Is the Manga Vinland Saga Ending Soon?

Vinland Saga caught a lot of people’s attention with its violent and intense story about Viking times and an animation style that showed how good WIT Studio is.

It has even won Crunchyroll’s award for Best Drama of 2019. That’s right!

Even though a lot of people are excited about Season 2, manga fans are a little sad that manga is going to end soon.

So, is it true that the manga will end soon?

Let’s find out!

Yukimura said that the manga is actually coming to an end and is now in the last part.

He thinks that the manga will end at chapter 216, which means that the last chapter might come out in 2024.

It will mostly be about Thorfinn getting to his real goal.

The Manga is in Its Final Arc!

Vinland Saga 6 Is the Manga Vinland Saga Ending Soon?

On August 22, 2022, Comic Natalie published an interview with Yukimura and Hajime Isayama, the writer of Attack on Titan.

People asked Yukimura how they could finish the ending.

Yukimura replied that the Vinland Saga was in its last part and that the last chapter would be out soon.

He also said that the last part of the manga started with chapter 167.

Since this is the mangaka who told us about it, it is definitely true.

When will the final chapter be released?

In the same interview, Yukimura said that he thought the manga might be over at chapter 216.

Based on this information, we probably have enough content for another year.

This could mean that the manga will be over by 2024, if there are no unplanned breaks.

What’s the storyline for the final arc?

vinland saga 3 1 Is the Manga Vinland Saga Ending Soon?

In the last part of the story, Thorfinn and his friends leave Iceland and go to Vinland to make it a peaceful place.

But they run into problems they didn’t expect, like trying to convince the natives that they don’t mean any harm.

We have to wait and watch to see if Thorfinn finally gets what he wants and if it will be true to history.

Makoto Yukimura wrote and drew the Vinland Saga manga series, which is set in the past. The series is published by Kodansha in Monthly Afternoon, a manga magazine for young adult men that comes out once a month. At the moment, there are 26 tankbon volumes.

Vinland Saga is set in Viking times, when Thors, a well-known retired warrior and Thorfinn’s father, is killed on a journey. This turns Thorfinn’s life upside down.

Thorfinn is then ruled over by his enemy, the man who killed his father. He plans to get revenge on this man when he is stronger.

The anime is somewhat based on Thorfinn Karlsefni’s journey to find Vinland.

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