If people are exposed to uncensored animations typically ecchi or harem genres, Anime comes to their thoughts. 

However, that’s not the case. 

Of course, ecchi and Harem genres feature the most thrilling and stimulating scenes, which entice viewers. 

This is the reason they believe that they are the only anime that is uncensored to enjoy. 

However, uncensored shows are available for all genres of anime. 

Sometimes, a violent and bloody fight scene is removed because of censorship. 

Gory horror films are sometimes cut because of the vivid depiction of gruesomeness and brutality.

There’s basic information about the shows as well as their production, and an overview of each. 

Since this site is not intended for adults, we’re not going to provide explicit pictures here, thereby keeping the information clear,

However, you’ll be able to look through the shows on their own and find out yourself why they’re included in our top list of shows.

22. Prison School

Prison School

In the outskirts of Tokyo, Hachimitsu Private Academy is a highly regarded all-girls border school, renowned for its top-quality education and well-behaved students. 

But, all of this is going to change with the change in the school’s most well-known policy, with boys now eligible to attend too. 

When the school began the first term under the new rules, just five boys had been accepted, effectively dividing the student body in the ratio of 200 females to one male. 

Kiyoshi, Gakuto, Shingo, Andre, and Jo are immediately thrown out without having the opportunity to make an impression. 

In a state of communication with their female peers and eager to make friends, the boys are set on an even more risky task that involves observing the girls’ bathroom! 

It is only when their plan is completely ruined by the notorious Underground Student Council that the small group is suddenly taken away from them after being thrown into the prison of the school with a sentence of a month in prison as punishment. 

The story begins with the boys’ grueling lives at Prison School, a righteous battle that ultimately tests friendship bonds as well as the perverted brotherhood.

21. Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou

Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou

While his parents were away Kimihito Kurusu led an ordinary, quiet life on his own until Monster girls started swarming around him! 

This alternate reality reveals the most cutting-edge Japan as the first nation to encourage the inclusion of non-human species into the human race. 

In the wake of the failure of the Interspecies Exchange Coordinator Agent Smith leaves Kimihito as the caretaker at home for the Lamia named Miia The newly-designated “Darling” quickly attracts girls of all breeds, resulting in a growing Harem flush of the attraction of eroticism. 

Unfortunately for him and his female counterparts, sexual interaction between different species is not permitted under law. Interspecies Exchange Act! 

There is only one loophole, which is the provision for marriage that is experimental. 

Kimihito’s world is wrought with a myriad of caveats for specific species and sensitive interspecies laws, when the affectionate, passionate, and beautiful women follow each move pursuing his affections sexually and romantically. 

There are always new species appearing and new events appearing from the blue!

Where Kimihito as well as his female harem will go, is an open question.

20. Kanokon


Kanokon is a supernatural, romantic comedy, and harem-themed anime. 

The plot of this type of anime revolves around the incredibly innocent and shy freshman pupil Kouta Oyamada. 

Kouta is a fresh transfer student who immediately has an unassuming appearance. 

He is noticed by the second-year student Chizuru Minamoto.

She openly is flirting with him to his dismay. 

Additionally, she tells him that he’s the “fox spirit”. 

The story gets more interesting when Nozomu Izamori is transferred to Kouta’s class and is also the Wolf spirit. 

She also takes a liking for Kouta. 

Then begins the love triangle! 

One aspect of this show that caught my eye was the animation’s quality as well as the style of art. 

It was so amazing that I decided to include it on my list. 

Additionally, the comic, fun, love or supernatural side of the series is very good.

19. High School DxD

High School DxD

A high schooler Issei Hyoudou is your typical pervert who has nothing to do in his daily life but is always looking at women and fantasizing about having a family of his own, in the future. 

It appears that things are going upwards to Issei when a beautiful woman proposes the date, however, she is actually a demon who murders him brutally! 

But, he is given an opportunity to relive his life after beautiful senior Rias Gremory who is an elite devil, resurrects the devil as her servant, and recruits Issei to join The college’s Occult Research Club. 

