Date A Live Series Watch Order Guide

Date a Live is a Japanese light book set composed by Koshi Tachibana. It was exemplified by Tsunako. Fujimi Shobo printed 22 volumes from March 2011 to March 2020 under the Fujimi Fantasia Bunko imprint.

Two manga adaptations were published in the manga adaptations by Kadokawa Shoten and Fujimi Shobo in Monthly Shonen Ace along with Monthly Dragon Age. 

An anime-based TV series adaptation of the manga was revived on AIC Plus+ and aired from April to June 2013. Another year of Generation IMS aired between April and June 2014. 

The first anime film, Date A Live Picture: Mayuri Judgement, premiered in August of 2015.

A spin-off light novel program, Date A Live Fragment: Date A Bullet, was released in March 2017. The show was declared a fourth-year event. Here is the correct order to view Date a Live.

The series starts with a bizarre phenomenon known as a “spatial quake” devastating the middle of Eurasia and causing around 150 million casualties.

At that moment, Shido Itsuka, a normal high school student, encounters an unidentified girl near the center of a spatial earthquake.

Date A Live Watch Order At A Glance

Date A Live Watch Order has four seasons. Three of the four seasons have already been aired. The fourth season will air in 2020. In the watch order, I have also included the movies:

  • Date A Live 
  • Date A Live: Date To Date
  • Date A Live Watch II
  • Date A Live Watch II: Kurumi Star Festival 
  • Date A Live Movie: Mayuri Judgment
  • Date A Live III 
  • Date A Bullet: Dead Or Bullet
  • Date A Bullet: Nightmare Or Queen
  • Date A Live IV

Date A Live Watch Order

Date A Live 1 Date A Live Series Watch Order Guide

Here, we’ll concentrate on the seasons and films that comprise “Date A Live” in chronological order.

1. Date A Live

Episodes: 12

Date A Live is all about a girl who received supernatural powers through the spirit world. The girl of awe faces tragedy throughout her life. 

Istuka Shido has a meeting with that strong girl. This show will inform you about a fascinating method of stopping someone from ruining humanity.

It was the person who destroyed humanity several years ago. Then, she returned with the same goals in her head. What can Shido do to stop that girl from achieving her goal?

Shido then began to date that powerful girl to prevent her from doing this inhumane thing to the human race.

2. Date A Live: Date To Date

Episodes: 1 OVA

Date A Live: Date To Date is the second component of the Date A Live light series. There are beautiful women dressed as spirits or demons throughout the entire anime. What lessons can you learn from watching this fascinating anime?

The story of this anime revolves around creating two adorable girls (Tohka and Origami) who fall in love with a missionary. The goal is to stop Tohka and Origami from eradicating humanity’s existence. 

The OVA is simply a method to safeguard the world from destruction and chaos.

3. Date A Live Watch II

Episodes: 10

Date A Live Watch II is a new episode of the famous anime series.

What do these animes tell you?

Date A Live Watch II follows the story of high school student Shido. Shido encounters the spirit girl, who is determined to take her power. Spirits are among the creatures you don’t want to like. You’ll dislike them more.

Shido was determined to rescue those creatures he hated with his mighty power. To achieve this, Shido had to date the girl who was his spirit.

4. Date A Live Watch II: Kurumi Star Festival

Episodes: 1 OVA

The Date Alive Watch 2: Kurumi Star Festival can reveal the tale of the vilest spirit. The show is about getting together and beginning an unending relationship. The worst spirit is reunited with Shido. 

This spirit wanted Shido to meet for an appointment.

Shido was a bit nervous, but she accepted the offer. This was the first date of the relationship between them.

5. Date A Live Movie: Mayuri’s Judgment

This movie will reveal the story of the last meeting that occurred between Shido Tohka and Shido Tohka. 

On that particular date, Shido happened to encounter Mayuri. Mayuri wasn’t your typical being. Mayuri would like to be close to Shido.

Mayuri was blessed with supernatural and magical powers right from the beginning of her life. As a result, Mayuri became one of the worst people on the planet.

6. Date A Live III

episodes: 12

A Live III will take you on a trip to a land full of adventure. 

It will show a variety of experiences and their repercussions throughout this show. 

Shido utilized different adventures to make his dreams become a reality. 

This show will present an example of his adventures.

7. Date A Bullet: Dead Or Bullet

The Date A Live movie is focused on forming an unofficial alliance. 

Saddened by the loss that he suffered, Kurumi meets Hibiki (a white-haired sort of spirit). 

Following that, Kurumi’s world changed. Hibiki was playing the death match. 

Kurumi was also part of that deathmatch. 

You’re probably wondering about the significance of that match. Right?

Deathmatch is all about battling against the world spirits that live nearby. It will be evident that there is only one winner at the end of the game.

8. Date A Bullet: Nightmare Or Queen

The Date The Bullet: Nightmare or Queen film will take you back to an alternate world where you’ll get to see a fresh story. 

In this animated series, Kurumi is determined to take down Hibiki (a formidable and mysterious woman from the nearby planet). 

Kurumi would like to eliminate the existence of this beautiful and amazing girl.

9. Date A Live IV

Episodes are still not made available for release.

A Live IV will be coming shortly. 

At the end of the year or the beginning of 2022, it will be possible to see this fantastic production from the popular light novel series.

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