51+ Best Isekai Anime of All Time

Today, we’re going to give you a list of Isekai anime series. These Isekai anime are about monsters, demons, or a main character from another world who comes from the outside.

I’m sure most of you like isekai anime series. It’s an old type of anime that has become popular recently, and manga and anime creators are competing to make a masterpiece for fans of isekai anime.

The “Transported to another world” (Isekai) genre is making waves in the world of anime. With shows like Re:Zero, the Isekai Quartet, and many more, anime is becoming more and more popular every day.

It’s hard to ignore all the chances it gives the anime industry. Isekai has a lot of potential that hasn’t been fully explored yet, even though this and other genres are becoming more popular.

So, let’s get to the best reverse isekai anime series to watch without wasting any more time.

Table of Contents

53. Do You Love Your Mom and Her Two-Hit Multi-Target Attacks?

02 do you love your mom and her two hHit multi target attacks 51+ Best Isekai Anime of All Time

I’m putting this here for the one person who really likes trash-isekai, because I think this is the best trash-isekai ever.

In fact, many people in the area have come up with a new word for this show: milfsekai.

Yes, it’s your typical isekai plot, but the main characters are a boy and his very loving mother.

If you turn off your brain and don’t think about what this show means, it’s pretty entertaining. So that’s it.

52. Mysterious Play

05 mysterious play anime 51+ Best Isekai Anime of All Time

Just by looking at the cover, you can tell that this is a good shoujo anime.

Again, there is no truck or headset because this show is also a bit older, from the mid-1990s. instead of a book.

Through this book, which bends space and time, two girls end up in ancient China.

But not the usual China from the past. After all, it’s isekai, not time travel.

So, the two girls become priests for two groups that are at odds with each other.

They have to find their celestial warriors so they can call on Shenron, er, I mean Seiryuu, who will grant them any wish they want.

51. InuYasha

06 inuyasha anime screenshot 51+ Best Isekai Anime of All Time

You know how in isekai stories, the main character usually dies and comes back to life after being hit by a truck or having their VR headset steal their soul?

In InuYasha, the main character is just pulled down a well by a demon.

Early in the 2000s, people were more creative.

She falls because a powerful jewel that can grant wishes is reborn inside of her body, but it gets broken by accident.

So, she asks a man-dog-demon, who I think came before the manbearpig, to help her collect the shards and make sure the power isn’t used to destroy the world.

50. Now and Then, Here and There

09 now and then here and there anime 51+ Best Isekai Anime of All Time

You’ll quickly feel like this show is from a different time, 1999 to be exact.

Not just because of the style of art, but also because of how isekai is handled.

It starts out like most stories: boy meets interesting girl, girl is attacked, boy tries to save her and ends up in another world.

But instead of having him hunt slimes or find out he’s good at magic, the show throws him into a world that’s at war. And I mean real war, not just a spotlight on one person.

So the main character has to learn how to stay alive and fight while also looking for the girl he still likes.

49. Kekkai Sensen

10 kekkai sensen anime screenshot 51+ Best Isekai Anime of All Time

Kekkai Sensen feels like a sequel to Gate to me because, just like in Gate, a portal is opened between the world of humans and the worlds of monsters, half-humans, aliens, and other things.

The story starts, though, three years after the portal was opened. And we get to see a city where people and monsters live together in perfect harmony.

The way it looks was a big selling point for me. We get to see a normal guy drinking coffee next to a bug monster while a speed-crazed monkey bounces around the room.

48. Spirited Away

11 spirited away anime screenshot 51+ Best Isekai Anime of All Time

People never seem to call Spirited Away an isekai, so I want to put it on this list. Even though it is for sure true.

The whole story is about a girl who falls into the spirit world by accident and has to figure out how to stay alive and help her family.

This doesn’t happen through fights or learning secret magic, but rather through getting to know the spirits there and the world.

This movie is one of Ghibli’s all-time best (and ultimately an overall anime classic). And if you have never seen it, you should change that as soon as possible.

