15 Sims 4 Alien-Themed CC & Mods

With an estimated 100 billion stars in our galaxy, humans will undoubtedly encounter alien visitors.

However, aliens are still avoiding (or rejecting) humanity’s frantic offer to connect, despite our advanced space technology and Elon Musk’s resolve to conquer Mars.

The human infatuation with the potential of extraterrestrial life—and what they could look like after they’ve accepted our friend’s invitation—is only fueled by this repeated rejection.

And, of course, our Sims gameplay reflects this fascination.

Keep your interest in the strange alive by creating your own extraterrestrial with these free Sims 4 CC kits.

15. Dangly Antennae

dangly antennae sims mod 15 Sims 4 Alien-Themed CC & Mods

When it comes to extraterrestrial physiology, it’s natural to anticipate appendages to appear strange – or even bizarre.

What could be more bizarre than possessing insect-like characteristics?

Attach bright Dangly Antennae to your Sim (which may or may not enable telepathy) to make them seem even prettier than the Prawns from District 9!

14. Haunted (Skin Recolor).

haunted skin recolor sims mod 15 Sims 4 Alien-Themed CC & Mods

Film production designers have almost given up on changing alien appearances.

Every fictional extraterrestrial nowadays seems to be a Guardians of the Galaxy reject, with skin that is either Gamora Green or Nebula Blue in color.

Let’s make your Sim stand out amid the Marvel ensemble by giving her a lava lamp-like skin color gradient!

You may also pick from 77 colors in this mod, which should be enough to establish an alien population.

13. Lips 153

lips 153 sims mod 15 Sims 4 Alien-Themed CC & Mods

Scientists are still undecided over whether or not aliens have lips. But just in case they do, here’s a lipstick palette to kiss doubters away.

With these colorful hues from Taty, give your Sim’s lips a galaxy-like flare!

Choose your favorite from 25 samples and flaunt it on your next intergalactic night out.

12. Holo Alien Eyes

holo alien eyes sims mod 15 Sims 4 Alien-Themed CC & Mods

What’s to say a human couldn’t be lost in the eyes of an extraterrestrial if they can fall into the black hole of UFO culture?

These Holo Alien Eyes by Pseudosim are kaleidoscopic, colorful, and otherworldly, wonderfully capturing the splendor of the universe.

If you ever catch a glimpse of an alien’s twinkling, you’ll be star-struck — literally.

11. Star Skin

star skin sims mod 15 Sims 4 Alien-Themed CC & Mods

The alien from The Thing isn’t exactly attractive in comparison to the Navi from Avatar. And it’s arguably the most revolting (if not horrifying) creature I’ve ever seen in science fiction.

I’m praying against hope that NASA will find an alien with Star Skin instead of a homicidal creature with a voracious taste for human flesh.

With this CC by ratboysims, you can make your alien Sim appear more like a Miss Universe candidate and less like a horrific nightmare!

This set includes 18 swatches and 4 face paints that will help you achieve the ethereal extraterrestrial presence seen in PG-13 sci-fi films.

10. Cyber Girl Makeup

cyber girl makeup sims mod 15 Sims 4 Alien-Themed CC & Mods

Iron Man is, without a doubt, one of the coolest Avengers of all time.

It’s not just because he’s played by Robert Downey Jr., but also because he represents the pinnacle of human knowledge and empathy — attributes that are entirely foreign to modern humans.

Also, with the high-tech holograms and shizz, he looks amazing.

With Jennisims’ Cyber Girl Makeup, transcend human simplicity and transform into an extraterrestrial on Earth!

9. Third Eye Accessory

third eye sims mod 15 Sims 4 Alien-Themed CC & Mods

What can the third eye on an extraterrestrial indicate if it’s meant to be a manifestation of psychic abilities?

My hypothesis is that it can fire lasers at anyone who makes eye contact with it.

With this CC, you may add a fantastic Third Eye Accessory to your Sim’s forehead. It’s considerably more appealing than a persistent zit or a few freckles.

Make other Sims uncomfortable by having an additional line of sight, and you’ll become a walking oddity in your community.

