32 Funniest Comedy Anime of All Times

There is a long history of comedy anime!

The genre has become one of the most recognized forms of the medium and has gained legions of fans over the decades.

Everyone likes to laugh out loud or bust a gut every once in a while.

And in addition to the standard shounen, mecha, and slice of vampire life anime, there are also a lot of great comedy anime shows.

You just have to know where to look for them.

And if you’re reading this, you’re in the right place to find some hilarious anime.

32. Grand Blue

04 grand blue anime girl drinking screenshot 32 Funniest Comedy Anime of All Times

I think you have to be a little drunk to get the most out of Grand Blue.

Because, man, it’s such a crazy way to show how friends go out for drinks, act like fools, get into small fights, and then do it all over again the next day.

The main plot is that the main character gets over his fears and learns to love diving. But I’m more interested in the funny parts.

Even though it has some blue-ass water, the best part of the show is when the actors drink together. Or being sober and watching them drink. Either way, it’s great!

When these guys get mad, they look like they came right out of Attack on Titan, which is a plus.

31. The Devil as a Part-Timer

05 devil as a part timer 32 Funniest Comedy Anime of All Times

If you only looked at the title, you might think it was just another Isekai seasonal power fantasy story, but oh boy. At the end of the day, it’s just a funny slice-of-life anime with the strangest main story.

Like when you’re just minding your own business flipping burgers so you can pay your rent next month, but then Lucifer shows up and starts blowing things up. Just to become a shut-in in the next show.

Yeah, it won’t make much sense until you look into it.

Also, don’t forget about your worst enemy, who doesn’t know if she’s meant to kill you or not and works in customer service.

I don’t know, man. This show’s idea just got me and hasn’t let go.

30. Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto

06 havent you heard im sakamoto anime 32 Funniest Comedy Anime of All Times

Sakamoto is just crazy. It’s both the most and least obvious show I’ve seen in a long time.

We realize right away that Sakamoto is perfect and that he will always win and come out on top. But he does it in the most strange and awesome ways possible.

At the end of every fight, you just sit there and laugh and say, “Of course that would happen.” It all makes so little sense that it all makes sense.

Also, everyone falls in love with this man. Even the bullies who wanted to beat him up put his picture as the background on their phones.

And then there’s Kubota’s mother, jeez louise.

This anime is a lot like Mission: Impossible, but because he is Sakamoto, everything is very possible.

29. Daily Life of High School Boys

07 daily life highschool boys funny screenshot bra 32 Funniest Comedy Anime of All Times

Daily Life of High School Boys is best seen as a group comedy.

I don’t think any one figure stands out as the most important one.

Most of the time, the humor comes from how the characters interact with each other and how they mess around as a group. And every time the wind blows close to a certain river bank.

The show is about kids and what they do for fun, like playing make-believe with sticks or putting on your sister’s underwear. Have we not all been there?

At its worst, it’s a slice-of-life anime that makes you feel good. At its best, it’s just funny in a crazy way.

28. Barakamon

08 barakamon anime funny face screenshot 32 Funniest Comedy Anime of All Times

Barakamon is the kind of summer show that makes you want to laugh.

There are no real out-of-this-world cliches, story lines, or twists. Just a really funny comedy about people.

It also feels different because there are no high schools, basketball players, or computer games in it. But rather writing and being out in the country.

Sei Handa is sent to the Goto islands to think about what he did when he lost his temper and punched a warrior.

Here, the supporting cast comes into play, with a bunch of braggart kids, nosy old men, and everything in between coming to bother our main character.

The main part of this comedy is how all of the characters interact with each other and go on adventures together.

27. Isekai Quartet

09 isekai quartet anime screenshot 32 Funniest Comedy Anime of All Times

This kind of cheats, but don’t say anything. I didn’t think I’d like Isekai Quartet as much as I did, because it seemed like a lazy way to make money.

But the show’s humor is actually really good, making fun of a lot of isekai stereotypes. But also making fun of the different shows from which the actors come.

And it’s simply fan fiction with a big budget and good writing. As we can finally see how some figures would act around other well-known people.

Most of the time, this show doesn’t beat around the bush. The shows are short, and the art style is cute.

The only thing I don’t like about it is that it has a lot of jokes about other parts of the series that might not make sense if you haven’t seen all of them.

26. Kiss Him, Not Me

10 kiss me not him anime screenshot 32 Funniest Comedy Anime of All Times

This show is like an underdog story about a yaoi lover.

You see, our main figure, Kae Serinuma, has always been known for two things.

Being fat and wanting some Yuri in your life, if you get what I mean.

