, a red ribbon tie, a plaid skirt and black stockings up to her knees.

Even though she is seen as flat-chested compared to most of the other female characters, she is still considered to be quite attractive.

14. Yuuko Ichihara From xxxHOLiC

Yuuko Ichihara

The series xxxHolic was made by CLAMP, who was one of the most popular manga artists of their time. Ichihara Yuuko is part of that group.

She is known for being a witch who owns a certain kind of shop. People can get a hold of themselves and have their wishes come true in this shop, which is no joke.

That’s a BIG deal! Because of this, Yuuko meets a lot of characters who aren’t people.

So, from a viewer’s point of view, her overall look makes her so much easier to like and appreciate. When dealing with supernatural beings, you have to look a little different yourself. If we talk about Yuuko, she does, too.

13. Azusa Nakano From K-On!

Azusa Nakano

Nakano Azusa is a beautiful girl who is also very cute. She is one of the main characters in the anime series K-ON, and in her music club, she plays the guitar.

But her black hair is what really makes her stand out in her show. Kyoto Animation, which is famous for making anime, made K-On.

And if you think about it, Kyoto Animation is known for only using a few basic colours in its drawings.

But even with those colours, they are still able to make some of the most beautiful characters in the medium.

Nakano Azusa is one of them. Her main colour is black, which is a simple choice. After all, she really does deserve to be here.

12.Tomoko Kuroki From Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dou Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui!

Tomoko Kuroki

Kuroki Tomoko is a character from the WataMote series. Now, here’s the thing: Kuroki looks like he’s trying to trick you. She looks like the main character in an anime horror show.

Maybe more like a doll that had died but was brought back to life and put on the screen. But that’s not what happens.

The opposite is true, though, because she is one of the funniest characters on her show.

And her bubbly look makes her look so much more fun and interesting on the screen. Kuroki Tomoko is a girl who deserves more love and attention from the fandom because she keeps making us laugh with her cuteness and stupidity.

She is just so full of life, and it’s fun to watch the show because of her.

11. Sawako Kuronuma From Kimi ni Todoke

Sawako Kuronuma

This anime has a pretty interesting story. And when you look into these kinds of stories, you see how all the characters could have a part to play.

Kimi Ni Todoke is the name of an anime series whose main character is Kuronuma Sawako.

And for a girl whose life is a mess because of the way she looks, she is a very happy girl.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that she is depressed because she is ugly or anything like that. It’s just that her face looks like that of a horror movie actress.

Sawako has a hard time making friends because of this. In the anime we are watching right now, this is why she is so important.

She is so pretty and has the nicest personality in the world. Definitely the best character in the series.

10. Nana Osaki From Nana

Nana Osaki

In the Nana series, Nana Osaki is the main girl character. And the themes of the Nana series are pretty grown-up.

It’s about the problems and experiences of two girls with the same name. But when they both end up in a city where their survival is very important, things start to feel full in one way or another.

The point of both Nana characters is to show that they understand the problems that women face in today’s world.

Because of how this theme is explored in the story and how well it works with all the other storylines, Osaki Nana leaves a lasting impression on anyone who watches her. And that’s why she deserves to be here.

09. Kurumi Tokisaki From Date A Live

Kurumi Tokisaki

She is someone who goes beyond being beautiful and gets closer to being stunningly beautiful.

Tokisaki Kurumi is one of the main characters in Date A Live, which is an anime show.

She is known as a woman who does things she shouldn’t. And her level of danger is too high for most people to handle.

Also, as the show goes on, we get to see some of the best scenes with Kurumi Tokisaki in them.

And when that happens, things start to change in interesting ways. As the show goes on, the story keeps going, and we get to see more and more of Tokisaki and how cute and smart she is.

08. Ruri Gokou From Kuroneko

Ruri Gokou

Gokou Ruri may be on the list of side characters on the Wiki page, but for fans, she is one of the main characters.

She is a character who helps the main characters in the anime show we call OreImo. And if you know how OreImo works, you know how interesting it can be for both the viewers and the characters.