In the process of adjusting to his new surroundings, Issei must train and fight to stay alive in the tense world of devils and angels. 

Every new adventure brings numerous funny (and risky) encounters with new companions as he tries to keep his new lifestyle secret from his family and friends on High School DxD!



You thought your life was awful? 

There are times when death can be more painful. 

There isn’t any peace, salvation, or god waiting to welcome you into their arms. 

Wait, is there a god? 

You might be talking about the big black ball that is in the room. 

You are now in a fight that involves fighting robot monsters and green aliens to try to survive. 

If Kei Kurono is killed Kei Kurono is subsequently trapped in a game that is a testing of his skills morals, determination, and ability to endure. 

The life he lives is not his sole responsibility; his death is sprayed and repeatedly beaten upon a time. 

What happens if the man does not pay attention? 

God knows. 

An important note: Gantz is not for those who can’t able to handle it.

However, it is not so simple as it seems. 

Gore as well as rape and violence are commonplace.

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So are the depictions of violence, greed, and all the filth seen in the world nowadays.



Nicholas Brown and Worick Arcangelo who are well-known in Ergastalum by the name of “Handymen,” are mercenaries for hire who are able to handle the tasks that no other mercenaries can take on. 

Employed to powerful mob syndicates as well as police alike The Handymen are required to be prepared and prepared for any situation. 

After they have completed the task of taking down a local pimp the Handymen include Alex Benedetto, a prostitute, also scheduled for elimination, to their ranks in order to shield her from those who would like to see her be evicted from the slumbering hellhole that she’s made her home. 

But, this paradise for criminals is in the midst of a massive shift that is threatening to shake the balance between the power.

Ergastalum is a secure sanctuary where you could find “Twilights,” super-human beings created as a result of an elixir, but they are now being pursued by a powerful underground organization. 

The new threat is emerging to take on everything Ergastalum represents and the Handymen won’t be able to fend off this upcoming war.

16. Blade of the Immortal

Blade of the Immortal

Manji is a famous swordsman from feudal Japan often referred to for his role as the “Hundred Man Killer,” because he murdered one hundred innocent victims. 

However, there’s something more terrifying than his terrifying reputation and that is the fact that he’s immortal

This is the handiwork of eight-hundred-year-old nun Yaobikuni, who placed bloodworms capable of healing almost any wound in Manji’s body.

To pay for his sins, Manji resolves to kill 1,000 evil men. 

Yaobikuni is in agreement with this idea by saying that if he succeeds, she’ll reverse the curse and become immortal. 

After this, Manji meets Rin Asano the 16-year old girl who seeks Manji’s aid in killing the killers of her parents.

Initially hesitant, Manji refuses Rin’s desperate request. 

In the end, due to her apparent weakness, Manji changes his mind and accepts to guard Rin for a period of four years. 

Once this alliance is set to stone, both set off on a treacherous adventure of bloodshed, revenge, and redemption.

Each seeking to achieve their own goals in life.

15. Freezing


If you’re in the market for an action-packed sci-fi anime featuring a lot of romantic moments that are enjoyable, “Freezing” is the one to see. 

The story is set in 2065, when Earth as well as a sentient and hostile race called “Nova,” fight against each other. 

The story is retold through the eyes of Kazuya Aoi who recently was accepted into West Genetics Military Academy. 

At the academy, the special genetic tissue is injected into “Pandora” girls, which provides them with superhuman strength when fighting Nova. 

In the academy, he meets the best “Pandora” Satellizer L. Bridget, and asks her to become the “Limiter.”

Limiters are Pandora’s male companions who are able to limit their partner’s movement with their unique “freezing” power. 

“Freezing” anime retells Kazuya and Satellizer’s love story in addition to their tale of protecting Earth, they also protect their family members from the invading forces of Nova. 

This is an action-packed, sci-fi, romantic anime that is ideal for romantic and sci-fi fans.



Hellsing an organization that is focused on the fight against dangers from the supernatural realm gets brought to stop the vampire who transforms the people of Cheddar into ghosts. 

