Who Does Mikasa Ackerman End Up With

Who Does Mikasa Ackerman End Up With In AOT?

From the very first episode, we became fascinated by the characters in this series. 

Of these, everybody could not resist falling in love with Mikasa Ackerman. 

She’s gorgeous. However, you shouldn’t play around with her because she’ll lead you to heaven.

Mikasa isn’t one to speak to a lot of people. She’s cold and will attack anyone to protect her family members. Thus, every “Attack on Titan” fan fell in love with Mikasa’s character. 

Therefore, the fans of the show are curious to find out with whom Mikasa will be reunited.

There are many speculations regarding this subject. We will also discuss who Mikasa will be in this piece.

What Happened to Mikasa during the Attack on Titan?

What Happened to Mikasa during the Attack on Titan?

The story revolves around humans living within three massive walls.

Massive humanoid beings known as Titans roam the earth beyond these walls and are terrorizing mankind. A day comes when a massive Titan destroys the outer wall, called Wall Maria

The breaking of the wall leads to insane Titans entering the Shiganshina District and wreaking havoc. Amid this chaos, a Titan consumes Carla Yeager. Her death triggers her son, Eren Yeager, who joins the Survey Corps to eliminate all Titans.

The Titan devours Eren in his first mission as he tries to defend his friend. A lot of scouts died in the course of that mission. The remaining scouts were defeated by the Titans, who had an advantage. 

Then, a Titan emerged, who was battling the other stupid Titans rather than attacking human beings. After destroying the Titans,

It is revealed that the titan who saved the world was none other than Eren. He soon becomes a part of captain Levi‘s team along with his companion Armin and adopted sister Mikasa. The trio is accompanied by their friends from the scout camp. 

Furthermore, Mikasa is like an all-protective character for Eren, and he won’t let anyone touch him or Eren.

Some human traffickers killed her parents and planned to sell her. 

However, little Eren is found and protects her from traffickers. Since then, Eren has been adopted by the Yeager family, and she stayed with Eren. 

In addition, she becomes an angel of protection for him as she shields him from threats of any kind. In the next chapter, it is revealed that titans are Eldian humans that can transform into titans. 

Furthermore, Mikasa is a part of the Ackerman family and can resist the suggestion to transform into the titans of their minds.

What Kind of Person Will Mikasa Ackerman Meet or Marry in Manga?

What Happened to Mikasa during the Attack on Titan 1

As we saw in the series, people avoid engaging in a fight with Mikasa due to her power and coldness. But she wasn’t always like that. As a young girl, she was enthusiastic and kind. 

However, after the death of her parents, her temper grew colder and quieter. She is, however, an extremely compassionate person as she can fight anyone and take any action to protect her family members. 

However, due to her cool persona, we didn’t see anyone interested in her romance.

A few Attack fans were rooting for Mikasa to be paired with Captain Levi. The Survey Corps scouts are some of the best. 

They have even been referred to as the most powerful soldiers on earth. We’ve seen both of them defeat huge titans effortlessly. 

They cut through the flesh of titans as if they were knives on butter. It would certainly be amazing to witness them kill titans together.

But, it is unlikely to occur since they are both parts of the Ackerman family, which makes them cousins. There was also no sign of them having any romantic relationship.

Throughout the entire series, we saw Mikasa taking care of Eren. The show always provided us with the impression that she is in love with Eren and doesn’t think of Eren as the childlike figure many viewers initially believed. Eren has had a profound impact on Mikasa’s personal life. 

His words about having to fight for her survival have shaped her into the tough-willed person she is today. We witnessed the extent to which Eren was to her when he died, presumably in the first mission when she gave up her wish to live. 

On the other hand, in the anime, we observed how it affected the way Eren declared her as a slave and stated that her feelings for him were simply due to his being the founding titan.

The love that Mikasa has towards Eren is so strong that she now follows not just him, but also acts as a defender if Eren is not right. 

In the last chapter, Eren also confesses his affection for Mikasa and wishes to marry her. 

However, it won’t be possible since Mikasa takes him down to end his scheming and save humanity. We also witness her kissing Eren’s head. 

After Eren’s demise, Mikasa doesn’t date or marry anyone but instead lives in the same place she used to play with when they were children. 

We can, therefore, say that Mikasa Akerman’s story ended with none other than Eren Yeager.