47. Problem children are coming from another world, aren’t they?

12 problem children are coming from another world arent they 51+ Best Isekai Anime of All Time

You might think, “Is this an isekai?” when you see the name of this anime. “Are these kids with problems going to set the world on fire?”

Yes and no is the answer.

The main trio is made up of three teens who are already psychic and are sick of living in the real world. But one day, a bunny offers to take them to a different world so they can get out of their boredom.

They will, of course. How can you turn down a bunny?

Soon, they are fighting as part of a group called “No Name.”

They have bad attitudes because they were defeated before they even got to this world. I’m looking at you Izayoi.

46. Princess Connect! Re:Dive

13 princess connect re dive anime 51+ Best Isekai Anime of All Time

When I see that something is based on a mobile game, I usually expect it to be bad. And yet, I’m telling you to use Princess Connect.

The plot of the show is pretty simple: a guy falls from the sky into a fantasy world where he doesn’t remember anything. He meets some girls and they form a group called a guild.

But really, the guy doesn’t matter.

This show seems like an anime about cute girls doing cute things, with most of the humor and interest coming from the three main characters.

So we have an antisocial cat girl, a bubbly leader with a black hole for a stomach, and a walking monologue. Just kidding, Kokoro, you know I love you.

45. Knight’s & Magic

14 knights and magic anime 51+ Best Isekai Anime of All Time

You may have noticed that one anime group is missing from this list.

That’s right, baby! Don’t tell me you didn’t think mechs would make it into this genre!

Other than the robots, this show is pretty normal.

The main character, a boy, gets together with two girls to form a group.

They go to a magical high school to learn how to fight bad guys. They battle those bad guys.

That’s it.

But man, those mechs are pretty cool. Even the ones who are training give the show a unique futuristic feel.

44. I’m Standing on a Million Lives

15 im standing on 1 000 000 lives anime 51+ Best Isekai Anime of All Time

This show tries to change the formula of isekai in two big ways.

First of all, randomness is a big part of the game because the Game Master who sends our main character to this world does things like flip a coin to figure out certain stats.

We get a party with a warrior, a mage, and a farmer this way.

Second, the characters can enter and leave the universe. This means that there are basically two plots.

Like a few other shows on this list, it’s “dumb fun,” so don’t look for the meaning of life in it. But don’t ignore it completely either.

43. Didn’t I Say to Make My Abilities Average in the Next Life?!

17 didnt i say to make my abilities average in the next life 51+ Best Isekai Anime of All Time

People always say, “It’s another story with a hero with too much power,” but they never ask, “How is the hero with too much power?”

In this show, the main character is literally struggling from success. She has spent her whole life alone and away from other people because they are jealous of her skills.

So when she has the chance to be born again in a different world, she asks the gods to make her just like everyone else.

But the heavens are a bunch of trolls, so they make her the daughter of a noble with the most powerful magic skills.

So, she tries to keep her powers low-key so that she can live the normal life she’s always wanted, but that turns out to be hard.

42. Amatsuki

18 amatsuki anime screenshot 51+ Best Isekai Anime of All Time

In most isekai, the main character is taken to a world they love. Not this time, though.

Our main character, Tokidoki, hates history so much that he fails every history test he ever takes.

So, he is sent to a museum with a simulator that will let him try out what he is learning.

Neat idea. But he quickly gets stuck inside and is no longer just a quiet observer. This means he could die.

Demons are running around everywhere, which adds to the danger.

He joins forces with two samurai and hopes to stay alive and learn at least a little bit about history.

41. Outbreak Company

19 outbreak company anime 51+ Best Isekai Anime of All Time

Does your community not have an otaku culture?

Have you tried going out into the streets to spread the holy word of Haruhi?

If you said yes to these two questions, you have a lot in common with Shnishi, the main character in this show.

The only difference is that this Otaku Missionary has to do his holy work in a fantasy world.

It is a harem, a comedy, and a parody.

People who are new to the otaku culture might find this show to be very strange. But those of us who are really into it don’t need to hear it.

40. Ascendance of a Bookworm

20 ascendance of a bookworm anime 51+ Best Isekai Anime of All Time

Ascendance of a Bookworm should be enough if you don’t want to get into another story about taking over the world or starting a war, but you still want that isekai flavor.

