Sims 4 Warning: Social Events Unlimited Time

Attention all users who have recently downloaded the mod Social Events – Unlimited Time!

We kindly request that you take a moment to read this crucial post. Just wanted to give the sims community a heads up about another concerning mod that has surfaced recently.

Yesterday, there was a notice about a mod that was uploaded to CurseForge.

It contained stolen mod files and some suspicious files that were also found in the Cult Mod V.2 incident.

Presenting Something New

There is a genuine “Social Events – Unlimited Time” mod that was uploaded on January 16, 2024 by MSQSIMS to The Sims Resource.

Regrettably, an unidentified individual with questionable intentions has managed to acquire these files and proceeded to combine them with their own potentially harmful content.

Subsequently, they have made these modified files available on CurseForge using the username MySims4.

As per a video shared by Overwolf mods on CurseForge, the mods undergo both automated and manual moderation processes before they are released to the public.

However, the specific details of these processes remain unclear. Anyway, the stolen mod managed to find its way onto the platform and was up for grabs for an undisclosed period of time before the truth came to light.

Did You Downloaded The Sims “Social Event- Unlimited Time”?

Unlimited Time doe Sims 4 Warning: Social Events Unlimited Time

You are exempt from any action required if you obtained this mod from The Sims Resource via the aforementioned link or from MSQSIMS’ social media postings; the mod is secure and devoid of potentially hazardous material.

As of this writing, the impact is limited to CurseForge users.

CurseForge Users: Within the CurseForge application, select the My Mods tab and proceed with the deletion.

To ensure additional security, search the Mods folder for files with the names SocialEvents.package or SocialEvents.script; if any are present, press and hold SHIFT + Delete.

After removing the malicious files, conduct a comprehensive virus scan of the system.

Is CurseForge Safe?

Unlimited Time safe Sims 4 Warning: Social Events Unlimited Time

Given its status as the Official Mod Hub for The Sims 4, CurseForge provides content that is generally reliable, which is reasonable to expect.

However, given that this is the second known attempt to damage Sims 4 players in less than two weeks, verifying the authenticity of downloaded content is more crucial than ever.

Listed below are some guidelines to follow in order to obtain secure content for your game:

  • Conduct a thorough examination of the creator’s profile prior to downloading. Are they recent? Is this the only upload they have made?
  • Avoid the creator if they are not a well-known modder in the community and you are unfamiliar with them. User “MySims4” had only been a member of the platform for sixteen days prior to the malicious file release.
  • Be apprehensive of imitators posing as the genuine article if the profile of a well-known modder lacks other popular creations.
  • In the modern era, the majority of modders distribute their work across at least two platforms; therefore, determine whether the mod has been published on Patreon or Tumblr.
  • A few days should pass prior to obtaining a newly released mod, giving the possibility that it will be removed if it is found to be fraudulent.
  • Perform a virus scan prior to launching The Sims 4 subsequent to the installation of newly installed modifications.

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