Who Does Kazuma end Up with in Konosuba?

Konosuba has run for 17 light novels and with each new chapter, the fans have become more and more involved in the lives of the characters. 

The light novel began in the form of Kazuma and Aqua, and it seemed just right to conclude the book with them.

Readers who have read the books are dissatisfied with the lack of closure on Kazuma’s relationship with other characters.

kazuma konosuba Who Does Kazuma end Up with in Konosuba?

Fortunately, there’s plenty of information to identify Kazuma’s love interests and additional stories to enhance them even more. 

Let’s examine his relationships with other people before we see who he’ll end up with.

Does Kazuma Love Anyone in Konosuba?

In the course of the show, we’ve witnessed Kazuma make a statement about his desire to create a harem several times.

In that sense, regardless of whether he was successful or not, there is a certain fact that he’s in the company of many females who’ve shown attraction to him and, in turn, vice versa.

I. Aqua

aqua konosuba Who Does Kazuma end Up with in Konosuba?

Kazuma and Aqua Kazuma and Aqua are the couples that began this whole process. 

Although they both find each other to be pathetic and insignificant, The two are always close and have a strong connection.

We had no idea that this unlikely pairing of an in-law, Neet, and a naive goddess could give us plenty of entertainment.

But, despite them being the focus, they are not allowed to pair them up, and for good reason. The bond that exists between Aqua and Kazuma is like that of siblings.

The most interesting incident to draw attention to the importance of this is Kazuma being irritated by others for ridiculing Aqua while doing the same. 

This was something that every one of us who has an older sibling can relate to. They fight, argue, and fight, yet they rely on each other more than anyone else.

If even Kazuma acknowledges their platonic bond (Aqua was the sole girl that he had no negative thoughts about)

who would we be to doubt it?

Aqua and Kazuma are the most platonic relationships, and there is no way to alter my mind.

II. Darkness

konosuba darkness Who Does Kazuma end Up with in Konosuba?

Ah, Darkness! Our valiant noble. Despite her initial struggles, she was eventually accepted into Kazuma’s group and was made a treasured part of the group.

At first, Kazuma was annoyed and even swore at his verbal abuse. However, she soon came to accept the abuse.

As the story was progressing, Vanir even teased them by saying that Darkness and Kazuma were friends. 

However, though it was an attempt to get them to look awkward, there was a certain truth in it.

In the later episodes of the show, after Kazuma was able to save Darkness from her wedding, she began to develop feelings for him.

In the 12th volume, in volume 12, she finally decided to act on them and admitted her love for Kazuma. 

He then rejected her, and after the last kiss, their romance was over from the beginning.

III. Megumin

megumin konosuba Who Does Kazuma end Up with in Konosuba?

Since the start, Megumin and Kazuma have been in a close relationship and are both fighting for their respective sides.

Despite his erratic behavior at times, she found him to be trustworthy and felt a sense of being secure in the presence of Kazuma.

Their bond developed into a romantic bond when Megumin finally admitted the feelings she had for Kazuma and they became “more than friends but less than lovers.”

In volume 14, they were found to be extremely affectionate with each other, and they performed sexual acts several times.

In the story following volume 17, it was discovered that Megumin and Kazuma got married and made public their relationship.

Their relationship has grown to the point where Kazuma has given up on his dream of establishing a harem.

When Darkness admitted her love for him, the teen explained that he was not going to betray Megumi and was unable to handle two girls at a time. It seems that Kazuma has grown up, and it only took 17 volumes to make it happen.

Who Does Kazuma End Up With?

Although Kazuma doesn’t have a relationship with anyone, the author concludes the story in a way that the story is a success. in giving the readers an answer that was concrete.

As promised, the author released an off-shoot about Kazuma and Megumin at the end of volume 17. At the end of volume 17, they started having s*x.

The reason that the Konosuba book ended that way is that the writer might have been trying to save the romance element for that short story so that Kazuma might have had time to understand the significance of love and grow into a strong and committed person.

After all, Megumin is worthy of the highest praise.

So, as of now, Kazumin is in an endgame! It was worth watching the series for a long time because it came to a satisfying ending. The only thing left is to be animated.

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