The story is about a girl who loved to read so much that she died and came back to life and kept loving to read.

But now she’s in a world from a story. So there aren’t a lot of books around, and she has to come up with really creative ways to get her fix.

The show is a lot like a slice of life, but it’s done well. So you care a lot more than you might think.

39. Nobunaga Concerto

21 nobunaga concerto anime 51+ Best Isekai Anime of All Time

Is Nobunaga just the Stan Lee of isekai?

So, all of a sudden, a guy finds himself in feudal Japan, right in front of Nobunaga.

The problem is that the two look a lot alike, and Nobunaga is getting sick of all the pressure he’s under.

So they just switch places with each other. A well-known story that we’ve heard many times

From then on, our main character just has to live as Nobunaga and do his best not to let the country fall apart and to make it through the trouble.

38. Restaurant to Another World

24 restaurant to another world anime 51+ Best Isekai Anime of All Time

There was no reason for this show to be as good as it was.

Instead of the usual “grind” or “fight for survival” stories, this show is literally just about running a restaurant.

The twist is that during the week, the restaurant is like any other place to eat, but on Saturdays, it opens its doors to a fantasy world. And now you’re serving a dragon their favorite meat or brandy.

I really have to give credit to whoever came up with the idea for the show. It’s pretty funny, and the atmosphere is very relaxing.

37. The Rising of the Shield Hero

26 the rising of the shield hero anime 51+ Best Isekai Anime of All Time

In The Rising of the Shield Hero, we see a man get a bad start in life, but then he works hard to get where he wants to be.

Our main character, Naofumi, and three other people are taken to a different world and each given a weapon.

Naofumi gets the short end of the stick and has to carry the shield.

When the whole kingdom quickly kicks him out, the stick gets even shorter.

So, we watch as he puts together a group of random people, some of whom may or may not be slaves, and tries to help the people around him while giving the king the finger. It really is something to see.

36. Grimgar: Ashes and Illusions

27 grimgar ashes and illusions anime 51+ Best Isekai Anime of All Time

Overlord is pretty much the opposite of Grimgar.

We have a large main cast where everyone is just as important, no one remembers their past lives or can play metagames, and no one is too strong. They are all pretty bad at what they do.

But that’s what makes the show so good. As a group of people grow up in an RPG world, we get to see how hard they work but never give up.

The other players pretty much left them for dead, and now it’s do or die.

The show might move a little slower than you would expect from an isekai. But it just makes you more interested in the world.

35. The Familiar of Zero

30 the familiar of zero anime screenshot 51+ Best Isekai Anime of All Time

So, what does The Familiar of Zero add to the isekai genre that makes it different?

The main character likes video games.

The main character has too much power.

He is pretty much a slave to the girl who called him.


Yes, the main characters of this show are a girl who isn’t very good at magic and a boy from modern Japan who acts as her familiar.

As you might have guessed, if you want to get stronger, having an MC as your familiar is very helpful.

34. Cautious Hero: The Hero Is Overpowered but Overly Cautious

31 cautious hero the hero is overpowered but overly cautious 51+ Best Isekai Anime of All Time

Isn’t it true that the titles of Isekai stories get right to the point?

So, yeah, the main character is very powerful, but he or she is also very careful. How does that work as a plot hook?

In fact, it went very well.

The humor is very strange and unpredictable, like when the main character blows up a whole village because he wants to make sure he killed that level 1 slime properly.

The other main character has a similar feel to Aqua, and the person who gives her voice is just top-notch.

Trust me, you’ll watch the whole season in one sitting, and you won’t be sorry.

33. The Ambition of Oda Nobuna

34 the ambition of oda nobuna anime 51+ Best Isekai Anime of All Time

You don’t usually hear “cute girls” and “historic battlegrounds” in the same sentence.

But hey, that’s why we have anime.

In The Ambition of Oda Nobuna, a guy named Yoshiharu is sent back in time. But he quickly realizes that this version of Japanese history is different in important ways.