To stop this, the chief of the group Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing is dispatched by her most formidable asset, an imposing vampire named Alucard.

Armed only with one handgun Alucard inflicts destruction on the monsters that plague Cheddar. 

But an officer in the midst of his training, Seras Victoria, gets involved in the chaos and gets fatally wounded in the process. 

In a bid to help the victim, Alucard offers her the choice of either dying as a human or living in the form of a vampire. 

Seras is willing to accept his offer and starts with a new beginning as an inmate of Hellsing.

While it was her choice, Seras struggles with the reality that she’s no longer a human. 

But, she must accept the fact that she is a creature of the night in order to stay on the frontlines in the battle between humans as well as the supernatural.

13. Sekirei


Despite the fact that Minato Sahashi is an outstanding college student, he failed the college entrance exam two times. 

His classmates ridiculed the failure of his and his future appeared to be dark. 

In a dramatic sequence of events, Minato’s existence is changed due to the arrival of a gorgeous mysterious woman that falls from the skies, in his path called Musubi. 

It is an extraterrestrial humanoid that is gifted with extraordinary abilities. 

Humanoids are famous for kissing human beings carrying the gene responsible for activating their secret abilities.

Musubi recognizes the potential in the man in her vicinity She then embraces a shocked Minato and thus forms bonds between them. 

In the end, Minato has been made a member of the “Sekirei Plan,” a high-risk battle for survival in which he’ll team with his teammate to compete against each other. 

As they sink more involved in the game, they discover that there’s plenty more to the game and that the entire organization remains a mystery. 

The anime is entertaining and is filled with thrilling Ecchi-themed scenes.

12. The Qwaser of Stigmata

The Qwaser of Stigmata

The idea behind this anime is original, to put it mildly. 

Breast Milk. 

The show is focused on that one aspect. 

It’s a show that features bloody fights, a lot of ecchi, as well as supernatural and sci-fi elements. 

We’re transported into the halls that lead to Saint Mikhailov Academy. 

Within the school, we are introduced to Tomo and Mafuyu two daughters of the headmaster’s former who mysteriously disappeared. 

Their father left behind a mysterious relic dubbed the “icon.”

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And soon after the disappearance of his son, rumors about a serial killer began to surface.

When they return home from being abused by their schoolmates, Mafuyu and her friends encounter an attractive silver-haired man who abruptly disappears as he is being cared for. 

While searching for the mysterious boy, Mafuyu is confronted with the terrifying scene of a church that is burning which was the one that housed the icon. 

In her efforts to salvage the artwork she is assaulted by a serial killer rumored to be with the power to manipulate magnesium. 

It appears that she is saved by the silver-haired boy who is able to influence iron. 

The abilities of Alexander, the boy Alexander can be obtained by taking breastmilk. 

When the incident has ended and Mafuyu attempts to get on to her new life Alexander moves to her school. 

What will the normal lives of the sisters change and what risks are looming over them?

11. My Wife is the Student Council President!

My Wife is the Student Council President!

With a simple story and a charming, relatable couple, this show features ecchi scenes throughout the series. 

There’s no major plotline and just the everyday stories of two teenagers living together. 

Hayato Izumi is a perfect example of the qualities required in the position of a college student president. 

He is responsible, disciplined, and humble. 

When he is vying for the post the candidate is up against the extremely strong Ui Wakana, who offers students sexual education, condoms free of charge, and a lot more. 

Naturally, she is able to win a huge victory.

Hayato is back on his feet and is vice-president for the time being. 

In a bizarre twist of fate, it is now time for the couple to be married! 

Their parents made a vow years ago, when drunk, to get the two children to marry. 

They now must be together, and they must also work together on the student council well. 

With school pressures and home life on their minds and they have to ensure that the news of their romance doesn’t leak to the strict student body.

10. Hyakka Ryouran: Samurai Girls

Hyakka Ryouran: Samurai Girls

Great Japan is well-known all across the globe for its stunning scenery and its prosperous population. 