8. Cyborg Set

cyborg set sims mod 15 Sims 4 Alien-Themed CC & Mods

Human arrogance may have led to the creation of Skynet. Its purpose, however, is to wipe mankind off through a nuclear catastrophe.

Put on a cyborg mask and some evil contact lenses to blend in with Skynet’s army of Terminators with red eyes!

This CC is the ideal wicked outfit for your Sim that enjoys time travel and genocide.

7. Space Invaders’ Outfit

space invader outfit sims mod 15 Sims 4 Alien-Themed CC & Mods

The space uniform isn’t exactly stylish. However, it isn’t all awful.

Rather than focusing on appearance, any space-appropriate wardrobe must prioritize survival. Surprisingly, this contains skin-tight outfits that any Totally Spies fan would like.

Don’t forget to bring this Space Invaders Outfit with 40 reasons why you should enjoy being an outfit repeater on your next journey to the planet Sixam.

6. Pastel Alien Suit

pastel alien suits 15 Sims 4 Alien-Themed CC & Mods

Having only one spacesuit will not suffice.

Not when your Sim is exploring the vastness of the cosmos.

To make your Sim appear like a self-aware humanoid robot who likes too many colors at once, add this Pastel Alien Suit to their wardrobe.

Add some great boots and some space dust to your Sim’s cheeks, and you’re ready to explore the galaxy in style.

5. Alien Crown

alien crown sims mod 15 Sims 4 Alien-Themed CC & Mods

Who wouldn’t want to be the ruler of a mysterious extraterrestrial race?

Becoming an Alien King or Queen has far too many advantages (and far too few disadvantages).

Unlimited flight time on superior spacecraft and an army eager to destroy other planets when you feel like it is two of the “benefits.”

I’m fine with my Sim being the successor to the alien kingdom as long as it doesn’t suffer the same fate as queen bees.

Enjoy whatever extraterrestrial royalty does in their spare time while wearing this Alien Crown by soloriya on your Sims.

4. Overwatch Headpiece Conversions

valkyrie sims mod 15 Sims 4 Alien-Themed CC & Mods

If you have the Get to Work expansion pack loaded, you’re already aware of EA’s shoddy handling of aliens.

How many times have we seen a soulless extraterrestrial with a bald head?

It wouldn’t have been nearly as horrible if they’d been given more props like Symmetra’s and Widowmaker’s Visor.

They’d have looked cooler and more original that way, rather than like a cheap alien rip-off from Prometheus.

3. Enhanced Aliens Mod

enhanced alien mods sims 15 Sims 4 Alien-Themed CC & Mods

Would you like to boost your Sim’s alien interactions?

Then jump right in using Nyx’s Enhanced Aliens Mod!

This will add additional alien skills to your TS4 session, such as increasing and lowering Sims’ requirements.

They’ll also be able to make Sims clean the house and fix damaged items, which is precisely the kind of antagonistic behavior we’d anticipate from highly intelligent people.

Finally, gamers will have to cater to a new need known as Brain Power, which will diminish over time as you misuse your alien talents (bummer).

2. UFO Hotspot

ufo hotspot sims mod 15 Sims 4 Alien-Themed CC & Mods

Using people as bait to show the existence of aliens would be immoral.

So we’ll resort to the next best option: The Sims.

This UFO Hotspot mod increases the likelihood of alien abduction in residential or communal areas.

This patch will transform close encounters into frequent meet-up sessions with E.T., whether on the road or in your garden.

If this isn’t the most depressing mod ever, I’m not sure what is.

1. Stellar Stuff Pack

the plumbob society sims mod 15 Sims 4 Alien-Themed CC & Mods

We’ve been handed a CC pack that is simply off this planet because of the work of ten different designers.

There are simply too many CAS and Build & Buy items in the Stellar Stuff Pack to list them all (check the CC page for details).

This CC collection offers everything you need to create a rich extraterrestrial world of your own design, from constellation-themed clothes and tattoos to a massive Moon Laboratory that would put Area 51 to shame.

This CC will blow your Sim’s head if they still feel confined to earthly pleasures.

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