But when Kae drops a lot of weight quickly, one of these traits goes away. And wouldn’t you know it, four boys now want to go out with her.

But her only rock of character still stands. So she keeps trying to make the boys fall in love with each other.

Doesn’t the title make sense now? What happens when you try to ship boys who want to sail your boat is up to your imagination. It’s worth a lot.

25. +Tic Elder Sister (Plastic Nee-San)

11 plastic nee san anime girls 32 Funniest Comedy Anime of All Times

Not looking for a manga partner for the long haul?

Do you just want to laugh for one night and then not talk to me again?

Then you should get Plastic Nee-San! It is a set of twelve 2-minute skits that are all very funny.

The show does a great job of building characters quickly. In less than half an hour, you feel like you already know these people.

It also doesn’t leave much room for fluff. There isn’t much time between laughs because everything is a joke.

The humor is not subtle at all, and the show doesn’t take itself at all seriously. You’ll notice this in a minute or two.

24. To Be Hero

12 to be hero fat anime screenshot 32 Funniest Comedy Anime of All Times

First, there’s an everyday plumber. He’s pretty good-looking, but he’s lazy and a little bit sleazy.

OK, a bit more than a sprinkle.

He spends his days flirting with women and bragging about how he can tell at a glance how big a woman’s hips are.

But now, wouldn’t you know it, he does have skills… after doing a Mario and going down a pipe (more specifically, a toilet pipe).

The only bad thing is that he got so fat and ugly that his own daughter doesn’t know him anymore.

If “sucked down a toilet to get superpowers” doesn’t sound like a great comic to you, we must like different things.

23. Prison School

13 prison school anime series 32 Funniest Comedy Anime of All Times

It’s hard to explain what Prison School is. It is in a class by itself, and that class is NSFW.

To sum up the story, five wicked boys are locked up for a month because they watched some girls take a shower while they were naked.

And once they were in jail, they became even more sick.

The show is like the anime version of “Boys’ Locker Room.” So there is a lot of fan service, a lot of sexual teasing, and a lot of fetishes in your face.

The show also asks the most important questions about life. Like which is better: boobs or butts. You know, the important things.

22. Ore wo Suki Nano wa Omae Dake ka yo (ORESUKI Are you the only one who loves me?)

14 oreskui only one loves me 32 Funniest Comedy Anime of All Times

It’s hard to tell whether the sweet and dramatic parts of this show come first or the funny ones.

Because, as you might guess from the name, the show is mostly about the search for love.

But it also has some great jokes that keep coming back and crazy responses.

In the beginning, the main character is a bit of a Nice GuyTM.

So, the funny parts of the show come from the way he flirts and the way he thinks about it.

Bench-kun, that sneaky jerk, is also shown on the show. He is the strangest and yet most powerful villain in the history of the medium.

Overall, it has a good mix of tears of happiness and tears of sadness, so you can find what you like in this show.

21. Shimoneta

15 shimoneta anime underpants screenshot 32 Funniest Comedy Anime of All Times

Okay, terrorism is bad. But what about terrorism based on s*x?

You see, in the world of Shimoneta, all pornographic material is banned and chastity is enforced. This leaves sexually frustrated teens to wander the world and do what they can.

So it’s up to our “terrorists” to spread the rule of the lewd all over the city once more.

All of them put their underwear over their heads and throw dirty pictures in public. This is the kind of show you’ll see, so get ready.

Also, you should not watch this with your family or with people you just met. Even though most of the show is funny, it has a R rating for a reason.

20. Asobi Asobase

16 asobi asobase anime 32 Funniest Comedy Anime of All Times

Asobi Asobase is about three strange friends named Hanako, Olivia, and Kasumi and their noble goal to, um, not be bored.

So, they make a club called “Pastime Club” where they can just hang out and play games.

It’s a typical high school comedy, but it’s not boring because the people who made it had a lot of fun making each episode.

Even the most boring thing can become the perfect way to set up a good joke or put the girls in a bad situation when the teacher comes in.

I haven’t been this interested in rock-paper-scissors since that short green-haired kid beat up those ants. The crazy art style and visual jokes are my favorite parts of the show, though.

19. Detroit Metal City

17 detroit metal city funny anime guitar fight 32 Funniest Comedy Anime of All Times

No, Detroit Metal City is not the robot version of Detroit Become Human. Rather, this anime is mostly about a death-metal band from a small town.

The story is like Hannah Montana, but it’s darker, louder, and there are more pelvis thrusts.

Johannes Krauser II is the lead singer of Detroit Metal City. He is a complete nutcase whose angry live shows draw in metal fans.

And yes, he does play a child of Satan on stage. But in fact, he is just a college graduate with a soft voice who joined the band for the money. He doesn’t even like metal that much!