For example, all the warlords are now cute girls.

So, he uses what he knows about history, which he learned from a video game, to predict battles and help Oda Nobuna, the best girl, take over Japan.

32. Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest

38 arifureta from commonplace to worlds strongest 51+ Best Isekai Anime of All Time

This is a “zero to hero” story, as the name might suggest.

The story starts when the main character, Hajime, and his class are taken to a fantasy world and told to save the world.

Except for our boy Hajime, who gets a niche transmutation power, everyone else gets very strong combat powers.

His class quickly treats him badly, and he is left to fight for himself in a maze.

He uses his intelligence to make his niche power even stronger and to become the strongest person in the world.

The show is a guilty pleasure because the writing might not be the best, but man, is it fun to watch.

31. My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom!

My Next Life as a Villainess

Being in an Otome game where ikemen are waiting in line and trying to get your attention.

But what will you do if you come back as the bad guy in the game who is doomed to die no matter what she does?

It’s like real life in that we all know our end is coming, but we still have to enjoy every moment we have because no matter what we do, we can’t avoid it.

In her case, the choices she makes lead to her death much more quickly and dramatically, but this is a common problem for people who don’t do things because they’re afraid of losing out on something else.

You can have a lot of fun in the world of Otome games by watching this anime.

30. Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo?

Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo?

Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo?

(also just called Mondaji for short) is an isekai anime show based on the same-named light novel.

The series is set in a world of fantasy, and there are four main characters.

I haven’t read the light novel version of this anime, so I started from scratch.

But what I got was more than just a fresh start; it was a pleasant experience.

29. The Boy and the Beast

The Boy and the Beast

If you liked Mowgli by Rudyard Kipling, you CANNOT afford to miss this masterpiece.

A small boy sent from the world of people to the world of “beasts” that look like people.

When he makes friends with a bear who takes him on as a student, they find that a new bond is forming between them.

Should this connection be made between two worlds that are meant to stay apart?

Will everyone else, including people and “beasts,” accept this bond?

Who are they really, and what does their relationship mean to them both?

When the boy has to go back to his world, what will happen?

In this heartwarming story about The Boy and the Beast, you can go on a journey to learn more about yourself and find the answers to all of these questions.

28. Arata Kangatari

Arata Kangatari 1 51+ Best Isekai Anime of All Time

This isekai anime is pretty fun to watch. Most of the reasons have already been given, but I’ll go over them again.

It’s interesting to see how the characters act in this strange world, especially since it’s done in a realistic way.

Next, because of this, seeing each character go through different mental states makes the show more interesting and helps the story move forward.

Last but not least, as was already said, the characters’ interactions and backstories are great, and I think most people would enjoy it.

27. The Vision of Escaflowne

The Vision of Escaflowne

Tarot Cards.

Crystal Ball reading.

Fortune telling.

A main character who does this kind of thing is taken to another world. Can she use her skills to figure out how to solve problems?

One of the best things about an isekai anime is the chance to build a new world, because when the characters go to a different world, almost anything can happen.

And the way characters interact with the world and with each other is one of the most important parts of building a world.

In Vision of Escaflowne, there are a lot of complex characters, and each of them has a great storyline and vivid character development and progression of their own.

26. Shichisei no Subaru

Shichisei no Subaru

In the popular MMORPG world “Union,” where this isekai anime takes place, there was a legendary party named Subaru.

This party, made up of childhood friends and kids in elementary school, went beyond the rules of the game in many ways.

But because of something that led to a death, “Union” stopped running, and the group of childhood friends went their separate ways.

Six years later, when Haruto was in high school, he logged into the new “Reunion” and found a single girl he knew from before.

Asahi was a friend from his childhood and a member of the old “Subaru” party. He should have died six years ago. Is she a ghost in the computer, or…?

25. Re: Creators

Re: Creators

When you’re a writer, you can make your characters do whatever you want, but how do you give them their own will?

If it were up to them, would they do things differently?

Would it make them sad to find out that they never had a real choice in anything in their lives?

Would they try to change themselves, other people, or the world around them?

This anime will answer all of these questions.