Great Japan has a reputable image, but it is also in severe danger. 

The only people who can defend the nation is the guardian of mystery, Master Samurai

Furthermore, the children of warriors get aristocratic education in order to lead the country in the Buou Academic School, run by the president of the student council Yoshihiko as well as his wife Sen. 

The main character in this tale is Muneakira Yagyuu who arrives at the school on the orders given by the students’ council. 

In the school, he is fighting for his life that is raging all over, he’s taken into the realm that of Master Samurai. 

The sky turns white and a mysterious woman, Juubei, appears and is spotted kissing Muneakira. 

The kiss assists her in activating her powers and shielding the creatures. 

Then, Muneakira finds the fate of Great Japan lying in his hands. 

The anime is an original version of feudal Japan. 

It’s action-packed, and filled with ecchi-like scenes of feudal samurai ladies and more!

9. Afro Samurai

Afro Samurai

As a small child, Afro witnessed his father being killed during a duel at the hand of a man who was known by the name of Justice. 

After killing Afro’s father Justice put aside his number Two hairband, and took number One for himself, claiming its divine power to be his.

A few years later, after acquiring the number Two headband, which gives Afro the right to challenge the number One, Afro moves forward to seek revenge on the person who killed his father. 

There’s just one obstacle against him: everyone else in the world! 

Although the Number One can challenge only Number Two, The Number Two is able to be challenged by anyone. 

When his adversaries are gathered to fight for their place as The Number Two, Afro must fight through an array of foes and obstacles to achieve the number One and claim his revenge at last.

8. Highschool of the Dead

Highschool of the Dead

Highschool of the Dead is an apocalyptic horror film featuring bloody and satisfying scenes. 

The story is set in present-day Japan where a virus has spread throughout the world making people zombies. 

The high school of the dead can be described as the institution of the apocalypse Japan where a group of students from high school along with the nurse battle for an “outbreak,” the worldwide catastrophe. 

Students along with the nurse attempt to survive the zombie apocalypse, and get to the school’s safe zone. 

This is a unique idea as well as a lot of action and gory scenarios that are vivid and realistic hit the perfect spot in this listing spot.

7. Mnemosyne


Many would want. But would it really be desirable when people knew that they’d be targeted by a multitude of people due to it? 

That’s the case with Rin Asougi, who is a legendary private investigator because there is an abundance of people who would like her to die. 

Through the years she has come across numerous grisly ends and each time she comes back to life as if nothing occurred.

In 1990, while searching for a missing cat, Rin encounters Kouki Maeno, a man who believes that his memories are not true. 

Accepting his help, Rin discovers that Kouki isn’t who he seems as she draws closer to her adversaries. 

The enemy is aware of Rin and her kin very well, and should she be killed at his hands it could be for the rest of her life.

6. Terra Formars

Terra Formars

The new anime is slightly different from the other ones that have come out to date. 

Terra Formars can be described as a truly gore-like horror series that focuses on the evolution of humanoid cockroaches that are more intelligent than ordinary human creatures. 

The fantastic storyline, animation, and character development, and characterization of this show are excellent. 

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Due to the many realistic and harsh scenes and environments, I decided to include them in my list of films that are uncensored.

5. Shinmai Maō no Tesutamento

Shinmai Maō no Tesutamento

Shinmai Mao, also known as Tesutamento in English is popularly known as “The testament of sister new devil.”

The story is centered around Basara Torojo an aspiring high school student of the Hijirigasaka Academy. 

It is an action-sci-fi anime, with a few ecchi scenes. 

The father of Basara, Jin has a second marriage, but Basara soon finds out that there are two cute step-sisters. 

Mio Naruse and Marui Naruse. 

After the departure of his father comes the moment, Basara discovers that his stepsisters are part of a clan of demons

Mio has been referred to as a princess demon is seeking a master and servant to deal with Basara. 

However, Marui would like to also sign an agreement with Basara However, it is her turn to declare Basara the master. 