But a man must do what he must do.

His desperate efforts to live a double life get him into all sorts of trouble, and his performances get crazier and crazier as time goes on.

18. Tanaka-kun is Always Listless

18 tanaka kun is always listless 32 Funniest Comedy Anime of All Times

I think putting Tanaka on a list just killed the show. Oh well.

This is a good anime to watch if you often want to take a nap right after you wake up.

Tanaka doesn’t care about anything at all. The man just wants to be left alone and go through life at his own pace.

But of course, he has all these bad people who call themselves “friends” and keep making him do things!

The main point of the show is how people respond to Tanaka’s laziness and how hard he tries to change it.

Think of Saiki K., but with no abilities and a very relaxing style of art.

17. Hinamatsuri (Hina Festival)

19 hinamatsuri anime screenshot couch 32 Funniest Comedy Anime of All Times

This show is different from the very beginning.

When else does a metal egg girl who looks like she belongs to the Mob move into the head of a yakuza member?

Like, really, who thought of that pilot?

Then, Nitta, a member of the yakuza, has to take care of Hina, who was once a robot egg but is now all-powerful.

Who just so happens to have psychic abilities.

What do you think will happen when these two powerful people work together?

I think this show is still going strong in the weird humor genre.

Nothing seems impossible.

The jokes on screen, the animation, and especially the voice acting are all just great.

You should really watch it.

16. Good Luck Girl!

20 good luck girl anime screenshot 32 Funniest Comedy Anime of All Times

How often do you see a female character who is rich, beautiful, smart, and generally perfect? I could say more.

In Good Luck Girl, Ichiko Sakura, the main character, is a figure like this. But now we have an answer as to why.

She takes everyone’s luck away from them.

This makes Momiji Binboda, the goddess of poverty, have to face her and try to take some of her luck.

Then, all hell breaks loose and the two keep fighting, generally in a way that is over the top and doesn’t need to be.

The way they argue and insult each other is so funny that it just goes off the charts. There’s also the monk Bobby Statice, who is a comedy genius in his own right.

15. KonoSuba -God’s Blessing on this Wonderful World!

KonoSuba -God’s Blessing on this Wonderful World!

I love KonoSuba. Does that mean I’m simple? Probably.

But I think KonoSuba has one of the best groups of characters in anime. Especially Kazuma, Megumin, Aqua, and Darkness, who are at the center of the story.

Their chatter just never seems to get old. Even though some of the characters don’t do much, the show doesn’t get old.

Kazuma is a real gem when it comes to making people laugh. You can tell that the writers have a lot of fun writing his lines.

Along with the villains, the recurring figures are also good. They never get too much attention, but they are still easy to remember.

My favorite parts of the show are Kazuma’s fight with Mitsurugi and the power of his creepy hand moves afterward.

14. Gag Manga Biyori

Gag Manga Biyori

Gag Manga Biyori is a hilarious comedy anime set in a fictional town where anything can happen.

With wacky and absurd humor, each episode features a different group of characters in ridiculous situations.

The unique animation styles add to the overall absurdity of the show.

If you’re looking for a comedy anime that will leave you in tears from laughing, Gag Manga Biyori is a must-watch.

13. Kochikame


Kochikame is a hilarious anime with crazy action and a goofy cast of characters.

Kankichi Ryotsu is a bumbling police officer who always saves the day, even if it means battling yakuza or giant robots.

The over-the-top humor will have you laughing until your sides hurt.

Give it a watch and you won’t be disappointed!

12. Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun

Monthly Girls’ Nozaki kun 3 32 Funniest Comedy Anime of All Times

Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun is the kind of anime that will have you rolling on the floor with laughter.

Chiyo has a crush on Nozaki, who is actually a famous manga artist, and she becomes his assistant.

The characters are all ridiculous in their own way, from Mikoshiba, the perverted pretty boy, to Seo, the loudmouth troublemaker.

The humor is sharp and witty, with hilarious jabs at shoujo manga tropes.

If you’re looking for an anime that will have you in stitches, Nozaki-kun is a must-watch!

11. Super Radical Gag Family (Urayasu Tekkin Kazoku)

Super Radical Gag Family

Oh, Super Radical Gag Family! This anime is a total riot, with its wacky humor and over-the-top antics.

The show follows the adventures of the Gag family, who are all comedians trying to make it big.

From dad Gag to the rebellious daughter Kyoko, each member of the family is more outrageous than the last.

What I love about Super Radical Gag Family is its commitment to being silly.

The show isn’t afraid to go all out with its gags and puns, and the humor is definitely not for the faint of heart.

