KonoSuba Ending Explained! Do We Get A Sequel?

It seems like the story of anime’s most hilarious celebration has concluded. The Konosuba series has released its final volume and wrapped up the characters and story that we’ve grown to enjoy.

But, there are many things to anticipate, including the anime version and spin-offs that have been teased by the writer.

About Konosuba

KonoSuba Ending

Konosuba is an unpublished light novel created by Natsume Akatsuki and drawn by Kurone Mishima. There are currently 16 volumes in the light novel collection, and the 17th volume is considered to be the last one. Five of them have been made into an anime format.

After a humorous and tragic death on his return journey from purchasing an item, a student from high school or recluse Kazuma Satou is seated in front of a gorgeous but rude goddess called Aqua.

She presents her NEET with two choices for her to continue their journey to the heavens or reincarnate the gamer’s fantasy world!

Deciding to begin a new existence, Kazuma is quickly tasked with battling a Demon King that is attacking villages. 

However, before he leaves on his quest, he can select an item of any type to aid in his mission, and the new hero picks Aqua. However, Kazuma is making a serious error: Aqua is ineffective!

However, their problems do not end there and it’s revealed that life in this environment is very different from the way it’s played in a game. 

Instead of going on an exciting adventure, the pair have to first cover their expenses for living. Their misfortunes have just begun!

Konosuba Ending

KonoSuba Ending

Volume 16 from Konosuba was entertaining in every way. But, as every good thing comes to an end at some point, KonoSuba did too.

Popular light novel in Isekai, KonoSuba – God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World!, ended with its last volume (17th). Although the KonoSuba light novel is now finished, however, the anime will commence its third season in October 2020.

The fans of the show are saddened by the series’ closing.

The Twitter users @bringbackdabing are a perfect example of our feelings through a tweet.

“The Light Novel of Konosuba will be ending in the near future, damn it! It’s amazing and volume 15 was among the most enjoyable volumes by far.

Character development as well as the call backs were fantastic. I’m sure I’ll be depressed when this is all over. Why should that all things I cherish end.”

Another Twitter user @KCB_Bryanexpresses his frustration by tweeting his displeasure.

“Now the main novel of Konosuba is coming to an end… The month of April is likely to end in a fiery blaze. 2020 could be a jump to 2021.”

How did Konosuba End?

After the fight against the Demon King as a reward, the man offers his name as Kouichi Sakaguchi. He promises to reveal to Kazuma the truth behind his name if Kazuma is able to beat the Demon King.

At that point, Kazuma notices something on his adventure card. He notices the last magnetite and makes an explosion with it.

Because of this, Kazuma then arrives in Heaven and there Aqua is also present. As she cries, she offers Kazuma three options: revived here, in Japan, and go on to Heaven. Then, Eris gives him another two options to reward him for defeating his Demon King.

1.) He can travel to Japan with a large amount of cash along with “his ideal partner”.

2.) He could return to the present world in the way they are.

Kazuma Then, he asks for the cheat he was supposed to possess and asks whether a goddess can count as cheating. Later, however, Kazuma and Eris leave for the world and leave Aqua on her own.

The epilogue is written from Eris’s perspective in the sense that we can see Kazuma is returning to Heaven. In this episode, Kazuma gives an update on other people.

Megumin will be going to a place with Yunyun to stage her explosion to start the day. Darkness has acquired an area and has been attracting several prospective suitors.

After that, Kazuma has seen grumbling because he was removed from the home. Eris comforts him and tells him that he can rest while Aqua revives Kazuma.

The only difference is that Kazuma isn’t dead. The fact is that he made a recording of Heaven as a teleporting location. 

This is how he planned to be able to get Aqua back. While he’s out, Eris gives him another Blessing. This is the way the story ends.

Did the End Meet Your Expectations?

KonoSuba Ending

The light novel opens by introducing Kazuma and Aqua which is why it’s only right to close the book with Kazuma and Aqua. Because of this, the story is elaborated and ends on the right note.

But, those who love the series are dissatisfied that there is no closure on Kazuma’s relationship with other characters.

In terms of the romance aspect of the story, the writer may want to flesh out Kazuma’s love story in the next story.

He’s trying to keep it in mind for a sequel, to ensure that Kazuma will be able to understand the significance behind love and hopefully grow into a strong and committed person.

Thus, despite the tangled threads the plot is satisfying and concludes in the typical Konosuba manner, with lots of pranks, emotions, as well as laughter.

Although Kazuma doesn’t have a relationship with anyone since the author concludes the story in a way and the story is a success. in giving the readers an answer that was concrete.

Who Will Kazuma Get Married to?

As promised, the author released an e-book concerning Kazuma and Megumin at the close of volume 17, in which they began a relationship.

The reason why the Konosuba story ended that way, is because the writer might have been trying to save the romance portion of the short story so that Kazuma would have the chance to understand the significance of love and develop into a determined and committed individual, after all, Megumin deserves to be treated to the highest praise.

Is there an Expansion of Konosuba?

In addition to the end of the story and the final chapter of Konosuba There was also an after story that was sweet. Additionally, the creator of the manga has suggested that there would be other stories that follow about Kazuma and his adventures and love.

A sequel series “Counter-Attack of Satou Kazuma” is in the process of being created. A final treat for fans is the release date of KonoSuba Season 3, which will be released in fall 2021.

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