Where To Watch Redo of the Healer Online?

In “Redo Of The Healer” (also known as “Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi” or simply “Kaiyari”), the enslaved and exploited healer goes back in time to rewrite his life and exact revenge on the people who had betrayed him. 

It is based on Rui Tsukiyo’s fantasy light novel series of the same title. 

Dark fantasy anime is expected to be controversial in terms of content. 

According to reports, there are three different versions of the show, one of which is a censored broadcast that is suitable for TV, as well as an uncensored “Redo” version that is only available for streaming online and an unedited “Complete Recovery” version. 

Want to know more about the storyline of the “Redo of the Healer” as well as where it is available to watch? 

Here’s everything you need to be aware of.

What exactly is Redo of the Healer about?

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Keyaru is in a state of mind that healers cannot be alone, and is bound to torture, exploitation, and torture repeatedly by his fellow magicians. 

After suffering through tribulations throughout his existence, Keyaru realizes that healing magic could be the most powerful type of magic. 

In search of revenge for the ones who betrayed him and hoping to create his own life to be better, Keyaru turns back time and vows to do it all over again.

Are you watching “Redo of the Healer” on Netflix?

The show “Redo of the Healer” It’s not available on Netflix.

However, those who are drawn to dark fantasy should watch “Devilman Crybaby,” as well as “Black Butler” and “B: The Beginning.”

Is the Redo of the Healer available on Hulu?

The show “Redo of the Healer” isn’t available for streaming on Hulu. 

Anyone who is looking for something similar to watch can look into “Angels of Death” as well as “After Lost.

Is Redo of the Healer available on Amazon Prime?

The show “Redo of the Healer” is currently not streaming on Amazon Prime, but there are other shows similar to it that you can stream instead, including “Rage of Bahamut Virgin Soul” and “Vinland Saga.”

Where Can I Watch “Redo of the Healer” Online?

Redo of the Healer is available to stream via HIDIVE, featuring English, Spanish, Danish, Swedish, and Portuguese with subtitles and/or dubbed versions.

How Do I Watch “Redo of the Healer” for Absolutely Free?

We are happy to inform you that HIDIVE provides a free 30-day trial for first-time subscribers, which means you have the option of viewing at least one episode at no cost. 

There is currently no other option to watch “Redo of the Healer” for free apart from the free trial of a month.

We will always ask that our viewers purchase the material they watch. 

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