But if you’re looking for an anime that will have you laughing until your sides hurt, this is the one for you.

The animation is also top-notch, with bright colors and exaggerated expressions that perfectly capture the absurdity of the show.

And with its catchy opening theme and memorable characters, Super Radical Gag Family is an anime that’s hard to forget.

If you’re in the mood for some outrageous comedy, give it a watch and prepare to be blown away!

10. Nichijou


Nichijou is a hilariously absurd anime that follows the daily lives of a group of high school students.

The show’s unpredictable situations and bizarre humor will keep you laughing, while its lovable characters and moments of sincerity make it a must-watch.

9. Sexy Commando Gaiden: Sugoi yo!! Masaru-san

Sexy Commando Gaiden: Sugoi yo!! Masaru-san

Masaru’s high school life has been strange.

As a transfer student, he joined several martial arts clubs and beat everyone in them.

This left him feeling empty.

He left for three months and then came back to start the “Sexy Commando Club.”

The club teaches fighters how to distract their opponents so much that they can’t fight anymore.

One way to do this is to unzip one’s pants.

8. Crayon Shin-chan

Crayon Shin-chan

Look Shinchan is an anime okay. This show defiantly deserve a chance on this list.

Shin-chan is in kindergarten and doesn’t understand words very well.

He also has a vivid imagination.

Shin-chan’s strange parents and prima donna sister are always cheering him on in his crude pranks and adventures, even when they get hurt.

7. Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo

Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo

The Maruhage Empire and its Hair Hunt troops steal everyone’s hair and freedom in the year 300X.

Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo, a man with a golden afro and nose hairs made of steel, stands up to injustice and hopes to save all the hairs of the world.

6. Dr. Slump

Dr. Slump

Senbei is a designer who wants to make the best robot girl possible.

Arale is the result of all of his work, but she is not perfect.

She can’t see well and doesn’t have much common sense, but she is very strong.

Senbei tries to woo Arale’s teacher, so the young robot is often left alone to get into all kinds of trouble.

5. The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.

The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.

From Devilman Crybaby, I already knew that some anime on Netflix could be good. But Saiki K. made me think that it might also be funny.

This is a comedy anime, so the main story doesn’t matter, but there are a few arcs that span more than one episode.

Overall, Saiki is a very strange comedy. I mean, Saiki is like a less powerful version of Minecraft’s creative mode, so there are a lot of things you can do with it.

There are lots of little things about the show that make me like it. Kaidou’s theme song, which plays whenever he talks about the Dark Reunion, Terukashi’s inner diva, or Nendou just being Nendou.

Some of the other items on this list are more crude than this one. Even if you’ve never seen anime before, you can still enjoy the show. I think it’s on Netflix because it’s made for a wide range of people.

Can we also just enjoy the fact that Saiki never stops complaining? Not in the annoying way that Asuma screams. I mean, the guy is so over everyone that it’s hilarious.

4. High School! Kimengumi

High School! Kimengumi

Five boys who don’t fit in form a group called “The Funny Face Club” and cause trouble at school.

Even though the people in the group are weird, two girls are interested in them.

3. Mr. Osomatsu (Osomatsu-san)

Mr. Osomatsu

The Matsuno family has six brothers who are all the same age.

Even though they are different people, they both live as NEETs.

The brothers are always in new settings, whether they are trying to pick up girls or looking for work.

2. Hozuki’s Coolheadedness (Hoozuki no Reitetsu)

Hozuki’s Coolheadedness comedy anime

Lord Enma’s top assistant, Hozuki, is in charge of making sure that Naraka (Japanese hell) runs smoothly.

But the serious demon is always telling hell’s middle managers what to do, which brings out Hozuki’s cruel side.

1. Gintama

Gintama best comedy anime

It’s like if Family Guy was an anime, but it was funnier and had some great fights.

Before you get mad at me for saying that it reminded you of Family Guy, let me explain. This show makes fun of and makes comparisons to anything and everything. What are its best and worst qualities?

Because if you get the reference, it’s like giving the author a high-five in slow motion, but if you don’t, you feel like you’ve done your family a great disservice. Or you can just turn it off and move on.

Imagine watching YGO Abridged without having ever seen Yu-Gi-Oh! It might be funny, but you won’t understand much of it.

The show also does a great job of breaking the fourth wall and making fun of itself by having characters say that they haven’t been in any shows lately. Or the people working on the movie are watching the trailer for it.

The fact that the show has been on for so long shows how good it is. Gintama has a lot of episodes, including specials and movies, and all of them are very well liked by critics.

Gintama is a great place to start if you want an anime that will make you laugh out loud.

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