When both of the step-sisters belong to the demon clan, Basara, on the contrary, is required to be a part of a hero’s clan. 

In addition to a myriad of supernatural and demon elements, they have a lot of good fighting scenes from the show. 

The storyline, animation, action, and sometimes romantic scenes, ecchi-based scenes are sure to pique the viewers’ attention.

4. Jinrō


In an alternate timeline that occurred following World War II, civil violence and unrest are common in a devastated Japan under occupation by foreigners. 

After a bungled intercept of underground weapons being transported to terrorist groups, Constable Kazuki Fuse who is a member of an elite counter-terrorism group experiences real human terror. 

He is not able to stop a teen girl from committing a desperate suicide bombing, which creates massive destruction in Tokyo. 

With his mental scars and competency in question, Kazuki is sent back to the military academy to be re-evaluated. 

In his ignorance, Kazuki is soon to become entangled in a maze of government conspiracy theories that are able to decide the future of the entire nation of Japan.

Jin-Rou is a heartbreaking story of a man who walks the thin line between human and beast, and then figures out what side he is.

3. Nana


Nana Komatsu is a helpless young woman of 20 who quickly gets smitten and then is a clingy and dependent person to the people around her. 

Although she has lofty goals of leaving her roots in the provinces and finding her true passion She ends up moving to Tokyo with the sole purpose of trying to find her lover Shouji Endo.

Nana Osaki, on the contrary, is a proud mysterious punk rock singer with a similarly rural background who has the dream of becoming an accomplished singer. 

In the end, she has a brand that is quite popular (and her love affair with one of the band’s former members, now behind her) she boarded the same train for Tokyo in the name of Nana Komatsu.

In the course of their trip to the metropolis Two young women who share the same name get together which triggers a series of events that end in their living together in an apartment. 

As their relationship grows they attempt to be there for each other the thick and the thin of and their intimately interwoven lives full of love and music, as well as challenges and heartbreaks that eventually test their seemingly irreparable bond.

2. Demon King Daimao

Demon King Daimao

The narrative of Akuto Sai who is a student in the Constant Magic Academy. 

He aspires to be a superhero and hopes to do plenty of good in the world. 

When he arrives at the academy, he runs into and bonds with Junko and they make vows to create a better place. 

But, when he arrives the prophecy is that Akuto will be The Demon King

The prophecy’s message is spread throughout the school like a fire Everyone is afraid of Akuto. 

Even Junko starts to doubt him. 

Although he attempts to stay away from his future predictions, however, everything Akuto says and does appear to reinforce the prophecy. 

Soon, he’ll be being surrounded by a group of gorgeous girls. 

Some are planning to murder him and others seek to seduce him. 

What do you think Akuto cope with all the issues that are thrown his way?

1. Redo Of Healer

Redo Of Healer

The show sparked a lot of debates when it was released in January of this year, offering three different versions to various audiences. 

The uncensored version does not abstain from the main concept of the show- retribution and abuse. 

The show is full of scenes of rape, which shocked a large portion of the viewers. 

However, a lot of people who watch the show think that the actions of the protagonist are logical, given the circumstances of his life. 

However, the show is a refreshing and original perspective on the fantasy genre.

We follow the journey of the healer Keyaru. 

Keyaru’s powerful powers help him recover from injuries of any kind. 

As he set off in the direction of an exciting future, his life was not so kind to him. 

He was brutally treated by people around him and was suffering. 

But, he quickly realized that his powers allowed him to be able to absorb memories and gain power from other people. 

The revelation was revealed to him in the late hours and he was not able to realize his full potential until he lost everything.

He uses a strong healing power to return in time to avoid his terrible fate. 

There is only one goal in his mind- revenge on the people who have hurt him.

These are the best animes to watch after a tiring and tiring day to unwind for a couple of hours and unwind. 

They’re engaging and tell a story that will keep you entertained without being too intense or dark. 

Do they have hot characters and scenes? Even hotter. 

Check them out and tell us how you feel about them.