She is a fan of an anime called Maschera that is about particles. And even though she loves series, she doesn’t like the Moe anime in her show.

And says it’s sad that the idea is to sell cuteness. With that way of thinking, the anime does push itself.

07. Ryuko Matoi From Kill la Kill

Ryuko Matoi

Kill La Kill is a popular original anime, and Ryuko Matoi is the main character.

Now, Kill La Kill is a great show. There’s no question. But things become more interesting as Matoi gets more screen time.

In the anime, she is on the hunt for the person who killed her father. And that’s so important that it’s what makes the show what it is.

Soon, she finds a special suit that can change on its own and turns Matoi into a real freak of nature.

She fights some of the strongest people in the world and does well enough to make a name for herself.

And you know a character is amazing when she can do all of that in just a few episodes. Because of this, Ryuko is so important.

06. Himeko Inaba From Kokoro Connect

Himeko Inaba

Inaba is a very pretty anime girls with black hair that has one strand falling in the middle and brown eyes.

Unlike most of the other girls whose uniform sweaters are colored yellow, her uniform sweater is brown. In her casual attire, she is usually described as wearing something mature or plain.

Inaba has been noted to have good posture with a slim, yet long figure and her eyes are described as being piercing, yet captivating.

05. Rukia Kuchiki From Bleach

Rukia Kuchiki

Short and petite, Rukia has light skin and purple eyes and she is anime girls with black hairs, with several strands of hair always hanging between her eyes. Byakuya has stated she strongly resembles her sister, Hisana Kuchiki.

As a Shinigami of the Gotei 13, Rukia wears a standard shihakushō. 17 months after Aizen’s defeat, Rukia wears her hair cropped into a bob which hangs about her face. She wears a fingerless white tekkō, similar to Byakuya’s, which extend above her elbows.

As a lieutenant, she wears her Division Badge around her uniform’s left sleeve, which has been shortened to just reach her upper arm.

04. Hinata Hyuga From Naruto

Hinata Hyuga

Hinata is a slender girl of fair-complexion who, as a Hyūga, her most distinguishing trait is the Byakugan, giving her featureless white eyes (lavender in the anime).

She is anime girls with black hair that she keeps in a hime-cut of different lengths: in Part I, her hair is cut just above her forehead akin to a bowl-cut with chin-length strands framing her face; in Part II, her hair reaches her lower back and the framing strands reach shoulder-length; in The Last: Naruto the Movie, her hair extends beyond her hips and would at times tie it into a ponytail.

By the time Boruto entered the Academy, she cut it into a bob-style reaching her shoulders.

03. Mio Akiyama From K-On!

Mio Akiyama

She is soft-spoken and shy, but she is also very refined and acts more like a lady than Ritsu.

She isn’t very outgoing.

But her long, flowing black hair makes her easy to spot among the other members of Afternoon Tea Time.

Akiyama is easily embarrassed, but she has enough passion for the one thing that makes her qualified to be in her band: a strong desire to be the secondary support, with the help of her bass guitar, of course.

02. Homura From Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica


Homura is a young anime girls with black hair and violet eyes. In the present timeline, she almost always presents herself with an emotionless (stoic look) on her face.

Long before she came to realize the horrors of her destiny in earlier timelines, she wears red spectacles alongside two interlaces of braided hair, thus causing her hair to branch out in the present timeline after removing the braids.

Near the ending of the movie Rebellion, in the new universe she has created herself, it is shown that she possesses purple earrings.

01. Mikasa Ackerman From Attack on Titan

Mikasa Ackerman

Mikasa is a fairly tall, physically fit, and well-toned woman with muscles lined throughout her arms, legs, and abs.

She is of partial Asian heritage, with pale skin, gray eyes, and she is anime girls with black hair that was long until she cut it to chin-length. By the year 854, her hair is shorter and cut up to back of her neck, but with noticeably longer bangs.

There is a small scar below her right eye delivered by Eren’s Titan during the Battle of Trost District. Jean considers Mikasa to be beautiful.

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