Daichi Died In Haikyuu? Who Killed Him?

The death of an anime character isn’t uncommon however, it can come as a surprise in the context of a sports anime like Haikyuu.

Haikyuu is full of characters, each one more important than the others.

So, it’s completely reasonable to understand how Daichi’s passing deeply affected the fan base, or, at least it would have been completely understandable without the comical absurdity that was that is associated with Daichi’s death.

With a large public, any intriguing report or news story, or meme can spread quickly. When the joke was made on Daichi’s death in the context of chapter 112 of the manga readers to the streets.

In the Haikyuu part of Twitter, it became a trend to tweet their condolences to Daichi’s family on the occasion of his death. Although it was known by many as the result of a joke this relatively young Haikyu community fell for it.

Many comments can be found, asking whether Daichi was actually dead or not, and if he was why?

While some of the long-time supporters were able to clarify the truth several others took to the streets to add fuel to speculations about “Deadchi” rumors. It’s also the way Daichi got a brand new portmanteau name that’s not “Dadchi.”

To understand how it all began, do you remember an incident (exceptionally tragic) in which Daichi stood still on the court during episode two Ep 16?

In the match in match against Wakunan, Tanaka and Daichi tried to keep the ball safe, however, they crashed into one another. While Tanaka was well-adjusted, Daichi was injured.


Not dead, injured. But, he lost one of his teeth and was required to have a medical check-up prior to being allowed to return to the field after.

To conclude, Daichi is not dead. Yes, Oikawa didn’t kill him, nor did Tanaka. It’s just a meme.

However, since you’re likely to be one of those in Haikyuu, and you are a part of the Haikyuu fans, the objective will be to help keep this Haikyuu meme alive. It’s how it operates.

However, if you need to ease an individual, guide them to this article!

About Haikyu! !

Haikyuu!! is Haikyuu!! is a Japanese manga series illustrated and written by Haruichi Furudate. The publication of the series within Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump began in February 2012, with 42 collectible tankobon volumes being released.

Hinata Shoyo is an extremely enthusiastic boy who would like to follow in the footsteps of his idol”The Little Giant’ in the field of volleyball.

Hinata’s determination to win is unbreakable as the teen is battling a gruesome loss by the “King of the Court’, a brilliant setter who is a prodigy Kageyama Tobio, a middle schooler. Hinata’s ambitions are realized as his high school years begin.

He is a part of the dying volleyball team from Karasuno High and is appalled to find the same Kageyama as his partner. 

This story is about the rebirth of Karasuno High and the unified spirit they have maintained to pave the way to nationals.

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