In Re:Creators, the characters will be in charge of making their own lives and stories.

24. Drifters


During the Battle of Sekigahara, Shimazu Toyohisa manages to kill Ii Naomasa, but he himself gets seriously hurt in the process.

As Toyohisa walks off the field, broken and bleeding, he finds himself in a long hallway with many doors.

At the end of the hallway, a man with glasses is sitting at a desk, waiting for him.

Murasaki sends Toyohisa through the closest door, where he wakes up in a different world.

There, Toyohisa meets other great warriors who have also been brought there. Together, they are called “Drifters.”

23. In Another World with My Smartphone

In Another World with My Smartphone

This show is better than it looks.

The plot is exactly what the title says: a guy gets hit by lightning by accident, and God says, “I’m so sorry, family.

Is there any way I can make it up to you? What about a fantasy world where you can have anything you want?”

And the MC asks right away if he can take his phone with him.

The show quickly goes into harem mode, but the main character is way more brave than most main characters in this situation. And the way he fights is also a lot of fun to watch.

The whole show feels like a joke about isekai shows, which I can appreciate.

22. Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online seems to be the first of this type of show, since it was a huge hit after only a few episodes.

People like to point out how boring and uninspired the main character, Kirito Christ, is, which hurts the book’s reputation.

I still think the show is a lot of fun, though.

The animation is great, the fights are pretty intense, the first episode was one of the best, and some of the plots are pretty interesting.

Plus, there are like a million different versions of it, so you’re sure to find at least one that you like. To be honest, Gun Gale is my guilty pleasure.

21. Saga of Tanya the Evil

Saga of Tanya the Evil

Because of how it goes, this is one of the anime shows that is most often misunderstood. It’s pretty clear that the hero of this story is the bad guy.

The anime has never tried to explain why the main character does bad things, but that’s what makes it such an interesting take on the isekai genre as a whole.

A man challenged a god to a battle of wits and was reborn as Tanya, also known as the “Devil of the Rhine.”

Because she looks and sounds like a cute little girl and has a girly voice, it’s easy for her to trick people into thinking she’s weak. When they do, she can use her huge magic blasts to blow them away.

She only wants to make her huge empire the most powerful country ever: that’s what she wants. No matter how cruelly she has to lie, trick, kill, or do something else to get what she wants, she will do it.

This anime is one of the hidden gems because it is so different from most and has so much violence.

20. So I’m a Spider, So What?

So I’m a Spider, So What?

On the same day, many high school students died.

Some students came back to life as the most noble or powerful heroes.

Some of them came back to life as fantastic creatures from stories.

One girl came back to life as a scary cave spider.

Even though she is a tough student, she doesn’t mind hard times and promises to never give up.

She also gets stronger every day with the help of an RPG system.

This series is about the same things as That Time I Came Back as a Slime.

It turns a character into a lowly creature and then follows them to their success.

It also shows what her classmates are up to, which is pretty interesting since the main character talks a lot and moves quickly.

19. Log Horizon

Log Horizon

As far as MMORPGs go, I don’t think any other isekai has summed up what they’re all about as well as Log Horizon.

This is because there are no overpowered heroes in Log Horizon who can kill enemies with one hit and never get hurt. The world really works like an MMORPG does.

There are respawn points, raids, mob spawns, guilds, builds, and classes, and fighting isn’t just about raw power. But rather strategy, dealing with enemies, team competitions, positioning, etc.

Even if you haven’t spent five years playing World of Warcraft or a similar game, you’ll still be able to appreciate how realistically this show shows that kind of world.

18. Isekai Quartet

Isekai Quartet

And to make up for the sin of our second-place pick, we have Isekai Quartet, a cartoony little show that was made for people who like isekai.

The idea is pretty brilliant.

Characters from popular isekai all get isekaid together. They don’t go to school, they just hang out and talk.

We have Overlord, KonoSuba, Tanya the Terrible, Re: Zero, and another entry from Shield Hero.

So, if you’ve seen all of these shows, Isekai Quartet is a really cute and fun show for you to watch.

