Where to Watch Redo of Healer Uncensored Version?

This is based upon a Japanese novel, titled Kaifuku Jutushushi which is also commonly referred to as Kaiyori, composed by Rui Tsukiyo, and is about a healer who is often thrown around by his fellow adventurers based on the notion that healers can’t fight independently. 

But when he discovers the Philosopher’s Stone as well as “heals” the world itself, he returns four years later to rebuild his past to take revenge against those who abused the healer.

Did I not mention that it’s true that the Redo of Healer has sparked controversy due to its explicit themes, mature themes, violent content, sexual explicitness, and sexual assault? 

This is probably the primary reason that it’s hard to discover options for streaming The Redo Healer, particularly the version that is uncensored

This anime is currently unavailable on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Crunchyroll, and Funimation and if you are wondering where to Watch Redo of Healer, keep reading.

The show comes with a restricted version that is suitable for television as well as an uncensored “Redo” version that is only available online and a version that is an uncensored “Complete Recovery” version.

Where to watch the Redo of Healer uncensored version?

Where to Watch Redo of Healer Uncensored Version?

The Redo from Healer is available to play via HIDIVE featuring English, Spanish, Danish, Swedish, and Portuguese sub-titles or dubbed versions. 

Its monthly cost is $4.99 US per month or $47.99 per year.

First-time subscribers can view the show for free when they sign up for the free 30-day trial. We recommend that viewers purchase the media they enjoy.

Update: We previously declared that the uncensored rendition of Redo of Healeris is not available for streaming on HIDIVE.

However, now the censored and uncensored versions of the show are streaming via the website. 

To unlock the uncensored version of the show, you’ll have to follow the easy steps provided on the HIDIVE website.

At present, the uncensored edition of The Redo of Healer is available to stream on HIDIVE as well as other anime websites that we’re not going to discuss here since they’re thought to be pirated.

Because of the mature subject matter, it’s extremely unlikely Netflix, Funimation, and Crunchyroll will ever release the Redo of Healer (both uncensored and censored versions).

What’s the difference between the censored and uncensored versions of Redo of the Healer?

The sexual scenes in the version of The Redo that is censored can be toned back and restricted by using dark space. 

A lot of people would call this anime hentai because it has explicit sexual scenes, including threesomes, brutal torture scenes that are gratuitous, as well as brutal violence involving the use of blood, gore, and even blood.

As per Redditors, the uncensored sexual scenes include boobs but don’t show sexual organs, which is why they’re considered to be softcore when compared to hardcore shows that do have genitalia in them, which means that watching the censored version is akin to getting a veggie burger if you’re looking for the natural beef.

Of course, a lot of viewers prefer the uncensored version since the restrictions block the explicit content that is depicted in the manga.

However, if you’re among the people who aren’t fans of this kind of violent content, it’s best to avoid both the uncensored and censored variants of Redo of Healer.

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