17. Re: Zero Starting Life in Another World

Re: Zero Starting Life in Another World

Re: Zero is one of the most popular Isekai anime out there. It was also a big part of the Isekai quartet which consists of the four biggest and most popular Isekai anime.

Transported into another world, falling in love with a beautiful girl and then doing everything he can to save her life. Every important task that he accomplishes becomes a check point where he can resurrect if he dies. 

Sounds like a fairly good deal, doesn’t it?

Well, things that sound good often have something hiding under wraps.

Who is plotting? Is something being plotted? Betrayal? Love? Hatred? Magic? Witches? Demons?

Find out in Re: Zero! 

16. Sengoku Collection

Sengoku Collection

In a timeline different from our own, the generals of the Warring States period, vie for power. But they’re the same generals we know in name only: their appearance, personality, and gender are all different.

One day, first Oda Nobunaga and then all the others are transported to our world.

Everything is new to them – bicycles, cell phones, automatic doors. Each episode focuses on one general and how she learns to adapt to the modern world.

15. Mushoku Tensei

Mushoku Tensei

You know how when you’re in a very sad and gloomy mood, you just feel like if you could’ve done everything over from the start, you would’ve done things differently?

Well, this protagonist has been blessed with the opportunity and he is determined to do things differently this time.

Although new, this series has the potential to become one of the best anime because it has everything that it needs.

A good relatable premise, a missed opportunity for most people that the protagonist can cash on, a world that enables him to do so, characters dynamics that have the potential and a story building opportunity with the amount of freedom that it presents.

A definite worth watch. At least once. You can always rewatch if you want.

14. Gabriel Dropout

Gabriel Dropout

Chief Angel has come to Earth!

However, she became so used to the life on Earth that she skips school and keeps playing online games, thus into self-destruction.

It’s a school comedy that Gabriel turns into a lazy angel!

13. KonoSuba


This is probably the most adorable and funny Isekai anime there is.

Isekai anime usually have more thriller, gore, horror, or psychological themes. These themes are shown through physical means, like magic, that don’t exist in our world to show abstract ideas that do.

This anime, on the other hand, doesn’t ignore the different needs that have to be met in the real world, like food or rent.

Instead, it adds more excitement by making the main character face twice as many problems and four times as much pressure.

This gives the series a clumsy main character who is easy to relate to and keeps you, to some extent, in the real world.

It’s said, right? Your wings will melt if you fly too close to the Sun?

12. Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet

Suisei no Gargantia

The set-up for this isekai anime is great.

Due to some great catastrophe, most humans have left Earth and are now engaged in a constant battle for survival against bizarre monstrosities called Hideauze, becoming a militaristic society called the Galactic Alliance of Humankind.

Our hero Ledo is a young man who was born into this endless war, knowing nothing but battle.

Due to an accident he is transported far away from this conflict, to a water covered planet; the Earth which humankind had left so long ago.

He comes across the (mostly) peaceful boat-dwelling indigenous people living in a fleet named Gargantia, and has to adapt to their drastically different culture in order to survive in this unfamiliar world.

11. Hataraku Maou Sama (The Devil is a Part-timer)

Hataraku Maou Sama Isekai Anime

The Devil Is a Part-Timer is like the isekai told backwards.

This is because in isekai shows, a person from the “real” world is taken to a video game or a fantasy world.

But this time, the real Satan, his right-hand man, and some legendary heroes are brought to modern Japan.

Their magic doesn’t do much at all. And soon they will have to face their biggest enemy yet: capitalism and the minimum wage.

The show is a comedy, and it keeps being funny from episode to episode, so if you haven’t seen it yet, I really think you should.

10. Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero

Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero

In normal RPGs, a hero defeats the Satan king and the story ends. But what does the hero do after that? Ohtorizawa Akatsuki defeats the Satan king in the fantasy world of Alleyzard and returns to the real world.

He is sheltered by the international organization BABEL, which protects and controls people transferred from the outer worlds.

BABEL is astonished to know Akatsuki has really defeated Satan and brings Satan’s daughter Miu from Alleyzard. In the academy of BABEL, Akatsuki confronts other “returners”, who have psychic powers.



Gate is one of those shows whose premise was enough to hook me right away.

In Gate, a doorway opens between the real world and the world of fantasy. All kinds of ogres, dragons, and demons start showing up in modern Japan.

This makes you think that the world is going to end very soon.

But then you remember that guns are a thing and that they are great for killing anything that moves.

So, the two sides are at odds. But since neither side can win for sure, a truce must be reached.

And it’s easier to say that than to do it.

8. World Trigger

World Trigger

A gate to another dimension has burst open, and from it emerge gigantic invincible creatures that threaten all of humanity.

Earth’s only defense is a mysterious group of warriors who have co-opted the alien technology in order to fight back!

7. Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari

Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari

The Hero of the Sword

The Hero of the Bow

The Hero of the Spear

The Hero of the Shield

Four heroes summoned from Japan to the fictional kingdom of Melromarc.

Obviously lacking in offensive power, the Hero of the Shield is named as the weakest and nobody chooses to side with him, other than a beautiful princess…

Who also betrays him, steals his money and accuses him of making advances… But that’s besides the point.

The point is what will people do when the Hero of the Shield is filled with hatred and seeks revenge from everyone who has wronged him?

He still is a hero, so you better watch out.

6. Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

Kyoto Animation has been something of a lost soul, struggling to find its identity in a post-Haruhi and K-ON world. It is through flipping back the dial and returning to their roots that their newest title, Maid Dragon, is able to find its footing.

It feels like something that might have been animated once upon a time in 2005, and that is precisely what makes it so special in the modern climate of harem and superpower.

5. How Not To Summon A Demon Lord

How Not To Summon A Demon Lord

Character 1 & 2: Summon Demon Lord 

Enter: Protagonist gets summoned in this world.

Character 1 & 2: You are now our slave.

Protagonist: Plays Uno Reverse Card.

That’s how the protagonist who had just entered his favourite game world, summoned as the Demon Lord ends up with two neko girl slaves. Luckily, the girls don’t mind being slaves to serve their lord.

You know what’s going to happen after this, don’t you?

Watch the anime. That will answer all your questions.

4. Beelzebub


You’re probably asking to yourself when picking up this Isekai anime “Will this make me laugh so hard I can’t breathe?”. The simple answer is YES and let me explain why.

The names of the central characters the story of Beelzebub revolves around is Tatsumi Oga and Baby called Beelzebub.

Tatsumi is a delinquent at the worst school in his area and Beelzebub is the son of a demon who was destined to take over the world.

From there, wacky stuff happens in EACH EPISODE that will have you on the floor crying for laughter. Honestly, I would say that the story is of less importance than how the characters were executed since it is a comedy.

3.  No Game No Life

No Game No Life

No Game No Life has a bad reputation in the community because it gave us one of the best seasons ever and then just disappeared.

The idea is pretty simple: Two brilliant siblings are taken to a fantasy world where games are used to settle everything.

This might sound dull, but remember that the siblings are geniuses. The world is made up, and the other characters have spent their whole lives making money by playing games.

All of this leads to the most hyped, unexpected, 300 IQ living figure chess matches you will ever see.

2. Overlord

Overlord 51+ Best Isekai Anime of All Time

Overlord’s biggest selling point has to be its MMORPG word building and how strong the main character, Ainz, is.

The catch is that only Ainz is taken to this world, while the other NPCs just get more life.

This means that he can metagame everything, but he also has no real stakes in the game.

He does try to take over the whole world. But only to find out more about the game and find other players.

People treat him like a god, but my dude is just a big gamer, so he has to make up everything on the spot.

1. Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken

Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken

Everyone is familiar with Pokémon right?

So, remember this very peculiar Pokémon that Ash had called ‘Ditto’?

Remember how he can look at his opponent and imitate it’s looks and powers and personality as well?

Yeah. So, this protagonist is Ditto. In every single sense of the word. He can imitate looks, powers and is a pile of slime.

That should be enough to spark the question in your mind what will this guy do when he can become anyone or anything he wants?

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